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   People, we do not have to relive or recreate the scars that continue to be made. I helping a neighbor after i moved, I got to realize he at 82, could not get his needs met. So in assessing my choice was to call Adult protected services. Which sadly because i not family will not communicate even where he went.

Point is i shift after terrible experiences like this, his boat when he left with them willingly, after our discussion + that is why i called them, but hatches where left open, tarp on wrong, + yes get the point he lived on his sailboat wanting to stay home w/cat. But to make it short, friends then helped clean the boat after he was gone + it was filled w/diapers w/fecal matter among the water from bad tarping, etc.

So this is like our dysfunctions that continue, for harbor master requires seas worthy boats in harbor, yet he lived this way for years declining more so last 4 months. Homeless would claim they loved him + would try to help, w/needs of their owns not met.

  I took one for 14 hrs to where professionals suggested for med detox, yet 1 after 1 did not knew what other was talking about, so no solutions.

  Con Peter DeFazio says for me to tell them to contact 211 OR Human Service program, yet they unable to go thru the dysfunctional channels. Meanwhile i gave a lot of input to them w/out response for i see it every day, the little bits people can do to help along the way of trying to care mindfully as many are confused w/the issues of the times from the toxic economies, that we can stand together, network + fill in the understanding required to end it peacefully.

  Bernie Sanders has many good ideas + so do all, but it is the prioritizing required to stop the aggressive acts that continue to profit, running from programmed neural networks that have no ethical ecological understanding.

  So lets create tapering transitions showing them the way, as students fill in these missing links as they network the great jobs being done by many w/agroecology + natural building, where the life that sustains us all is prioritized.

But we do as people have answers + humanity has great ones. Ask your self when you see your neighbors needs not being met, know realize you can do something w/early signs. Ya don't have to wait until one ends up in freezing weather w/no heat/no food, no cleanliness or sanitation options, etc. Rather;

  Our ideas we soon will be posting are simple, gather w/ an already telemated system, share expenses. Students best to do this for credits as they plug in as a local mindful participant, + see our plan to do your local `plan w/them.

But this Transitional Shift Message Board hung in visible known spaces, as pieces of these requirements can help all interrelate within one's comfort zone to empower + make it happen from simple poster making to skilled schematics shared at local `plan meet w/permitters/planners/small farmers, recycling as the entire biomes are rethought + Colonial Grids removed.

  Their is no better tourist attraction then to invite people to take part of real hands on resolving w/critical thinking, celebrating along the way w/simple local grown natural wild potlucks, dealing w/real hands on issues.

 Monitored by students/ coinciding w/computer updates as people self register or get aid from another to still help. Then now real positive acts available are posted.

    So when a harbor master or boss has maintenance/local people see an early sign they say yes all of took care of it, or no needs some time or help needed now + shift to whom  on the board best from your local community being very creative in volunteering. Leading one into no more a whoring job that exceeds the natural enhanced local `plan that you take part in to ecologically restore a healthy sustainable community.

As locals do the work + maintain, so the local `plan becomes the rule of law, for people to self sustain, get clear + mentally strong, while all take part in a creative piece of art, removing the Colonial BIG MONEY grid, that just acts, leaving toxic effects.

    Look at Flint w/lead in water, here as much energy as been wasted on delusional thoughts thinking LNG great industry/jobs, meanwhile resources going to elsewhere, leaving local footprints, not to mention interfere in local ecology to accommodate a 800' ft made in china to pick it up.

People the point is if you do not take part in an organic exchange, building genetic bio diversity balance, linking w/neighbors, you will not maintain a healthy immunity. This requires you to feel equal in do_in one's homework, making your voice heard as you hold self + others accountable.

Everywhere you look developments are done wrong, leaving a footprint that is toxic for life that sustains you. +w/agroecology/natural building, energy efficiently w/localized systems w/low impact, NO LARGE GRIDS/NO GMOS, etc. then the COLONIAL grids/BIG MONEY no longer is fed like we  have fed them like a slug on an armpit of a pig.

Rather each community coming together in a simple local grown wild natural food/fish/animal potluck can  build w/respect for all life that sustains you, learning options as students network, bring home eye to eye what other people are do_in successfully as they simply live `boon w/creating natural communities that are healthy over profits.

Now schematics on the table can get invested by people knowing they go to restoring the local `plan where no one is left behind w/out early signs skillfully + sensitively addressed, so they come back as a mindful local participant. Even in ER space is made w/neighbors, not false aid from afar. Remember local `plan is rule of law + retains controlling interest, by locals.

