Will Congress take on drones in 2013?

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please see Peace Action West`s blog + our response;


Happy New Year to you all!

          i can`t wait until the day we discuss transparency of diplomatic processes as we communicate with all, + share these details. where our personal stories from global experiences are sharing how community needs are being rid as more offerings are created for locals to sustain own sovereignty. + see how fortunate we are to have such good reflection ro share solutions. so no more does any one interfere, rather invited.

          this teaches our students simplicity of this respect as they see first hand responsible adults, not to mention take part as they aid the community building process. that globally we are all interdepentent on when balanced + linking.

all else is interfering on a conscious level thru the ethers creating disassociated energy, not to mention every local community. both sides get targeted, from those trying to stop legislators from using any weapons of war as well disrespect dialog, + those that get targeted.
          not to mention lack of continuity of good natural science that we are capable of creating to over ride the much fragmented;

                 as so much contradiction takes place, as one tries to sort it all out. especially when trying to share with young children. or those already displaced, unable, etc.

          perhaps this is what we need more of;

                 gov officials going face to face with these local communities they target. + let only them implement drones they carry. so they could regain a neuro network for our human family as they face them. for i truly believe their sensors are dull to see all these links of humanity that are being ignored.

          not to mention the lack of organization we are capable to do, with our good students abilites to create good processes. for early signs to be acknowledged + understood, so we sort out what resists by sharing solutions. + create dialect to exchange creative expression as we build natural communites, co_evolving on the uniqueness that many ethnic cultures offer. as they `boon with the balanced environment.

Masonobu Fukuoka`s 2012 documentary is so beautiful in what we can do when we pool our resources within our communities, check it out if haven't. + ask yourself where in these food forests is their place for such waste as weapons of war;


the amount of resources spent in the drone mode + rebuilding cities can create nice cloth/table platforms, so no one is left behind with needs not being met.

the human species has great potential + the worlds offerings give a wealth of grace for us all to learn in such an exchange.

i'm sorry for those negatively effected. the US gov + people, can work more efficiently. we can end these negative effects left on all.

                all weapons of war will end, we just have to keep linking, as we define the missing worn torn threads, + work at it together.

thank you Rebbecca + PAW for your good work.

sincerely, kara j lincoln