Re: Please Use as Example + rethink; Keystone XL shows unethical manipulation from our Government officials + no respect around the clock, sign this petition now..

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Well, if i get this right, you think i should quit blowing hot air & sign your petition? Like get involved, get active.
Afraid the warmest, heartfelt support i can muster, and some platitudinous philosophical overviews, is about all ur gonna get, from me.

Folk used point to a thousand points of light. Nowdays it's a thousand points of toxic puke.
I know, u gotta start somewhere, yada, yada. However (not only am i lazy & paranoid) i kinda feel things are actually bigger & simpler than fighting each, every pestilent point independently (not that there isn't enough of us to actually do it). But it's likely tactically more diversionary, & undoubtedly futile at this stage of the game (however short term fulfilling) to try salvaging all the chicken little parts. The general public may know this, effecting an insouciance, so to speak.

Historically, yours is likely a fools fight. That is, until the underlying causes of an epochally long, recurrent corruption, unending social demise is understood & remedied. That's my focus, lazyness, eh, whatever.

Until then, it's tribes only that can work. However, tribes and huge pathological monsters won't/don't mix.

Asides, u think it's healthy for me to have my name attached to anything within a country with eighteen (yes, eighteen "" openly listed intelligence agencies?
Consider myself a low quality paranoid, but at this point i think i'll keep my name to myself; overseas stuff i r more openminded. 

Apologies if i misunderstood,

On Feb 14, 2014, at 10:09 AM, our combined` effect [via i come to talk story] wrote:

 thank you Raul,

 but i also suggest we people supporting change need to be a bit clearer so our regulators work efficiently + stop knit picking issues such as this.

   especially since their are so many of these manipulations due to unmindful acts or serious liars. so it comes back to people needing to go to local planning when they propose 1st that this party wants to do business.

  how many people take part?? that is why others manipulate when no one stops them. but where we cannot blame people is the fact that people are trying to survive do to all the negative acts taking place, that have left many in the fog, ill, died prematurely, land/sea/fresh water grabbed, etc.  + gov officials/regulators/licensing boards/planning they all get paid + why are they not do_in their job??

    so lets get real here, all of us, if you are doing a petition then rewrite it so it is real + we get to the focus at hand, people don`t need to be bothered when yet so many are stuck. these petitions seem to keep people busy while yet others negatively continue to act. if we are going to organize lets do it efficiently. so please lets all rethink here;

     w/even worse consequences as w/fossil fuel, coal, natural gas if not done right, industrial agriculture, weapons of war + hedge funds, now being manipulated as well many in the past, that we must welcome into our local tapering transitions that we proposed in our restructuring at  i come to talk story + let this trigger you to rethink + act.

    together we can make 1 sound science to over ride this fragmented science that continues to disrespect all in their path, including how they exceed mother earth`s enhanced limits, leaving negative effects on all life.

  it is this kind of continued irresponsible acts that contribute to the war mode + false green economies, can you just imagine where the money is in the Syrian conflict + all the others, irresponsibly acting this same way.

               follow the money + truth will be discovered.. along w/other stuff is a bunch of bull. our local students can define in each local community the effects left w/good sound science projections once we prioritize our local natural food sovereignty. this path will then build new neuro networks to define our choices once we reflect w/ others via the many networks we hope to link with that are do_in simple natural sustainable living. once we collaborate/organize + share the early signs we can all become aware of, we will go beyond being lost with subjunctive discussion + act indicatively w/our human family in solidarity.

                if we organize we will understand how to change this.

               lets hold our self accountable now + others, as we act.

    please have a potluck w/your community, read our many proposals for i come to talk story`s `aloka platform for our restructuring to trigger yours. come find your place. contact your local regulators, legislators + President Barack Obama +

      share ideas to offer them, as you tell them in detail that we must do our homework w/our students can network, so all on same page via like ecosystems/seasons + subject. + together can define these hidden agendas, misinformation + start local tapering transitions for all businesses to be ecologically monitored regularly in prep for natural changes along w/support for others experiencing the negative effects already elsewhere. that we collectively need to help get real w/data. we have many scars to reflect  + they do not have to continue.

