This is what we are do_in, please let it fuel you to act mindfully, do your local `plan..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
  Thank you all for shifting, + yes all are needed to fill in for each local `plan, where ever fortunate to be, for earth is our home, lets protect it from misinformation ruling..

I share a local discussion in the building, please let it fuel yours.

We are seeking students to help, donations to perfect or a grant, for this common sense should be in every school/community. + Governing bodies are yet to get it, so please help them realizing empathy is needed for they are programmed resisting each other w/no Governing harmony due to each have yet to become a local participant. So please welcome them in.

We need everyone to work at this, for we have the tools of the time, + w/love each can go figure, supporting.networking so we all become local, global + beyond mindful participants.

  What i see happening locally is superintendents/principals/teachers are leaving schools, people are shifting, so lets not waste energy bad mouthing, rather plug in + help go figure + use your local `plan as your rule of law. It will center + ground everyone to part time take part, heal + appreciate each other to co_evolve together sharing love.

   Here is what i'm sharing w/local SWOCC community college locally as well students globally, + please let it fuel all to do one's own;

      1 Universal sound science can show how to efficiently transcend the unnatural division between people + wilderness.

Our plan welcomes those that exceed the natural enhanced limits, so together all work w/sound science creating a local `plan. To restore one's natural enhanced ecological sustainable working community + harmonize. Sharing in solidarity what works w/neighbors locally + afar.

We suggest starting w/something that is familiar as in food, w/a local grown wild, food/fish/animal potluck. Sharing great recipes from the tasty foods, live music + real thought of everyone's issues as together w/students, all use one's community as an extended classroom.

  Our common goal is to balance + build w/agroecology/natural building/community services supporting those in need, so as to link one's genetic biodiversity w/neighbors, for the life that sustains us all. As large browsers fuel the path.

  Let me repeat Prof Miguel Altieri's definition of `enhanced;

   `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

It is this reason why so many have lower immunity due to not knowing, etc., vulnerable to the many pests that many fuel vs w/our plan each communities local `plan will regain balance , putting support in place for all to understand + take part.

 Together working at this for prerequisites + knowing when to do for self vs volunteer, all can become aware of early signs. Using one's neural processing peacefully. Meaning anyone w/premonitions need to edit + act calmly to turn negative into positive acts in real time, to prevent any negative insight from happening.

 If one does not do that then they need to be educated realizing all can maintain discipline over one's self sensory observation vs misuse/abuse.

If still resist, then one may be developmentally disabled or not understanding due to being programmed, carrying this belief as normal + requires sensitive skilled people to reflect.

Great sensitive skills are working for community services to even pay such people to self develop while sharing, prioritizing the local `plan. So no life is left behind.

   People go beyond jobs that whore exceeding the respect for all life, as they understand how to work within the enhanced local natural limits, that each take part in as all do an organic exchange.

This is what balances the microbial life to build each healthy community, linking good microbial life building pristine wilderness that can be managed + worked sensitively by locals.

  Removing all Colonial grids, all federal/state/county, old outdated policies not conducive to sustainable enhanced natural local `plan. + Prioritize living local w/one's local `plan that remains in a natural flow w/real time, where people heal, + work together. + Their will be no better education nor tourist attraction as all come to take part in love, empathy, feeling life energy as each take part, then to take home + do together w/one's community their local `plan.

 Welcoming all into one's structured living local `plan. Where truth + transparency holds all accountable stating the truth of the effects one leaves, so as to redirect + share so one activates one's neurology.

  So each are supported to self direct, leaving no footprint. As each support all to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening. That is how we co_evolve as a human species on earth now.

  Exploring beyond, cleaning up our mess + truly exchanging the unique bio cultural realities now the world gives us, when our biodiversity is abundant + in balance from the communities organic exchanges.

 Not imprison one to stay misusing/abusing in one's head or acts or even in prison. Thinking humanity needs Nuclear harm as is, waste abundant yet to rid, war modes + false green toxic, economies.

  Rather become a beneficial organism + work to heal + sustain creating w/humanities finest potential. Do it w/most efficient means as w/uniting eastern medicine w/western medicine. Leaving no one left behind to remain misunderstanding or unhealed, carrying others behaviors unknowingly, not cared for/mismanaged, when unable, etc.
 Nor fuel them to misuse/abuse as President Putin showed G20 the 40 countries + people in G20 fueling ISIS, when yet all should be working together to talk + help them understand there place, as each admit wrong doings, sharing options ecologically. So all realize healthy life on earth requires ecological balance or good bye Charlie.

