We have solutions to share, please go within now + bring ourself to calm, redirecting into positive association/application. Please contact Barack Obama + legislators + say we can do more then just No to Syrian strike before tuesday..

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Hello folks,

      please take a review here of why so much nervous energy is leaving many in the fog.  When yet so many have such good solutions.

  take a look within + take a look at President Barack Obama, we must give him support to change the military institution, that is no longer to be used in the present or the future..

  these weapons of war are to be a time of the past + never reproduced again, nor sold or traded by anyone. each of us can hold our self accountable + right now redirect your thought/acts to locally uniting, to help us define how efficiently this can be done:

           bring discussion to whom locally, who can do what to end all compositions + go figure with good indigenous ways working with good science, that is in real time with the locals still fortunate to do. + come together + see a friendly way to build ecological sustainable working communities for your locals to gain + maintain your local natural working ability to harmonize your local soveriengty.

           We can properly define how to rid + get them off the street, off the shelves + give compassion in support to recycling our US gov + our international  associations. sharing what works, as we link.

imagine each one of you doing your best to build + maintain a business, then to offer to the whomever your product + services. then so busy doing what you do to really get an over all picture of the negative effects left, as in these military businesses dependent on these continued productions/sales.
being not in real time with what it takes/possibilities of creative solutions for us to live local, so we all link + support each other to become responsible local, global + beyond participants. simply restoring/first time sharpening our dulled sensors as we welcome all to come rethink. as we focus direct with our students prioritizing the local facts;

                      giving us tools to work together, heal, deprogram + assertively + calmly work together to build new neuro networks, to stop what many have tried to do as they died for freedom.

          We want to live to communicate..

                      many already have these tools with sharp clear people to reflect in a variety of subjects. so we go within with this energy interaction + work our self. rid our baggage from all the layers of waste of consumption, unknowingly. + realize we must define our center + hold our ground so we co_evolve as a human species. For the range right now within us all that allows us to have extreme highs to extreme lows, must be controlled, so we stay with our center + ground it,

                                          respecting the natural world that sustains us.

             We can resolve with legislators/people to not be pressured from these military installations, under contract, proposed already, that many cannot afford to deviate. saying No to a military strike in Syria would leave them stockpiled. + the past mode as been to utilize these weapons, as goods + commodities.

   For the US is dependent on this war mode economy + that is not healthy + we do not accept that.

what we all must do is come together + give compassion + give yourself, so these people stop asap this expectation of gain. + realize this no longer can be viable products for the world markets, locally or afar.

  Which does not mean people will be out of jobs, just the opposite. With all I state here, each will dig deep into finding your true center + build upon it if haven`t + if real, you will continue to co_evolve., giving self-satisfaction beyond what many can imagine.

            We treat this as a transformation that will better our lives. sure it is like any addiction it will take a tapering transition supplying good daily feedback, so each can responsibly shift, find their place to truly become whole as we grip this moment. bring our minds + bodies together for collective thought for living local.  + we suggest putting hands on what sustains our local sovereignty daily, giving us a good night sleep to build these new neuro networks, then to awaken with more creative thought, physical energy;

         such as our local natural food without any GMO`s, toxic chemicals in soil or on our own saved seeds. Bio-recycling our compost, natural planning over views of our `plan land, fresh water flow to sea, with agro_ecology/permaculture/shared food forests/industrial hemp although a monoculture nourishes the soil vs. monocultures that deplete them, this list goes on, etc.

                which all fuels our inner/inter personal physical + mental health giving us creative expression so we all obtain harmony. Sharing what works as we link via like ecosystem/subject, seeing + experience the application + association as we apply, motivating/invigorating within our human potential.

        as we link we will show how each community has people/life left behind. with this shift of vast amount of funds + resources to be restored back into our local communities, share down scaling strategies, we all will smell the roses along the way.

        being so fortunate to have this opportunity that are past generations, did not live to make it happen. + if they did, they still are in need of are support.

I am so thankful of the experiences, from my hard work with people these last 3 years in Oregon + Washington, not to mention the rest of the world.  We all continue to work hard at change.

for here on - i come to talk story forum, we have been telling these stories of many in the world + in US, left behind in their struggles. yet not have this global support given + still are in need of it.

              Barack us humans are an open book + sadly you look like your ready to collapse mentally + physically, + we don` look too good our self, so please reach across the world + look at the many, in the fog with what we propose.  + open to the many proposals to come.

                  This is the difference in those who play chess + those that play checkers.

