Senators to Obama: Get approval before keeping troops in Afghanistan..

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A bipartisan group of senators wants President Barack Obama to seek approval from Congress if he wants to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan after this year.

Leading the charge are Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah; Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.; and Rand Paul, R-Ky. They introduced a resolution Thursday that would require authorization from Congress before Mr. Obama could commit any American troops to Afghanistan after 2014. Combat forces are  scheduled to come home by the end of the year, and remaining troops would shift to an advisory role.

How many U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan?
"The American people deserve a voice in decisions of war and peace," Merkley said. "Automatic renewal is fine for Netflix and gym memberships, but it isn't the right approach when it comes to war."

Future of US in Afghanistan

 The White House and the Pentagon are mulling how to wind down the war that has dragged on for more than 12 years. The bilateral security agreement being negotiated with Afghan President Hamid Karzai could keep some U.S. troops on the ground until 2024. A competing proposal would maintain a residual force for two more years. One plan would pull out the U.S. contingency altogether by 2015.
Mr. Obama and his military advisors "should bring their proposal to Congress so that it can be fully vetted, debated, discussed and approved or disapproved ultimately by the elected representatives of the American people," Lee said.

Even Karzai has consulted with tribal leaders as he tries to forge a way forward, Merkley noted.

The resolution does not judge the merits of keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the senators insisted, but rather is meant to give Americans a voice in the costly process of sending American soldiers to war.

Public support for the war first started in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has fallen drastically in recent years. Only 17 percent of Americans say they approve the war, according to a CNN poll released in December. A vast majority of Americans want the troops out before the end of the year.

Manchin is in that majority. He declared the mission "completed" and said it's time for the troops in Afghanistan to come home. Those valuable resources could be spent in the United States, he said.

"If you help us in West Virginia build a bridge or a road ... we won't blow it up," Manchin said. "We'll be very appreciative. If you're going to invest, invest here, where you'll know you'll get a return on it."

The group of lawmakers backing the resolution stretches across the ideological spectrum. Lee is a tea party firebrand, Manchin is a conservative Democrat, Paul is a libertarian who opposes foreign intervention and Merkley is one of the more liberal members of the Senate. The coalition confirms a longstanding sentiment in Congress that presidents should not have unilateral, unchecked power to deploy troops.

Last summer, Mr. Obama faced a stiff rebuke from lawmakers when he asked them to approve airstrikes on Syria after a chemical attack killed nearly 1,500 civilians. The proposal, which was poised to fail in the House and faced an uphill climb in the Senate, was called off when a diplomatic solution was reached.

Merkley, Manchin and Lee introduced a similar resolution last year that never received a vote.

this is our response

 shame on all of those in Pentagon + govs around the world that make weapons of war that leave destruction on mother earth. to see the Generals shopping for weapons, given a budget of extreme waste, hearing delusional tactics for marketing for naive people to support them to take innocent people to war is a twilight zone carried forward from the past. soldiers come home without their own mindbody, yet you folks continue to prioritize profit over unaware people struggling.

rather then to establish good peaceful communications within our human conscious humane potential, you allow ill neuro networks to continue to gain control, profits, delusional feel good modes, this list goes on, leaving negative effects on all life in the war path.

shame on any of you that don`t speak up for the end of all weapons of war to be made, + used.

once we complete our restructuring global platform at - i come to talk story, we will help people see another way as they reflect w/what can work as together we share what works, as we work w/ local students assessing the who is doing what where. so we hold our self accountable locally + afar.

we want to gather real story for we refuse to accept the lack of transparency that has hidden these worn torn links, that others profit from.

we have a plan to trigger thought + happy to share how each one of you can come back + be a responsible local participant, so we all have the opportunity to become an aware local, global + beyond participant.

with todays tools we will leave no one left behind.

please co_evolve + come into our proposed tapering transition, where weapons no longer are needed + people exchange locally what works in solidarity, so locals everywhere can gain own sovereignty.

so lets ask the question of this exchange of our troops, if want to be part of building community leaving weapons behind, as they come back to their local community + make it work + then share thru virtual tools, help this get set up, then sure let each responsibly decide for them self as we efficiently rid the scars of the past.

drowning ones grief w/other folks blood can be healed as we redirect + harness this disassociated energy.

come talk it is amazing what our combined` effect does when we have compassion to do a walkabout w/our students, w/support in place so all voices are transcribed as facts are simply understood.

peace is our option + we can set the stage to build new neuro networks for each to calm them self, this is our human potential.

please co_evolve w/real time, + thank you for what you can do! kara j lincoln