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 Thank you for taking the time with me! I decided to send to Pres. Barack, Senator Merkley, Congressman De Fazio, Mayor Heather, County Commissioner John Sweet, Few Occupy Groups, others + you for input.

Re; 211 Oregon program that can be everywhere, globally.
Please note this is an email correcting so much of the previous email. Lovee got very ill + few more interactions + I should of waited, but did not. So sorry to inconvenience you all to have to read again, which I hope you do. For I believe this is worth working at with all.

Thank you for taking the time with me! I decided to send to all for input + grip the moment to cover some issues of the times to fuel you to rethink.

I hope to exchange + learn, so we can share, defining if our ideas together can co_evolve into a working solution, so those people unable to follow thru can gain people`s goodness for support filling in the many missing links, in some situations, + just a few in others.

Can you tell me which legislators/appropriate people even working w/education change + your entities you are working with. So I many contact them in attempts to help them realize that the personal protection laws that exist are not conducive for medical people to talk to police or public in attempts to help one unable to talk for oneself. Not to mention many are lost in the fog + science facts are not being enforced. + It is wrong to whiplash our students w/a curriculum, they themselves can co_evolve in this process along w/making it easier on every one. Google`s Classroom App can do just this. + I welcome you to welcome them to buddy up helping each to rethink w/the amazing solutions now all have, if they network, working ones community, vs. keep people isolated as many are.

Meanwhile good people w/good ideas get trapped, while others run + exaggerate, then I see that once in motion stays in motion, w/people not intervening sound science gauges on an ecological bases to bring people back to reality. Where these facts can work w/tapering transitions, freeing the resources that have been interfered w/wrongly, yet not enforced. So solutions can be making law + better assessments can be made w/early signs.

Ex; Barack why can't you + legislators fund our non profit like you do w/the Dept of Energy w/experimental alternative grids. + We will gather good science to show you in real time how students can do this study, showing well the many wrongs + how to make them right. As we address the true sustainable energy within all, once support is given to sharpen sensors. As well use agro_ecology curriculum, as all make corrections for the planning for state/federal/county parks that can be better worked sensitively, welcoming many tourist to take part. As they enjoy seeing healthy communities. Not just isolated patches, when yet no ecological ecosystem can be isolated.

With your support students can make this happen if focus directed w/reality, not consumer based ideologies for profit, which is what is supporting businesses now as they exceed the natural enhanced limits, leaving much ill effects. This is wrong. Shame on those of you that fail to prioritize working w/ones local community, networking as we suggest in a local plan. Starting w/simple gauges w/ a locally natural grown wild food/fish/animal potluck. So people can identify w/what is real to them, even though this starts showing them what contributes to ones misuse/abuse/illnesses, lack of energy, etc. Plus those of you that know me, know well archives show plenty of children + frail being ill from GMOS/mono cultures depleting resources w/toxic chemicals. Plus the idea some of you fail to allow Medical hemp + Industrial Hemp to be grown w/it`s many resources. When yet many realize due to not being able to patent it, it is not an interest to pharmaceuticals/profiteers, etc.

When yet we the people will continue to organize for humanities options that all have right now once made aware. + With your support you + your legacy can help not just your children`s children survive, but humanity.

This is why our work will continue to end this trap we see many of you in as you have become puppets chasing this war mode + false green economies w/large grids/ large developments leaving local resources at high risk, for profit.

When yet our objective is to see that every local community self manages, only then can they determine using science facts the ecological enhanced potential that is natural, no longer the industrial mode that has contributed to so many ill effects. + In this networking ability students can define who, what + where got trapped, so support given to help them rethink + become whole as they come back as a mindful participant, locally + afar. SO Please Barack in your TTP thoughts let locals define the limits as networking supports healthy living local processes.

No more shipping wastefully across the planet leaving locals unable to afford local natural food sovereignty, rather prioritize this so each then fine tunes quality trade if any, as locals self sustain, helping neighbors do the same. So no more displaced people left without, struggling, then others profit as they have conflict.

