Shame on us US people/Presidential debates..

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American people, Global participants, shame on us all for not prioritizing truth + transparency unable to prioritize as everyone inefficiently pulled ones own way or agreed. When yet look at the resources all have spent on these elections except for Bernie. Thank you Bernie!

   But i still say shame shame on all for the inability to organize efficiently + the secrecy from the world regarding the Nuclear radiation contamination now in US + globally migrating in Northern Hemisphere + most likely what you have been sneaking into Southern. Yet not even mention real issues being worked at along w/research needed.

When yet if honest you would be testing regularly every community w/costly Geiger meters defining then whom is most in harm + what tools best for whom/equipment, vs. expecting communities to co op the expense + have to test every day food that you allow into this country wrongly as Hillary negotiated w/Japan after Daiichi Nuclear accident, then to have bad science w/dosages increasing, as well food outside of country purchased not labeled were caught or good testing before entering. Wrong!

When can better regulate w/local commercial people working thru the over regulated misinformation, in fisheries/hunting, so as to balance letting the large browsers lead our path for each community, vs F+W doing as they recently did kill a cougar w/mixed signals when experts said he could of been relocated.

Everything the Gov does is aggressive + you wonder why children + ill people get mixed signals hurting self + others. I appreciated anything said about change for peace, thank you.

Working together for true sustainability, + i don't mean large alternative energy grids that i see Dept of Energy consuming big bucks in research when yet locals know of what works, yet you want to support people w/pieces from afar that interfere in locals ability to live local. Shame on you Barack on your watch! + Shame on any of you that think we can diversify from fossil fuels into another hedge fund large alternative grid, no thanks that is not how natural building works.

Rather natural building respects all life + works to regain natural genetic biodiversity for our migratory life that sustains us does its job on the earth. This ecological balance must be carried forward w/sound science globally, not fragmented + permitted via manipulation for profit. Where is your heads at, certainly not for our earth for our children to sustain.

  Seriously the earth + beyond demands 1 global verbiage of sound science, so each community works w/like structure to create natural balance, this is what our human species requires if we are serious to have a home for our children's future.

   Some of us are too old + won't be as effected, but it is a hell of a way to live the golden years when dying of cancers, etc. I've helped many + no fun. Due to mismanaged corporations pursuing profits over ecological respect working w/nature as the best rule of law.

No mention of this why, when high on priority list of the radiation limits here on pacific coast, thru out entire Northern hemisphere. Not just due to Fukushima Daiichi accident but also the mismanaged US Nuclear plants leaking, etc. Our - the sun will set, spreadsheet on our Google site gives many links, as the US gov has known of all this reality for a very long time + keeps manipulating the healthy limits + allows the world to exceed our healthy limits, including US Nuclear plants + products used as well for the Military. + US leaves radiation contamination behind in wars. Shame on you!

   Meanwhile children play on these abandoned spaces/equipment, Iraq good example + look at how you bought Marshall Islands in exchange for waste to be dumped their + how they are living now, shame on you!

Not to mention awareness in time w/commercial fisheries/hunters, etc. selling fish to to the public here, totally unaware of the need to test. When locals should plant own w/out GMOS so each community stays in control of such dangers + rid risks, as they prioritize. + Our student program we can fuel w/your support has efficiency to focus direct not loosely allow disassociated energy funnel thru people undeveloped. We can harness this together + w/early signs pick out those of high risk. + This you do not mention, you just jump to gun control, which is also important for no weapons of war should be allowed anywhere. Only for respectful hunt.

So ask yourself how did all become millionaires?? What have you supported wrongly unknowingly, well know is your chance to make it right, for we have a lot of people left behind, in the fog unable to process. Yet we know all they need is some support + students can give hands on for them to sharpen ones sensors + then the students feel the life energy that transforms as people come back wanting to do an exchange, that is the human spirit.

So if you fear terrorists, then think again of your own paranoia + how you contribute by interfering in other communities to live local, as you profit yet in your delusional mind think you are needed to protect us, protect yourself + lucky you we welcome you to rethink w/our platform + happy to fine tune if share + support us to help you develop the educational system within every communities true potential, leaving no one left behind.