Look around you, where is this happening. I ask for your help on  my message board. for i see reals empathy, great creative jobs to fill every ones basic needs, sharing local offerings. So my questions is where on our board do we show early signs for needs such as a war mode economy or Nuclear radiation contamination that is not even being dealt w/by legislators openly, yet i can show you on our the sun will set spreadsheet on our site; www.ictts.org that they have known long ago it is deadly.

so where do you write a persons needs, then an option is the Military Industrial complex as it is being profited over. Yet Pres Barack Obama says ISLE is thugs, when yet all these people + children are displaced.

On our message board we refuse to allow any aggressive acts that people profit over. Rather we want to work + correct our own mistakes allowing our neighbors to have needs to long left uncared for. Any human being turns ill/misusing/abusing when needs not met. In our eyes you do not attack an ill person.+ to profit over ecological sound science is wrong.

W/welcoming your students together networking no more does anyone have to accept BIG MONEY ANSWERS that have track records like Goldman Sac as ex. Look at UN's Log + others seeing their airplane at the Congo mines illegally buying. Do you know of the story behind women getting vagina shut after being raped, then to walk for days to hospital unable to control bowels/bleeding, then as what happens they get fixed if lucky, or hospital gets destroyed, or they come home + it happens again.

Bill Clinton took many US colleges to Rwanda working w/what UN calls a war criminal, come on, how blind have be been + continue to be, when communities every where can do a message board + resolve, as people stop leaving footprints + become local participants, where ever fortunate to be.Then to see Hilary accept their funds without holding them accountable, same Bill, when i ask in Haiti are the seeds he used GMOS, yet no answer.

Well people don't push your luck, for the same false wars can be had here in your own back yard, so please do what you can to end them all as well Nuclear + lets prioritize cleaning up locally + afar, so no more profits can control w/mismanaged Nuclear plants as proven in US/Japan + elsewhere, take a look at the videos we share on our the sun will set spreadsheet, listen to experts that have told legislators this is wrong from the beginning.

See how WIPP now in Arizona to collect waste is still consuming funds w/out results.

Gather w/your friends + neighbors + prioritize your local community please + network with us. For look at all the fund put into this campaign, that could of been redirected to stop suffering. For you could be next.

If you want to allow whors to profit over taking responsibility to protect your immunity, working for a healthy community, then you will vote for one that seriously knows we can as people take back our communities. welcoming those that have exceeded these limits, that many contribute blindly too. + Now work showing them 1 universal sound science that each local `plan can create, working with our earth + beyond w/respect for the life that sustains us all to live in abundance, not destroy it for profits.

People when your flesh falls off due to you not having it in tact, or no strong immunity to fight your mutated cells from Nuclear contamination/viruses, etc. that are being allowed to continue, + even supported by Military due to being cheaper to create Nuclear weapons of war, supporting non real terrorists.

  Actually the programming mode continues to create them for profits, job security, etc. so Military complex continues. Same w/pharmaceuticals, we can grow gardens guided by traditional Chinese medicine + good doctors here in US as citizens can show you now how to taper off mismanaged addicting meds, etc. On to customized herbal formulas that get to root of issues, then off them w/sharp sensors to shift.

Support saying no more do you want to be left unaware + want to do your homework, but not by whors that profit over ecological sound science that needs your attention now to create it for your local `plan.

They are not responding to stop the pests from mutating as they are due to lack of biodiversity, even as they destroy them. They are not offering to help as a local participant where ever they are to do a local `plan w/agroecology/natural building.. No they destroy habitats for the life that needs to link on our earth for us all. WAKEUP Please! It becomes easy then for one ill to catch everything that is easily transferred on our earth. Not to mention the Nuclear contamination now circulating the n hemisphere + 4 or so spots in southern.

When + where + whom tells your vulnerable, as in pregnant women/students + young or undeveloped in adult bodies to not have sex unprotected, sharing with them how to be mindful before even having sex w/another. Making them realize we have in every community, globally serious issues unresolved + need people to act now calmly to resolve + gain the research needed to act. Not just build more but prioritize if even should stay n a toxic community without measures in place, etc.

 Or ask them are they even taking part to become whole as a local participant understanding how they are very valuable to help make this happen.  