Flag wavers meaning us activists, bend over, i`m beginning to see this repetitive pattern of fear based threats, last minute delays to keep good people hard working to resolve/or left worrying not knowing what to do, getting sicker.
Are you just trying to keep us busy Barack/legislators, then give in. well we won`t continue to accept that disjointed way of government functioning, either.

       once we orchestrate this linking, going in schools/home schooling, working out the local details, our students will walk by our/your side, into + with the community to make working sound communities that harmonize. so all are given hands on to do their homework, to self-develop within their potential. then with right support in place all can go to the table + do their local `plan land, freshwater flow to sea, as innovation, creativity motivates the best science ever as we reach out to real people to regain their own local sovereignty.

+ do it with indigenous/locals, still do_in, + if not their, we link to like ecosystem/subject to trigger their community thought, + if no community, will work it out in thought+ then act with the human family support on this planet, in solidarity. As we give simple respect back to our self + all life that we all are interdependent on. Becoming aware when best to do what with early signs within our control as we regain it.

 sure many around the world may not appear willing right now to make all this happen, but they are in their own neuro networks due to their experiences..

        We can join in, reach out + reflect with many now to help show them a way to resharpen their sensors perhaps never sharp, or they dulled them not understanding how. + you can start with us now.

        We have good science to work with our indigenous/local communities now in almost every community or bring one in, this is what students can link.. for there is much good awareness to share + to create upon.. as new technology is working with indigenous ways, so as to keep it simple, not exploit medicine the way it is.

         We just need to organize this linking process, for we have clarity in the subject matter needed, for each to be individualized to gain correct support to do their homework, have care needed to transform, + or be better cared for by new restoration for a natural way of preserving each to continue their exploration. respecting each to then share their unique ability to exchange within their comfort level;

               as equality is shared, respecting each persons dignity to take part collectively as a responsible community member, even if presently unable, students giving hands on, can do just this, with great rewards of inner personal growth when they experience this transformation as they simply become healthy. Then learning to stay within the center one chooses. + co_evolve the subject one grows into, where ever they decide to be.

               for each then become aware with their local program to work within their natures limits where ever they choose to be. it is the natural limits that define where we can be.

+ as in now, with stockpiling thought internationally of weapons of war, with already our stock piles of many weapons around the world, along with nuclear repositories, we have a lot of work to rid them very carefully, so as not to damage mother earth.

 We as the human species can define our true self + create self acceptance with what is not possible to change.. while we inner personally self-develop beyond many people`s expectation now once we do our homework. realizing our reality`s from a good science prospective of what we can be, not what we are, due to our experiences, our programming, or our loved ones behaviors as they never got clear + yet we accept them as normal.

  students within us all, students, sensitive professionals + those with degree yet unskilled, can walk along our side, so they help us transcend as each take responsibility for the negative effects each have left, now that they see it by coming back as a local, walking in their patients/clients turf..

     working collectively to restore the natural potential within ourselves, our curriculum to co_evolve the community + ourselves.

  not as you gov people are doing now when you lecture to students, community allowing 3 min discussions, you got to get into the `plan with your locals, make changes, change your own center + develop + choose your desires as you co_evolve, so students connect with the reality of the origin of our issues, so as to truly end them + not repeat them..

        We do not have to continue to be what are experiences have produced. rather we can gain inner control, edit, daily be assertive to build new neuro networks after putting our hands on what sustains us. not pie in the sky unreality, rather real respect for our mother earth, + the micro biomes that build our soil  + supply balance in our intestines for our local natural grown food to be digested, giving us serotonin giving us happiness, to heal us + nourish our needs, as our plants are pollinated + pests kept in check, building our environmental services with the many sensitive folks we have as behaviors have been passed on/created upon.

    La Via Campseina folks around the world that continually get land/sea/fresh water grabbed are here to share their story of struggles as they go without global support. As many locals go afar + are not held accountable by their locals back home, for their irresponsible acts afar, + now we will organize that. So all can hold self accountable + others where ever they leave negative effects..

        the students are great, although many are space cadets along with many ill adults with dulled sensors which has surrounded them, will be our great assets as we give hands on, making them realize we need them, not the resultant of the experiences they have been. rather real time people that self-satisfy, as we prioritize our local functions, energy efficiently.

it is this that fuels our harmony, our joy to fill the air with love, music, smell of great food varieties, sharing discussion of the great work of people on this planet + rethink that afar..

but without good science based on these indigenous ways to keep us in real time, many fail to respect the trans boundary migrations needed from the life that fuels us. as they show us the way. then to build our fresh water systems around their paths. so not to interfere in the genetic bio-diversity scheme that suits are human design most efficiently.

       We have great people to share their work/ideas,  performed in patches, so it is already happening, we just need to link.