Rather now every displaced person w/this program organized could know exactly where there is space for their participation to heal/self develop while also being a mindful participant. Fueling them then to redefine their homeland, as that too gets defined w/true story, so corruption stops + support given for locals to self direct + maintain sound science, knowing well this works.

When we study Adam Curtis`s work or James Corbett + many others the science of reality vs. what US/UN gives + other Govs is to entrapping. For a healthy mind can hardly handle such diverse perspectives, let alone the many left behind. This cannot continue with the tools of the times. So if you have been one of these trapped, realizing how once motion gets set it continues, even if wrongly. Speakers at Helen`s Symposium have discovered how many of the wars would not of been fought if more secrets where told.

Their is much work to do for many once awareness is shared of these realities + our biome(s) are respectfully worked w/the many now in patches that can share the process of natural building, sensitive to all life that sustains us. Which will give good options for all disasters, as they too can change w/science facts working w/the real world, but not the science that has been manipulated for profit.

That is our true potential now, once we gain support to organize.

vs. Ex;
After just talking to Officer Miller, I see Lisa Wilcox, whom I spoke of yesterday, that is homeless, + often gets beat from Eddie Perez, she + others claim, he denies. Lisa has bad knees, alcoholic, unable to even sort out taking toilet paper from the public bathroom she sometimes is near, yet conscious of how she smells w/alcohol, + has a brain condition perhaps from the conditions she lives in. + Has tried to pursue many times calling the police on Eddie Perez, but does not follow thru. Plus I have witnessed their joy as well how she talks behind his back + he worry`s of her, so many dynamics + many more than this, especially if Eddie is taking meth as Lisa says, which he denies.

Not knowing them more I cannot believe either completely. But I have seen their suffering as well their smiles as they continue on. I told the police she can't figure this out, from my brief assessment. I would like to see them both properly get help, not continued fighting, as well decline.+ Eddie lying to himself thinking he really is right, when he has proven to me he is not. Davey Jones store knows well + says when they permanently x one from coming in, they had already given them many chances. So in my assessment briefly I walked the area collecting input. He presently states he has moved from here into a camp paying 200/mo. I told him of Peter telling me to tell him about 211 + Lisa. He asked if he could get social security + I said call + help make it work.

After talking to him, as he was quickly going thru trash cans for cans + food, w/another, he then came down to Odreans boat, my neighbor + took her cans, which I saw. For I had told her in past I would respect her privacy when I first met Eddy offering him her cans. Due to not knowing him. So I took the cans to Eddy once, then stories unfolded about him, as well I could see what he would say was not true. + Also experienced his temper, where once I backed off or he would of hit me. Point is we can help generalize support, that is not dependent on whether they lie or not, within some perspective, due to all humans having breaking points. Their life has been very difficult, trying to get work, once they steal due to hunger or buying drugs + others know.

+ The focus is to help them self develop + heal, w/skilled assessments + proper medicine, which I support the herbal formulas from skilled doctors of Traditional Medicine. Where one can make the teas for them, if unable, along w/housing. + In the situations where people are dangerous or corrupt, then then need enforcement, while drugs administered into a rehabbed local community restoration program. As they take part in an exchange, helping as a local participant, restoring ecological sustainable working communities. Fueling all to then get clear to then pursue their choices, even if to be proven they are developmentally disabled + short/long support in place, etc. So they continue to be local participants + they work their personal plan along side community doing its plan.

I know after putting time in researching + so does the police, the mental health here is not organized, as well Charleston/North Bend/CoosBay community, as I told you I took her for 12 hours one day to Newmark center, + followed thru w/them + NB Mental Health + onto ER Bay + no medical detox. Meanwhile there are many people w/goodness. But when one unable tries to get help they need to be assessed, to define if they can follow thru with oneself + if not, then follow up support by many, can be organized. Not give them lists of places, yet they cannot even get to a tel or a bus or know the dates to communicate, how bad is this for degree ed people to do this.

