UUS; ER POST for local `plan or start one.


Thank you for getting this far as a rep or even as yourself to aid suggestions or start one. Be aware of how many along their travels can join in. There is no better tourism than to welcome all to join into your local natural grown wild potlucks w/live music and follow up meets scheduled based on all's input in the instance!

No more efficient way to save life on earth, as locals best prepare for ER issues w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar and make it happen as we network in solidarity, globally! Collaborating so all on the same page vs wasting resources as w/Climate change as US Gov is in a lawsuit w/`Our Children's Trust, how wasteful is that. There is no well-being in that mode Pres Trump!

Welcome your students and focus directly as they use communities as extended or only classrooms, please see our link and create upon it, for this is our only choice of survival as humans may soon become extinct unless we all get on the same page w/Ex; climate change.

 And by doing your local `plan, networking local and afar, critical thinkers will surface and all can take part ending the toxic, creating reps so no more ecological whoring, as people travel the earth/space creating upon local `plan natural enhanced limits, respecting all life that is needed to sustain microorganisms in our gut, to give us mental clarity and physical strength, accepting nothing less than restoring ecological sustaining enhanced w/agro_ecological systems/movement, so as to sustain healthy working communities. Working within natural earth/space systems in good working order.

  Working w/all past energy devices to make mega changes yet do it w/good indigenous stewardship awareness as we technologically understand this indigenous science transcribed w/secular science all on the same page, including ET's help. For it has been wrong for Govs/people to control solutions for profit meanwhile so many scars continue on earth/space to repeat themselves as people die prematurely and continue to suffer.

   Well no more, it's time, if we still are lucky for as Dr. Guy McPherson states about the Arctic, if it goes ice free this year or next, then humans too will be become extinct soon, for now being in this 6th mass extinction, 200 species per day are becoming extinct, and if we don't collaborate and get clear ASAP, humans will follow. So please join in where ever you are, along your journey of life, lets all work at the bigger picture to save life and respect all earthlings, and make it so good education is given in every local `plan.

  So no more un nurtured children in adult bodies are having children due to lack of sex awareness of having protected sex. Children do not deserve this kind of unprepared living, and this is happening everywhere on this planet now and it's time for all of us to rethink and shift. Please post on the `transitional shift messageboard here in the appropriate Subcategories for you to get your needs met and offerings shared or get clear you need to rethink them.

Please see more of doing one's local `plan and create and correct w/us;


Peace is now!
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