To add to our energy plan please see how US can make it right, as well all. Please open debates for Jill Stein + see our answer to her plan..

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   It's time to work together. Please see our plan to fuel every local `plan as we address Jill Stein for President + ask all of you to work together. I'm sorry Bernie for how you have continued. I do believe all have something to offer, yet some are clearer to prevent waste + more suffering more efficiently, as Jill Stein's plan does. She could use the support of all of you, as we focus direct the resources that all of you have spent + continue too. For US goverment needs recycling + leaves negative effects interfering in the living local process, locally + afar. We need more then just any one person to make these changes. Rather we the people need to let one's local `plan be one's rule of law, to get centered + aware of our effects left locally + afar.

   This is how we end Nuclear/war mode + false green, toxic economies.

 Thank you for sharing us along your walkabout for you + your communities. Everyone is appreciated for making wrongs right. + All need to prioritize redirecting one's unbalanced energy into harmony, working w/humanities options, sharing in solidarity, gobally. No one person should have such a dysfinctional role, when the US governing bodies can be changed to work w/local `plans managed by local people.

     Please see Jill's plan + our follow up below; 

     Please add your comments to Jill;

 Share how all can work together + open debates, resolving serious issues. Humanity has options now to share this earth + beyond in peace, as well clean it up + restore ecological sustainable working communities.

Let our plan fuel your local `plan;

Our response to Jill + how we share more detail to make wrongs rights, showing how efficient every one's local `plan can work.