That is why w/students buddying up w/all of you, they too can go figure, so now entrapment gets clarified. The worn torn missing links get corrected. Curriculum change/degree ed people come back to the community as an extended school, orchestrated by the students for each to do ones walkabout. Seeing the clients/customers in ones own turf, seeing well the effects one has left + now make changes within oneself as well support organized for people to self develop, as well curriculum, alongside community.

We have many scars to learn from, enough, lets move on + stop this madness that affects all one way or the other.

My ideas from all, seeing public has the desire + before I heard of 211 from Peter, I was thinking of a 24/7 tel line where it is shared w/others already organized w/hotlines + then fine tune by community. So people see stability, understand where + how problems come from + offer detail replacing the disassociated energy as it is harnessed, as each become aware of early signs to manage + self direct, log in + stay updated.

I think you find that the community can use this organizing from students just as much in 1 way as homeless can use it in another way, same the students/teachers/schools. So it is a win win situation for people to empower oneself w/understanding of ones ecological potential to fuel this path + locals continue to maintain it. Meaning locals of anyone that is present. Students can orchestrate so displaced work w/them defining communities to suit ones needs + offerings. Co_evolving in time as well moving to other communities locally + afar if can, as all work at this freedom for all to explore the earth. Rebuilding communities that have been + are being destroyed wrongly.

Realizing equality comes from do_in ones homework w/the natural world, knowing the early signs so as to stay within it`s balance w/it`s enhanced potential. This should be a fueling incentive for education to continue for all of community. By supporting students to use the community as an extended classroom.

For many people as I said, only need follow thru support. So now students get involved for part time volunteer + a program for credits, working into what presently doing, so as not to disrupt, rather for each to work into what is real, recycling what can + ridding when can calmly.

Our non profit yet to get financing, is now working on ads to reach out for donations. For I believe each community can be used as an extended classroom. + W/the good tools being created, students networking can focus direct w/community as well w/all students working fro ones community. As they get fueled by our plan to create ones local plan. So now w/early signs people can resolve. + our objective is to reach out as a global virtual platform so people link sharing what works, as all restore ones ecological sustainable community. Making the living local processes more friendly.

So over time I have shared a lot of work w/OFA/Barack Obama, holding gov accountable. If interested you can review our link below. + I soon am uploading a doc of natural medicine that co_evolved from a nuclear one, in prep for Dr. Helen Caldicott`s Symposium on 2.28.15. If did not see a book will be coming out + Helen`s sites are very good sharing info. + For all, she is here to help you.

But no one in this entire war nuclear mode is in real time reality w/what is, says these experts that have devoted their life, as Helen is a pediatrician, globally working at these priority issues. + Her speakers have experiences as they work w/medical fields/science/military/nuclear/labs, etc. + spoke at the NY Academy of Medicine, at her symposium. As speakers stated their stories of their real experiences. As well stating none of this is being talked about in schools + w/this plan could do it truthfully w/her help.

+ Once students do this w/local community, networking w/us, the disassociated energy becomes clearer as real people are welcomed into the local tapering transitions they take part in creating, enhancing the communication + understanding of the science facts that where missing. So the technological developments gone wrong can be fine tuned/recycled, + if can` then rid for leaving negative effects exceeding these natural limits. As well skilled people showing the science that has yet to be alive + applied, showing how by not working the entire biome(s) seasonally, it all contributes to the dis array of present conditions being unhealthy in many communities, globally, as ecosystems where isolated, leaving unmanageable/unnatural conditions, that now can be rethought, along side of the entire biome(s). So as w/agro_ecology the entire environment is working together. So now it is each communities effort to balance so the natural migratory species lead the path + link w/neighbors, globally. For the earth to do its job of producing life + death for life that sustains us all.

My continued research shows clearly the trap many are in, due to Gov not giving us transparency, as well the thought of doing for able people. The history of science has proved itself to be wrong, when used w/this focus. People taking part with all, supporting those needed, to come to the table, understanding ones local enhanced potential is a reality of resolving all these issues.

