Wahoo, the winds have turned, Fedor is out of -40 degree weather, see Hot Air Balloon `Morton's journey soon to be home after Fedor's circumnavigation..

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I share what i shared w/Fedor + please share his adventure;

   Thank you for sharing the reality that exploration is real + we can share this earth + beyond in peace in solidarity.

Our goal is to perfect our virtual platform so as to create a functional 1 universal sound science for not just collective support for explorers such as your experiences Fedor which has been great! But also for those unable to communicate such need for collective support as in our working commercial fisher folks. where NOAH has yet to support their real needs, as in them defining when best to go fishing, vs have controlled windows of scheduling. This is not how the natural world schedules + they endure serious weather elements.

We are happy to see your line of destination Fedor come back to straight, where as when you where forced to go south a few times, we only could wish changes to be made.

      I wonder if this is how the women would call in the rain for their fellow communities.

For all i could think of from day 1 with you Fedor is i hate to see the stress you have endured to make this happen. + My love for my experiences of making sure i had a window seat in an airplane is to see the beautiful clouds/storms as airplane would go around them, w/us having front row seat. So i hope this inspires a robotic mode that can better endure than a human having to struggle w/what you did very well.  We continue to be with you in your journey. Knowing well after 60,000 miles at sea. At times their is no time but to be positive + go figure.

But to have a video of what you saw is what i would like to have, so i do hope you share more or as i state inspire this to be done so all realize how volatile + how beautiful our earthly elements are.

So as to truly use them for peace + ER preventiveness then to go on to simply being one w/our true sustaining source of energy.

So as to co_evolve our present suffering/scared mode on earth + beyond + restore one's `enhanced working ecological sustainable working communities. As in our objective to share awareness that is here now being lived in ppatches, that we know can reach out to pockets without. As we welcome you + others to share this living local process, globally in solidarity on our `the sun will set spreadsheet. Fueling all to realize humanity has great options now to turn the times, be mindful + make space to explore, no matter where fortunate to be. To be a local, global + beyond participant.

Being sensitive + skilled to respect one's local `plan, knowing well without walls how to maintain discipline over ones' self sensory observations to give respect to all life vs chase the belief leaving one in misuse/abuse unknowlingly.

We repeat Fedor, be safe + may fair winds be with you + please realize your message to all from our transcribing;

  You folks have collectively done a great task skillfully soon to be finished wahoo! Fueling all too focus direct + make peace, restoring harmony to everyone on this planet + beyond, can be fortunate to also explore. Sharing in the joy to explore so all can freely have sharp sensors to navigate this planet in peace. From people being free to self direct, understanding how to use one's mindbody `boon w/the natural world. Vs as many presently being self enslaved lost in the fog. As all can navigate thru it once awareness shared in solidarity.

Fedor i have reached out to many + i apologize that US media has not shared your story that many would enjoy. I thank Nabble + Google for their support.

For many fail to share w/love + skills fueling our human family to do the same.

Congradulations Fedor, you + others have done a great job. We truly hope it has been more exciting then ever anticipated. I know if you would not of turned east when you did a few times, we where ready to rethink w/you. Until then we wished you balance to stay comfortable, knowing well that is all you needed to endure what was necessary.

 Lets all give him all the support possible to finish;


May peace be with you all + we look forward to you sharing more of your story + come link.

love kara + mishi speaking for our combined `effect at `i come to talk story..