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Happy day to all!

Rather then for me to quit some social medias, like my personal facebook, which i have before due to being actually sick over so much talk, or even so much resources from facebook yet no support for our non profit and actually they want me to pay them to advertise on our new page.

But i do thank all for your lessons given by being you! And you facebook for the good application you have, even though so much more could be done to focus on the many real people interested in helping yet not organized or see clarity to do it.

Due to seeing a lot of yada that goes nowhere and twitter due to seeing them support Oprah for President, whom i think is or i should say once was an ecological whore. But to be fair i will take time when can to explore if she co_evolved. For we all have been there done that at some point of our lives and can change.

For those that never have and have had some real nice experiences early on in life, lucky you! Like many of the homeschoolers i know now, then you should come talk and collaborate. So we make our plans sharing humanity's work, more efficient for all to take part in! For many in patches globally are doing great fragments to help rethink with..

For we do not accept bad science to run the world, when if every community did one's local `plan, 1 universal sound science could then be a common sense as each local `plan becomes a rule of understanding. So no matter where one is, one can plug into being a local mindful particiapant, being respected as a human to learn/share/and co_evolve together. Not have others control able people, that is wrong and unacceptable.. And those kinds of people i still welcome to help nurture oneself to better understand and have opportunity to make wrongs right..

No better education then to work by your students/child's side, learning with them..

Collectively working w/one's students doing one's local `plan, which i agree is hard to comprehend at the beginning. When so much of our responsible roles are expected to have sound science. Yet irresponsible people are running them w/misinformation.. As well each of us misuse/abuse lost in it.. No thanks, not interested, been there done that! No more do i accept waste from misuse/abuse, when all can gain support to do one's homework, when so much serious work to be done.

I've offered before as a fundraiser for `i come to talk story, where ever at locally, to go one on one if i can help, or gather a group and no better way than to have a natural local grown wild potluck.. Which is not always easy when coops don't even support buying bulk food like from Azure, and get lost in a lot of packaged food. Many coops as lost the original intent..

For those that want to share personal story w/family, then please leave my pages and enjoy your family! For i'm not interested in sharing family business over social medias. When that should be done eye to eye best.

If want to talk personally or want to collaborate/support our non profit or correct me and don't feel comfortatble leaving a message here, than email me; kareje@ictts.org

Now if you want to bring family and focus part time on your local `plan, then we welcome you! Both here on my personal page as well my US 501.c3 non profit `i come to talk story page, patchestalk.. As well twitter and our site on Google whihc i may also be ending; www.ictts.org but i have a plan to continue to work with them on other good tools..

For we are making a platform that works, i'm not interesting in keeping and social platform where i cannot help people understand the serious ness of simplicity when working together.. I do it all the time globally, yet i understand how locally many still are lost in issues to synch.

But the efficiency to co_evolve these issues, requires collaborating in detail, prioritizing, focus directing what ever issues whether personal or community??And our reserch ontinues and have ideas from the many patches globally w/good offerings that are wiling to share w/pockets without, knowing well, humanity has the options, if organize to network.

To prioritize toxic, restore if can, if can't move/protect vulnerable/ collectively as all take part time, that is all it takes. And working w/one's students can restore ones ecological enhanced sustainable working healthier communities as you work w/neighbors...

Yes as you know best, working w/your community making it happen! We like to share the living local process. For many yet to be aware if UN data is correct, that over 6 billion people are either without safe drinking water or safe sanitation, not to mention all the suffering/disease/premature death that goes along with it. When yet these issues people can resolve w/support, small composting toilets, even dig a safe size ditch, let alone a reverse osmosis w/waste and add salt, etc. as well water desalinization if close to ocean, using sea water to make fresh.

Do you not see the waste in US Gov/Miliitary/Communities?? Well our idea is to have only police and coast guard, everything else is a delusion wasting resources.. Unless US Gov gets real and opens platform for all to make true Democracy and take part/talk to the resistence/help go figure busgets to prioritoze as each local `plan's rep is best to define in real time, real needs and offerings. So ask yourself are you talking to them about this? Do you even know what a local `plan can do? Ar you interested in starting w/a group? For it can be that easy sharing your needs and offerings as well even have community pay to get community needs met and offerings shared. Much cheaper then what the US Gov does wasting resources, unable to respond, etc..

With localized systems of low impact, agroeological systems/political movement offers local natural wild food-fish-animal/energy/technology, soverighnty. Not large grids of alternative energy, that are just another hedgefund mode.. Not others disctting what locals should do. Do you see what the local commercial fisherfolks have been going thru debating or trying to, for crab season? Yet these local know their stuff and need support from the community to be efficinety respected so they can do their job and not have to compete w/the entire state rules and regulations as well commercial fisheries..

Rather do your organic exchange/collectively balance one's/communities genetic bio diversity and link w/neighbors.. As you redo entire ecosystems, working them w/respect to all life where best to do what, and once work it seasonally, all then have options and comfort of knowing as you work them.

For when ER preparedness is needed, to go to different elevations, or another space that has basic comforts in place and organized to house many, as in those aware helping, that work the seasonally offerings, it is much appreciated.

So even though i feel all of you have goodness to offer and have, i still know if you focus direct your energy and get clear on real local issues, as i suggest part time interrelating in your local `plan, it gives much more results to all.

So if interested in such exploration, then please see our non profit facebook page we started recently and help out part time;


As well as we restructure our virtual global platform, other changes are being made. And we try to share along the way to fuel you to do if have more resources or another, then come back and link what works fueling others..

For now if we do quit much, we will still keep our Nabble site, which that too is being co_evolved;


For we know if we simplify/redirect the yada and share understanding, much more efficiency can be collaborated on, as each then share making a dfierence where best needed and one can do comfortably, mindfully acting, your choice!

Peace for all, no one should have a corner on the market to come first! Rather this takes empathy for all! And work w/respect for all life, for this is our true sustaining energy and can obtain great results for all. Whether a long time local or a refugee or one homeless, each are our human family and deserve respect to do their homework/heal/share what can. This is how we all can become a local, global and beyond mindful participant caring for our earth/space systems that need our help. For they offer great tools and if local `plans are done right, humnaity will make a change in this 6th mass extinction we presently are in.

But it takes everyone to interrelate w/one's community where ever you are temporary or a local.. For tomorrow is not promised to anyone, but if we put our heads together much more can be accomplished..

Lov us at `i come to talk story..
p.s. i have to share Dr. Greger for his research is great! See his video list and here is one for yas;