Time to take part in Presidential 2016 debate, to ask why your local `plan is not yet started??

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We share our thoughts to fuel yours;

 2016 1st Presidential debate..

    Please all ask what their plan is to fuel your local `plans.  Where people work together at the table. Co_evolving governing policies ending waste/open debates as in why is Jill Stein not here tonight debating also, see her plan.
   Constitution must be updated as all co_evolve w/earth's realities, as all become beneficial organisms, keeping all in real time w/organic exchanges creating the balance of genetic bio diversity, we as living organisms, housing trillions as well sharing amongst us more. Requiring one's local `plan, as in even slave owners that took part in this in their time where human abusers, unaware of how humans can live in harmony sharing this earth + beyond peacefully. Their policies created many scars over time + it continues. This outdated policy must be changed by each local `plan as you interrelate + gain awareness of how you are needed to do this.

  The President's role the way it is must change + bring people together across the aisle, stop waste, stop lobbyists, stop manipulating profits over healthy local `plans. Rather clean up their mess + all define what good are they for when local `plans, exchanging in solidarity, globally should be rule of law. Knowing best the ecological damage done by Governing decisions for wrong reasons, leaving toxic communities now, not to mention in space, where still US/NASA is wasting so many resources, when it could learn from Russia + others, working w/the global community, realizing it is a delusional sick mode to feel one is the best or America is the greatest + strongest when yet so many chase materialism over quality human relations. As many older civilizations are not even being respected + ethnic traditional engineers are still here to guide as their ways are comparable to Industrials yet not toxic.

  Meanwhile look whom is supporting GMOS/Corporate profiting ecologically whoring + many just follow without asking whom is being interfered with in this process??

  When yet now consciously acting, working w/ones' students using communities as extended classrooms all can define the missing worn torn links + produce harmony. Working w/local tapering transitions, see our `Transitional Shift Message Bd/Our plan to fuel yours from humanities goodness that continues in patches.

  Restoring ecological sustainable working communities, w/localized systems of low impact, where people are supported to lower one's footprint, heal, explore. Not large inefficient grids of alternative energy where hedge funds still focus on profit vs building healthy communities, rather alternative energy as a supplement to efficient Universal Sound Science for our earth + beyond to not be interfered in as life + death cycles give us organic tools to be worked. Restoring balance of our genetic biodiversity to link the life that truly sustains one's energy. Fill in the fragmented science that has permitted toxic realities as people continue to suffer, die prematurely. As students network bringing options home eye to eye from like ecosystems/seasons + subject.

   Where locals support all to become local, global + beyond mindful participants. Holding self + others accountable., locally + afar. Ending misuse/abuse of Nuclear use besides that which has no half life + can be recycled for medicine, when yet now radiation spreads w/the winds + currents + governing bodies are not telling the truth. As even depleted uranium is not depleted used in war along w/toxic war mode, false green, economies, locally + afar. W/transparency + truth, options are here now to fuel one's path. As each support each to build it as each walk into one's opening. Do-in one's homework to maintain discipline over one's self sensory observation vs chasing belief ending in misuse/abuse.

      Rather feeling the life energy in all local `plans, as all life is respected.

  Where world markets gain awareness + support local `plans as rule of law w/controlling interest for locals. Where all globally share this earth + beyond as each do one's homework, respecting, being sensitive to local `plans. Where biome(s) are worked sensitively w/neighbors, ending all false aid from afar, as well the Colonial grids of others doing for able people which is wrong.

    Rather their is no better tourism then to welcome all to be part of one's local `plan, whether a refugee or migrant also, so as to fuel each to rethink w/the global community making wrongs right. Not just let governing bodies continue to profit over others ignorance.
 Peace is an option if all share + patches of goodness link exchanges w/the many pockets long without.

We welcome all to our virtual platform `i come to talk story, we are perfecting w/your support, to share humanites simple living that works, respecting all life.

Thank you, for what you can do as we all work together to make this happen.

kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect. For many are unable to speak for oneself.
                             i come to talk story


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Re: Time to take part in Presidential 2016 debate, to ask why your local `plan is not yet started??

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  Please don't stop here, take part + realize how good peaceful protestors where arrested speaking for Dr. Jill Stein to be part of the debates. She herself was handcuffed + taken away early on;


   Please share this document as you do your walkabout for you + your communities;

coming soon so please check back!

  Don't let anyone think it takes aggressive acts, when Humanity has such goodness to share now, for all to live in peace.

Thank you for being mindful!
If i can further clarify please email kara; kareje@ictts.org
   i come to talk story
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
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                 Thank you, for making a difference!

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