We like to hear real story, + there are many in patches working at the many issues that may differ, as well the many that can fuel others. As people organize ones community, sharpening ones sensors in this sharing of this transition, making it more friendly. For we feel humanity has great solutions if shared. It is the several people that have run on fragments/pursuing business w/out ecological gauges stopping them, that needs to change. + Our idea is working together making these changes where needed in every community will then help all become whole. For the 1% did not do it on their own. + As soon as all gain options that are local, then people can realize how they have fueled them wrongly. + Now must hold ones own, holding self accountable.

These resources most be maintained within the natural balance, in order for our environments to become ones best medicine. We are fortunate to have ethnic traditional engineers to share w/as students network w/locals + afar. So technological innovations gone wrong exceeding the enhanced limits, can be corrected to work within ones balance. That has been our experience traveling thru out some of the world, + circumnavigating the pacific ocean sailing a boat we built. Then w/dieing family, we came back to US to help. Knowing well over 35 years of exchanges this needs to be marketed, fueling all to help organize.

Meanwhile I share what can as we continue to make this simple, as we reach out for donations to perfect these ideas.

For once people come together to organize this, it only gets better. People know all they have to do is tell the truth in their needs + offerings, stay updated + fortunately there are people to follow thru efficiently once a good assessment is made. Good can be a neighbor calling in sharing what witnessed added to file. As ex; Dr. Yun Wang whom I have shared w/helping others for over 30 years or so. He knows well his medical detox herbal formulas average $300./30 days. + Each person should have own file customized so they get now all their ailments addressed in an herbal formula. + They themselves weed off their addictions w/lack of cravings.

I have watched Lisa over just a short time walk less stable w/sore knees, know w/her front capped tooth very loose, her hands stained, + the guys say she sells herself for beer + goes in modes where she feels better, then back down.

But if students help w/using computer skills, logging, all stay updated w/alls input as they work w/each needing follow thru help.

Ex; One that can work from home + feels good to volunteer, rooms from people for those able + staff at hospital w/enforcement when needed, recycling sharing as w/students studies, defining which school to do what, or travel to another community for better facilities + assistance if needed. Yet still plug in as a local participant, no matter what scenario. For the herbal formulas are more effective in my experiences + others, vs. western drugs. + All these positions could work into paying jobs once permanence defined for needs. For working one back into ones familiar community is easier. Insurances can rethink + fees are cheaper w/people do_in, for oneself in exchanges vs. higher crime/worry/exploiting Gov systems resources due to no close follow up, not knowing how abused.

As well private businesses as in Mississippi where over 100 private prisons are profiting as well many dialysis businesses due to ill people, + they profit vs. educate + heal. This is wrong. Many do not even share the microbial perspective of a wet couch on a porch or as in the bad ventilation in hospital if look at Dr. Jessica Greens work as a microbiologist teacher. Where very easily public health education working w/students can cover a lot of ground. + Can support follow up applications w/the many living in unbelievable unhealthy situations. Due to ones entrapment then producing addictions.

One can learn this entrapment + be free of it + now w/early signs those more dangerous + ill can be sorted out + prioritized, for specialized care, along w/support to come to the table w/all do_in ones local `plan. Keeping the grounding energy to fuel each to define ones voice if needed. They too can learn if support given vs. stay in prison or bad rehabs or fragmented isolated communities, etc. While students networking sharing w/them in follow ups, getting no finer education, then to experience the transformation of the human spirit once healthy. Even if proven to be developmentally disabled, etc. Wanting to come back with an exchange to do ones part, understanding how each can only allow ones sensors to become dull + now can maintain discipline over oneself`s sensory observation vs. belief producing dysfunctional behaviors that many took/take as normal. Being passed down from this long history of being interfered with, from generation to generation. + Now all can get a grip of this entrapment. For each to stop ones misuse/abuse.

For this flow of natural awareness if not maintained mindfully, will instantly set the stage for social cancers to reinfect w/parasitic conditions once again.

So now once organized, people log in thru various channels easiest for each, not push computer if don`t know, rather students can do a lot of this to harmonize curriculum needing change in real time. As they work prioritizing w/real community experiences. As well, self reflect for own interpersonal awareness, especially after giving hands on so others sharpen ones sensors, feeling the energy from the transformation.