Students everywhere can network working w/all. Filling in the missing worn torn links. They will show the reality of these people as all prioritize + continue to rid dysfunction, + balance w/one's neighbor, w/real names, dates, locations + sound science restoring as the biome(s) are rethought/worked w/Prof Miguel Altieri's agroecology/natural building/permaculture.

   Do you get the idea to work w/people that know the living world + how it works most efficient for creating healthy communities, so enhanced realities become real as common sense to all tongues, working within one's local `plan, linking the natural world in balance w/neighbors, globally.

    Where those that have dulled one's sensors now gain hands on support from students, then to reflect + transform as they feel life energy as one sharpens one's sensors then to come back + want to do an exchange..

   Look at yourself/look around you at the community you live in, look afar, is it happening? Yes in fragments, so please lets join in + link creating w/transforming w/humanities finest that is now available as we work w/traditional engineers modifying the technical non realities that do not priorities our human survival on earth, which requires this ecological enhanced balance from our organic exchanges. Not exchanges shipped across the planet or beyond.

    As in LNG pipelines layed across your neighbors path, reconstructing a river that already is worked, which will interfere more in locals, for a 800 ft ship to come in, this footprint is too heavy as it changes the ecology, that you are dependent on. That requires locals to balance w/biodiversity, not profits from depleted habitats.

 Every community still supports unknowingly, this is wrong w/our tools of the times. We can  hold self + others accountable. As we do a global virtual platform sharing stories to stop these scars from being continued.

  Each community can understand how to do an organic local exchange, prioritizing support for those unable, oneself to self help, as each interrelate part time restoring one's ecological sustainable working community. + Working w/students can exponentially make it happen.

  W/localized systems of low impact. As people realize each are required to interrelate w/critical thinking to transform one's community + co_evolve oneself along the way. Working w/respect w/one's enhanced natural potential, that sustains each.

Realizing large distribution systems + large alternative energy grids only interfere in locals ability, to live local, to down scale one's footprint, to heal, to self education within our true human potential, if all work for the real local `plan bringing local cottage industries for locals to sustain harmony as all life is respected to link, working at balancing pests, pollinating our local grown food to save seeds, no GMOS that don't allow seed saving.

 Where we hear collaborations being set up for peace talks of all sides. So intermediaries can interpret those not processing healthy mindsets, that are programmed, as humans are from one's experiences if no support in place to edit. So please have empathy + realize you can go beyond this as you work w/one's students + define the enhanced ecological potential that humans are interdependent on to gain mental clarity + physical strength for each local `plan, as  locals do it, not one from afar..

  Those pursuing/acting on premonitions thinking they will fight to Armageddon + fulfill the prophecy, is incomplete neural processing.

  As well those that feel they should attack w/the Military Industrial Complex, are uneducated or unhealthy, programmed from all the scars.

  Both beliefs are exceeding the natural enhanced local potential for locals to do one's local `plan + heal as each self direct, activating one's neurology.

  Working w/one's students can exponentially make this happen a lot more friendlier. As people in each community are picked out for misleading, interfering, resisting, misunderstanding, etc.. As others beam a light of energy, strength, clarity willing to share w/love, sensitivity + skills, addressing each misuse/abuse as early signs are worked w/giving real realities creating 1 universal sound science verbiage as common sense for all tongues to use, globally, sharing in solidarity. Showing one to gain self control, calming oneself, + becoming a local mindful part time participant, exploring, pursuing one's desires, etc.

  The international community can set up support for each community member now displaced, where locals are unable to resolve, due to such interference. As those involved should be held accountable locally + afar, when locals cannot. To help them as well all locals displaced.

  So students establish reality prioritizing in each local community, defining w/all local + afar displaced people to define where best + work with them on how to become a local participant working to do this local `plan.

  So as to efficiently support one's local `plan in the process. Creating more, going beyond jobs, rather real self satisfying careers. As each define oneself, home as well collectively network w/the international community, as part of the living local prerequisites.

   To best interact w/the living local process where ever fortunate to be, for the earth to do it's natural balance. As all are prepared w/neighbors for the ER disasters all face. Going beyond prevention + simply living `boon w/creating the natural enhanced exchange. As they work afar until can get back home, making it happen.

