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    We've been so busy we fail to see how many new people have joined us, thank you and please share, while you do your walkabout for you and your communities!

And check out NABBLE for they are here for you too free! More for business!

    We thank them for their great work and please comment regarding the subject matter for each post, for we are making changes and have some really nice plans on the drawing board, and need to fundraise so we can hire some technical people to help us make them happen!

   We felt what we've shared globally of our virtual platform, is not being utilized as efficiently as it could be, and I know how much we do research to fill in these missing worn torn links, so do help us, correct-add to-share your link as we want to make this a nice ongoing archive!

  For we are addressing real issues in time on the planet and right now I see US Gov and Israel are causing misinformation and we need to set it straight, so Iran does not get the blame for attacking as in Saudi Arabia! Isreal has a bad habit of killing many and this has to stop!

  We feel the high risk of more Military shifting locations, is not the answer! If you see our No 2 NATO campaign page, or if you took part, you will see that everywhere NATO-US Military bases are, they leave negative effects on local communities!

SO all please there is more of us, than them and we need to help them understand, transparency is # 1 and my friend suggested we talk to C-Span, so soon I will.

Please check back and sure your comment and help me out, so as to get a truthful story if Isreal's use of Military wrongly done on others, so I can share more w/Pres Trump, RU, Iran, Saudi's, India, China, Palestine for starters as I talk to them on Twitter on our patchestalk page.

Thank you for helping, for I don't like this risk of Nuclear, we have enough problems w/it toxic radiation circulating the planet and more, as many yet to monitor or be aware!

Peace, is real but we can't do it alone, we need to help prioritize and stop these high risks ASAP!

kara j lincoln speaking for our `combined `effects...