  to not be clear w/the Syrian peace talks is just another example of how our Gov is not do_in it`s job for we have shared good solution oriented options that could help define this. so it appears without transparency that we all need to rethink for people are allowing this conflict to continue for others to gain, while others stay in confusion getting hurt.

  this can also happen to you. or your family down the road, the longer these delusions of bad science continue. + it is not weapons or more troops that will stop this. rather it is getting real w/how each gov supports whom directly + indirectly.  
     we need transparency so locals gain understanding of what they are doing.

         whether giving those w/continued aggressive acts;

                      military know how or troops/funds/weapons/subsidies/tax breaks/loans/etc. stop we can go figure as all stop all disrespect for other life, for their own as they destroy the mother earth that sustains us all.

  how brain dead, how dull have we allowed our sensors to become that these scars of the past continue, when yet we have fortunately good indigenous traditional engineers that still can fuel our path so mother earth regains here respect. as sound science creates curriculum from them, as w/ Prof Miguel Altieri whom can fuel the path of ending our global food crises. so we understand the Bill Gates Modes + others that contribute to it.

    we have ways that work + many good folks to reflect. so it is your choices to walk your path as you build it into your opening. you can either walk it w/your delusion that was passed on to you, thinking it was normal as our past generations tried best to survive while ill people left their scars, or check in to your self + ask;

  are you maintaining your self sensory discipline over this belief that we easily can carry thinking it is the only way..

 we must have compassion + awareness to fuel our path + we must realize the range our human mind gives us unwantedly, if we fail to learn to edit our self, make calm space, take a breath of fresh air if lucky enough to have it. choose to stay present w/what you feel + ask yourself what is it from, another or myself, + stop riding on others wave. we can rid our baggage, so we can stay present in the moment w/conscious humane acts. yes even our self control our misuse/abuse while becoming aware can be done.

  we can reflect while prioritizing our focus on what sustains us collectively, use our young minds, our students full of energy + even those unaware can redirect as they reflect seeing so many that have allowed their sensors to dull, ill, in need left behind. + that student within never developed + develop it.

many people in US don`t see the rest of the world`s true state of existence on a daily bases or the depletion of the habitats they struggle in. so our proposed platform wants to share this story. not just suffering but how they co_evolve it, take a stance of real humanity + make up ones mind to edit their own baggage. vs. carry their grief thinking hurting another will make it go away.

  yes we are failing to understand some basics of how humans work best + what we can do to heal, vs be trapped in those that misunderstand chasing profit..

  well it is our choice to yada away lost in fragments or get real + do our homework on our self. + do_in it w/our local collective community can make it work more friendly.

     so come talk define how you want to find your place as you do your walkabout + please share us along the way.

  right now i`m studying Google Apps for ED/non profit to gain insight on a few collaborating tools to do what we speak of. those of you already aware please let our thoughts trigger yours to act now. we have put up links to share. from what we know can work if we work together + live local establishing early signs that are more easily controllable by our self or local community.

  Barack you stated in your speech that you where asking VP Joe Biden to connect universities w/community to restore, so please send him our way + i am happy to explain more as we partner for mother earth to lead our path as we define in every local community sensitive people to interpret mother earth as her rules become sound science;

   kara j lincoln email; [hidden email]

 for this conduct below that Raul states is a just another example that must stop ASAP. we have been whip lashed enough as our students learn 1 science + people/businesses are allowed to buy another.

 so please sign the petition below + do what you can in your walkabout as this all triggers your thought + lets work at this to go figure so even petitions become a chore of the past.

rather people that work in regulatory positions must be held accountable or removed + we hold those above them accountable to end these irresponsible acts leaving negative effects. that many when do get punished severely. both have to be handled assertively, so as we restore the functionality of our natural sustainable working communities, locals rethink + find their space + self develop. ending the dysfunctional rehabs/traps that waste our resources, + leave our people unaware of the fact that we all can change our neuro networks + realize we all are needed to make our communities whole..

   we can enforce 1 sound science that leaves no hidden agendas if we welcome our students into our proposed restructuring. they can help us define these worn torn links + show the local facts of every community, giving us transparency to conserve our acts. so we go beyond + harmonize as we reflect w/the many great solution oriented options those simply living natural lives on our earth gives us.

