UUS; List of wrongdoings, as people come forth to fill in facts!

It is here we want contacts/info, and welcome anyone that has done wrong to make it right, so as to help us fill in what priorities are standing in the way now to save life on earth locally and afar, as scars stop from being repeated!

Good Ex; to aid the Congo or any puppet Gov the US/NATO and others have manipulated, so we the people know how to hold self accountable and others to resolve peace, so locals aid the support to gain one's own sovereignty. Which starting one's local `plan w/agro_ecological systems can help support this path of much more as a movement to gain one's own local natural/wild grown food/localized energy, not allowing large grids and gain awareness of lowering one's footprint prioritizing the local `plans needs to get met, that fuels each to get their needs met! As well this technological transcribing of good stewardship traditions to fuel our path via like ecosystems/season and subject, so no one has to reinvent the wheel!

  Rather efficiently all become critical thinkers when needed yet not do it from a beta mind!, For we as the human species require the natural enhanced world now in every community local `plan to balance one's genetic biodiversity to naturally link w/neighbors!

    This is our true sustaining energy and no one or anything should interfere in this process for every community to get it done by whoever shares the soil w/them, as together all can work out this transformation, working onto the ecological borders being the best rule of understanding, to end toxic, live in harmony, explore, take part in changing earth/space policies w/all having good collaboration, creating upon humanity's options to start with.

    It is joining w/good stewards that all will define the way, as verbiage can change according to the real acts required, and from here all can sort out the curriculums for living local as an earthling w/dignity and respect for all!

  I welcome George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Madeleine Albright/Hillary and Bill Clinton to name a few, of the many corrupt people on this planet that have much blood on their hands to come forward and fill in some detail of who controlled them to do what when, so as to make wrongs right, giving land back to the people! So now we can think of building a true Democracy, that has yet to happen on earth/space!

  For imagine the Congo/Syria/Iran/Libya/Afghanistan/Iraq/Yemen/US/RU/China, and all countries communities, being supported to do one's local `plan in solidarity now, ASAP! Prioritizing toxic knowing well what trade can be exchanged for what fairly, so no more ecological whoring!

Peace be with you all, and please realize how all can aid this healing, prison/jail, political judicial/medical and educational social economic, reform locally and afar, to stop these scars from continuing, correcting, so all stay in the instance in harmony/healing/self educating!

   This is what the agro_ecological movement does!

I thank Miguel Altieri and his associates at SOCLA, along w/Geoff Lawton w/his Permaculture Now, sharing such ways, that fuel our virtual global platform to continue to perfect w/your support!

Thank you all!
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Hello, As we transition, we feel it is more about sharing, so all mindfully act where can, when, staying in the moment w/oneself 1st! Then to self reflect w/Humanity's finest people's work, which to me, Dr. Denis Mukwege's work, is one I highly suggest your review; ... read more
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Hey, Ya need to pay attention and respond to early signs! A middle school in upstate New York is making national news after hundreds of parents rightfully raised an uproar over four 12-year-old black girls being strip searched by the school nurse and vice principal. Binghamton City Scho... read more
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