The only thing any able person has to do is understand you are important to make change, accepting no one to do it for you..

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 In answer to Bernie + excuse my typos, for again i feel you folks need some help;

    Sorry Bernie but this is not the real world, but we can make it real by telling the truth, the real truth. Trump is missing some big issues but so is Hillary.+ They need to help us change all this.

   Tell us; Why is it that we cannot start over + change the US governing bodies, so no more does Rep Or Dem be only choice, not to mention the problems you yourself brought up being worked at to change. But you politicians are wasting a lot of resources on an entity that should revive itself realizing we live on a living planet. That requires no ecosystem to be isolated. The hell w/people's regulations/bylaws when they do not conform to our living earth + beyond, look at the scars, the suffering, the premature dead, the lack of research prioritizing, this list goes on, yet look at the funds wasted here in politics, shame on yous supporting it w/money.

  We are a US non profit not suppose to get into politics, but ya know what US Government gave us the non profit to support living local process,`enhanced natural communities, for all to share in solidarity creating healthy communities, as all network restoring one's `enhanced ecological sustainable working community. You politicians have blown so much, when yet so many are left behind, locally + globally. No one donates why? I could care less if you took my non profit status away because i say this, for it is time for reality + what you people say is very good yet very bad, as yous are fragmented + together we can become whole.

   I was hoping all could go figure out something like this so as to find your place in humanity, but your programming leaves you still fighting for more.

 Why does anyone have to accept old thought from delusional people that cannot respect 1 universal earthly sound science. Why does anyone need this so called political governing body the way it is, no thanks. The religions are not the answers either, when belief causing misuse/abuse, leave people unable to maintain one;'s own discipline over one's self sensory observation. Students everywhere can work to help make every community healthy when all work together.

   The President role is non functional, too much for one human being, same no more 2 parties deciding like undeveloped children. Look at how Barack could not get all together to work together. Yet lies/programmed false ways fuel emotionally disturbed people, leaving more high risk. We the people don't have to accept this non truth when as ex; our plan at `i come to talk story, working linking w/many to fuel options can support every community to do one's local `plan, based on working w/neighbors within reality of assessing one's entire biomes. removing the Colonial grids put in place from others afar, so locals rethink + co_evolve focus directing w/students, so once again w/real hands on, one can feel the living spirit once all life that truly sustains one's energy is respected. So education can harmonizing people w/reality of one's space. So all become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. Not fragmenting the non realities, thinking this is the only way, for get it.

   We have had too many scars on this planet + to see how unhealthy it presently is in some locations, shame  on those of you spending as you are. Our earth gives us nature to guide us, + for centuries bio cultural communities have been developed that work carrying such ways forward. Why are they not being supported, for they are the many that have kept our biodiversity in balance to link, so as to survive, yet many communities are bombed, destroying  life. Then we can look into the 10 largest corporations that gain from weapons of war, we can look at the IAEA that does not tell the reality of the Nuclear radiation contamination on this earth, nor warn those most at harm, let alone educate us of reality to protect oneself.

   Collectively work w/the tools of the times such as Nabble + Google to organize as in our plan, letting every community prioritize. So no more does anyone unknowingly support the Nuclear misuse/war mode + false green toxic economies. Rather our plan offers good ethical investments for locals to become aware to do the jobs sharing in the living local process. Please see more of our work + ask why none of these politicians are asking us to speak or supporting our non profit. Sure i get invited but this is not about me, this is about us having donations/grant/people in every community to be aware of what all must do together to enable each to self direct. + Stop the enslavement of not knowing, accepting misuse/abuse as a norm is not something we accept.

  Rather we protect our children being home schooled away from the false terror created from profiting. For we realize if you do what is simple here all are an open book + humanity has great medical ways to detect early signs so as to become aware of your community, helping them early on that misunderstand. + I don't mean force them into religion or fragmented science, but have their voice at the table, if none help develop it. If suspicious check them out, talk to them, look at their life, are they having unprotected sex, being a child having a child. This is common sense being over looked + they are not being respected to tell the truth too as we suggest all do now. This is what love is all about, it comes w/skill not just emotions out of control.

  Please realize all public schools should prioritize our plan working w/one's community as extended classrooms. No more following ways of people afar doing for people afar, rather do for one's local community preparing all to be a local participant, respecting one's local plan no matter where on this planet fortunate to be. W/all the oligarchs pulling puppet strings, + all the funds wasted from Hillary + Trump, not to mention their connections, look at the wars, look at the over what 900 or so US military bases on the planet + Russia has what less than 1/2 dozen, so why are you people being so naive to such common sense.