I know this can be very difficult Barack for you, but it is only because you are allowing it to happen to you. our constitution was created by people in real time + they expected it to stay in real time, not their time, our time. please realize you can sit down with us all + tell us what has contributed to your decision to strike. giving us the transparency that you have.

     But you must give us the chance to show you our perception + understanding, for yes this is tragic what has happened + it will be more tragic if you strike. rather listen carefully to what you are missing, as well us. + let us have the opportunity with good science to resolve peacefully + go beyond the many now in fear, or the fear based from more exposure of negative happenings, to exposing the reality of positive assertiveness to resolving this matter.

        We will not know this until we talk directly with Assad, for US + many govs have been so wrong with lack of transparency as well awareness to follow thru. so the international community + American people have no good data to trust, accept our own inner personal awareness from our collective experiences. that gives those of us that have done our homework the tools to assess the complete picture, by discussing with every faction on the ground in Syria, for everyone as in US is grouping pulling their own way. + this is due to all of the past scars/lack of awareness distributed as many prioritized fragmented processes that where not based on intuitive natural human perspectives.

           Due to no global human conscious linking, no organizing with equality + no transparency from those with resources.. rather feel good mode, do it for, resist, push + shove, interfere or not do at all, which is all insensitive to the beautiful natural ways we as humans are fortunate to obtain, if we do our homework, if we share to know it exists, which is already within us, it has just been buried with all the layers we have allowed to come in as we acted as a sponge for the world offers us a wealth of humanity. + a good sensitive person instantly feels when one is unable to hold their own center, so it is wrong when we dull our senses leaving such negative effect on our self + others, unknowingly.

          We want to learn + will not accept anything less. as we suggest now, higher/lower students within us all as we prioritize. + share this focus direction with all, to help define limits not to exceed for each to build a healthy sense of self. so as not to make sheep led decisions being made as many are doing now. Or have great perceptions is real time, yet not know how to accurately apply them.

        Sec John kerry`s ex; of stating idea yet being negative in instituting it, yet Russia acts on it. This is a good example of our inability to apply positive act. + the dysfunctional gov has done this too many.+ the ability to work positively with the global community + share our earth together.

         to help people/students reflect, associate, assimilate + restore, + they themselves once given respect to sit by our side or walk their walkabout as we do ours, to then do_in an exchange in the process. giving us reflection to rethink as together we become whole. + pursue peace within as well with each other, gaining harmony from the exchange. Not just thinking profits.

which is mathematically the most efficient way to survive on this earth + beyond + truly enjoy the goodness the many world cultures have developed, via being `boon with the natural world + living local.

          Barack we cannot let you decide by yourself rather we want to make this decision with you, so as not to stop our mental processes + get stuck on fragmentation just because we see dead bodies that had been gassed. this would be a limited emotional reaction of a terrible experience + we must look at the whole natural perspective + do what we can to never have it happen again. so we can go back to the many local issues in need of prioritizing, as well those yet to come with a natural planet making ongoing changes.

          with our restructuring of what we are do_in we can exponentially make this happen as we reach every school now, + let students, even if no school or no communities, let people make this happen. starting in the classroom/home schoolers/community, so we calmly utilize existing resources + focus direct, so not to waste a dime. rather shift creatively+ innovate for nature to lead our path in every community, as we work within our enhanced limits with Miguel Altieri triggering locals thought, along with Jenny Pell + the many other permaculturists + others. so no more science is manipulated rather it is assimilated/associated with/by locals to manage their local community. without interference from afar, rather linking from afar, so all then rethink with respect, building strategies to apply, investment modes on the table ready for tapering transitions as investors will seek to become whole.

         + this will be in thanks to you Barack, once you tell the truth from our gathered consciousness, not a fragmented perspective, but from your repsonsible position, that many of good people have worked to perfect it.  For I`m ashamed of your, Sec Kerry`s + Rice`s way of speaking.

please you need to rest + it is so important when organs are stressed to have the right energy, the right frequency, from the right organic substances or you exasperate the problem, build medical issues beyond ones control, then to diseased state, incorrect care, then premature death without proper comfort that can exist, even on a death bed. But this can be very difficult in food deserts, or until this western curriculum/medical licensing board requires ongoing education as we equate the balance of the worlds long known medicines, as with Oriental medicine with their assessment principles + sensitivities that can be learned, as Dr. Yun Wang Or Dr. Leon Hammer for a few,  from their life work, + students + associates, etc. as they counsel/treat/treated, as in now with Leon`s school + SIOM where Dr. Wang counsels. if one wants to put another persons life in their hands.

