Tools of the time are here for truth to be shared, do your part and make a difference! Join the March April 14-15 National Day of Action To End War, none near, start one!

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      National Day of Action To End War 4.14-15.2018 



      Please share and join in, look at the comment below and the much work needed now as many ask for your help. Build your path as you walk it into your opening, and define what is most appropriate for you to take part in?? For if you ride on other's wave you will not help you or anyone else!

                                  Any U.S. Attack on Syria Is International Gangsterism

   US, end all Military bases.

                                             End the Wars at Home and Abroad!

                            The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard.

Join us on April 14-15 for united, nationally coordinated regional mobilizations to challenge the war makers and defend humanity. The future is in our hands.

       See the list of actions or start one if nothing close;

Media Contact:
Ajamu Baraka
National Organizer

APRIL 10, 2018—The pending military intervention into Syria by the United States represents yet another case of unilateral illegality that continues the systematic assault on international law and morality that has characterized U.S. foreign policies since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, when the United States found itself without any countervailing global power. The result for the people of the world has been unending military conflicts, destabilization and the destruction of whole nations.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., correctly identified exactly a year before his assassination that the United States is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. The 50th anniversary of his murder just passed on April 4 and five decades later, the United States continues to hold that distinctive position. This reality makes any declaration on the part of the United States that it alone has the responsibility to intervene on the side of human-rights protection an absurdity and an insult to the intelligence of the national and international communities.

Today, the people of the United States are supposed to believe the racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic Trump administration is supposedly so concerned about Arab life in Syria that it feels morally compelled to engage in direct military intervention. That is a position we in the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) do not believe based on the documented actions of this administration and all previous administrations. These regimes have demonstrated their utter contempt for the lives of non-Europeans in their quest to maintain their global dominance.

U.S. support for the continued brutality of the apartheid state of Israel and its immoral justifications for Israeli crimes against humanity committed at the apartheid wall in Gaza reflect the bi-partisan moral degeneracy of the ruling parties, media, and ruling oligarchy. Their lack of real concern for Palestinian life reveals not only their lack of morality but the real imperialist interests that determine their opportunistic position on Syria.

Just a few weeks after the massive marches to address U.S. gun violence, the people of the United States are being asked to support the ultimate form of gun violence—war. For BAP, the only way the movement to oppose gun violence in the United States will have any moral credibility is if people link gun violence in the United States to militarism and war abroad.

BAP takes an unequivocal position against U.S. intervention in Syria. We say the only institution with the right and power to protect the peace and resolve international conflict is the United Nations. We condemn any and all unilateral interventions by any state and assert that any state that violates the international norms that are committed to the maintenance of peace as established by the United Nations Charter is a rogue state that deserves international condemnation.

We say if the United States is concerned about human rights, it should:

        prosecute killer cops who savagely murdered Stephon Clark in Sacramento, California;
        investigate the approximately 1,000 killings each year at the hands of police in the United States;
        stop the mass transfer of children from juvenile courts to adult courts;
        stop the militarization of its domestic police forces;
        stop the raids of migrant communities;
        release its political prisoners;

             and cease the collaboration with the corporate media and private communication companies in its effort to censor and limit news content on the Internet.

But we know centering human rights has never been a commitment of the U.S. state. That is why BAP says if you want peace, you have to be willing to fight for it. This weekend, BAP is mobilizing with groups around the country to highlight our opposition to U.S. warmongering, demanding an end to U.S. lawlessness, calling for the closure of more than 800 U.S. military bases around the world, and ending the war against the Black and Brown working-class and poor. We support self-determination for all oppressed peoples—domestically and internationally.

Stop the ongoing agony in Syria. Demand the United States withdraw its forces from Syria and respect international law. Call for the United States to adhere to international human rights norms and cease its status as a rogue state.

Media Contact:
Ajamu Baraka
National Organizer

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Re: Tools of the time are here for truth to be shared, do your part and make a difference for equality! Join the March April 14-15 if none near, start one!

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I share as I continue to work our `the sun will set spreadsheet and share this on the local `plan priorities, we are perfecting w/your help;

Subject/season and ecosystem. cell E on spreadsheet 3a:

    If living locally most efficiently, which is ways from locals `boon w/nature doing one’s organic exchange as a local mindful participant. Collectively working w/all for one’s own survival, let alone all are interdependent on each other as well a balanced genetic biodiversity linking w/neighbor. With indigenous ways that work and technology based on their values living in respect to all life.

   No one should have to be taken away as a child to go to a Colonial mode of education. Ex; Children living in Siberia, where people lived in raindeer skinned teepees, as raindeer herders survived from their goods. Midwifes were flown in via helicopter and huge Russian trucks would do what needed. Meanwhile it was thought from some that children should go to a school and stay their over a time period away from their families.

    Some realized this was wrong and to learn the living local process from families was the best way to go. Not to mention be part of all the technology that was involved, so they developed schools within the communities.

