Who would think a 12 year old would be strip searched for being "hyper and giddy"?

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Ya need to pay attention and respond to early signs!

A middle school in upstate New York is making national news after hundreds of parents rightfully raised an uproar over four 12-year-old Black girls being strip searched by the school nurse and vice principal.

Binghamton City School District officials say the girls were acting "hyper and giddy." And for acting like 12-year-olds, school officials scared four little girls into stripping down to their underwear. When one of the girls refused take her clothes off, she was punished with in-school suspension.

Luckily, parents in the Binghamton City School District are causing a real firestorm. If the school officials and the larger public see a national backlash that forces Binghamton officials to hold bad actors accountable, we'll send a strong message: The public will not tolerate the mistreatment of Black students.

Sign the petition with me? https://act.weareultraviolet.org/sign/binghamton/?aktmid=tm7058623.tDi-Wa&akid=a20189711.2718743.6kgso7&t=2&source=conf