     Hello Jill,
  I've emailed you about some of this. Please respond when convenient + i will post some ads on our Google Adwords account, which they support us as a US non profit. We did over 60 thousand ads for Bernie until he made his decision to support Hillary. Now we share this with all + hope that together you work thru this + talk to the American people to help you define your place most appropriate as each of us find ours in different issues that all work at together or on our own as we continue our work that make sense efficiently..
  I try to put out good energy in hopes that everyone can find one's place, as i edit my perceptions + mindfully act.  Which i feel it takes us all to self direct, do our homework + do one's part. If unable seek those closest to help give you support to self activate one's own neurology, sharpening one's sensors, self direct + do your homework as you take part in your local `plan or start it, sharing ours to fuel. If unable to connect locally come talk + reflect w/our work in progress. At times you may be surprised how you can communicate afar on some missing links to center you locally. we all are working at something.
  I do apologize for not fine tuning my editing, i just have too much on my plate + i feel it is up to each to give me feedback to correct or i feel all is capable to get the best of what i'm saying + or email me, kara, to further explain;
  I am yet to be clear of a few of your thoughts, but totally agree w/the majority, but before i put more energy out in ads i need to be clear for w/the many critical issues of the times we have worked hard researching how best to do this. So i share our plan to fuel every local `plan, globally in solidarity.
     Ex; 100% clean renewable energy, if mean like what Al Gore talks about, we think he is an ecological whore, although i always respected David Suzuki, whom he has worked with. Same Bill Gibbins from whom i feel is redirecting on another hedge fund mode w/large energy grids of solar/wind/water, that we can't support.
  If we are serious of helping all gain awareness to self direct, we all must edit, due to all the scars on the planet + our programmed ways making us what we are. As baggage we carry that interferes is too much for many, unless we focus direct w/oneself + good people, making in the moment conscious humane choices to prioritize + do like a ER triage.
   We feel exponentially students networking can fill this spot, orchestrating w/communities in exchange. Building new neural networks as all assert daily chores appropriate for each, as community can gather in like groups, giving support for good night sleeps.
  But considering my attempts to work w/local schools as i network, i find the present curriculum is over powering unable to make space for serious `booming w/one's local living for self development supported by one's community to do a local `plan.
  This way w/all the pressing issues of the times + many carried forward unaddressed, each community can fine tune as each network basic nuts + bolts. Defining the toxic developments to be worked at in a local transition.
  Ex; You state your GMO issue, Label GMOs, and put a moratorium on GMOs and pesticides until they are proven safe. Why label if they are to be proven, this sounds like circle talk?? Perhaps i don't understand. For all your work in your plan is very clear but these few items that are very important. The Moms Across America have done a lot of work at this, same w/the March Against Monsanto group + others. They work at specifics making people ill.
  This is where we should collaborate w/our global community as w/Russia banning all GMOS. Not bother w/labels. Rather we need research w/1 universal sound science to fill in the fragmented science that allows it, especially when people seek profits over healthy communities.
  Our plan is for students to invite the community, that requires Educational departments to support restoring one's ecological sustainable working communities. Co_evolving the curriculum as it is restored or along the way, depending on skilled that can comprehend/do exchanges to do what it takes to make this happen peacefully.
  To make people feel safe as public places are used. Actual hands on participating at sustainable entities that build the living local process. So the nuts + bolts for one community fits the needs pretty much for all on earth.
  This way networking w/good schematics can be creatively empowering to work with especially if based on proven experiences that still work. We are fortunate to have many ethnic traditional engineers. Our virtual platform in the building is fueled by Professor Miguel Altieri whom writes curriculum of agroecology from indigenous still working these practices. Yet he gets overruled from others feeling they have other ways that work. Yet the yields are similar to Industrial yet leave no toxic effects as they do.
  Many get bothered by loosing one's cultural identity. When it comes down to it we all are a mutt of one kind or another + we need to move on. Our sustainable communities should be the upmost priority so it sustains all by giving each tools from the earth to do one's organic exchanges. Making a natural balance for each if able, if unable cooperative support in place for them to also have voice heard + do one's part where can.
  Our plan each community can network a priority list to fuel their reality from what one's biome(s)speak as each work w/neighbors. Recycling what can locally + if without bring in from afar to share. So people gain understanding of what they should be, + where?? So the Colonial grid modes are removed, ill people are prioritized to gain support from those w/energy, students gain credit + learn when to do for another vs self as well when to volunteer.
  It was wrong for federal/state/county etc parks/reserves to be built not including people, globally. The Amazonian's show best how they survived before people came in + abused as they still are the Amazon rainforest, that are earth requires in order to do it's birth/death cycles continually, giving us life to work with. We have enough scars/lessons of the past to learn from.
  Ex; In order for the human species to co_evolve, all need to balance genetic bio diversity in one's community to link w/neighbors. Once a local `plan is defined, as all are supported to come to the table. Presently people have developed toxic effects, interfered w/wildlife + even think small garden are the answer for food + medicine. When yet wild food is nourished by wild lands + a variety of species. So these collective gardens along w/good planning of agroecology over views starts the process. Defining what is toxic, where by whom + how rid while cooperatively caring for those uncared for to heal.
  Traditional Medicines joined w/western can work, yet many don't accept it. Meanwhile the western medicine alone is leaving many without proper care. When yet many in the world use Traditional Medicines. Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle  has helped me + can help you working w/your doctor or with him alone. He has helped many as we tapered off of western medicine onto herbal formulas then off them. Meanwhile many programmed had suffering times when their doctor would not simply say they quit studying vs their is nothing more they can do. I met a 76 year old man last week on 30 different pills a day, unable to sleep, etc. I'm surrounded by many vets with issues from the wars experiences, yet each is improperly cared for by Vets doctors.
  Point is a local `plan w/a tapering transition can allow local people, whether permanent or not, join in + do what is needed. Not you or me or anyone else do it for them if able. + Many say why even have a government? I say to clean up their mess. For history is clear on how corruptive + disrespectful governing bodies have been around the world.
  We can create in each community after good networking skills are supported. Working w/educational peers can make all this happen efficiently. So no one is coming into one's local community taking control or doing for one able. Rather as a local participant, all are supported to become a local, global + beyond participant. Knowing well the effects one leaves on whom + what, where. So all hold self + others accountable, locally + beyond. No more land/seas/fresh water grabbing, that La Via Campesina knows well about supporting peasant farmers + fisher folks globally. Now w/a network established + we are perfecting ours + glad to unite w/those skilled to efficiently make changes ASAP.  Where EX; UN should be but are also dysfunctional as in governing bodies. So it is up to people to make this happen.
   For the Nuclear radiation issues should be top on everyone's list, as they are properly tested, not just listen to Ex; IAEA where allowable servings are increased wrongly + lack of truth + transparency due to profiting continues. Each community will prioritize + work on own. + The energy conserved from far based misinformation will amaze all. Once all lower ones footprint each will be amazed at what it takes to sustain oneself. Especially as a minimalist, when many around you are suffering, in order to get to the root of the local `plan to aid many things simultaneously.
  If the mode is for land to be owned, then it is only proper to catch up in time w/humanity. Meaning all the abuse many Natives have gone thru + continue should be stopped + an equal compensation reality put in order for each biome(s). Ex; If Natives had land taken away, then now where they choose to live or space where at until can choose, especially if refugee/migrant, etc. then that % of biome(s) profits from the living local process from a local `plan of all working together prioritizing the local natural `enhanced resources to be divided up. This way those that own it now will be compensated from the collective while parts of their shares go back to those original first owners.
  This may sound complicated especially when one speaks up saying i worked hard for this land + it is mine + holds a gun stating no one is taking it away. Meanwhile history shows how Natives back in time + still now are being abused as one has to leave one's homeland w/out any compensation, yet not even a pale to welcome them, etc.
  The laws for all this al need to be rewritten, prioritizing the local ecology + what can be `enhanced. I speak of Prof Miguel Altieri's definition of `enhanced. So this is not any governing body that makes these decisions, rather it is the locals speaking to each other. So why a governing body?? TO DO WHAT? We do hope you each rethink + make time to go figure + do your best to work w/all, for we have a lot of time sensitive issues needing everyone's attention ASAP. Each community can do one's homework to go figure. Rather then students learning curriculum that fails inner/interpersonal growth as well plugging into one's real centering as a local, global + beyond mindful participant. Realizing the effects we leave knowingly or not, locally + afar. As well on our self + the trillions of life we house within us as well share between us. Yet many are unaware of simple good hygiene/nutrition/energy displacement, organic exchanges, sharing cooperatively food forests/foraging/wild fish/animal freely having trans boundary migration to fuel people's path as well how the water should flow from the mountain tops to the sea, fulfilling the requirement for marine life to have fresh water to survive, industrial hemp etc. vs monocultures + GMOS depleting eating toxic effects.
  This list will be different for each community's ecological `enhanced possibilities, let alone the present developments needing priority status due to being toxic, as well one's neighbors as well what the wind/waters bring in as w/the Nuclear radiation still from the fires in Chernobyl or the Fukushimi Dachii Nuclear accident as it flows into the Pacific ocean, winds + currents move it. Not to mention the many other existing Nuclear plants mismanaged leaking radiation/waste incorrectly stored, depleted uranium used in weapons + other products yet is not depleted. As well Nuclear waste dumped in oceans/moved to communities without people knowing health effects as they see only profits, etc. + Communities living w/toxic Nuclear radiation yet governing bodies don't tell the truth or threaten to prosecute Doctors or Media if they do tell the truth as in Japan after Fukushimi accident as parents had no idea why children where ill + presently as it spreads to Tokyo + children have it on their shoes from dirt contaminated + dust in house, etc. Arnie Gundersen tested it recently + you can see his results on his webpage Fairewinds, or see Dr. Helen Caldicott's site or Dr. Timothy Mousee + more. For since the beginning of time of Nuclear bombs, scientists have told the US Congress how unhealthy the use of Nuclear is, yet the Military Industrial Complex continues to guid more weapons of war with it.
  So you see it is not just one's back yard that can be cleaned up alone. It is wrong for any governing position to not speak of such priorities, yet you hear how they will expand the Military, when yet it all should be stopped + no weapons of war should be produced. People should come home or recycle what can safely by helping where at to start a local `plan w/truth + transparency, sharing in solidarity, globally.
  Their is no better job then to heal + do what it takes for the whole, knowing one's part is important to make it happen. Working into more then a job, rather a self directed career not chasing profits while ecologically whoring, rather being field by the empathy, love + sensitivity one experiences as each are supported to sharpen one's sensors. Maintaining discipline over one's self sensory observations vs belief. Controlling all misuse/abuse + better preparing for ER preparedness w/natural + human made crises. Especially when working the wild the right way, respecting the large browsers to fuel the path. Giving people a vast variety of work w/each season in different locations as communities shift over time, utilizing one's resources as they `enhance them within the natural limits.
  No more resources shipped afar or stolen or even bought, rather they stay for locals + good investments are on the table. Changing the ethics of world markets. Where the local `plan protects locals as locals do the managing + investors no longer have to be scientists, rather they expect locals to do their job w/1 universal sound science. No more can one manipulate any resource on the planet or beyond. Rather all can heal help heal/become whole as together all co_evolve, sharing all in peace. Restoring communities living the art. Many have good ways that work. Ex; see Lynn's work on our `the sun will set spreadsheet, as her work as a nurse feels people should be paid by collective community to get work completed, that is needed in communities as they are restored. Many have great ideas to create with, take pieces + fine tune for your community. See our `Transitional Shift Message Board ideas to fuel yours;