Due to fetuses being vulnerable to ER conditions or still born, etc. same w/children + frail, when Nuclear radiation attacks one's DNA, every community should be using a good Geiger meter to monitor daily the many things required, so as to reschedule one's daily functions.. Yet legislators accept for Bernie are even mentioning we have a problem.

It's time to go to work + we feel we do need good mindful students to work by the side of each community + legislators need to be a local mindful participant, then they too can become whole/be healed/work w/all to clean up the mess, as in outdated policies, support resources to prioritize redirecting Military budgets to local `plans, so they stop interfering.

I don't know if you know it, but we have serious illnesses from this Nuclear/war mode false green toxic, economies, vets untreated as well people in every community living w/toxic developments, + many are leaving unhealthy safety risks, especially that need your help now as a neighbor.

Every time  one cares for another helping needs get met, new jobs/careers are built as all shift worry into positive good love + define how best to act, so as not to interfere in one's ability to build ones' path as one walks into ones opening, leaving no footprint, support in place if unable.

We don't have a job problem, we have a fog issue as people are over loaded yet we can together share simple ways that work, for community to support, not 1 person over loaded, or fragments where several go 5 steps forward + due to broken links back 6.

So please tune in, come link, reflect, as we seek donations to reach out to share what is good for 1 community, in solidarity, can be good for all. This is how we continue to resolve + we can link these patches without, so people say welcome to all to understand needs can be met, if we all co_evolve together.

Wise people know their place if healthy, if unhealthy they want to think they know + interfere in others ability to self develop. So ask yourself what are you supporting? What are you do_in for you local `plan to happen?

Donate make a difference in your community! Donate to us, if need some understanding or see others that we can reach out to sharing what works.

Thank you, this is how peace becomes a real option, not lengthy peace negotiations, rather decipher the programmed misinformation, leaving no rights for parasites, only healthy people + help all heal! For I'm so sorry of so many in mosquito infested places that need every ones' help, when yet over 60 years ago Russians where supplying species into fresh water ponds to rid them, working at these species to help end diseases. Yet look at where resources have gone wrong as in campaigns/for profits over ecological soundness to protect the life to balance these pests. That agroecology can do know.

  It made me sick seeing how much money was spent ton campaigns when it could go towrd stil old lipes leaking lead into water, not to mention research for Nuclear radiation so al planst shut down + waste dealt with.

Ask Hilary how she supported after Japans' Fukushimi Dachii accident w/fish contaminated, yet she negtiated for US to get from Japan contaminated areas. That still is not being openly discussed. Ask her why? + Look at how entities are snowballing the truth. Look at our the sun will set spreadsheet + see the good science being reported about how bad our global issue is. Yes way back all told legislators that is was deadly, yet even today the Military Industrial complex continues to build more Nuclear weaposn, when yet waste from the beginning is not even properly carried for in US.

Now to hear ideas of people unaware w/zika spreading, not realizing people are required to do organic exchanges. Aware to not create breeding grouns + balance the genetic bio diversity that would naturally balance the pests. VS as in some in Brazil hear how one wants to use Nuclear radiation to kill them. This is really sick.

  We have great empathy for the many that live w/a lot of mosquitoes, + please realize their is a lot you can do now to stop them.

 We as a human species, house much life, as well on us + around us mingling with others, yet we as people do not learn this until too late.

Humans + wildlife, sustain one's energy from this natural balanced enhanced genetic bio diversity, if it links w/our neighbors, as our earth produces life + death to fuel natural cycles that are required to migrate.

Let me repeat what enhance we refer to as w/Prof Miguel Altieri's agroecology curriculum created w/indigenous still liveing it without leaving toxic effects, like industrials;

    `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

Yet we as humans are not educated leaving many ill, dieing prematurely on this earth. As well destroyed habitats from Nuclear radiation + waste yet to resolve/war modes, false green + toxic, economies. That exceed one's local `plan, that people yet to even organize + can working w/one's students.

See our plan to fuel yours; www.ictts.org

  Let Prof Miguel Altieri's curriculum form indigenous show you ways that work, gather your student, let our plan fuel yours, for humanity has solutions for you to work with now.

Thank you each for what each can do now as you shift!

Love us at - i come to talk story- in the building w/your support.

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Re: Wake up Please + stop leaving such footprints w/campaign funds + shift w/our ideas of a simple message board..

   We have noticed people are having a problem to organize such a structure as a Transitional Shift Message Board, so please take a review + add what you think to keep this simple;


  Thank you! kara speaking for those unable..
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
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