Stop the illegal logging + trade, support the Lacey Act..

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thank You Sierra for bringing this to my attention!

People, Ask your representative to support funding and implementation of the Lacey Act!Take Action!
Take Action!
Stop illegal logging and illegal trade!

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a tree is illegally chopped and stolen from a forest and no one is around to see it, does it leave an impact on our planet?

The answer is yes.

Trees, which filter carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe, are some of our strongest defenses to climate disruption. But they are disappearing, due in part to illegal logging and trade in illegally cut timber. In some of the most vulnerable countries, as much as 50-90% of all logging activity is done illegally, depleting priceless forests.1

 Thankfully, there is a very powerful U.S. law on the books that helps to stop destructive, illegal logging and trade. The Lacey Act helps curb illegal logging and creates jobs in the U.S. forest products industry by eliminating illegal and unfair competition. Members of Congress are trying to weaken the Lacey Act but we can keep it strong! Ask your representative to support full funding and strong implementation of the Lacey Act!

Illegal logging and trade of illegally cut timber causes massive deforestation, drains resources from the American and global economy, undercuts law-abiding American businesses, feeds climate disruption, and hurts communities worldwide. The Lacey Act helps ensure that illegally traded wood doesn't make its way into our everyday wood-based products.

Help our climate, and help businesses ensure they know where their wood is coming from.

By supporting the Lacey Act and calling for its strengthened implementation, we can help stop illegal logging and illegal trade.

Thanks for everything you do to protect the environment,

Ilana Solomon
Trade Representative
Sierra Club

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[1] Illegal Logging, Greenpeace International. 30 January 2008.

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