All Governing bodies must prioritize + end the Military Industrial Complex that leaves ecological footprints, along w/regulatory boards taking responsibility to be a local participant. Knowing one's local `plan. Holding people accountable for exceeding these toxic ill negative effects left when/before they develop.
  Ex: US EPA is correcting slowly their wrong doing, after much waste of energy from many good people holding them accountable, which all need to continue to do. Leaving no toxic effects, as they are prioritized in every community, which we thank all for. US Dept of Energy is researching wasting millions on large grids of alternative energy, thinking that is the answer when yet they interfere. This list goes on +in each local `plan students working w/community can fill in the misinformation + stop wasting precious time for people/life, are left behind in every community.

  All need to take part + realize one's importance in making creative productive working communities that harmonize, linking for all life to interact. + W/critical thinking, the answers are here to many, lets make them for all.

We know all can prioritize more efficiently these misunderstandings thru local tapering transitions as  students work w/all communities.

Their is no better education then to work for our earth creating upon humanities great options all have now + self sustaining collective part time w/one's community. Becoming happy to take part as each heal, sharpen one's sensors + gain self importance making this happen.

   As one maintains sharp sensors to `boon w/the natural world to do one's organic enhanced exchanges balancing ones communities, to link naturally w/one's neighbors, as each maintain one's own self sensory observations over the beliefs, as each rediscover one's inner tools + what is required for mental clarity + physical strength..

  This transition needs to be guided/prioritized for every community becoming aware of the communities reality.. So those most vulnerable from the pests out of balance, Nuclear radiation contamination, fluoride still in public water or lead, etc. to name a few resistances, not to mention developments polluting/ or being planned as in LNG at Jordon Cove, adding more pressure to the already out of balance local ecology.

    As i see Kathy Wahl from the International Port of Coos Bay was supposedly asked to work at the environmental study for Jordon Cove now, not to mention the working yard at the Charleston Marina has non compliant water systems/w/some kind?? of fecal matter sewage issues requiring, 500,000. to repair, etc. Please follow up on this to get details from her.

    For why is it that local community has to be involved when so much diversified investments to stay alive, as in buying the train business, when as in an entity cannot financially survive, are put on the shoulders of locals, when yet a local `plan is not being prioritized. Nor does parts of Governing bodies, allow locals to participate in voting?? + People get paid to supposedly do one's Governing jobs, yet want communities to take part freely?? This is wrong + can change. Especially when the Charleston Marina is supposedly a pubic business.

   Locally i have tested the fish at various times + it had Nuclear radiation contamination higher then background, same i ended up throwing away my seaweed i collected locally in Charleston due to also high levels, as i started to test few years after Fukishimi Dachii accident. I also see now that Corvalis, Or has one of the national high limits from perhaps US mismanaged plants/waste, etc.. Our - the sun will set, spreadsheet, on our site has a lot of good video/pdf's showing global realities, etc.

  Many are experiencing health issues now not just circulating the northern hemisphere as w/the Nuclear radiation, or toxic developments that need to go into a tapering transition before new developments to be permitted. + Only then should they fit into one's local `plan.

   Globally it is very easy to get on a plane + spread disease. We are sorry for so many + have helped many that have died w/cancers etc. suffering, as their flesh fell off them before they died, due to mismanaged western medicine. As well as i see the vets now also left untreated, as many where subjected to Nuclear radiation in combat in Iraq, without being told, then to bring home on clothes + transferring during sex, contaminating family, as it is accumulative..

  W/the viruses/bacteria mutating as we support developments/Industries without knowing the ecological footprint, we become part of the problem + now can become part of the solution.

   As one's immunity is depleted, it makes it more difficult to stay healthy as one's cells/DNA are attacked + cells mutate. If our genetic biodiversity is prioritized in every local `plan, then healthy pests would be their for us all, not allowing the pests to negatively effect us, both within our body, as well that which surrounds us all in every community.

    + Each would learn how to keep one's skin in tact w/strong immune systems, etc..

We ask for your support.

      To work w/students in a series of Google Hangouts, showing in real time as we start a local `plan in Coos county, networking w/neighbors locally + afar, as students work via like ecosystem/season + subject. Where local students network w/all using one's community as an extended classroom in real time, networking the greatness that is fragmented in each community.

  Filling in the worn torn missing links, fueling others by do_in a series of Hangouts to resolve, realizing all should accept nothing less then one's local `plan as a rule of law. No matter where one is on earth or beyond.