+ I am not Arnie Duncan thinking of special schools when every child, every adult w/undeveloped child within, deserve support to self direct + self develop w/ones local `plan, preparing them to live local where ever fortunate to be on this planet + beyond. Our public schools working w/all types of schools can do this very well w/our plan for each community to do ones local `plan.

   As well prioritizing good health, testing needed for Nuclear radiation contamination/toxic chemicals + developments exceeding the natural enhanced limits, which each community can work w/these people to work back in, as they gain sound science to understand. I can't tell you how we work w/Indians in Canada abused by Gov, as well w/ La Via Campesina knowing well how US developments/people land/seas/fresh water grab leaving environments destroyed taking funds back out, leaving locals without.

  Shame on you that don't hold self + others accountable locally + afar. + Yet US Gov supports other Govs w/out holding them accountable for human rights abuse or even ones own citizens, to make it right. BArack i'm ashamed of you w/what i hear of TPP + more after all i've shared w/you, thinking you understood being on same page. Same w/everyone else wanting to do global business this way when you interfere in people's ability to live local. We the people will not allow this without simply saying no thanks, no more will we support this greed that yes we all created wrongly, creating the 1%.

  Well 1%, come back + help us so you become whole + w/our plan w/your support, you can still if you choose, make sound investments, but this time locals will lay it out on the table, students exchanging schematics, knowing in time real time natural restoration + management by locals for locals.

  Wall Street/World Markets, please join in w/us as we can make investing ethical by working with every community local `plan, rebuilding a peaceful clean earth + beyond as we continue to explore without war.

  In every community in US + the many countries we have traveled thru, people are suffering now. + Now we must prioritize the Nuclear radiation contamination high on every communities list; test w/good tools + real limits known from the many w/scars from history as researchers know exactly how it harms, collectively this can be done efficiently, test the food, stop it from traveling around the country + rather share in solidarity self reliance w/natural locally grown foods in a variety of ways in every ecosystem to sustain communities to flourish w/good health building immunity as they take part in this local `plan we speak of that students can orchestrate, as they continue to test the soil, dust (In Japan contamination has spread to Tokyo in the dust of people's homes, on the children's shoes from the soil + they ingest it unknowingly as they tie their shoe strings), test the pollen, fog, snow, mud, so children don't play in it that day + parents can redirect their scheduling.

Making this a lot easier than the energy now being wasted in worry. For Japan Nuclear engineers that teach the edx online Radiation course, knows well in their experiences exactly what each tissue of what organs can handle, as far as dose of what, before cancers, leukemia, loss of hair, cataracts, mental retardation, etc. It all happens if good immunity cannot stop it. Yet the Japan Gov will not allow doctors to tell families why children are ill w/radiation that requires instant procedures they are not doing. Yet they talking about profiting off opening Nuclear plants, like they do here in US too. Shame on regulators using bad science allowing manipulation for profit.

   It's time for old unhealthy mindsets to step down + heal, so you then can come back + help the younger, for we all need each other to have sharp sensors to make this all happen, everyone is needed to self adjust, go within + reflect + find your space or let us help you. No one should waste these kinds of funds as you candidates are doing.

  We must co_evolve the Constitution for efficient respect to all life for now times, not just 1 change at a time, rather serious debates as students in every community define so we seriously stay in real time + co_evolve together, leaving no more so many ill/undeveloped due to another's greed or misunderstanding w/bad judgment. As writers did in their time as some being slave owners, they did what they perceived, + i think they did it seriously for us to continue what we perceive w/sharp sensors, knowing that slavery is no good, so that shows me, they already fragmented wrongly writing the Constitution, yet look at how so many fight over it + profit still. We need to stop these scars.

  We have the tools of the times to make them better to network. Thank you Nabble for helping us + Google. Although we yet to get donations due to no one coming forward yet, + we continue to work very hard w/very low budget to do this, knowing it works as we share w/many without. Google has given us an Ad grant showing our ads of what we speak of  to date 5,947,532 times, + we will perfect this once we get some salary from donations for this US 501.c3 non profit we choose for you to help us, for we have used all our funds continually over 35 years.  + Your US Gov banking policies of past stole much from us, not to mention unethical justice system.

  Iran now deserves respect as well all people coming to the table on serious priorities that face our planet + beyond now. Yet Hillary you are worn + very disrespectful like a undeveloped child the way you throw your weight around w/these men. Rather a good woman supports her men + vice versus, so all work together. Sorry i have been a stupid woman, allowing abuse + have learned that humanity offers us a wealth of information to self develop by, + i suggest you stop misleading woman + realize all must do ones homework to be equal. So all work together, vs. all these women's rights issues.

     When we have human issues in need to be worked at.

  Yes students networking skillfully w/communities can make a list + make changes so Supreme Court is in for maybe 10 years only + new energy stays in real time w/ecological processes of this living shifting real earth, in every community, not old mindsets to profit making decisions + manipulate. As in voting for  you Hillary just to have good Democratic Judges. Forget it, let's make changes so you become a real beautiful woman knowing well where you can best learn + help vs interfere as you have.

You people are undeveloped children doing this mindset mode. Please stop it now + awaken to the natural real world w/the many priorities we need to focus on together. So each community does the work, not continue blindly but network w/skillful people as Prof Miguel Altieri's offerings vs Bill Gates mode of chasing technical delusions.

 These lessons from the bombs have been unbelievably hard for all to see the miscarriages/monster babies that live deformed, even Chernobyl people still need the world to help. Let alone think that experts say Fukushima Daiichi could be 3 times as bad, yet Chernobyl lost 25 million people so far over 25 years.

As well those soldiers that came home from the Iraq war unknowing that US gov used depleted uranium in bullets, yet did not tell them they were contaminated + much more secrecy. Leaving them to come home w/radiation on their clothes contaminating their family, let alone having children passing it on unknowingly.

Shame on all of you for not stopping now this fear + redirecting resources wasted now from being war mongrels if so, like Hillary not interested in respecting Pres. Putin/Obama/Assad + all to end these wars globally. Taking resources to every community to do as we fuel at, for each community to test have tools + prioritize what can for what real issues, interrelating self adjusting awareness, staying in time as we create 1 sound science globally for all to get real do_in ones local `plan + resolving what can + researching in priority this insaneness regarding the Nuclear radiation contamination. So as to prevent more suffering/premature deaths + globally help our human family respecting all life.

Each community can help family planning, so women already pregnant can be protected from radiation + children relocated with those most vulnerable as in fetuses/pregnant women/children + ill. + No child should have a child, when can have a very early abortion + better yet good awareness learned early on to prevent bad choices,+ learn what true self responsibility is all about.

Enough scars you all have taken part of + blindly all of us, sadly. But no more for we know we can build + maintain good immunities if fortunate in some areas + we at - i come to talk story, will continue to reach out, w/our limited US non profit budget now hoping you will see how good this can fuel all to rethink + mindfully act, giving us donations to fine tune the support where we have experienced already people being lost in all fields. W/our help students will fill in these worn torn missing pieces within oneself + ones community + gain credit, Preparing them to walk anywhere.

When yet you billionaires do such harm I ask you to come support us to support these ideas w/your help.

Lucky for you we take responsibility + as well hold you accountable, + welcome you to join in your local tapering transition that can be created by your local communities working w/students using community as an extended classroom, where ever you develop/live.

Let fuel every community to live local + do ones local `plan to get to the truth + prioritize research where needed + network.

So in solidarity, every community globally exchanges what works/what doesn't, sharing their earth + beyond in peace.

Stopping all Nuclear use/war mode + false green, economies, including large grids/large distribution systems.

Rather only w/natural building w/localized systems of low impact, can then students network via like season/ecosystem + subject creating good investments for locals to manage living local w/ones biome(s) w/neighbors helping in exchanges.

No more false US aid, No more exceeding the natural enhanced limits of ones natural world, rather locals managing to live local so as to balance the genetic biodiversity that has fueled the many bio cultural ways that work from the beginning of time. Yet many have disrespected these traditional engineers, when no more can we pursue our head without grounding our bodies to the earth. So all link for the true sustainable energy to all from working the earth + beyond within it's natural enhanced limits, so as to sustain ones harmony as a human species.