 Come share what is most comfortable for you, knowing well it works. + Share it where most appropriate. On our forum; i come to talk story. On our spreadsheet on our Google site; + create your own to share it more efficiently amongst your students helping them make a local `plan. So all get to the bottom of whom or what is interfering + those that have more energy please collectively take part on our global issues where others are having problems.
  I think you get the best of where this can fuel you. So please share `i come to talk story along your walkabout for you + your community.
  If you want to gather a group for further discussion via teleconference, etc. please email me + i will be happy to help in exchange for fundraising to help perfect our virtual platform. As we are building tools/a spreadsheet sharing patches of good peoples work, globally. Welcoming you to share yours. + We welcome constructive feedback/errors, so we can rethink + make corrections.
   As i said please forgive us for we are perfecting + working w/Google's Adgrant still studying to make this work. We have over 11 + 1/2 million ads out globally sharing ideas to fuel our co_evolving work w/others in solidarity. For we know in our travels, humanity has great options that are not being understood.  We want to help students/communities working together to be aware, as we do exchanges, so no more having to stay isolated w/so much disfunction, taking it as normal, when it is abnormal. Harmony is normal + it is your choice to make this happen. Your community can share others working tools via like ecosystem/season + subject, to add to your shared community tool shed.
  We share this w/all on our `i come to talk story site from Nabble. Please realize the good tools Nabble + Google give freely to all to organize + share. We thank them both for helping us help you. You too can gain harmony by finding your voice + sharing it to make this place a better world to live in.
  Thank you for what you do + please do your homework + accept nothing less than knowing you can do it + together we can do it more efficiently. Yes it takes focus but please make time for you + your communities. No matter where you are plug in as a local + it will fuel you to get to your desire.

Peace, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..
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