  SO neighbors help in time of ER crises + people gain more options as they sensitively + skillfully work their entire biome(s) w/one's neighbors. Ridding all Colonial false boundaries. Going beyond even prevention to simply live in joy, celebrating sharing along the way.

   False aid from afar must stop, redirect + work w/the local `plan as local tapering transitions are worked with helping all understand the fragmented science or none used permitting people to abuse/misuse the ecological limits in every community, as well oneself..

 Please let our plan fuel this structure, for every local `plan to create this living local reality, to correct the developments done wrong. So locals maintain local natural harmony.  Holding self + others accountable locally + afar.

  Where locals have first choice to invest as students network schematics, laid on the table for one's local `plan. Then to have local + afar investors make it happen, for locals to maintain + be paid fair exchanges. As the local `plan becomes the natural enhanced rule of law for that local community being the controlling interest of any investment. Which co_evolves in real time. So no one, has controlling interest. Rather the local `plan w/the enhanced natural reality does, as it maintains respect for all life w/balancing the biodiversity in abundance.

No more does any local or any one afar abuse/misuse the local `plan exceeding the ecological enhanced limits. + All can prioritize to end the negative toxic effects, now negatively effecting many locally + afar, before new developments.

 Make sound science link w/every community, where students fill in these worn torn links + rid/recycle, for the support of all life that sustains all on our earth + beyond peacefully.

  Thank you for allowing your large browsers to lead your path. + If lost all then see the mindset required to regain balance, going beyond prevention, so people simply live `boon w/the natural earth + work for all to navigate it, do_in one's homework, understanding the early signs staying within respect for the local `plan , living local where ever desire.

   This earth does not have a refugee problem, it has a problem prioritizing/organizing, stopping the scars from being continued on the planet + beyond.

  When yet we can interpret one's neural processing, fueling support for all to learn, do_in one's homework, where all realize all are important to come together in one's local `plan.

+ W/your support, we can do it now at all levels of education reaching out w/home schooled/private/communities/public, etc.

  We are happy to work with you + your students explaining more, while we are in your area, as net workers perfecting our US 501.c3 non profit, as a virtual platform, welcoming all to share the living local process globally, in solidarity.

Peace is an option if we share what works. This way you + your students/community can have more awareness to define whom + where + what is resisting + how best to resolve it w/early signs, working w/one's local `plan as a rule of law to guide.

Peace is our option if we share what works/what doesn't, + able people can comprehend + act on what can fill in one's missing links, recycle or rid correctly, that which never should of been produced.

  This then can work nicely into ex; Sarah whom is working w/SWOCC already on Bernie for Coos Bay + seriously debate how each candidate will support all to do one's local `plan, land fresh water from mountain to sea review, so as to create numerous jobs working w/respect, while using natural building restoring, balancing the bio diversity, healing/supporting people to self educate + take part, for all to create peace, sharing this earth + beyond in joy.

Love us at - i come to talk story.

Sincerely, i look forward to working w/all, kara j lincoln

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 11:19 AM, lynn mystichealer <> wrote:
Do contact Lynn w/much experience as a nurse, for more detail for you to fuel your ideas for your community.

I am hoping the NCC - New Community Coalition and schools that have Community volunteer training programs will help.

Also, Hoping the OFA group that stated the National-Community services will help this happen..
go to petition - put in the search bar Mystic-- scroll down to title:Community Services jobs bill@$2,600.00/month with single payer....  

Also, there is a EU group called = Basic Income Earth Network... has over 8 million in outreach to help us co-create the new earth PAID VOLUNTEERS community services with a basic guaranteed income of $2,600.00/month with single payer for all have value and we are all connected!

On Wednesday, January 27, 2016 9:51 AM, kara j Lincoln <> wrote:

I do know what you do Lynn, is good to create upon, but without a structure of locals defining a local `plan to guide, they will only get money + do as others say + yes your ideas would research + resolve, i just feel students can do it exponentially more energy efficient, working w/these ideas.

  Yes if paid by Community Services you speak of it could be completed, but i feel we have to put this understanding in place, showing people, if they work w/their community/students, + define this way by do_in a local plan, prioritizing all life, then humanities finest will be worked with, etc. Vs having to reinvent the wheel or stumbling over old policy/programmed isolated communities, etc.

   Our work has been defining the structure that every community can work with on earth covering basic survival into comfort, sharing harmony as each balance + link w/the earth + beyond, creating natural enhanced balance.

So i do not forget you, your work is part of the puzzle. + yes that would mean all our work could be paid for, wow!

