Tell your Senators please look favorable on lasting peace w/the North Korean Treaty!

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CODEPINK we respect all your work!

Please all contact your Senators, read this note from CODEPINK;

    Our friend Christine Ahn said it perfectly this morning: “peace is in the air.” We couldn’t agree more. Not only did the Singapore meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un result in a pledge of “no more war,” but President Trump even called out U.S. - South Korea war games as provocative and counterproductive.

In advance of the summit, the Trump administration said that an agreement with North Korea will be in the form of a treaty. This means that it will be up to the Senate to ratify. Can you take a moment to contact your Senators and tell them to support a U.S. - North Korea peace treaty? Let’s take this opportunity to finally end a 70-year long conflict!

The fatal flaw of the Iran deal was that it was not a treaty and therefore didn’t require ratification from the Senate, so it was very easy for Trump to withdraw from the agreement. As we move forward with our opportunity for peace with North Korea, we are hopeful that this time diplomacy will hold firm. This is not about Trump or party politics. This is about the hopes and dreams of 75 million people on the Korean peninsula, as well as the best interests of the American people.

Having begun his presidency with threats of using the nuclear button, the success of Trump’s meeting with Kim is all the more extraordinary. Now it is up to the Senate to do their part by supporting a treaty. Send a message now to your Senators that you want them to support a strong and lasting peace with North Korea. Ask them to look favorably upon the treaty.

History is being made, and we are proud to be part of this moment.

Towards a new era of peace,
Ann, Ariel, Brienne, Jodie, Kelly, Kirsten, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Natasha, Paki, Rita, Sarah, and Tighe

  `i come to talk story's post we share here;

     Thank you for all your help in making peace for all!

   We are perfecting our virtual global platform to simplify our plan for all to create upon and do one's local `plan and come share, fueling others, as we seek those in need of exchange! Knowing well humanity has answers now!

Peace can happen w/in, if we work together, not to mention a focus on organizing/networking! The tools of the times are here to perfect, and we welcome you to create upon our co_evolving ideas for every community to be used as an extended classroom, working within the student within all, so as to recycle and rethink entire biomes w/neighbors, using agroecological systems as a movement. Please see and support SOCLA! They in Latin America and around the world know best it works!

     As each community gains awareness to do one's local natural food/localized energy w/NO large grids, clean fuel/technology based on indigenous values of being good stewards for the earth and beyond, sovereignty! As all work in solidarity exchanging what works/what doesn't!

     With the time we have left, considering climate change has already injured many and Dr. Guy McPherson speaks for many scientists stating if our Govs/people do not act globally ASAP, life on earth will be gone in 7.5 years, and we presently are losing 200 species each day. Dr. James Hansen is leading the science in `Our Children's Trust, a lawsuit against US Gov, due to them not acting mindfully w/priorities, please take part! Same w/Jamen Shively working at welcoming all on Hangouts on youtube, same Dr. McPherson, to make a difference before we leave earth as well after, so life on the planet can one day come back long before humans if even ever possible, as they are thinking of what can be done, from refreezing the Arctic to decommissioning the Nuclear plants so they don't leave earth likes Mars. And Dr. McPheron also counsels grief w/people processing all this, for media is not sharing his work, yet our students study this same science he has taught and still works at. So we must all do our part to weed out the controversy and work w/all to do what can, so please reach out to all you can!

 It appears w/the time sensitize problems on the planet/energy directed to resolve as many are not focusing when should, and already people experiencing climate disasters, and as in Methane release as in Lake Kivu they are trying to resolve a very intricate balance that could be deadly for the few million surrounding people, if they have a problem or if the Methane itself left alone would have blown. But even now the companies failed to wait for results and shy of a depth they should be working yet choose to go ahead. So is this the examples of the volatility we all will expect on top of the death of species including us as humans in this time. As well being in the 6th mass extinction, yet look around you and ask how Gov is sharing this w/us. I'm constantly bringing this to their attention globally! But they need to hear from us all w/respect but w/truth and good suggestions, etc..