We are not religious + don`t go that route. I see some that get help from church, also feel committed to participate, but perhaps not interested or unable, when yet one needs counseling of nuts + bolts of processing their perceptions/baggage of the past, unable to not let it steal from ones present, etc.

Charlotte + Joyce from local Charleston Church are very willing, I saw their empathy when I asked them to help. I see even new minister is good, but none really see what is happening on streets surrounding them. Due to stating their purpose is church related. So this 24/7 + or any political involvement should not be bias fro any religion. Rather simple respect for equality, giving one tools to heal, then that is their personal story of choice, to be explored if chosen. + That should be respected as long as one does not allow the belief to interfere in ones ability to maintain discipline over ones sensory observation, as I stated above. So no one interferes in others ability to self develop.

Rather support shared so each build ones path as one walks it, into ones opening, yet is a mindful community participant. So no footprint. Rather awareness of down scaling restoring sustainable ways w/localized systems w/low impact as we are fortunate for many natural builders, as well bio cultural exchanges from those that have fueled oneself from ones ability to balance the genetic biodiversity. For it to naturally link w/neighbors locally + afar.

The locals here sharing their love to volunteer, to come to a crises when needed can be stabilized as each do a little w/what is convenient, for all to gain a lot. For not everyone needs 24/7 care. They just need follow up support to then define ones own potential or support needed short or long term. So they too can be an active participant, working alongside the community. Sharing support for all to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant.

Vs. being over worked unable to self develop, as w/Mindi at Thrifty Sister`s used clothing + accessories. Where she sees many with needs not met, trying to best define how to help as well develop her true potential. + By working w/a state/federal/international, project all can gain a lot efficiently by sharing certain resources + skills. Now Mindi works w/young + old in exchanges. + By community organizing, then can free those over worked, so as to continue to work on self, in this process.

So if Mindi keeps the store going, which now also she is pregnant, but considering helping people in other ways. So strategic convenience for those in need, should be considered within ways for people to car pool + help those unable to get transportation, work at scheduling, etc. as well for appointments simplifying all ones needs + offerings. For people enjoy resolving issues + the idea of offering to take one somewhere if organized, helps the community that much more.

Once students help + each community member offers a little, amazing energy transforms priority issues. + People get to know each other + enjoy sharing in all aspects.

Vs. the thought of consumerism alone, that many do when thinking of going into business. Where these positions opening in what we speak of here become much more fulfilling once people see how effective the community harmonizes due to resolving issues. Freeing one's energy to play + explore. Not be bothered by corruptions or ill/toxic effects, thru misuse/abuse in over site, etc..

+ This list can go on in each community as people log in desires to help, within ones own comfort range. + Can work for every community successfully, even if students within all are in interchangeable roles, sharing awareness, interacting w/critical thinking, understanding all positions, taking ones turn, etc.

Do you see the difference from the rational science used in the past that did not work, when people decided what best for others. Mark Lakeman shares w/many helping people define ones voice. As he knows well in his studies + experiences that many communities are still living the colonial grid modes. + That must change so people create + work in real time w/the real world, within ones limits as well the natures enhanced potential. Leaving no ecosystem to be isolated.

So as in here at trailer park behind Davey Jones, much meth/drugs/alcohol/a few having med drugs stolen, even Lisa`s food stamp card either she sells or they steal, plus a lot of wet trash/material as microbial piles increase inside + outside w/all our rain here. So all of these issues can be addressed by people holding oneself + others accountable. As in wrecked cars for people to rat in should not be their if not zoned for a junk yard. Same public health should inspect so people understand how they create their own illness. If a campground allows this kind of living, it should be made to be responsible or not able to do business.

+ if everyone is mindful of sharing workshop, then all can become aware if we focus direct priorities for real issues of the times, as well living conditions w/ones local restoration, do_in ones local `plan. This brings sound science alive for all communities to use basics, so all tongues understand, we are talking about real energy that sustains healthy lifes.

