US must embrace diplomacy with Iran..

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by Rebecca Griffin  

With Hassan Rouhani's inauguration as Iran's new president coming up this week, we wanted to make the case that now is the time to pursue diplomacy with Iran. McClatchy published our op-ed on Monday:

The Iranian people made a clear choice when they went to the polls in June. Turning out in massive numbers, defying anyone who tried to predict the outcome, they rejected the status quo. The first-round victory of relative moderate Hassan Rouhani wasn't about one man; it was a resounding call for change.

As we approach Rouhani's inauguration on Aug. 4, we in the United States have our own choice. We can heed the cynics and hawks that dismiss this new opportunity for diplomacy. The ones who hope you forget that by leading us into war with Iraq, they orchestrated one of our biggest foreign policy debacles. Or we can seize this moment and pursue the policy most likely to avoid both war and nuclear proliferation.

The real potential for progress with Iran has riled up the opponents of effective diplomatic engagement. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., promised a cheering audience that he would introduce a resolution authorizing force against Iran in September or October absent changes in Iran's nuclear program. Taking a step toward war a mere two months into Rouhani's term betrays a complete lack of interest in a diplomatic solution. Graham pretends this irresponsible grandstanding would help avert a war: "The best way to avoid war is to let the Iranians know they're going to face one and lose."

It's an audacious claim to make while we are still trying to extricate ourselves from 12 years of war fighting that cost more than a trillion dollars and thousands of lives. Iran is more than three times the size as Iraq and is home to twice as many people. We shouldn't buy euphemisms about "surgical strikes." U.S.-run war simulations have shown that a strike on Iran is likely to lead to a wider regional war.

It's not just outright war that could jeopardize this fragile opening. Congress has piled sanctions on Iran and has more on the way. Iran is so economically isolated that we have reached the point of diminishing returns on sanctions. If Rouhani is going to make the case to skeptics in his own country that there is potential for fair, productive negotiations, he needs evidence of openness from the United States. Military threats and more counterproductive sanctions will simply empower the hardliners.

Rouhani's assuming the presidency gives us one of our best chances in years to follow the smarter path. Replacing the flamboyant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the more moderate Rouhani doesn't remove the challenging work of trust building and negotiating a deal acceptable to both sides. But there is evidence that Rouhani, who called U.S.-Iran relations "an old wound that needs to be healed," can be a partner in tough-minded, pragmatic engagement. It was during his time as nuclear negotiator in the early 2000s that Iran voluntarily froze uranium enrichment.

There is a growing consensus that this is the best path forward. Twenty-nine former government officials, experts and military officials recently wrote to President Obama urging him to avoid any provocative actions and commit to "seize this opportunity to achieve diplomatic progress towards a peaceful resolution of the standoff."

The American public also favors a diplomatic solution, and is far from eager for another war - which is what we're likely to get if overzealous hawks jeopardize this opportunity. In fact, a recent Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of Americans feel that our political leaders are far too quick to send soldiers into harm's way.

You can even sense a sea change in that hotbed of anti-Iran sentiment known as the House of Representatives. An unprecedented 131 House members signed a letter led by Reps. David Price, D-N.C., and Charlie Dent, R-Pa., urging the president to reinvigorate diplomacy with Iran. After years of war fatigue and lack of major diplomatic progress, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

The next two months will be crucial, and the path we choose to follow could have implications for decades to come. We should honor the Iranians' outpouring of enthusiasm for positive change and match it with our own. The Obama administration must be bold in its pursuit of a smart diplomatic solution, and Congress must stand behind them.

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Re: US must embrace diplomacy with Iran..

Please folks do what you can to support/sign Sen, Feinstein`s letter supporting diplomacy with Iran.

this can turn the clock, for you folks have to much awareness to let a war mode + false green economy go forward. rather as humans we can communicate so all gain self-reliance. including the communities in US where still many are left behind.

sincerely, I thank you for what you can do to support those leaving negative effects that are still with neuro networks yet to see the many great solutions the world offers now, if we give simple respect to all life + support the platforms to link these exchanges. not control or manipulate with sanctions, etc. rather the same  respect that you  folks live with daily with your families.