  Amazing Indians every where have been removed from their lands or children taken for private schools from those elsewhere, which is so wrong, and many lessons learned in such sufferings.

   Now as in American Indians having their land taken away wrongly, you see many on reservations that have lost or never gained their ability to harmonize w/the natural `enhanced potential and now can. As we network local `plans, prioritizing how w/empathy, gratitude, respect and love, each can heal, self educate and interrelate in one's local `plan.

   Networking via like ecosystem/seasons and subject, using communities as extended classrooms, students can focus direct w/communities and prioritize this structure, to organize;
       To efficiently prioritize toxic locally and globally, research and resolve, while restoring one’s ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors. Where all learn when to do first for self vs others, and gain/give, support for all to gain prerequisites as curriculum gets co_evolved along the way.

        Where entire biome(s) are rethought/recycled removing Colonial grids/state/federal/county parks for tourism and let the large browsers trans boundary migrations fuel the communities path, and natural flow of water ways to all. All land worked sensitively and skillfully w/agroecological systems. As each gain local natural food-wild fish and animal, localized systems of low impact w/alternative energy as supplements to awareness lowering one’s footprint/ technology created based on traditional values respecting all life, sovereignty.

   Now local `plans become rule of law for locals, whom ever is defined can be housed comfortably, whether local or from afar, in need of support. Working this transition fueling each to explore and gain one’s desire as locals are respected to maintain for locals. And local `plan retains controlling % for locals to maintain in real time the natural enhanced communities. And students continue to have good schematics networked on the table for investors.

      As `Transitional Shift Message Boards get organized and networked, no one should have to run form one’s home, rather the human family works to correct wrongs in local tapering transitions. And policies created to fill in worn torn missing parts. So equality is created as all give/gain, support for each to do one’s homework, respecting every local `plan as each wherever become mindful participants part time, even if passing thru.

  There is no better tourism, welcome all, then each exchange and take part, gaining more to take home to share, and celebrate along the way as meets continue.

      If choose to explore or have to leave, then networking w/early signs become available, once other local `plans get established. Then all can better go where appreciated to self develop, as a local mindful participant.

 This is how we all gain awareness and become local, global mindful participants,sharing earth/space in peace in open transparencies, where people take part making it work. Cleaning it up in priority as secular science is developed and prioritized for life on earth/space systems to be our best tools to gain local balance of our natural `enhanced environments. Where early on all take part, as in many home schools now that know well.

   Where all public schools/private and home, should be working for one’s collective sustainable communities. And those that excel collectively do what can w/earth based open transparent platforms linking needs and offerings to get met in priority, to save life and stop suffering, prioritizing research and resolving w/secular science global issues affecting all, and many in some locations in greater quantity’s;

    Ending largest footprints as in US and other Military/end  bases/weapons of war/Nuclear and other toxic as well minds that create them. And share in solidarity how best to efficiently save life on earth/protect vulnerable while scars are still being built. And many time sensitive events are worsening, taking place globally. People continuing to dye prematurely, diseased, uncared for, as well 200 species extinct each day.

   So as a rep for each group working into one’s local `plan or rep for a local `plan, each then know best in real time in interchangeable roles. The real issues and who is responsible where and when to resolve in local `tapering transitions, to enable  each to understand and make wrongs right and define where best for one to rethink and shift, as a local mindful participant.

This changes `World Markets so no more no one ecologically whores, rather each can simply invest! Knowing priorities are maintained by locals.

Is it too late in this 6th mass extinction? Some say less than a year, others a year or 2 and all life will be gone on earth, other talk longer, yet others give no time limit, so please wherever you are I hope this helps you realize you are needed!

   So I hope you self reflect, for the scars on this earth/space are plenty as they continue. Not to mention the lack of awareness/education distorting the real secular science leaves many in delusion. Yet due to this continued attempt to survive for generations, many carry forward behavioral patterns, unaware they are using them thinking it is normal behavior. W/these mixed signals our human consciousness is not clear to many.

   Yet luckily some continue to plug into the earth’s energy vs the fragmented science/religion/any belief that takes one away from maintaining one’s ability to maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observation vs such belief from mixed signals/media/fake news/programmed people thinking they are doing their best yet unaware. As well many of us still daily supporting negative yet unaware of the true connections to stop.

look not just what is in your mind that could be programmed, or feeling thoughts from the resultant of your organs stealing your energy leaving you unable to properly assess, look also at your flesh, your lines in your forehead to see if have indentations and how deep and how they change? As well w/taken one’s pulse and feeling one’s energy thru various meridians know well how blocked one is? Even when in pain and being treated by a skilled Traditional Chinese Doctor, that knows well if you are lying or not while treating w/acupuncture, when yet you also knew you where or maybe had no clue? Oriental Medicine knows these signs tell a real story. And realize the organ damage being accumulated or healing? For organs act also like survival of the fittest and once they decline they start influencing/controlling your thought, so beware. And this is why people end up in suicide, which is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.  

