Together we can end all weapons of war, not simply fragment the issue. Please join us w/Pres Obama + Vice President Biden..

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Hello President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden + all,

  It appears your conference is in short notice of Congress looking into this weapons issue today, which was fragmented to save positions, do you not see that?

  Senator of Maine today brings up a need for a new language for this present dysfunctional Government, yet he says no problem passing the Military Budget + is that because you people know how to profit, keeping those lobbyist happy?

  Shame on all of us as a human specie not listening to the scars prior, as well those that continue to negatively effect our earth, life + beyond. When humanity has such goodness to resolve all our issues of the times.

  We have co_evolved w/your people in these responsible positions, as everyone of you should of from day 1 worked to change them, knowing best sitting right in it how bad each role/policy is, as well the effects from others as they either change + work w/you or against you, being programmed as well.

  Programmed, in the sense that my limited perspective of how i decipher what i perceive from all, is that NO healthy person makes a decision for an able person + we all have parts that are in need of self repair as well great fragments to help put these pieces together. But humans require balanced life to do that, + that happens only when all do an organic exchange, creating the balanced genetic bio diversity to sustain the life that sustains our energy. Amazonian s for one have taught us this well. Not to mention the decay once developments came in that exceeded the local enhanced `plan.

  All along our fragmented project, `i come to talk story built on such dysfunctions, which we are still perfecting, knowing best that if we work w/students focus directing w/one's community, + prioritize, do a local `plan, then networking w/transparency, all will restore one's ecological enhanced sustainable working communities w/neighbors. For the ways that work are available to network with globally.

  Ending all US Aid/Military/Nuclear/toxic economies + people working w/permits/planning reviewing entire biome(s) can remove the Colonial grids, as locals share + create upon each other, the living local process via like ecosystem/season + subject. As students network real priorities w/communities, bringing home real hands on options for locals to rethink + self direct working within skilled sensitive natural enhancing potentials.

  As people gain understandings that we are a living organism filled w/life, surrounded by life we share w/neighbors knowing well we must maintain an organic balance for the life that sustains us. + Gain the genetic bio diverse balance so our communities link for our migratory species that maintain this balance. As well come together w/our true human potential + w/transparency respecting all life to take part + make healthy decisions if able. If unable w/empathy have proper support collectively put in place so all voices come to the table as each develop oneself.

I've always respected part of what you do Barack, as you have great potential, yet you continue to interfere as well Congress. + Never to we see the change, so no more does your roles make a decision for able people or those w/lack of awareness that think America should lead, be the best, rah rah! When yet no ecosystem survives on it's own.

      Our earth needs us all to balance w/such life that requires us to communicate how??

 Well our suggestion is 1 Universal Sound Science verbiage that is created once each community is supported w/neighbors to do what we say here for all to fuel the solution for each community. This is the language of what sustains our psycho physiological processes. Our mental energy + physical strength. We are all equal as a human w/these nuts + bolts in place. Now how each chooses a story to change their glandular balance or over functioning is another story, depending if misusing/abusing, unable to perceive reality or remain in the fog which many now do. For the issues of the times are not easily conducive for healthy people, let alone ill. So please get a grip + lets make this simple.

  A local `plan can become rule of law, as people need no condemnation, nor walls, rather humanity continues to share w/empathy + transparency, mindfully networking perfecting our tools of the times where people talk eye to eye w/each other + build ways that work for self reliance which the living local process does once shared in solidarity. Communities can think of each other w/part time participation, sharing early signs that can be understood to be worked by oneself if able, if not those people early on can have support in place. Vs as in know every community has people left behind due to dysfunctional systems wasting resources as in those that access alone the need to manufacture weapons of war when yet good education is not in place, why?

    Where is the discussion for such a development that creates toxic tools + services? When planning sees one that desires to put up a building, etc. they let locals know. Weapons of war do not stay local, so this is a global discussion that is needed. Especially far before when one becomes out of balance. We don't hear any of this invitation, why?

    Did or do ISIS want to talk to the international community? I have not heard you invite us into this conversation nor the 7 wars started or continued on your watch Barack.

  No more should any network keep us isolated w/generalized emails sent out to all, inviting people thru  contests, etc. As Barack you have done w/OFA, from my experience. I never know what is directed to me from my feedback, which i certainly have tried to help + hold all accountable, yet answers to our questions don't come, why?