     We have a global human family to work with sharing this earth + beyond in peace, so all can be fortuante to explore one's dreams + walk into a community respecting one's local `plans natural `enhanced limits as Prof Miguel Altieri describes `enhance, giving you some fuel for thought;

     `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

  Working together humanity has answers yes to even realize their is no pest, rather we as humans unknowingly create them contributing to our misuse/abuse, as well our communities locally + afar as US Military Industrial Complex interferes in this living local process including those that profit from it as in Politicians, take a look at their portfolios, + welcome them to the table + show them how they are wrong as well those people that are right, work together please. Students can help fill in these worn torn missing gaps + they them self will heal along side feeling the life energy that comes once we sharpen our dull sensors, knowing when to step down, heal + become aware before interfering more.

   it is a sick mind that condemns anyone vs reaching out w/a helping hand to want to help. I have written to all candidates long ago, hoping to share awareness from humanities offerings, hoping they will rethink how best they too can help.

  NIAC is a good example of our Iran family wanting peace yet being accused wrongly, when yet we are self are doing so much wrong here in US + thru out the world, so Please lets get real + let every community define the wrongs + restore many good lives/jobs/careers by ethically changing the consciousness of all to work in solidarity sharing what works w/neighbors locally + afar. Ending the false toxic aid unknowingly as sharp minds walk by those in need. So as to restore one self + let students give hands on to then feel how your living spirit once healthy wants to give back.

   Put your students to work to define with you. So they are being prepared to realize how programmed + ill we have been at the expense of others profiting. It is time to make a difference + you can do it peacefully by saying no thanks we want to work at this another way + let you + your communities define what is needed as you prioritize those left behind + high risk developments that need your attention right now.

   We welcome you to come self reflect/link your living local process on our `the sun will set spreadsheet;

       We welcome all into a tapering transition, so as to make wrongs right, not blame but w/respect + creativity/harmonize making wrongs right within your human potential to truly communicate/network + celebrate along the way, start a local grown wild natural food/fish/animal potluck to start your local food sovereignty. Let it, live music + good conversation set your next move as you self reflect w/what truly sustains healthy humans. That is to take part in your life/your community. Sure natural food, saving your own seed, choosing your biomes' realities where best to grow what, prepare ER prevention + go beyond + simply live `boon with being a beneficial organism doing your part supporting/do_in natural exchanges.

   Even organic has gotten out of control using toxic marketing + pesticides, so please choose your real organic sources that are here. The many people supporting corporations supporting GMO's have no clue. See how toxic this mode is, they are investors wanting profits. Check out `Moms Across America, they will show you how ill children/people have become from all that is put into your foods from GMOS, not to mention the abuse trying to control farmers to use their seeds, etc.

    Let Nabble + Google help you organize so you can network + not stay isolated w/like mind yet all are wrong fragmenting. Gather your students, welcome all that even are doing wrong, + bring all to the table.

        Wake up people for Trump has only mentioned a few truths of how toxic US + the planet is. For in order to prevent cancers = all the known illnesses from Nuclear Radiation alone, one has to be mentally clear + physically strong, + that comes from all of what i say, not fragment any of it + you will discover a life's flow of energy + even if too late + suffering as many are left with improper medical care thru western medicine, then please realize Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor is one of many that you can call + get an opinion of another way to get in balance yourself or be more comfortable to die, if too late. + Yun will help your doctor as he has taught many.

     Network + you will see how dysfunction is being profited over + no more do you or anyone have to be dysfunctional led, rather make mindful decisions.

   Please see our `Transitional Shift Message Board on the spreadsheet page to fuel you + your community to work w/all people, changing policies while students walk by one's sides showing  the once leaders, that no able person should be led. Even those unable can be supported to have a voice + take part.

   Now we are talking democracy. That is how we can co_evolve the Constitution + live consciously humane in the present. Thank you all for what you can do with us peacefully. For if you do it as a terrorist you only support more of the delusion to profit + more get hurt. So please set the table + welcome all to talk, not just listen when you have something to say. Rather support should be prioritized for all to define one's voice + that can happen + is happening globally in patches. We know pockets without can self reflect if we reach out networking perfecting our virtual tool. So please share us along your walkabout for you + your community.

  After hearing First Lady Michelle Obama at the Democratic Convention on the 25th of July, i add this to her;

    Hello Michelle,

  I listened to your pain within, amazing what humans go thru + how long it takes to go figure to make it work.

I could only post this after hearing Bernie say this is real America;

With all you + Barack's potential i still can't believe you miss these important points, or please tell me where i'm wrong.

   While you where appears to be struggling as black people, we where struggling as white/Russian people. My father was born in Arkansas + his teacher would beat him w/a belt, that is all he knew so he did it to my siblings when they would speak up wrongly, i was hiding as i continued to hear screams. then on to my brother of 3 in + out of mental institutions heavily drugged then back on streets or back into a dysfunctional family. each of us out of 5 children had our own stories of misuse/abuse, but i won't bore you with that.

  Rather it continued as i left home to work to help at 13 or so, as no social support was in place to make wrongs right, so i continued to go figure how our brain works best, knowing well what i experienced was wrong  their was a right, well you can't shut me up anymore. Dad knew well watching Bill Clinton that he was gun slinging women chaser. As he later on would drive himself in a heart attack state quite a ways away, due to Gov Bill at that time having no ambulances in small cities, nor skilled police when my brother would hold family hostage, w/fragmented western doctors to care properly for my brother's needs, or anyone else's. This list goes on after seeing many suffer to death under medical people keeping good ideas in files never seeing a whole perspective of working w/real needs.

