We have SOLUTIONS for our ISSUES everywhere, if we work together with simple talk for all ages..

Hello everyone!

with respect to Memorial Day, many good folks are not so fortunate to continue on. which I hope we don`t all lose our perspective, for the war mode + false green economies come at a high price to us all.

+ I personally along with many, have created this forum in respect to making these changes, so please take a review of our ideas. for this day after is for us all, as we take one day at a time + do our best to stay present in the moment.

  for many in our human family have no food, no sanitation, no water, so we should feel pretty lucky to have what we do have;

      from the folks in the Congo, still fighting their corruption as they try to collectivly define peace, which US has interfered in as well many issues here.

      as well the genocide in Burma or conflict in Syria, or the First Nations in Canada in Idle No More, as well the focus with the Survival Camp for Sustainable Earth in respect to them dealing with their nuclear repository issues. which we in US also have a national priority issue if you see Barack`s proposal for 2045.  

the more we can understand, how we also have contributed to this madness of simple disrespect for all life, as people produced products/services leaving negative effects, yet we used them unknowingly. not realizing what we where supporting or taking part in.. the more we can easily make change...

  so thank you host Erin + Kristini for this is what we all tried to do, help bring awareness of this issue along with the synergy of all that gathered for the rally, networking locally + afar. not to mention all the good work done prior too.

it was a great rally + now the fun continues as we take a breath of fresh air + then organize our thoughts + share in local exchanges. the hosts will be rethinking a few things, meanwhile ideas can be posted here.

Kristina has some great thoughts + wants to suggest a potluck, yes a nice natural home grown potluck on Saturday june 8, where we can help us all understand how we can live locally sustainable. freeing our self of contributing to any disrespect for any life, what ya think?

                Alycia, Brie + I are in, same with Heather, how about you?

  same with bear, he was so lucky to be home, for this rally was hard for him to be in town but he was happy to share his story with many too, as he would tell about his friend `bee;

bear happy to be back home after the MAM Coos Bay, OR rally.

                 we just need to go figure..

       Did you notice what we had above our heads yesterday, my honi never misses anything??

         ring around the sun..

    we thank Heather  for giving us an over view + she is going to be our Coos Bay, OR Coalition Contact. as far as her specifics, please ask her, for I was never even made aware of a Right Group. so it always is good to explain what each of us are working at when we come together like this. for I know she stated she receives many calls afar, so now I see these pieces coming together, + we will get clear + try to update here. so check back in, as well help in your comments.

        for we need to stay focused on the legislative changes along with our regulatory boards, for as I yet to figure, when I read about the Monsanto Act 2, it spoke of interfering in our ability to label. so it is important to stay plugged into your local representative for your group, as well stay on top of the legislative acts, for they need help to, so let them know what your needs are as well your offerings.

        everyone gave Heather their best + listened carefully, we are determined to make changes;

all listening to Heather, our Coos Bay, OR Coalition contact.

   MAM Coos Bay FB updated new FB page for Right to Know Coos County + lets share what we can to help others as the information is continually being shared;


     MAM Coos Bay, OR table sharing info.

MAM Coos Bay, Or rally, MAM Coos bay, OR rally.

                        it was a great rally, thanks everyone !

   years ago I took part in the backyard abundance with farmers/community members, as they donated food, so we could have a community free meal along with music, sharing information to live local, in Bellingham, WA monthly. what was really nice working with the students at the university was, we worked closely with a political group that focused + kept us aware of every move. so maybe rethink how the local schools here can help, you know your community best. + if not I suggest please get to know it.

   our gov is very dysfunctional. Barack Obama is first to admit it as he created his Fellowship, which I`ve shared on our meet page, for all to take part in. for me personally I`ve participated a lot in it from afar, all can do the same. I don`t do well with generalized answers. I like direct feedback, so I`ve told them I will parallel + deal hands on with people, how about you? so let me know. then each can share as we think we can give something to help.

for I tell them the same language I speak with you, but do they listen to me??  or you?? so lets continue to define how we can work together supporting mother earth to come first.

please lets take a look at what was/still in process to join in so we go figure how best to prevent disrespect for all life. as all create from the many people coming together to aid these ideas, + believe me I worked hard to hold gov accountable + still do...

Sen Jeff Merkley is co_evolving with us, he started with labeling, then addressed the Monsanto act asking it be repealed + now Global News states;

At the federal level, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., recently inserted an amendment into the Farm Bill that ensures courts have the power to halt distribution of modified seeds.

so please stay centered + reach out with what you are experiencing, + gather like mind or respond + follow up. for we all can go beyond what we experience + start efficiently interrelating as we restore our natural communities.
    I question all if doing something that makes no sense. + I ask you to do the same + follow thru with it + share with us.

 let us know if you have a chance/experience with this new program. for I gave a response to how we could offer this kind of work that we are speaking here of do_in to the tornado victims as well all in crises, as they rebuild. so please realize what we do now for our local community will be that much more we can share with those that have a lot more resistance then us right now. so lets work what we can for our human family locally + afar. + make all tools good as we recycle... or lets rid them + create ones that work. for we can go beyond even the prevention mode into simple natural living as many in patches do as they harmonize with their community;


  each one of us have to define our own capacity, + not let all these layers of regulations confuse us. rather if here local, define what works for you to understand. stay in contact with the MAM FB main page, not to mention many others. for they did a really nice joy organizing this event. + they will be do_in more. so also add your suggestions to them or better yet as a community group post. here at our forum as well. for no one should have to do this alone.

    we can delegate duties to better understand. + let the students young + old help collect facts in real time + then share so we all stay on same page.

   we can simply gather + co_evolve with real events + gain awareness to live locally self-reliant. this is the page where we will start sharing some fog to clean the air + see how we can each empower our self + fuel energy within us all locally, as we continue this exchange.

take a review of the world, we are fortunate not to have problems that many others are having, but we do here right now have some serious issues, that if out of hand can lead down that path.

  so lets hear what you would like to discuss + where? as I suggested we can get clear here by sharing some ideas + then we could apply our energy, when we do have a potluck + combine it with a real application?? this to me is the best way for us to build new neuro networks. children old + young can have fun, we can invite some music, have some time with the wild + start building what we can..

    I`ve asked Coos County Planning a few questions to add to this thought of how best to apply some of these thoughts,  for to some this is a new awareness. so check back for everyone`s comments.

    I would like to share an overview to give us maximum efficiency in restoring our local food sovereignty.

  this is most friendly as well for lil ones as well frail or disabled. so a little planning goes a long way, as in a back up weather plan for those in need.

  lets discuss here the subject matter you are interested in now. what is the biggest beef?? what is the biggest joy? who has land to do what?? what do you see we can get a permit for?? what farmer needs our attention now?? what bill soon to be up that we can write to our legislators?? Jeff Merkley got 2200 letters I heard as he spoke to legislators, good going!

    this list is long, so we need to focus together on what we together can do now to calm, become self-reliant, energy efficient + harmonize as many work collectively building community in patches, as we share solutions for natural living, so as to link with these pockets left behind.

    if we can schedule with some heads up, I`m more than happy to participate/be a gopher, for I will be in + out of Charleston the next 6 weeks or so. check your schedule out + share what works for you..

I`ve asked Brie to ask the local group she had invited me too, that does food forests. I think that is a great start, for anyone that wants to think collectively making our local food, to work with those already locally do_in it...

  same with placing a bulk Azure order, did any one ask Deb at coop if she shares this? if not or if so, I will be placing another order within a month, if anyone interested. see offerings of Oregon farms, CSA`s, products + a good place to add yours. find out where to do an internship. I know Paul is great at Ocean Air Farms in Fort Dix, CA/OR border, + maybe Sarah at Growing Crazy was going to start, her family has a CSA, sells at Coos Bay farmers market + has great family/music gatherings on her farm;



          we need to ask them to invite the local sustainable fisherfolks as well come walk the docks in Charleston + meet the folks, come clam, fish river, ocean + get a license to crab off the dock, if come after a storm the beach brings us gifts of nice seaweed, + check into new regulations if pick for self.

    Steve Wilsons catch;


       as well those farmers/fisher folks in need of support, please come forth + those of you that know them share with them + come post, so we can prioritize our focus in our gatherings. maybe once we clear we could even be on a location of actually giving hands on, put our hands in the dirt. nothing better when we face the reality of taking our local food sovereignty back into our own hands.

+ even if I as one that comes + goes or any visitor, we can plug in + live as a local. + yes I share what I perceive, but I also do my best to respect you locals that choose to make this your home, for I don`t want to interfere. I`m here to be your gopher + happy to use Nabble`s tools.

                 I`m happy to see this local community run with sharing awareness to resolve.

 but Heather my dear, I ask you to review + perhaps change your statement about your opinion of recycling, for it shows how unaware you are of the natural world, of our mother earth. let me share please with you + all those that felt you where correct. please all take the time to rethink + review this you tube video. David Suzuki says it best;

      Nabble is free to all, + what they do to pay for it is sell advertising, which when I restructure I will pay to have it removed. so please realize none of this advertising is mine.

ok everyone, please share this + make it friendly. if you post a desire I will try to edit, as well I invite you to, as you also review others comments + we will see where it goes.

I personally have a plan to restructure but I will share that when we are eye to eye. we are not just about labeling, rather we want to stop GMOS from all companies, from being produced, while communities rethink their natural potential.

 the new FB page is focusing on requiring labeling as well share, please read their about us for FAQ below as well on their FB, + come take part;


                            these solutions are part of resolving all next` moves...

please take a review thru out our  forum + please feel free to enter where you can relate. we suggest you starting at the beginning, as we rethink ways to restore our local living, to prevent these next` moves..

for now for the MAM rally to follow thru, come comment + I will share my input as well, for I`ve put out some questions to a few + awaiting feedback to share with you.  please you do the same, so we can get clear hear + rather then discuss more in a building we could actually do some hands on application in a good local space that you people decide upon.

      please share + bring every ones idea here below + comment. lets see what we can create.

we can define our first date + our first subject + if it will include a potluck or wait for Kristini on June 8th.

                      come talk, our combined` effect makes a difference.

      thanks, kara

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