 For Governments are not allowing people in, real democracy is not happening, why? i heard your words as you stated the people voted for you to make the decisions Barack, no one can do that alone. That only carries forward bad policy, roles, etc.

  Rather we the people felt you have great capability for changing the dysfunctional system, not become a puppet within it. + It takes a local `plan developed w/critical thinking + people interrelating to build this 1 Universal Sound Science  verbiage that all tongues can understand.

  For it is too overwhelming for any healthy person, let alone ones programmed, so please those few that have run the show, you have to inform them NO more, we have another way that works together.

 No more should you/politicians /bankers, etc. Be held accountable to bail out/for giving permits/loans to those supporting people to kill vs bring a international platform together to discuss early on the resistance, which i've never seen anywhere. Rather Governing bodies give permits w/bad science allowing others to steal/exceed the local natural enhanced limits. As in also the many resources via land/seas/fresh water grabbing of them, leaving those ethnic indigenous that have maintained the organic exchange necessary to link our genetic bio diversity thru their practices carried forward that work. Meanwhile those locals are not held accountable + can be w/locals networking/organized.

  When yet your permitting + others globally that have not listened to them creating GMOs/monocultures as in what you allowed in South America as one of many examples, when permitting allowed crops to continue to deplete the life required for our earth to exchange the life processes that GMO/monoculture etc. does. Destroying as the forests/fish over fished unmanaged as even in US the great sustaining fisherfolks cannot even participate as your permitting process is off from the true ecological sustaining enhancement that can be in every community, why? If all work w/locals working the resources, letting them define when best to fish, what, along w/weather conditions for safety. US can't even do that being lost in so many dysfunctional regulators. When yet F+W only locally can work w/local people that work it to stay in real time. Same as logging, why deplete one's habitat for money selling abroad, at such risks to locals?

I've told you this many times in your development of the TTPS, etc. To support locals to self direct + do the organic exchanges required. But NO you allowed GMO fish/fish farming all that infects the specie. They are depleting habitats + you are trying to falsely recreate, not even allowing people to save own seeds, etc. that does not work. Your needs, let alone our children are not getting needs met, yet you failed to see that.

  Especially since our children will really feel the abuse as many already do from toxic ecological effects thru out the world, as well many already have died prematurely or diseased unnecessarily, left suffering in patches in ever country, why are these collective supports not prioritized?

  I thought Barack you + President Putin could work as brothers, for he is not allowing GMOs in the country, he knows as well others they are toxic + interfere in locals ability to live local.

  I refused once as a farmer to accept US subsidizing for it is all wrong, when yet neighbors can work w/planning to make healthy communities.

  This new language, as all start sharing in patches that have been done for ever are willing to share w/pockets without. + Each can choose what is comfortable, for the tools of the times are here to do that.

  So no one is interfered with, being upset, while others work into aggressive acts of misuse/abuse. Rather early on they get awareness as educational systems work using communities as extended classrooms, co_evolving within the natural enhanced potential. Where these signs become an open book for others to address + help one regain balance.

  Not over riding it.

  Not supporting weapons to be developed that only have been created by insane people, for no true hunt for real needs require magazines, etc. Nor do they require what you people purchase for the Military Industrialized complex. Nor the Hedge funds that profit over them as i'm sure you people are well aware of.

  For legislators get a salary yet soon become very wealthy. Shame on Yous!

Planning + permitting must be worked by all sensitively + skillfully w/sharp sensors fueling locally. No one controlling able people. + If can't understand how we are programmed, this process can fuel hands on experiences, the solutions are here to self reflect with. To individualize + make changes for one to build new neural networks. To work for peace as common sense, as a community mindful participant. + This healthy support is how all can share earth + beyond in peace.

     So are you listening to these people you are in conflict with, or are you busy being preoccupied due to not having this balance to help you understand, so as many we seek to find it, yet fail to maintain sharp senses to create it. Meanwhile others profiting keep pushing not realizing how ill many are w/their misguided drugs from western doctors. Not all, for i have seem many good doctors go on to herbal medicine too.