We live on our sailboat trying to sell + then will leave area, + continue networking/exploring the rest of the world yet to of seen. As well continue to simplify the many issues yet to be resolved. But we think this 24/7 program is a means to end the worn torn missing links, so no more do we repeat the many scars this planet has. As no more do we need the defense position. Rather we can learn that that is not real, for if any button of any nuclear war head is activated to one part of the planet, it interferes in another, as the earth is a living organism + we all are interdependent on it to work as a whole.

Which presently signs easily show the ill toxic effects + weather changes, etc. abnormal, that humans have created by simply not understanding + now can.. + Once your local students expose the state of clarity ones mind is in, will simplify this job of change. Defining priorities to live local healthy lives `boon w/the natural world, working all seasons throughout the entire biome(s) sensitively. Giving many options for any disaster, not to mention a healthy locally grown natural food/fish/animal sovereignty that all locals deserve, globally fueling ones ability to locally manage + do exchanges within ones healthy balance. Going beyond even prevention to simply live in harmony exploring this unique earth + beyond.

Vs. having accidents or intentional developing w/out respect for this wilderness awareness.

I share this ex;

I did a recent email out to community stating issues, + some had no clue, another would not let me use their list due to stating health risk. As they were trying to promote the LNG at Jordon Cove.

The fisheries near where we have our boat, at Charleston Marina, had an ammonia leak, + my man + neighbors were left ill for a few days, lucky to survive due to wind going in another direction. Yet they blocked off the dock not knowing they were there on the boats. But once they became aware of the smell they ran. My plant died + almost them too. + This does not make me happy when they admitted they simply did not have right tools, nor does EMTS know how to handle the disaster. Where is the permitting to manage, making sure tools are in place. This is an old business.

Just one example of the many throughout the US leaving ill toxic effects as people do business without respect of life. Sure not intentionally but humanity never should of developed such ideas when yet many have no organic means to recycle, as in the Nuclear plants/weapons of war, leaving such toxic/deadly effects on much life. + As w/the nuclear plants/submarines still producing, yet still repository is not dealt with correctly. + must be a priority fro every person to take part. Not to mention the nuclear war heads on hair trigger alert. + President Barack Obama you can change that, + we ask you to do that ASAP. As well continue to work with us to end all defense, all weapons of war, all large grids of alternative energy + see that every community can thru ones local `plan + local tapering transition, see the wrong science that has been manipulated for profit. + Now can change so all comply within ones ecological sustainable natural balance.

+ I was using it has an example for stating NO LNG, + they should finish the discussion w/the community as I see Occupy Coos Bay against it + others, as well myself due to not having any local such `plans w/tapering transitions + can. Defining first all other high risk developments + correcting before any new developments. So all can prevent mistakes from being carried forward.

So in making peace for all, for a few are lying also accusing me of doing drugs, lying, as w/Bruce Weborg, owners of Fisherman Wharf + Rob at Bait Shop, telling all at the meet as they agreed, yet I did not even know them all. + The ones I knew where nice to my face + then turned against me. I told police he is too manic to carry weapons. As well I was told, he also asks others to do also, in the local Community Watch Group, which has upset a few. I feel all of these people are having problems getting out of ones own way, when they accuse me wrongly yet I never had any association w/them accept for passing respect, welcoming Rob into town + Owner of Wharf, asking her not to feed the seals due to sea lions chasing us on dock. That made her very mad + she said she does not do that, Yet many have watched her for years. Then I heard her lie + they complain to harbor master.

I quit 35 years ago doing drugs/experimenting + left the life of abuse early on in early teens. + Never had an experience that I could not do my work. I was helping others early on, worked + left my family to help them at 12. Married + divorced at 17 w/2 children. I have now in a relationship of over 33 years. + One before that died. So I have had many many experiences of medical mistakes w/western medicine, along w/dysfunctional social systems. Sadly a family member I could not get thru too, due to mental health having control of him. He died a very terrible ongoing daily enslavement to western drugs/equipment around the clock. When yet I helped many others get free of it all, as we tapered w/herbal formulas prescribed by skilled doctor, then off them.

