US AID Grant WASH for other countries could be started at home..

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        anyone interested in teleconferencing as you represent your local students. if so come to talk talk subcatagorie + leave us a comment + we will get in touch.

             we are trying to leverage our combined` effect as we network. as we set up a base in every country, including the USA, not to mention the ones mentioned in the WASH grant - which are Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, India, Haiti. i think if we all get real, around the next corner someone is struggling left in need of support. so why not make a filter system to support all, leaving no life left alone to misuse/be abused, etc..
                      rather only to leave alone once aware to truely `boon with our natural right to co_evolve + be 1 with the natural world. gaining input that should not have to be bought. as we simply live naturally.

     we know we are online with our self, when we part time focus on those without. for so many folks have such unbearable living situations without reflecting to rethink or support to redo. we feel we can support the students everywhere to fine tune + create an infrastructure to network to go eye to eye + build local sound common sense community that harmonizes.

            yes that means similar format with different subject matter plugged in as we address misuse:

  from being lost with no grounded center, in layers of misinformation/materialism/never having/toxic surroundings/explosives-weaponry awaiting to be stolen or set off accidently, etc. where we can hold our self + others accountable locally + beyond, as the whos + whats are tallied. along with whom is responsibly shifting in a tapering transition, as folks are supported to gather with those that percieve solutions.

  this is what can happen now + we can start by using our USAID Grants for US folks to start. + then the threads will connect as all network.

please note updates have been made + we are reviewing the Grant information, but can`t do this alone. we need a handful of sensitive skilled folks to come aboard, that will continue thru teleconferencing. i`m thinking while local here their are a few ladies at IN TOUCH _ i unclear yet of correct title for i just heard of them thru bi-coastal news medium, it`s a community project in Coos County. that have done some remarkable work for people in the local community, considering how much work they do. folks help them out + see the joy of taking part.  for they need the support as they have done a lot of the leg work as they aid students + community in a number of ways. as well the Sunset Middle School folks, where teachers are having a hard time teaching when students come to school hungry. single parents out of work, etc.

       we can with students redirected part time can exponentially spark the life in us all, as we regain ourself + rid the baggage that kept us unemployed + be fueled by restoring local natural communities that support each to self-express, satisfy yet leave no footprint.

     it is innovative motivated sensitive people that have their hands in the dirt + in local community + want to see their effort co_evolve with others as we make it better. that we want on our team. to establish a working prototype of our communication to build this proposal. + if not accepted for grant, we will do it for our selves as we cooperatively use patches talk to build local + afar community:

       for starters, such as a computer specialist/logger, naturalist, engineer + this can be from a backyard community shared tool shop - we are not do_in brain surgery here. rather simply using alternative energy starting with a plastic water collector, compost toilet, small fresh natural garden, weather proof building recycled when need, local person `boon with nature with wilderness awareness, one that likes to research comparisons in the market field as you get to know your local community, talk to local policy makers, those that know school administration, + legislatures to expidite the support for school policy curriculum change with our results, land use planners, etc.

         as for local people to come together + rethink as communities are sustainably restored. as all support the students to come into the commmunity for an exchange for all to self-develop. so all harmonize + continue their exploration as a local, global + beyond participant. as we share this planet together, where no one country is the best. rather we network in exchange for all have something special. + as we reflect with those more fortunate to remain on theri center + ground with the natural worlds wisdon, we invite. for it is the energy emitted that all can know is real.

                        no more will dollars rule over the goodness that can be achieved at a low fee or nothing, if we do our homework for i`m not do_in it for you, but i will support all of us to structure for when /those unable, so as to be an equal + come join us with your support needed in place until you cam rid it, or never..

 i share what i submit to Barack + legislators:

  Hello Barack + Assoc.

please note we the people believe we could use your USAID WASH grant to apply to our US issues now.

as i say in my petition if we support students to open the doors of their classroom + come into the community, all can do an exchange.

with open transparency, the whos + what of negativity will be put on a tapering transition to create solutions with those that percieve them. supporting all to rethink.

while we restore natural sound bioms based on their ecological limits + enhanced as in agro-ecology, etc. from Miguel Altieri.

so folks can be supported to rid baggage while self-developing, along with plugging into building communities that harmonize as we focus on what sustains us.

i've wrote to you in OFA on this with no responce. I emailed the grant + error page comes up, for deadline.

i would appreciate your responce for this is a way that works.

peace is an option if we share truth now.

sincerely, kara j lincoln