Step By Step we can talk to Iran, as well all + unwind, what even US should also do as we rid weapons of war..

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Folks, please see this National event that you can participate in;

                               Oppose Diplomacy-Killing Iran Sanctions (S.1881);jsessionid=C209C29D8DBD4FB642018AE0BF5F3E0B.app365b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=317

    the US has manipulated the American people for a very long time thinking we are fighting for democracy when yet a hand full of folks are going after financial/power, as they interfere in true good work that many are do_in. a good ex; is JPMorgan having to pay just a stipend as they get away doing much fraudulent acts, now, same as did in previous world wars, why?

   why is it the US leaves such negative effects on many in the world, meanwhile allowing locals to get away with such acts, the simple public could not. the bankers should not be allowed to conduct business once it has been determined that they did wrong. nor should lawyers continue to protect them as they make deals. this is not democracy.

   nor is it when US has the military bases around the world as they do, as well more weapons of war then the entire world put together. this is insane.

only proving how disorganized we as people in the world are to continue to support it.

+ this is why we continue to work at a platform to link, reflecting with ways that work so we stop supporting the many systems that have come into control, that many are trapped in.

I share Jeff`s response to Iran`s continued sanctions that many would like to see continue. yet why are these people even supported to hold a responsible position? when yet many are actively working to unwind the web we all took part in unknowingly.

thank you Jeff + please share + continue with all to make good communications so together we free our self of weapons of war.

Dear Kara J,

Thank you for contacting me about the Iran sanctions bill proposed by Senator Menendez (D-NJ). I appreciate hearing from you and having the opportunity to share my perspective.

At this time I do not support additional sanctions legislation because I share the views of many foreign policy experts that it could undermine the ongoing negotiations and weaken our multinational coalition, ultimately making less likely our goal of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  

I believe that a nuclear-armed Iran is the single biggest threat to American security, and that our top national security goal must be to block all Iranian efforts to build a nuclear weapon. The single best way to achieve complete dismantlement of this program, including ending construction of a heavy-water reactor at Arak and ending enhanced enrichment of uranium, is an airtight negotiated agreement, accompanied by protocols that provide extensive, intensive, and continuous verification of Iran's compliance with the agreement. Sanctions on Iran are critical to the success of this effort.  

The comprehensive set of sanctions already in place brought Iran to the table and I have strongly advocated for such sanctions.  Should Iran renege on agreements or should negotiations fail, we must aggressively reinforce multinational sanctions. Thus, I will continue to monitor the situation closely and stand prepared to double down on our sanctions effort should the current negotiations fail to generate the extensive and verifiable agreement needed to end the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts regarding Iran with me. Please know that I will keep your views in mind as circumstances develop.
All my best,

Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator