The Monsanto Protection Act is an outrage + petitions are not the answer, we must go beyond + resolve this inability, for many US legislators to not get it..

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please see Jeff`s hard work as well.

   Jeff we `ve got to go figure another way to resolve this, for US gov needs to realize we are not interested in on going waste of energy then to have to repeat. this happens when we have no neuro networks based from a natural intuitive organic foundation.

we can associate + prioritize our local natural food sovereignty, going beyond realizing our life is interdependent on the genetic bio-diversity of every community to be in balance + then link the micro biomes + large browsers trans boundary migration, giving us good health as our  balanced environments become our best medicine.

+ we know how to put our hands on to make this happen + share this earth + beyond peacefully with simple respect for all life.

this is a grave dysfunction + waste of resources from US gov participants that get paid well, when yet due to these whiplashes using bad science, many are left behind struggling.

this we will not accept.

please see Jeff`s email + lets do what we can for serious change;

Kara --

Thanks to you, we won the first battle over the Monsanto Protection Act. It is due to expire on September 30.

But like a bad zombie movie, it’s coming back from the dead.

Republicans in the House voted to extend the Monsanto Protection Act as part of the must-pass budget bill that will keep our government operating past Monday.

The Monsanto Protection Act is an outrage. It allows big agricultural and biotech corporations to ignore food safety regulations and sell genetically engineered foods even after a court order to stop.

Please join me, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, and the Daily Kos Community -- sign our petition and tell Congressional Republicans that you oppose the Monsanto Protection Act.

We have to act now to stop big special interests and their extremist Republican friends in Congress from running roughshod over our democracy and our courts.

Sign my petition today: Tell the Republicans in Congress that the Monsanto Protection Act is wrong for America.



Senator Jeff Merkley