UUS; POST for group.


Thank you for taking the time to post for like-minded or even people wanting to learn more about this process to self-develop and help others do the same!

Your feedback is appreciated, to us. As well where ever you are, gather w/people interested in helping and contact your Gov or others, if you see how numbers of certain skills, can help ASAP! As many in every community we have networked in going on 40 years, have people left without, including US. Yet many are unaware!

It's time as an earthling to pursue exploration beyond survival, while working together, becoming a local global and beyond responsible mindful participant!

W/this `transitional shift message board via the internet, and have locals everywhere post local needs around town as old and young have fund w/the seasonal art of nature, creating workshops, sharing solutions, celebrating along the way, as all work into interrelating in one's local `plan, where ever you are from, where ever you are at..

  For this is our true humane consciousness as together we as earthling create policy globally for us all to enjoy earth/space systems and clean them up, save the life while can that sustains us all as well oneself and all, as each local `plan is best to prioritize what is toxic and resolve via networking. So locals and afar work in solidarity sharing via like ecosystems/seasons and subject!

 Peace is real!
love us at `i come to talk story
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Hi Kara j, We’re reading your comments and receiving your support tickets… You told us your lives are extra busy at this time of year, or an urgent need took up your time, or you didn’t find out about our series until some episodes had already ended, or for whatever reason, you just could... read more
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I share Jeremy's work and thank him and Foreign Policy Journal; Dear Kara J, Among the most highly read articles at Foreign Policy Journal are two that explains how the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was a consequence of US interventions in the Middle East. In the fi... read more
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Please all realize how each needs to mindfully act; A BRAND NEW study highlights the horrible effect of vaccines. Big pharma will do anything possible to keep this news from the public, see links below: https://www.naturalhealth365.com/antisocial-behavior-vaccines-2784.html https://ma... read more
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Wahoo, great job! Let's keep up the good work! https://www.ae911truth.org/news/503-u-s-attorney-takes-first-step-toward-prosecuting-explosive-destruction-of-world-trade-center-on-9-11 read more
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I respect this group, they do a lot of good sharing! Thank you Natural Justice! And please all local commercial fisherfolks note, this is you! https://naturaljustice.org/world-fisheries-day-for-traditional-fishers-it-shouldnt-be-a-matter-of-sink-or-swim/ read more
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