This is what you can do now supporting education, as they fuel solutions for ones community to live local, learning early on how to assess + take note of those unhealthy that can injure oneself + others. + Heal.

 We have a chance to build new lives/new neural networks to deal w/such atrocitices of the times.

+ We welcome all of you to rethink w/our research of what works in patches on this planet + if we connect w/the pockets without, no one will be left behind.

You war mongols are ill + we can help you heal, but you have to make space to do your homework + students/skilled can help.

So we all gain support to become mindful local, global + beyond participants.

We look forward to donations to reach out, as we suggest this can be started by communities having natural local grown, wild food/fish/animal potlucks, starting this transition w/what is familiar to people, as we tell the truth + listen to all, so all co_evolve oneself via simple reflecting from the simple people we are fortunate to have to help guide.

Only then can people feel this energy that is real + go within to edit ones baggage, knowing well we all can make change for the better w/support in place.

peace is our answer if we share + work together efficiently, let us fuel your thought, kara

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Re: Shame on us US people/Presidential debates..

In answer to Bernie Sander's question on how to protect people without undermining the US Constitution??

    Easy Bernie, We the people, for the people, by the people, co_evolve the Constitution ASAP + not just 1 issue at a time but we the people work at it as every community across this US/Globe restores priorities, as we suggest in our US non profit to guide at so reality in real time makes good changes for the healthy natural enhanced potential to be restored ecologically sustainable in every community working w/ones neighbors. W/localized systems w/low impact for locals to network skillfully + manage staying in real time.

Their is no better way for people to free oneself from whoring jobs that have destroyed the health of much life, as many in every community are suffering, Not to mention no more should US Governing bodies interfere in other locals afar ability to self develop, as we share what works/what doesn't in solidarity. Is that not the true definition of a Democratic Socialist? Bernie please w/us all rethink + let us all work together to resolve, so we share this earth + beyond in peace. Taking despair + turning it into opportunities to heal, self develop + building ecological sustainable working communities, working within one's enhanced natural potential.

 As students organize tapering transitions, creating 1 global sound science to fill in the worn torn manipulated corrupt sciences that have been permitted. So we end these scars of the planet. Bernie it is your responsibility in this role to tell the truth. As all prioritize where can appropriately + mindfully act. No i cannot come to Iowa, but i can help in stories as this.

Bernie, why are you not bringing up the most secret reality the Governing bodies are not sharing to the people, especially Hillary. Look at these links as an example, so people can become aware to help you + oneself/family + neighbors, etc;

This is too crazy for Governing bodies to not tell the truth to help resolve, research, test to prevent as people can know everyday by even buying a Geiger meter at less than $400. to at least acknowledge + compare back ground levels/subject, as they change, for only very expensive tools can be precise + rather then spend funds on the Military Industrial Complex, our communities deserve the reality checks, so each can help prioritize critical issues of the times that are facing many.

For the frail, pregnant women/fetuses 1k times more sensitive/children girls more than boys also very sensitive, are so vulnerable in the Northern hemisphere + in some places very bad as they live in Nuclear radiation contamination at higher levels. From US mismanaged Nuclear plants as well other countries.

Geiger meter readings can help define food one eats/if children should play each day; in rain, snow, mud, pollen, fog, as well can eat the food even locally grown + how to improve ones immunity, for everyday the wild changes as well what happens locally, some spots worse then others.

As i tell parents to cooperatively share a Geiger meter to get updated idea of perspective, + sure only very ex[pensive ones can give accurate readings, then Gov regulations change acceptable doses, so people have to look at the scientists/specialists doing work defining low doses effects + good work is available to rid the worry + act mindfully, so no more fear making people more ill. Rather all must stay strong.

If you saw a reality map of US alone it would blow people away. For ex;s like this locally + globally are effecting many now unaware;

Do check out our the sun will set spreadsheet as we compile video titles/links/updates + appreciate you people linking; Not to mention see our proposed plan to work w/one's students to seriously do a local `plan + let us fuel so all focus direct on some priority common sense for good healthy communities, networking knowing what can be done.

Thank you for what you can do now to start what can be done working together, as you welcome your students + focus direct with them!

love us
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  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
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