Point here is I have had many lessons + my objective is that I feel this simple 24/7 program can walk into a conscious awareness for all to continue to end the war mode + false green economies, for we support only localized systems of low impact w/down scaling ones footprint. NO large grids or hedge funds divestment from fossil fuels into them, etc. It is all a trap interfering in others ability to simply live managing ones ecological realities of great natural potential. + We suggest w/plan to fuel local plans, as entire biome(s) are rethought + worked sensitively, seasonally, better preparing all for natural disasters, as I stated above.

Let alone the stupidity that exists w/the high risk as in the nuclear warheads on hair trigger alert, etc. FEMA liked my work but due to my continued work, I yet to share more + welcome them now to rethink, as they check in w/our sites. For all of these entities can become more efficient by all of us rethinking so we can harmonize sharing resources, where can.

Plus we also lost our investments that fueled us for 35 years to do this research exchanging w/people in 2008. We paid many others way. Then once lost all, still pursued our ideas but it has not been easy when people stop paying what they owe, leaving us in same boat w/others, as well + w/broken/viruses on computers, without more help, etc. I could of fund raised but choose not to since we had the nonprofit for a few years now. But in discovering so much madness w/Gov, etc. I wanted to get this more simple as in what I speak of here.

For all what I say is for anyone to seek. It is very disheartening to see the many that have taken from many more. When yet humanity has such greatness.

Point is Gov needs help to rid dysfunctions, starting w/stopping the idea that you do for any able person, that is wrong, each can do for self w/support in place to educate/gain transparency + students using their community as an extended classroom can do that. Not continue the profiteering/goodness gone wrong mode, but reality in time science facts that co_evolve with every location in real time. + with them networking like ecosystem/season + subject goodness will come from the many naturally working in respect managing wilderness, producing the pristine states, that many think come naturally which they do not. Our history proves that.

+ Our take is to develop local tapering transitions, so sound science facts working w/students, restore working communities, so planning + permitting come to the table w/all, for all to correct that which has left ill toxic effects, that exceeded the natural enhanced limits. This natural awareness from history + good science working w/ethnic indigenous, knowing well there is no pristine nature until humans/wildlife, manage with in its balance, is known by many good people working it now that can share in networking.

So we see many good folks giving options + once locals don`t leave wrecked vehicles to rat out in, people can be exposed more easy w/early signs. I don't go the route of FEMA camps if true, for homeless or refugees displaced, etc.. Rather I believe everyone deserves support to become a local participant + gain the natural awareness, holding self accountable, not others laws that interfere more. They need to be rid or restored same w/curriculum as community is restored. This opens many positions far superior then jobs as they rethink entire biome(s), vs. as in high proposed risk places like a LNG at Jordon Cove, where oldies know well airplanes crash right their shorting the airport.

Or even the wasted funding in experimenting for solar alternatives as I have witnessed assessments once millions have been given then to fail, as in prime fishing waters, when yet already the state over regulates. + As I asked F+ W, in review of their budget, to take this into consideration. To support local commercial small fleet to come to the table w/F+W + they only would make sustainable ways that work, knowing well whom needs education or not + the large boats raping the waters should end.

I speak for our combined` effect at – i come to talk story, as all think humanity has answers + no one should accept anything less, accept for organizing so each local community can best define, networking w/locals + afar, what is best within ones own natural enhanced potential. As each prioritize for ones needs + offerings, to obtain + maintain local natural grown food/fish/animal sovereignty. Responsibly balancing for our migratory species to link. + To share the earth + beyond in peace, for all to explore w/respect for each to gain awareness holding self accountable locally + afar. As well give collective support for those in need of support to do the same.

So please share + I appreciate contacts to further see how these changes could be added if not already their, or in motion.

Thank you for what you do + what you can do! + Again I apologize for the first email w/so many errors.

Warm wishes, kara j lincoln
speaking for all at ictts.org
Thank you for your patience,

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 I welcome you to come link w/the sun will set page so please take part + donate in ways most comfortable to you.

 I`m here for you willing to do an exchange, if you want to help us reach out..

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 Peace, kara + mishi