Soon updates on co_evolving an earth-space message board, so share what you would like to do and see!

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We have some great ideas being worked but also due to a few Human errors and scams our schedule has been delayed!

  But do please before I share more, you share what you feel can make you or I or us a better informed and interactive being, as together we become local-global and beyond mindful participants!

Peace is real and I've been sharing w/a few Gov leaders, seeing how they are Human, as us all! And really could use, as well us all, our new plans sharing Humanities, in a nice peace platform w/skilled intermediaries aiding reality in real-time w/simple basics for restoring healthy working communities!

  So share your vision!

   As well I'm exploring message boards:

        Nabble can we truly use your formats once we have one skilled to know all your offerings and how best to use what?
I'd really like to do this with you, after all, we've been thru a lot over the years!

Thank you all for your input!
love, kara