   It takes us all though to change govs/business/military/socially supported education/political/judicial referendums, etc. so no more are we dependent on these war mode + false green economies. for gauges will be set along the way to work + co_evolve with in real time. this is what our students working with us know can do. if we are supported to do our project + merge with the many good projects in patches, reaching out to you all now.

         Legislators/people that are not supporting a strike, please be aware we are so thankful that you are still responsibly acting + please open more transparency, sharing with all that we have many good solutions now being worked at for change. + the more people that come aboard the faster we all will gain the synergy of utilizing our human consciousness, that is given freely to all that do their homework, rid the baggage, take control not allowing just anything to influence you, rather stop riding on others wave + `boon with your natural world, building your individuality to be a collective responsible community participant.

             We want a natural life for all life to be lived + we will not accept anything else.

Thank you all sincerely for what you can do know to grip this moment, harness the disassociated energy we all have participated in producing at one time or another. so we all are aware of what we can do to harness it, know where it came from, prevent it + go beyond prevention + simply live as we maintain/restore/build collective natural communities + link with early signs. + allow those educated/going back to school to efficiently help all restore their human bodily functions to work on own, as we stop interfering + become interdependent, which is most efficient, on natural healthy environments as ones best medicine.

            We can now help the many that have been left behind too long, before this strike ideal entered the picture, more so if we do not strike. so please lets not loose retrospect of the totality of our restoration of our community functions asap + go beyond this inability to go direct Barack with Assad,  minimizing all this wasted energy, for you could of done what Russia is trying to do now, if you would have been more centered, which is what we would like you to do. co_evolve so you can experience being a healthy human being or please remove yourself from this responsible position..

    Please enough deterrence from fragmented disorganization + lack of transparency.

Peace is our option now if we live with life respectfully.

Thank you,

 kara j lincoln, speaking for our combined` effect as I have been reaching out to many in hopes to calm + share the many good solutions together we have, locally + afar.


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Re: we have solutions to go within now + bring ourself to calm, redirecting into positive association/application. Please contact Barack Obama + legislators + say we can do more then just No to Syrian strike before tuesday..

Dear Ms. Lincoln,

Thank you for sending me your thoughts regarding potential U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict.

As I said in my e-newsletter, these are among the most difficult decisions our nation faces. I appreciate you taking the time to write and share your thoughts with me. As our region's representative, I value your concerns and opinions and will take them into account as I consider the best course of action. I continue to receive briefings on this issue and am reviewing the President's request. I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind about what is in the best interest of our nation and will keep you posted as this issue moves forward.

Again, thank you for sharing your views on this important issue.  Please continue to reach out if you have any further thoughts or concerns on this or any other issue. It is an honor to serve as your representative.


Derek Kilmer
Member of Congress
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
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  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

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Re: we have solutions to go within now + bring ourself to calm, redirecting into positive association/application. Please contact Barack Obama + legislators + say we can do more then just No to Syrian strike before tuesday..

In reply to this post by our combined `effect

 Thank you for signing my petition, .@MSNBC, @CNN, @NPRnews: Let @AlanGrayson reply to Syria war speech.

 As of now, the petition has received 3672 signatures! To really make a difference, we need a lot more people to join in. Can you share this petition with all your friends?

 Click here to share it on Facebook:

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 Then, forward the email below to everyone you know.


—Robert Naiman

 Here's a sample message to send to your friends:


 Supporters of the proposed U.S. war on Syria have successfully pressured the President to address the nation on Tuesday evening in support of the war. Opponents of the war should have equal time and equal prominence to make their case to the nation. Networks broadcast a response to the President's State of the Union address, so they can broadcast a response to the President's pitch for the Syria war.

Many Democratic Members of Congress could give a response speech, challenging the President's arguments for war.

Rep. Alan Grayson says in the New York Times that the Administration is refusing to disclose to Members of Congress the intelligence supposedly justifying the war.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a decorated Iraq war veteran, is "adamantly opposed" to U.S. strikes on Syria.

Rep. Charlie Rangel says there's no such thing as a "limited war" in Syria.

Rep. Jim McGovern says the President should withdraw the Syria war authorization request.

Call your Representative! The Friends Committee on National Legislation has set-up a toll-free number: 1-855-686-6927.

 That's why I signed a petition to Gary E. Knell, President and CEO, NPR, Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC, and Andrew Morse, Senior vice president of CNN/U.S., which says:

 "Ahead of the vote in Congress on war with Syria, the broadcast networks should give the same time and prominence to anti-war voices that they do to pro-war voices. MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and other networks should each broadcast a response speech to the President's Syria war speech on Tuesday evening, just as they do following the President's State of the Union speech."

 Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

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