UUS; ER help Needed.

  When we need something, lets define how bad we need it and under this ER Subcategory it needs to be very important!

   So please define whether it is personal and you can stay anonymous, but remember the more you get to know your local community the more you will gain support! Or you can post for another same, that has a personal need,and please if you are to represent them stay in real time w/them or ask another to take over until one can do for self if able?  

      If unable then doing one's local `plan gathers more to get real for short and long term needs to be met, where students/community can volunteer/and gain credit/prerequisites as all co_evolve the local curriculum to make permanent changes prioritizing the locals, where ever one is from, to come together and aid this transition, all communities are in need of doing! or as a group you are informing people of what these acts can do to you as well your communities and your environments!

  Be creative so those unable also can interrelate, being most experienced in how real needs can get met, as they too take part making this happen, working into one's local `plan, fueling one to gain one's own desires, but until then gain basic nuts and bolts of human comfort ASAP!

Peace can be real for all! Make your difference and help one in Need, all you have to do is be real w/yourself and stay updated w/your own schedule here, aiding others! So check back for updates please!

Thanks, kara
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For some this information can save one's suffering as well one's life! https://emfhealthsummit.com/event-replay/#.XCkgTAEngs4.link read more
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This is huge! Do you realize what this can do? Let's all do all we can to make sure truth gets told and science becomes real in US and every Government, so now all earthlings can come together being on same page! Next if they win this then US Gov should correct all the science mi... read more
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Hold self and Governing officials accountable ASAP! For this truth can help us efficiently go figure around the board, and co_evolve together, respecting all life! https://www.ae911truth.org/news/502-time-for-change-ae911truth-journeys-to-switzerland-for... read more
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I share Sandy Hook's response to our input, below, and the gist of it is, if each community does one's local `plan, much more can be efficiently done, to best utilize their good work and more needed by us all! Please see Sandy Hook's work in progress; Through our no-cost Know the Sig... read more
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