   It is one that never had the ability to simply just be, yes be as in the many good homeschooled mamas now, not controlling ones children, but controlling anything that should stop one from simply being. Rather self reflect and nurture oneself, building reserve. So when stress pops up, w/early signs back off, and shift, so you stay in control of you, not stressed organs leaving mixed signals, please!

   For we all are interdependent on each other. But unless each give/gain, support for each to align oneself, this won’t happen, for we all are built from the same earth, and it is homework for all to do!

    And when stressed, organs keep stealing energy leaving one w/out, dulling sensors, no sharp to make wise choices in the instance, rather lack of good judgment takes precedence/misusing/abusing… And many live in this constant state taking it as normal, seeing no way out.

  Well, I share a few more thoughts from our mutely crew, if still not connecting. For it is amazing what our brain/body can get us into, it’s quite a diverse range, yet imagine once we can identify where we are and what is truly happening within, we can together rethink and shift!

   Fritz shares as we continue this discussion, so check back for updates;

      I r taking a more serious break from most mainstream methodologies, anyway. I r rallying defenses from the predominance of zit pickers always bubble-wrapped, arrogant and comfortable.

That's only because of a gut feeling that human culture is too pan-endemically delusional, via arrogance, for any zitpicking to ultimately be functional, (aside history correlatively supporting the hypothesis). And a bit tired, of the reruns upon reruns, of conceptual failures, mine, theirs, ...viable, or not....
I be regrouping, ...letting the stew cook, if u will.

Me thinks the sickness of humanity is larger than humanity, stemming from leftover psychological dichotomies of the very most primal of life(s) forms, i.e., selfishness, killing, survivalism etc. Empathetic (sentient) mankind thereby, only functions by way of the drugs of arrogance and delusion, all while the insentient (psychopathic, sociopathic) are left unsupervised and get to run the friggin’ show.

Whether true, or not, the above kinda makes better sense, to me, than the plethora of confused, divisive and dysfunctional methodologies we have/use, at present.

  We know this is real but we also know we can edit our self! And i refuse to think that we cannot together stop these scars from continuing and do what can calmly to mindfully act as a local, global and responsible earthly participant!

    Choose wisely if have a choice at all? If not please realize in thought, reflecting w/this, you then will become an earthling w/energy, helping out where ever you are to make this happen and create much more. As you take a fresh breath of air, take a break and be thankful to be alive;

    Look within in and sort it out and if can’t call Dr. Yun Wang, a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor in Seattle Area, 1-206-367-9180 and ask him if he has time to talk to you?  Perhaps if you waited to long to sort this out, you and him can do it together?

  For we need everyone back on track, centered and grounded to do what can locally and afar, respecting skilled secular science as we face global issues affecting us all.

  Thank you for making a difference where can, as I share how you can help;

   March on April 14-15 from Black Alliance For Peace, as well in comment below the March’s post, work being done needing your attention by NIAC’s, Bernie Sanders, Dr. Guy McPherson, and Jamel Shively to name a few, to add to your thought as you share in this March, and add yours.

    Simultaneously many issues needing attention ASAP can be resolved along one’s path. That each should continue building for oneself, as you build it, as you walk it into your opening. If you start riding on others’ wave, then you will not be of help to resolve what needed in the instance, to anyone, nor yourself!

Peace, be safe and be calm!

love us at `i come to talk story

p.s. See what you can do along your path;

April 13, 2018NIAC StaffMuslim BanNews

     NIAC Sues Trump Administration for Failing to Provide Information on Backdoor Muslim Ban 

    Pompeo Would Kill Iran Deal, Put U.S. on War Path and Embolden Trump’s Bigotry

    Stop Pompeo, Stop Trump’s War Cabinet

   NIAC Action and Other Organizations Send Letter Demanding Lawmakers Reject Pompeo

   Our Community Must Not Be Divided at this Critical Moment


  “A Tremendously Dangerous Situation”: As Trump Threatens Syria, U.S.-Russian Relations Deteriorate

 Clouds form over Iran deal as Trump deadline nears

Please share, be safe and remain calm w/empathy, for may are unaware w/mixed signals.

  As I share NIAC's continued good work, I'm also updating our `i come to talk story's `the sun will set, spreadsheet, which I welcome all to take part in where most comfortable. But this subject today I was working on sheet 3a Local `plan Priorities, so please see; 

Bernie Sander's asks all to sign; akid=203896.30516965.3fX3cA&rd=1&source=mo&t=1

Jamen Shively welcomes all to join in and save life on earth, see his updates and then check into different meets as Jamen suggests as he reorganizes and needs help;

Finally, I support Dr. Guy Mcpherson, who has kept me shifting the last year, so see his many posts on youtube, here is one in response to perhaps why he said what he did in the most recent post, but I still studying myself. For he deserves respect for all his work and our children are still studying this science and we all need to make a change ASAP;

Peace and love, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect...    
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
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  Email kara; title DONATE and if need a tax receipt, please give us your info and we will send you one.

                 Thank you, for making a difference!

                    Love us at `i come to talk story