   Those of you that think weapons will protect you, think again, for so many vets that take them now, could easily kill all around them if they did not have them, without any bad thoughts. For many now are trying to help those wanting to commit suicide daily. Not to mention the young children that don't have support in place.

  Many have numb sensors voting/making bad decisions, when yet many students even though they too can be off, are still needed to take part + are young enough to rethink if supported to take part + realize the importance of each, knowing the reality of what is. It is when they are pushed to think unreal stuff, is when they cannot process. Their energy is needed not to mention we all are fortunate to have so many w/such good minds to help us. But we must focus direct w/them.

 With hands on as all focus on priorities, no one will be left behind. + Once hands on given for people to sharpen ones sensors, then to feel this life energy from sharp sensors come back, one can then self reflect wanting to do the same. For this is our true human potential for all.

Western medicine that you work to change should be free to all, but only once their curriculum changes to real Universal Sound Science, learning how to `boon w/the local community oneself.

  You people are in delusion for you have no clue what you have participated in as people want jobs so they go to Military thinking to help or not even caring. Then to see the many come home now dependent on this broken medical ability to properly manage, when yet no healthy human being kills anyone. Rather if healthy to begin with one requires a conversation, taking part for people to express their frustration. So that together in solidarity changes are understood + made.

  As i told you many times, `enhancing is perfected as Professor Miguel Altieri knows well w/his studies w/indigenous as well his sciences created w/them + i share his definition to fuel the path for us all to include it in one's language to start this 1 Universal Sound Science verbiage;

   `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest. End Miguel.

  When yet you people support GMOs/monocultures/weapons that destroy habitats + the life that earth requires to create new life to sustain humans n earth n ow. Rather our planet + beyond is polluted, w/tons of jobs required that can build lives, not interfere in them pissing people off, to then fight back as then you/many call them terrorists.

  When yet you/i/ many, took part in creating them along this worn torn link that students now can help us make change as well oneself.

  For ex; here in  Oregon you cannot even legally do natural building in some areas, as well other US states, why, this is absurd. It offers a career/to heal/to build healthy habitats in the process of working w/local materials, not those shipped w/heavy footprint from afar.

Miguel's agroecology over view, once each local `plan prioritizes if it is healthy enough to even stay in that community, considering the Nuclear radiation you people also have taken part in as you don't open transparency nor monitor correctly for our US Nuclear plants continue to release toxic radiation. Yet you want to build more for the Military/thinking good for communities, you people that support this are totally delusional.

 Nor do you work w/other country's to stop it, rather you work to build profits/jobs first, don't you see people are tired of being a ecological whore, yet they don't even know what this means, for many are numb unable to comprehend when having to work it. But share this for them to understand + you will see so much hidden energy surface as people gain energy as well.

  Natural building looks into all this + revitalizes humanity, adding to what it takes to save + build healthy lives. Not another pharmaceutical drug to destroy it or permit to over develop it, etc.

 Rather innovation for years have filled ponds w/species to eat the critter that harms/cleaned up the space that supports the critters to simply do what all natural life does, propagate. Their is no pests, we create them w/lack of awareness/education + w/ real hands on local sound science can make this change happen.

  Humanity has the answers + people deserve to  have fresh clean natural resources/sanitation skills are here to be networked.

  Our global platform that you have given us as a US 501.c3 profit to support living local process, in solidarity to use the great solution oriented options humanity offers as we share links + welcome them.

  We the people cannot allow you people to be numb when yet we know once you make space to sharpen your sensors, humanity only gets better. + I include the discussions here to be shared w/Trump/Clintons/Sanders + all people, open the airwaves + tell our youth how wrong we have been, unknowingly, + yes many profited but they to can change. As well all can tell them the goodness + they will feel it once given some hands on + people gain understanding w/transparency as well to sharpen one's sensors.

 For the undeveloped child within can learn if we network sensitively in solidarity for our earth + our human family.

 NO more rah rah we the best rather please become humble w/gratitude to all or we would not be here.

+ Please think of our children + those already dead, + we know well where cancers come from, actually US Congress long ago spoke up when many trued to save their ass/their positions as in Harvard, etc. As many research perfect the truth, Dr. Mirishiti, now deceased, worked w/Oparin's ideas not Darwin. Yet if that was proved to be true many would of lost their positions.

