Time to give feedback to the Un Security Counsil for humanity has options peacefully to share this earth + beyond.

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Re; Open comment period for Syria (as well any war mode, Nuclear, false green toxic economy) Peace Solution..

   Thank you for this is the start of peace when you open the dialog for transparency. Even though sadly we in US have no real truth of what is.
   In saying that i add comment;
        It doesn't take a brain surgeon to think of what could be happening when war is present + many have different perspectives of what is or what should be or unable to even think or act mindfully.
        It is these priorities of those most vulnerable theta should be aided w/decent conscious humanity that all life requires.
        It is structure that should be creating support globally in solidarity as our virtual platform is perfecting + can fuel thought. So all network + resolve, sharing what works what doesn't, so neighbors come together for local `plans. Based on earth + beyond reality of what truly sustains all life on earth. As in structuring where all come to the table, ending the Colonial mode of another doing for others able. Rather all become able as each are supported to understand what truly sustains all life.
       Good ex; end all sanctions + rightfully come forth w/each person/governing body, etc. that has wrongfully interfered. So as to have each country dealt w/globally in transition, vs one hand feed it + the other hand steal from it. US has no right to giving any sanctions nor anyone, considering all the wrong doing from the profiting of the Military Industrial Complex/Corporations using toxic economies exceeding the local `plans yet to even be done, as well the truth of the Nuclear radiation from mismanaged Nuclear use is not even transparent, when yet many are in need of good medical help + the western medicine is prioritizing profit over healing, when yet Traditional Medicines can teach + work w/the west as many are do_in. We each need to hold self accountable to the effects one leaves locally + afar. + Make wrongs right w/transitioning understanding. So no more fragmented science being worked.
       Where working w/students old + young, exponentially all can interrelate + be respected for acting w/respect for all life. prioritizing the health of all. Prioritizing, regaining balance of one's genetic bio diversity. Where yes all life, all bio cultural living should be respected, but more important the nuts + bolts to live is to be most important. Then each can respect building one's desire of story. While maintaining discipline over ones self sensory observation, of one's sensors, vs chasing a belief leaving one in misuse/abuse to self + other life.
      It is time for the global community to act, breaking unhealthy support for governing/people, bodies that have interfered in locals ability to self direct, locally + from afar + make wrongs right locally + afar. Realizing the effects one leaves on other life.
     It is this networking that every local `plan can do to define vs assume that all issues are all to resolve. When yet if one's energy is redirected into fact finding w/a language such as 1 Universal Sound Science for the earth + beyond, then common sense offered by all, via like ecosystem, season + subject matter can then be brought to the table + discussed.
   If no fact is presented/researched locally or afar if not local, or even to broaden one's reality to co_evolve, vs be left isolated w/programmed behavior. Then confused energy goes in circles w/no options to go figure what works.
   When yet humanity on this earth, even w/all the scars on earth, have great patches of goodness to work with. Especially if based w/those that have lived w/organic exchanges knowing well that is what creates balanced living.
   The Colonial grid must self reflect + remove one's over powering program from oneself + those unaware of the damage they leave on others. No one should experience such enslavement. No one should be without the freedom to work w/in one's `enhanced potential to self direct + be part of ecological sustainable working communities. W/low impact, localized energy systems, where people become aware to lower one's footprint + the local `plan maintains controlling interest. Worked by locals. Not large energy grids, again worked by hedge funds profiting over conscious humane choices.
   This can change into ethical aware Sound science to over ride that fragmented science that permitted such planning. So people become good investors as local `plans keep the balance of genetic bio diversity so people gain understanding as each take part.
  Then point you fail is all need to come to the table to open to the earth reality for then all to co_evolve + become aware. To find then one's voice to take part as we all do our homework. + Realize humanity will share what works.
   Pockets on this earth are so brutally left behind, when now patches aim to do exchanges so as to help all become aware that each can + must co_evolve + in return gain harmony.
   Let all share these fine tune working details. So all that rebel can reflect w/the energy of our true human potential for each to gain harmony + com unites live the arts as earth becomes a beautiful piece of artwork, not pockets of holes as is where suffering exists.
  All are appreciated + can self reflect if able, if unable lets heal + let them still take part along the process all life has to go thru one time or another.
Peace is an option only then.

Seriously we appreciate ability to contact you; contact@securitycouncilreport.org
  To rethink + let us fuel your ability to support local `plans by locals becoming aware/supported by co_evolving Military/etc. as all network globally for earth + beyond., so all can then come home of choice. Sharing this earth + beyond in peace.
  I personally would like to fill a position to help here. I feel you people are not being efficient using your thought processes + are in need of new energy to help fuel peaceful solutions stopping all aggressive acts. Is this not our goal ASAP?? Your guidance is appreciated. I hear on the radio that you have a open comment period, yet i see no place to post this.  I appreciate it if you would share this + please email for further input + i appreciate feedback, setting me straight of how to become more informed + work with you??

Thank you!
Kara j l Lincoln speaking for our combined `effect.
Please see more detail of our `Transitional Shift Message Board/our plan, on our Nabble site `i come to talk story;