  As i helped many taper off of western drugs on to herbal formulas w/help of a few skilled guiding, then off the formulas w/similar problems my brother had, my brother was one that could not break the fear of fragmented help, so he lived several years, beaten by police/locked up cold turkey from psychotropic drugs never administered right,  w/several drugs/nebulizers/oxygen hoses + other mask to sleep in, when yet others tried to help but over powered from a system of dysfunctions. For each of my loved ones that died suffered in another horrible experience.

  I saw Barack + i told him this before if he ever read anything i sent to OFA to him, when he pulled your oldest daughter back as she was excited on the stage at his convention. We have a tendency to do that to our children wrongly as we carry bad behaviors as normal.

   My love had a different story in Russia, i share part as i've told before, he would come home from grade school, when he did go, either skipping to watch a movie all day for .05 or have to wait in line for food all day or see people throw tomatoes as they protested, then to see a huge truck come run them over, scoop them up not like Hollywood, body limbs still wiggling, then to see streets hosed down + back to normal. Putin has made changes yet i'm sorry Barack + him could not of worked as brothers + still could, for they could help each other so much more then what has been accomplished from this US dysfunctional Governing system that interferes in every community globally, yet aids those pulling the strings.

  Sadly those unable to find inner peace have yet to realize such programming + the negative effects left. But fortunately if look beyond our earth offers an abundant of ethnic bio cultural people that figured this out early on + many traditional people are still carrying forward ways that work that we aim to share on our `i come to talk story virtual platform being perfected w/your support. For the wrong people as in the peasants farmers/fisher folks living `boon creating the natural balance that every community requires are having their own land/seas/fresh water grabbed. While locals are not held accountable locally or afar.

   Nyeleni/La Via Campesina know well w/their stories globally, so please we have a plan to fuel yours, not dictate, but for you to rethink with, so see our `the sun will set spreadsheet + self reflect/share your living local process that works, so all can go figure, leaving no one left behind w/isolated Colonial grid programmed mode at the expense of others profiting due to one's ignorance, knowingly or not.

i see in your eyes Michelle, my experiences of left/right brain neural processing, you yet to find peace within, so please let our plan fuel you to support us to reach out to all + you will find your voice of calmness.

Sincerely peace is an option to all if we share what works..

 Thank you, love kara speaking for our combined `effect.

`i come to talk story

  p.s. Our mission is to fuel every community globally in solidarity to understand each can work now, not for our children but with our children. So they reflect seeing our misuse/abuse as well goodness to self direct, not pick up old behaviors we even yet to know are wrong still carrying forward our parents struggles. etc. trying to survive.

  Together we must prioritize to restore one's `enhanced ecological sustainable working community w/low impact localized systems for people to come to the table/or voice if unable as one supports them at their side, as each do one's local `plan working within the real `enhanced natural world. That people have to balance in order to link the people's true sustaining life giving genetic bio diversity, so as to co_evolve as a human species as each do one's organic exchange, for we are living organism housing trillions of life that require this balance to link w/neighbors, for our earth to continue the life + death cycle it does in a healthy matter.

  Yet so many have nothing in pockets without, nor know how to change it, many suffering living without the simple nuts + bolts are plan fuels for each to restore via obtaining one's local `plan so all can have  fresh clean drinking, washing, sanitation w/natural water, air, soil, creating own saved seeds for local grown natural wild food/fish/animal. As so many profit from Nuclear/war modes + toxic economies totally unaware or don't care of their effects left.

  Look into the people behind your portfolios/investments/your own ecological practices that fragmented science has wrongly permitted. This all can change ASAP we all stop being ecological whores + gain awareness from the many now trying hard to help, as each come to the table accepting nothing less then to understand such priorities to properly care now for those most vulnerable protecting all unable, stopping the misuse/abuse from ill understandings.

  In order for our children + oneself, to have an earth that is healthy for all,  not just patches bought or patches of people working together here to share this understanding yet support is needed for us to perfect + reach out. For this is all an able person needs is to understand, for no ecosystem is isolated + those that speak of America alone, are babes in the woods my dear Michelle, + thinking America is the best is also fragmented. Sure in our travels we see many wanting the materialism America has as they are blinded to the soil below one's feet. We network in our travels seeing many suffer due to this delusion. Which no longer has to be, when yet all can make it right + have the opportunity to work in solidarity so all can go figure + do one's homework.

  We do not want to work as some have asked us to define the pollution in the local river, we want to network so communities everywhere work w/one's students to be fueled networking so each can go figure one's priorities, for not all the issues of the times are effecting each. This is your homework to do w/your community + we want to help it be easier so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Humanity has answers now to share earth + beyond as a beautiful piece of art, as each create in harmony calmly flowing w/the natural life energy free to all to fuel such work, once the fear of baggage is cleared out. Enabling all to self direct where no one does for able, only unable needs so each can still interrelate + be part, as i repeat over + over again, for this works.

Peace is your choice..

 Peace + love kara speaking for our combined `effect.