  As well now For Dr. Helen Caldicott/Tim Mousseou, Arnie Gundersen + many more to have the skills to stop it, then to have to see what is going on + the deformed children if lucky to live, is insane as radiation even here in Corvalis, OR is too high, along w/many communities, yet you people are out of control, when yet working together w/whom i speak of can set us straight as they continue to work hard to stop this insanity.

  Many had working people as in my neighbor commercial fisher folks have no time to work within your system to speak out. A NOAH police/regulator walked the docks + i said how bad is this, expecting to find hard working people right their awaiting you w/no previous arrangement, come on.

  We have the tools of the time, Barack your network OFA needs help.

 Please don't say i didn't tell ya, as well Joe, i never got any feedback, nor from Michelle or Opra in their conversations.

  When i set up a conversation i don't ask people to ask a question, i ask them to come aboard so we can co_evolve in real time, follow up so their is a discussion, not fragment. That is why we are working w/Google to perfect their tools of the times. Same w/Nabble, they offer great people to set the tools for every community to make this happen + much more..

  In working all this, we have not got donations, not grants accept from Nabble + Google's Adgrants, which we are very thankful for!

 But to discuss this w/locals as we have, they already are struggling + we don't expect them to give more than their honesty + we will continue to seek a grant as we have asked you people, w/no answer.

  Our Transitional Shift Message Board Works! + If this information is boring to you politicians/investors, then think again for this is the nuts + bolts required for your life + ours to be healthy. You cannot make deals prioritizing profits/money + jobs that ecologically exceed the local `plan. So why do you not work with us?

  We thank Roger considering how he suffered + never should of. This is 2016 + he was a new neighbor to me as i moved in, so it took me some observing to resolve, but when he agreed to go to protective service which sadly they did not communicate respectfully to me not being part of his medical team, which to me is truly dysfunctional. For our communities mean much more than that. Meanwhile a wheel barrel was brought in + shovel by Roger's so called friend + fecal matter shoveled piled up w/stuff. Roger was 82 + prior ER people had him regularly thru out the year. Enough said i need to go to work, how about you?

 + When you get a chance i still would like to know what you did when you noticed people in need of help early on in Syria, even when Hillary was first to want Military weapons to give them?? Who told you + what was taking place + why no connections long before weapons?? You did then + still are as i see it in your US Budget this year supporting Iraq + Syria factions.

  US Governing bodies have interfered so badly thru out the world, putting in puppets including US, yet many have no fresh resources/tools to even become aware yet. So please rethink our offer + let our plan fuel every local `plan + w/your support reaching out sharing can make this happen even more faster than our inabilities to do it now as we try to continue w/limited resources. For Google continues to reach out globally given now us o er 10 + 1/2 million ads to do w/people what we share w/you here.

 So we do welcome all to come aboard + know w/more support our plan can fuel local schematics from students working w/communities to restore ethical World Market Trading, as it was originally intended to protect farmers w/bad weather, etc. As local `plan keeps controlling interest for it's ecological balance to be maintained in real time by locals.

  Even if their for a short time, all people (refugees/migrants, etc.) deserve to take part now + have support to relocate where best for their choice so they respect the local `plan's limits, as together all come aboard on this life of motion + flow with it, + be thankful to be alive w/humanities finest as all support each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant.

Thank you for what you can do, please share along your walkabout for you, + we welcome all to join in for each local community can have a tapering transitional plan helping all understand one's chores to maintain ecological balance that is a priority for all life to be healthy, for starters. With local food sovereignty as a start, all their after can be defined whether to relocate oneself/one's community/one's building, etc. so a local `plan gets prioritized to sustain the number that is can do healthfully + our earth has space for all.

  All can share awareness for good self development/family planning, etc. for humanity has options now to be mindful, making change.

We welcome your support to help us perfect this global platform sharing in solidarity humanities ways that work, as we are working to perfect our spreadsheet for you to come link what works for you + your community to fuel others to realize we don't need to reinvent the wheel. With localized systems of low impact locals can create local `plans + maintain them, others can invest + local `plans can reassure that no one exceeds the enhanced natural limits as all co-evolve w/real time + circumstances, working to prioritize toxic developments.

If interested in donating/have grant available, please email kara;

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for we the people, for our combined `effect works.

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