UUS; ER help Offered.


   This Subcategory will be for helpers/reps of groups, sensitive and skilled to help in ER issues, as they Offer support/ideas to educate, preventing serious issues to one or all! 

Whether you open your home and contact your natural healers or ER specialists, or post to pick up people and take them to your local hospital, or a doctor offering services at a specific time or place, or stop a proposed LNG in your community, knowing well it is interfering in local's ability to sustain in a variety of ways! Knowing people are chasing jobs that ecologically whor, and they yet to understand how toxic it can be affecting all, just be detailed, please.

For the other subcategory below this Subcategory will be where you can find people posting their or another's/groups ER Needs, so please help us make this better by adding/correcting suggestions!


  Please explain and best for groups to have a rep speak for them, so more can gain help as needed where at!
  We suggest doing an energy ER triage and those young or old that have energy, access areas as you break up as groups and try to put like subject matter together. Help us define these subcategories as you post for people or self or as a rep for a group or local `plan started?

See categories of those offering help, and check back, stay real w/own scheduled offerings please!
  All we ask for is for you to post what is real to aid assistance for ER issues and work into the local `plan's short and long term needs, so a win win works out for all!

            We are not profiteers marketing products and services, we are trying to aid understanding so you do your local `plans, so whoever you are, from where ever, you gain the respect to take part in this global `transformation needed badly by locals almost everywhere, so all have access to do work exchanges in the instance for all to gain comfort, while gaining fuel to explore and go beyond survival mode, on this beautiful earth/space as together we clean it up and prioritize focus, working w/all!

  This means simply communities can gather at the table w/local Gov/police/officials/all people, so as to find a means to work thru this humanely w/common sense respecting all life in one's path! And do short time support to make it happen if have to.

     Ex; Gain free rent from buildings not being used to house w/managed support, while one's property gets restored or land for people skilled in bush camping to aid those w/out houses available, to help set up w/skilled teaching/respecting the natural environment surrounding them and in exchange may get tax breaks, do you see taking part in your/the local `plan will help all while the community becomes a true living art of function as people harmonize `boon w/the natural enhanced potential!

As well respect for interrelating w/the local community, as together all start one's local `plan. Or subsidize property owner/working into exchanges or paying one to do communities needs to do a local `plan! Creating is endless!

   Where one without to do what they can to aid the needs of the community, and to be assessed sensitively and skillfully so as to nurture oneself as one's needs get met ASAP. Meaning heal/be sensitive to what one can do, vs sometimes people ill overdue, or local helpers unorganized and fragment, etc.

 So skilled guidance gets organized in every local plan ASAP so people know how to take part/ recycle/compost for the community from day one, as all basic nuts and bolts get perfected within the local `plan's reality, not for a Colonial grid mode controlled by others afar! Rather the local `plan becomes the rule of understanding as all prioritize the ecological realities of being one's only borders.

   As local `plan retains controlling interest so no more does a local regulator permit toxic developments for anyone! Rather priorities are given to local people/local wildlife as large browser transboundary migration fuels the local `plan. Helping all transition and nurture oneself, while doing part time great work interrelating w/all, within one's true mind/body capacity to do for the local `plan, as one cares for oneself!  Healing/educating, along the way to gain one's desire!

    Now students networking, have always on the table working good investments for all to take part where choose! Changing ideology of the World Markets, as people realize they take part in making people and oneself become whole. As well can invest knowing others are doing mindful work working within earth/space systems, that need much work now to clean up toxic in every community plus that which is circulating from afar!

   So as to better protect and monitor/become aware and have good sex education w/protected sex, high on priority list of all!

   Ex; A local group including students/skilled/community members w/and without needs met/homeless/refugees present. Together all define who can do what, and plan for what can aid in as local `plan networks w/people, to define where best for who, to work in part time modes needed and post this.

 So as when a new person or even scheduling refugees, aiding the larger global needs, then w/them if present, work together to get immediate needs met. And the local group can do this even in advance, making it easier for those ill! As the planning of one's local `plan starts, and unsafe buildings worked at in priority, so as safe buildings in need of refurbishing or removing, etc. can be cleaned to house a unisex mode, w/a live in aid 24/7 to start, so all have a warm good night sleep w/clean bedding and safety!

   As a coop kitchen for schools can feed them as the students/community members can gain volunteer skills/prerequisites/credits, etc. working into paid jobs! Same w/public facilities best for sanitation and personal needs. So now giving a newcomer or even a long term neglected citizen w/house or homeless now too can get a few nights of rest behind them, before they start being assessed/fill out an application so as to give/gain, support working with the local `plan, even if start it themself if yet to be started?

  Humanity has options now, students networking focus directing w/communities, can gather eye to eye w/groups of people in patches, locally and afar willing to share w/pockets without! So together all can share in solidarity via networking, to create local `plans and take part, fueling all to experience/define oneself/center and ground/gain your desires of human comfort and explore!

                    So we all become local, global and beyond mindful participants!

Thank you for adding/correcting/posting, to help us build understanding for peace within all! As you share us along with your walkabout for you/your family and communities, as you add your Needs and Offerings and stay in the instance w/yourself or another or your group!

Peace, love us at `i come to talk story
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You may yet to understand how agroecological systems are our true means to restore healthy working communities, as I share this link under ER offerings, but they are now and they have been for some time as good stewards of our earth continue to use them! ... read more
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