   Not to mention many others left confused/homeless/good working people unable to get clear or pay one's bills, when yet local cottage industry would come alive + local natural grown/wild food/fish/animal would fill the markets as each community prioritizes agroecology planning/natural building salvaging what can as integrity is enhanced adding garden plots for business, ending food deserts, ending all GMOS.

Cheers lady, go where your heart is happiest + your man will be their, so together you co_evolve as you continue to share such good love.

Please see more of Lynn's ideas/working in US/Canada as licensed  nurse + more, w/many skills to fuel your needs + offerings. Lynn is here in Coos Bay to work making this happen.

   I, kara, suggested building upon the Oregon's already 211 telephone service, which has yet to respond to my updates that you can see in our posts here at - i come to talk story, check left column. If they don't it could be started by SWOCC.

Please see Lynn's ideas below;

  1. We need automatic voting rights FOR ALL (even those who have been in jail or those who are homeless).

2. Please make the legislation for my petition.... Title: Community services jobs bill@$2,600.00/month with single payer on the petition site-- put Mystic in the search bar and scroll down to this petition-----

These paid volunteer Community services/ jobs include all races, religions and genders, groups & 501c3s in every community to work together for the plethora of  jobs needed in every community.  PAID VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY SERVICES ARE NEEDED! NEW EARTH NATIONAL-COMMUNITY SERVICES with a BASIC GUARANTEED  Monthly Income @ $2,600.00/month with single payer!

USE the group ,OFA (Organizing For America -White House set this group up)!

Time for new earth health and human services, social healer services and GREEN civil services of all kinds (see petition for some ideas). Community Healing Arts and Transformation Service Centers open 24/7 ) are needed to heal all ( 99%) who suffer from PTSD and Mental Health Problems. There are billions of  body,mind spirit healers that need a place to gather in every community and teach others that need this basic guaranteed monthly income with single payer.  

 I was given an Oregon Change Agent certificate by 3 time Oregon GOV John Kitzhaber MD for my work with jobs creation in 2011!

Time to replace the paid volunteers for more armed forces with single payer and benefits. Our Armed forces are also tied to the war on drugs & robotic warfare with google earth maps. Time to shift the old punitive paradigm systems of the penal industrial complex, labeling and drugging our babies & youth, abuse, child trafficking, GUN VIOLENCE AND WARRING!  

We have internet and cell phones to make friends world wide. Everyone is being watched now anyway! We have the tools to HEAL, teach & train and pay people to become Community Service Men and Women without borders. Ten youth can get together and know they have $26,000.00/month to create their own,E Bay, ESTY - etc, etc.. sales and businesses that do no harm to self, others or Mother Earth.   Most college info is online anyway.  We can now replace the old banking and taxation systems that benefit the top 1%. with Paid volunteer community services. Thrive and other wealthy visionaries know we must shift our JOBS FROM GDP INDEX TO A GPI ( Genuine Progress Indicator) scale where we value each other, health care for all & UN DEC of Human Rights for all,  clean air,  clean water & food, and housing our homeless and recycling jobs, & pollution clean up and green infrastructure projects for mother earth etc.

A basic guaranteed income @$2,600.00 is  $31,000.00 / year without taxes to know that all your relatives, friends and elders have MONEY AND A JOB to work //volunteer at a heart and soul level for minimum of 3 days a week with single payer will help alleviate the economic terrorism, gun violence, coping with drugs  & alleviate the related stressful diseases. DIS-EASES ARE MOSTLY FROM STRESS.

Let's  unite humanity via every community for world healing projects, green earth projects and universal travel projects & co-creating  real democracy, freedom & social  healer services for justice for all. OUR USA can lead the way with our new earth COMMUNITY  Health and Human Services, Social Healer Services and GREEN CIVIL SERVICES!


lov ya, kara
Thank you for your patience,

    Google, non profit/Ed Apps, are helping us reach out via Adgrant.
Thank you Google, same Nabble, thank you Nabble!
                They both can offer much to you/your community freely.

 We welcome you to come reflect, comment where appropriate for you + link on
the sun will set spreadsheet, sharing what works for you + your students.
                               To live local, in solidarity, globally.

        Please take part + donate in ways most comfortable to you.
                                       Let our plan fuel yours.

    I`m here for you willing to do an exchange, if you want to help us reach out..
 We are seeking a grant, so please share us along your walkabout..
 come talk

 Peace, kara + mishi