  As well w/working in leaders that are abusing human rights, the world has put them in as puppets interfering in locals ability to vote one in, or people in power have stolen the position or manipulated w/other leaders/corps/people, globally, or you have the small pockets of humanity doing whats right, that we aim to support! But we also have to be aware as in my recent fear of Pres Paul Kagame becoming Pres of the African Union, that he should be held for war crimes against Humanity, same Pres Bill Clinton, that a Spain judge is working to hold them accountable and others. Same as Kim Jung_Un as well US Gov as Bernie Sanders just said, to go to war without approval from Congress has to stop and US is now at war in I believe he said 74 countries. Let alone what has happened from all the corruption US Gov has been involved in causing the many refugees globally to be so mistreated, etc. When our plan focuses on how they too can be a local mindful participant in this `transition we all have to awaken too.

    So whoever is a leader now yes needs to be held accountable but also as an earthling all must take responsibility for the people under one and collectively as earthling need to stay in the instance and work w/them in their responsible positions, even if they not. Tell them what you feel if can safely, help them understand what is right and work together for their change and changes for humanity to work within earth/space natural systems.

   We all need to request our leaders to create open platforms for all to go figure how to do this w/respect for all. For no one can blame 1 person when we all have been quilty in a variety of ways as human dysfunctions left unaware of supported such corruptions, etc. And together we must heal/correct and prioritize them.

And Believe me we started `i come to talk story, after I was very ill listening to the Rwandan war over shortwave as we crossed via sailboat the Pacific Ocean on our way to Africa, then once in Australia heard of the news and came back to help our dying family. So this recent news from a Judi Rever as a Journalist as well the Judge in Spain wanting to hold Bil Clinton accountable also, I've had to again overcome being ill and working this so together we all respect each other and work w/our communities globally. To best sort, this out and work w/whom can get to the ultimate of people being corrupt not to be in a position that anyone would have to be interdependent on. Especially w/those unable to get free information over the internet, etc. to realize we each have the innate power within to be one w/the universe no matter how controlled on is locally, to do one's best to get free of such control. For I too facebooked if it was true Kim Jung-Un, when Pres Obama refused to, for I wanted him to know that not all of us agree to US policies and shared with him true work needing to be done by us all, etc.. Here is Ex;

      We can while alive be kind along our path, as all can build as one walks it calmly working thru one's baggage seeking one's opening. Collective w/your communities you can work w/your students/student within self and all! Prioritize to remove all toxic, climate change, monitor Nuclear radiation, holding Gov accountable to rid Nuclear use/waste and aid those vulnerable. While all give/gain, support to restore one's ecological `enhanced working healthy communities, w/neighbors. Creating more than a job rather heal/self-develop and do what can to save life on earth as we all celebrate, sharing along the way, knowing what all are doing is all we can until new secular science co_evolves more options or take what has been taken from the public from the many that have done good work long ago! Ending false aid from afar!

Thank you all for what you can do and what you do to help us make this happen as well as many more patches of great work being done around the planet as we network! Sharing w/pockets without, for no more should a scar continue to be made, as together we focus efficiently on as EX our plan for all to do ones local `plan, and organize/network, prioritize toxic, support healing, simultaneously ending Nuclear use/weapons of war/Military Industrial complex and prioritize being consciously humane for all life on earth now, heal, and support those without/unable collective, as we have a plan!

And we thank the many supporting us to do this!

Peace, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined ` effect...

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Re: Tell your Senators please look favorable on lasting peace w/the North Korean Treaty!

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If you want to talk human rights abuse I share a post w/Bernie Sanders;


"THEY LIE!" Bernie Sanders' BRILLIANT Takedown of Trump & the Establishment's Illegal Foreign Policy

Shame on you all, shame on us all!
US Gov does not know how to not have a war economy! As well all countries could end this false security thinking weapons of war will stop war, when it is high risk to have them.
What you people have done/continue to do w/allies, has amazing karma you will pay!

When yet you could make wrongs right w/the survivors, let every community do one's local `plan as our plan states. Africa deserves to be free as well as all earthlings. It's time to rewrite the Constitution to no longer allow lobbyists that pay those of you in Gov that ecologically whore for profits, over building healthy ecological sustaining working communities. New Constitution to shut down the Military Industrial Complex and all Nuclear use and clean up the mess left on earth/space, if even possible, in time? Let alone help the many in every community left behind, supporting our plan for each community to do one's local `plan to resolve, prioritizing what toxic, exposing who is doing what as well resolve locally and afar holding them accountable to step down, heal, make wrongs right and each can see the facts of what they did and continue to help, but no more Governing positions.

Shame on you for not respecting science that our children study, as `Our Children's Trust has to sue US Gov to act on climate change. If nothing happens very quick changing climate change, Dr. Guy McPherson states human life will be unable to live on earth in 7 1/2 years.
Nuclear plants need to be decommissioned so life will be able to once again live on earth, if it does not turn into a Mars from Nuclear plants being left to become another Fukushima, but rather a Chernobyl. It's nice to see men willing to do what ever it takes to preserve our earth now as well after humans are gone from it.

Shame on you for allowing such pollution, when yet many scientists have done such good work and your not listening or mindfully acting w/critical ER attention! US Gov has lost it's respect long ago, as many have no interest in your corruption and what you do now leaving people behind while spending all that you do on Military Industrial Complex. I don't know how you can sleep at night?

What about the Congo/Rwandan experience? And to see this WW3 go on w/out support is most terrible and these people may soon be held accountable as truth comes out ;
These people spoke to Congress long ago, yet still many support war crimes as well illegal mining.
Pres Clinton to be charged.
Pres Kagame killed so many and true war criminal yet supported by  US.

Judi Rever's book that made her to sick to write for a few years until she had to share it;
Paul Kagame as Pres Of African Union should not be!

I ask Pres Putin as he tweets me showing himself w/Pres Paul Kagame;

    Please help me understand how you are processing this;
 and I share above thoughts of what needs to be done unless you have a plan;


  So please add to this juggling act!
Peace, kara j lincoln
  The lies here from US inspectors are inexcusable. Must you think the American people are really uneducated? These people deserve support as their truth comes out!

Many have links in almost every country where the US and others have done wrong, killing many, destroying habitats,  polluting w/Nuclear radiation, etc.. When yet 200 species a day is becoming extinct and humans are soon to follow! We are in the 6th mass extinction, yet many are unaware and unprepared adding to the many left behind already!

Dr. Jill Stein did a lot of good work showing how wrong US voting systems are, yet many of you spent a lot of resources blaming Russia, same w/allowing Pres Trump to do what he did to Iran was wrong. You people have no right to do any sanctions!

As well treat refugees as you do,  as manipulation interfered in people's communities leaving people upset that could of been resolved by talking to them, making wrongs right! Vs attack all these communities you have over time, Shame on you! When our plan can help rebuild, by exchanging in solidarity what works, for humanity has answers, even though US Gov is very dysfunctional! Many see no reason for it to exist, and especially not support Israel as you do.
 Plus it needs to stay long enough to clean up the mess you've made. And all continuing to work in it is also responsible! How terrible to do this to our earth and life on it!

We the people ask you to ASAP support all you can to end all toxic, and prioritize with us as you become local, global and beyond mindful participants, and do all you can to work w/Dr. James Hansen's team and end the children's lawsuit and show the children some good role modeling and tell them you are bringing all scientist together ASAP to save the life now, by opening a transparent platform and working w/every country on earth!

A new Constitution will bring in nurturing sensitive skilled people to support the local `plans as the best rule of understanding, as communities restore ecological `enhanced healthy working communities. Sharing earth/space in peace and cleaning it up, doing all that is possible to end climate change/end toxic and collectively see that all get one's needs met along w/the communities. We have a plan for all to create upon, to do this.

Peace and I look forward to your answer/support in creating upon our project!
Sincerely, kara j lincoln.
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
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