+ while i'm on this respect awareness issues, I'm still having difficulty comprehending the much development in US with fracking as more plans are happening. do you folks not see how much water this takes + the negative effects being left behind from the developments here + now being promoted in Africa, TPP, Free trade + even Fair Trade that is not free.

why is it that I keep trying to explain this to Barack, yet you people could explain to me why you are not explaining it to him. this change + awareness for each individual ecological assessment can be done + is with sensitive skilled people on small to medium sized community plans. this ability to rethink so we taper off of this destructive mode into respect for mother earth will not just create an abundant of jobs but big time healing + education for all to stop the misuse/abuse that is happening.

as I continue to research our restructuring to see how best we can help I see already if we all do our homework with the many good solutions + link, we can save so much simply respecting each other + link. so collectively we rethink for the whole. not just our own back yard.

this means of like minded platforms sharing via like ecosystem/subject can reflect what works, giving the many throughout US unaware locally, to review + trigger their thought to awaken that which has been suppressed due to so much confusion with so much bad science being allowed to be worked..

I cannot get off this mode for I see it is a deep thorn + once it is assessed correctly, we can then heal, we have the tools, we just need to globally create this efficient platform that opens the door to every community, every person without a community, inviting students to work with us, so their sharp minds help us redefine these worn torn links. + go beyond + co_evolve so good science rules. + all tongues can translate due to subject being what we as humans all share, as well the proper care for mother earth to then care for us.

I look forward to an answer from all of you so I can share in my walkabout as I reach out, speaking for many unable.

best regards, + thank you for what you can do now + pleas go back to your local community + be a participant, do a walkabout with your students, so they come together for your communities restoration, to then co_evolve the curriculum calmly as all find a way that works. giving hands on to all so all come to the cloth/table + do a local `plan land freshwater flow to sea use review. + students will define tallies, network, reflect + bring home ideas so all can gather + define local solutions to live local.

sharing afar what works so now all have the opportunity to gain their local sovereignty. no more US being best or controlling, etc. rather US needs to take care of the many in US left behind, as we reach out + seek the answers, when yet our local communities are not linked with good simple natural awareness, when yet in patches many people are living collectively in harmony maintaining. we find that it works best when we focus direct + prioritize our local food sovereignty. this then fuels the path to further put all community needs + offerings into retro perspective. so we all bring our selves present in the moment. vs. those unsupported carrying dull sensors too quick to make shallow judgment/over loaded, leaving yet more negative effects.

in our local tapering transitions review these early signs + reach out to these folks, support students to within all to gather local facts + show them what they are missing. then respect them to digest + share so we can then decipher the missing worn torn links for all to co_evolve as we work together.. + in reflecting with others afar we can learn a lot in this exchange, as well our good offerings can give a lot in return, once we each are supported to overcome our misuse/abuse that fogs are vision..

good day, + thank you Peace Action West for targeting important information that we need to address now. + thank you all for the goodness you have + I look forward to your feedback, so many can feel the progress, without so much whiplashing, from those that are dull yet to even feel the thorns that remain, as they want to just add more layers to the chaos. we can't let that happen.

thank you, kara j lincoln

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Posted     : July 31, 2013 at 9:32 am
Author     : Rebecca Griffin
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What do Pat Buchanan, former Cent Comm commander General Jim Mattis, and Peace Action West have in common?

We all know that we must seize the moment for diplomacy with Iran.

Please call your senators at (202) 224-3121 today and urge them to sign Sen. Feinstein’s letter supporting diplomacy with Iran. Then click here to report your call. ( )

The consensus for diplomacy is growing. We had unprecedented success with the House letter signed by 131 representatives. The new Iranian president is sending positive signals, including nominating a foreign minister with strong connections to the US. Now we need to show that the momentum is unstoppable.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is circulating a new letter to show that the Senate is also on board with diplomacy. We caught our opponents off-guard with our success in the House, but they’re ready to push back now.

Call your senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to sign Sen. Feinstein’s letter supporting diplomacy with Iran. The deadline is tomorrow , so we need your calls now.   Click here to let me know how your call went. ( )

You’ve been hearing from us a lot about Iran lately—and that’s a good thing. We’re on the cusp of the most progress we’ve seen in years, but our success will depend on you raising your voices.

Thank you.

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