Survival Celebration Camp for Sustainable Earth 2013..

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          i invite all to take part locally + share with our neighbors + link what works, as we come together in solidarity..

+ lets link these movements + focus direct for efficiency;

         you people are so good + together we can get a global group to parallel the gov, while we unite with them in a tapering process. meanwhile we can then share locally what works + link.

      i`m asking Nabble if they can handle a global network if we do research + email to all global schools, reps with no schools + no communities.  + we will restructure with students as they gain specifics of reality in real time. sharing solution. as we simplify this.

     i see no other way, then to link good solutions as good inner tools are exchanged with the international community that also wants to live local + network.

     i like when good people are do_in to help others in need, vs blaming or fragmenting wasting energy, etc.

     i refuse to succumb to what is. changes can be made  for we have great solutions that we will tap into. + if gentle students do a local walkabout as we focus together, giving hands on to those left behind, then no other education can be better to reflect with as they see the transition due to their participation;

        people awakening once have needs/rehabs in place, communites get naturally restored within good gauges as with Miguel Altieris agro-ecology, permaculture now folks (which i`m seeking good ecological assessments for i think large energy farms are wrong, rather small is good + i like Masonubu Fukuoka`s work, did you review his 2012 doc from others on you tube;

you + lily take a review if haven't;

 prioritize local food/medicine sovereignty as students co_evolve curriculum + after these local prerequisites be prepared to explore + enjoy as they share this earth with simple respect for life. as they then choose furthering their education vs remain confused in delusion with present curriculum that is contradictive of gov/bus irrespsoncible acts.

goodness can be simple if we share what works.

        yes i would love to have all people take part in making their local communities harmonize. sharing the process, taking responsibility so no negative effects left within, locally or afar, as with gov/people unaware now.

 did you see Baracks Peace project? OFA (action, to further use all that took part in campaign OFA (america) + inviting all to make peace happen? perhaps this could work with their tools, but 1st i`ve asked where donations are going to what? for no way will i pay legislators, rather they need to come back as a local participant. then people would not be needed, for all these unresolved issues.

they could then work with reality. so i have worked hard holding Barack accountable. but now Barack you have to talk to us, so we can do this together, so i can then refocus as i continue to edit + restructure.

 i have not been on top of Hurricane results for Sandy lately, but i hope all is going well. i reached out as much as i could, so let us know..

as our neighbors Idle No More appreciate some reflection too..

+ On 3/11, we will mark Fukushima day by using as little utility supplied electricity as possible. Unplug Nuclear Power. see link + join;!/groups/108310856002089/files/

please add where appropriate + here, what we can bring to the discussions..

love kara