UN envoy worried after talks with Syria's Assad, Yahoo News 12.14.2012..

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Happy solstice all!

UN + the US gov is dysfunctional + needs our support;

     we can hold ourself + others accountable for we have solutions, when we communicate. but when we don't then we have to define why? + it appears these 2 entities as well other govs in the world are not responsibly acting continually as a human family.

  please let us share with you how we can communicate peace + respect all to participate, so those in need of healing/rest can get it. while others take care of serious business being neglected for basic survival, not to mention our ability to build/restore working sustainable communities to harmonize as we share this earth + space as a human family efficiently with love + respect.

    we all accept nothing less for our children + loved ones, why is it that you are so dull that you would sell arms afar, or allow automatic, biological, chemical, nuclear, etc. any where else, locally + afar.

    we can regain a respectful hunt with single bullets, eye to eye, once we give conscious thought.

    we can respect many in fear that feel secure with a simple weapon, not an automatic weapon, how dull have you become, that you can read the news, have untrasnparent negotiations, exchange + support arms to those in turmoil thinking that is the solutions.

how can you look your loved ones in the eyes or even have a good night sleep as you continue to act on own irresponsibly? it is time to let us help you, so please open this locled view from us, for good democracy allows all to take part with correct support in place. so we all come to the cloth/table + act responsible in real time as we stay in the present, not be out dated, dull sensored leaving negative effects on self, others locally + afar.

this inability to have global peace due to your inability to be in constant creative efficient priroritized communication is something the US + international communites no longer are accepting. because we all with sharp sensors perceive from afar, + many are with confused signals not knowing how to process this. yet you still don't responsibly act with all your resources + capability.

  i personally speak for many + we are ashamed of your dull sensored on going programming to brutefully act in killings, weapon sales + support in exchange or gift, etc.

     we ask you to rethink, heal, let us help or step down, as we recyle this dysfunctional entities. or rid them from our life completely as many already have globally.

     do you know the native american indians would take an individual that was having issues into their gathering circle. they would then each tell them the goodness they have + define with them in a discussion. so the individual could work thru their baggage + their interpersonal issues to heal themself, to then build new neuro networks + realize the importance of each as a local community participant.

      we are fortunate to still beable to work with + co_evolve with the indigenous natives/locals that live `boon with the natural world.

this is wrong to tell people to leave a community, as well it is wrong to be aggressive + share no life respect. aswell it is wrong for the whole community to experience negative effects because a few have interpersonal issues + can not responsibly allow all to help. for we can stop the aggression asap + work into a tapering transition for peace as we build ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize.

please come help us build our archive to share this process.

       we at - i come to talk story

  welcome you to our peaceful resolution for this ongoing dysfunction. so we can trigger our thought + yours for solutions we can act on now. for we feel no one should manufacture weapons, automatic/biological/chemical/nuclear, as well we should require support locally + if can't get it network afar, as together we want you to help us build an archive to share this process.

   we have many solutions, we are just limited yet to fund raise as a recent US non-profit 501.c3. but we are soon to do a sharing, so if interested to view from afar or take part locally in port townsend, Wa then please communicate.

         as a human family, we can't send any one to the moon or should not kill them. rather we should listen + those with sharp sensors can read the early sighns as well guide how best to heal, so we all gain support, restore rehabs so we come eye to eye + talk locally + network what works afar. we have great tools now.

please lets work together + build this people powered grass roots movement that is in fragments so no more such suffering is allowed to play out at the gain of some in this war mode economy.

we can sharpen our dull sensors + become aware as we allow others that can maintain sharp sensors to lead while we heal to then come back as an equal + establish transparency to end this inefficiency, so no more suffering. so we gain respect for early signs for our young + old are so gentle + those with dull sensors are running over them. so please reflect with us + go within so you can heal + regain sharp sensors so you feel life again, your own life again + others. + stop destroying what sustains your life + others.

peace is our option now if we come talk + support those unable;


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sincerely i am personally happy + willing to share in an ongoing peace negotiation, locally or afar.

if anyone is interested in furthering this fair trade discussion, we are doing a gathering next year, so we live with solutions to share understandings, please come talk.

   our combined` effect makes a difference, kara j lincoln