Student loans, good jobs, and more

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Re: Student loans, good jobs, and more

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thank you Jeff for what you can do, for we all are in this together, please let us help you listen more gently, number 1, i asked you to post 1 time for this platform which puts this post or should on front page, vs. me having to take my energy + delete all the posts that are not necessary in my email. thank you + i know mistakes w/computers can happen.

please take a review of what together we can do now.
see document;


i would like to add that students are stuck being whip lashed as sound science is not being used as students study one w/out dated curriculum, then to experience realities of the resultant of people/businesses not having to comply within the respect of the natural world`s enhanced limits.

      as i refer to Prof Miguel Altieri`s agroecology framework that can set this path of socio-economical + political support for our educational institutions to reestablish these ecological assessments as they take part in restoring our natural working ecological sustaining communities.

      we propose for students to take part as we focus direct, as they are welcomed to come include their local community as their extended classroom, together, we can network our global solutions, as they search like ecosystems/season subject, bringing home thought to trigger all to rethink + define what works best locally.

      as they organize structure for all to be supported to come to the table + all voices heard as well triggered to rethink as we have a `plan.

      this `plan does not include large grid solar, wave or wind farms, rather low impact alternatives as supplements as all become aware to work the seasonal biome(s). as each human made barrier is removed + only the natural world`s biodiversity, w/respect for cultural diversity to fuel this path, now creates 1 global sound science that all tongues can understand.

so we now are do_in just this as we study + construct a form thru Google drive as we work as a US 501.c3 non profit with the support of Google + Nabble.

  + i must say we have worked thru this yet to fund raise, making it difficult as we reach out + help all in our path, due to people being lost in the fog. yet we reach out trying to make yet a more simple way + have, with all the research we have done.

       so coming soon will be a tool for all to build upon as we link sharing efficiency for our students to have what they deserve, as they take part in making this happen, realizing the importance of interrelating transformation, sharpen their sensors, rather then be isolated with misuse/abuse as many are left behind.

please come see our Google site to share input for how you can be best represented as you share a category you would link under, as we suggest local students welcoming all people to come in + do their walkabout along their side, for their personal self development. which opens all kinds of positions as we give hands on, volunteer working to collectively restore our communities to live local. so we all become mindful local, global + beyond participants.

       their is no better way then to have students take part in defining the ecological assessments of sound science to over ride the fragmented incomplete science that has permitted misuse/abuse. then welcome people to create together + see the local tapering transformation of those exceeding natural limits + then tapering back, as we hold our selves accountable + others not just locally But also afar.

             then as a rep come share, reflect + post, so all others are triggered to do the same.

   especially considering all the dysfunction presently existing in all entities, as many good folks are trapped over worked + this can end as students fill in the missing worn torn links as they walk by ones side. again opening many new positions that are much more worthy + fulfilling creating careers vs folks lost thinking they need a job, vs. serious interrelate inner personally, ridding their baggage + healing, along with awareness of self development, stopping the mode of riding on others wave.

      the focus + funding is out of hand for lobbyist in government + businesses, which will end. for an aware person gathering, networking will feel the life energy that has much more power fueling solution oriented options as our links will share real experiences of what works.

          our `plan seriously shares our hunting gather insight. + if we are to co_evolve as a human species, we must become aware of how to `boon with the natural world. we ask all to take part to make this a comfortable transition + ask you to share with us what can work for you, your community w/your students coordinating, defining how best to co_evolve with us, protecting your privacy, as all simply gain respect for the life that truly sustains us. ending the war mode + false green economies.

  Jeff i bet anything that your parents working hard as mine did, also never expected people to build products/services that where processed removing good nutrients to sustain their shelf life, or mine local resources then to ship them around the planet abusing all life in their path, as they legally got permitted + still are.

  well we do not agree in this waste as well any support for any one should be supported first to understand the footprint they leave on the locals before just getting a grant, subsidized, or aid given afar, when yet locals are not being prioritized for their real needs to be rid + offerings to be exchanged, as they can be + we will support this network to link these solutions to trigger each to rethink + define what their biome(s) enhanced potential can do.

   for the large grids/farms are not conducive to the natural communities + interfere more in locals ability to define their natural potential which our students can assist. as each find their voice as they reach help w/sensitive skilled local traditional engineers, sharing what once worked so sound science fills in the missing links to bring it to the present + sustain it w/good locals building + maintaining, not others from afar.

    as i ask all to take part + be vigil w/ex; the Sustainable Energy For All, program thru UN, which if i understand right wants big money to control large energy grids, + that is wrong.

  so ask yourself do you want to continue to support the problem or be part of the defining solutions that exist now in patches globally + we will link w/these pockets without as we peacefully resolve, helping people understand we do not need a war based economy + end it. + right now we ask you + President Obama to be working with President Putin as a human family coming together for serious world issues, to end this high risk of weapons of war + stop the industrialized military all together. we have enough scars still effecting every local community, globally.

     + this project linking good solutions, good movements already do_in can trigger everyone to rethink as we use our good tools now + reach out to every local community, globally.

  we ask you all to join in what you feel most comfortable to share + help with for we want to make it so this works for all, Google`s site is helping us build spreadsheet to link + we want to know categories from you for you + your community to come share/reflect + Nabble`s site is open to us all freely for you also to organize, then they sell advertising to give it to you freely, where us as a US non profit they don`t + they both are helping us reach out w/ED Apps;



     peace is our option + we can redirect the programmed energy, supporting all to build their path as they walk it into one`s opening, not anothers. please use all this to your advantage that we do + share.

          lets all give thanks to the many not so fortunate as they are given respect for the great work done carry forward the lessons as we fuel ourselves to co_evolve, not carry the same misuse/abuse as we can build new neuro networks by setting a focus to prioritize what sustains us.

     every community, have a fresh local grown, natural/wild food/fish potluck + support all to come as students coordinate/interact w/community, bringing up local sound science as they support all to understand the local enhanced natural potential, defining their real needs now aiding them to sharpen their dulled sensors they had no clue of early signs, etc. + make it an event to trek food + story back + forth, continually. so all the real local issues get brought to the table + resolved as locals structure their local `plan + resolve. restoring local natural functionality as you create + maintain your working sustainable communities. fueling all to explore this beautiful earth + beyond. ending the fear based misinformation/homeland security + many other entities that will be no longer needed as local people are supported to find their voice, take part in making their space.

  Mark Lakeman + many are having such workshops so please check them out;


see some important issues needing attention for we appreciate your input;

  thank you for sharing! kara j lincoln

                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
                                    Our Google site;

         Please Donate to our US Nonprofit Association,

                           `i come to talk story

  Email kara; title DONATE and if need a tax receipt, please give us your info and we will send you one.

                 Thank you, for making a difference!

                    Love us at `i come to talk story