please come talk + define how you want to participate at  i come to talk story for your self + your community so together we go beyond these irresponsible acts below..

their is a lot of controversy that each community needs to clarify as when an existing business is licensed + not monitored efficiently/responsibly w/sound science;

     preventing negative effects or a proposed pipeline/fossil fuel/coal/natural gas/alternative energy grid/industrial farming vs. low impact solution oriented option leaving only positive effects. working with locals do_in their homework w/students as we propose working w/in mother earth`s enhanced potential. so local live local vs. another controlling them from afar, or the waste of goods going afar or the large grids causing more waaste during mother earth`s natural changes, etc..

 when people come together, supported so all understand the facts of sound science working within mother earth`s enhanced limits, no more will money over ride this.

+ for those folks fortunate to not have any of this, they then on our platform are willing to reflect sharing yet another way that works. + it is these fragments that every one offers that all can do their home work with.

ex; Cristian Paunescu
@Cris_Paunescu tweets on twitter to us;
@patchestalk You got it wrong: @RepRaulGrijalva @BarackObama must APPROVE KXL. Good for both countries! Why not reduce coal?

+ again my response Cristian show us detail, for this whole issue is too generalized + the point is our government gets paid high prices + they should not allow anything but sound science locally or afar.

  we are working to establish tools to fine tune what is being exploited wrongly from all sides, for i have no desire to continue filing petitions that interfere in locals ability to know their own facts + act on them.

  i sign this petition saying no to KeystoneXL because of the way it is being pursued with so much bad science + disrespect for the good folks do_in their job correctly that are not able to act on sound science that does exist. this has to stop.

 but Yes Cristian, coal is bad, along with what i state above. their are many incomplete ecological assessments being done or in past not done. that if we do right, mother earth will lead our path if we respect her working within her enhanced limits.

 Please read email from Raul;

The State Department inspector general is still writing a report on the multiple corporate conflicts of interest TransCanada failed to disclose to federal authorities, including work it had previously done with Environmental Resources Management, its handpicked contractor, which wrote the environmental impact statement for the State Department. The EIS should have waited at least until the inspector general's work is done. It's hard to evaluate a document whose credibility is still the subject of an audit.

I know you agree that corporate tycoons shouldn't make these decisions for the country, especially when they lie on their paperwork and aren't held accountable. Now we have to tell the White House how we feel. Please sign my petition today to stop Keystone XL and say no to blank checks for oil companies.

Unfortunately, some members of Congress -- including some in my own party -- are trying to pressure President Obama into approving Keystone XL in order to please dirty energy companies. With a decision on Keystone XL expected soon, it is critical that the president also hears from grassroots-backed progressive elected officials who know that Keystone XL is environmentally disastrous and should be rejected.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition to President Obama urging him to follow through on his promise to fight climate change and reject the Keystone XL pipeline?

Thank you for your support.

Rep. Raul Grijalva

 Sign the petition ►

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            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking..
 good folks are building this network by linking eye-to-eye..
          sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works..
         come talk..    
                     we appreciate your participation..            

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Re: Please Use as Example + rethink; Keystone XL shows unethical manipulation from our Government officials + no respect around the clock, sign this petition now..

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thank you for your thought my friend!

  it is people like you that have served this country in Vietnam, as well serve your community now, that are needed to help us all go rethink.

  your awareness i invite, even though i used Credo`s  agenda. for we have to start somewhere + their folks are do_in what they perceive to work best.

   it appears the American people have been so programmed + scattered as all of us are doing vs do_in efficiently to organize for simplicity. so i thought this would be one way to show this example.

   paranoid, you are not! rather your ability to process information is very good + sadly as lovee says you are reading too much internet, that yes is real, but remember people mostly use it due to not having a local life that is the best.

           which this forum has been our goal to bring people eye to eye back into living local. even if it is temporary, for plugging in locally gives us fuel to redefine our center as we sharpen our sensors that we allowed to dull.

                        then to give us clarity to enjoy until we choose to move on.

  sadly this is the problem w/our gov. they have been programmed for too long from all this fragmentation + need us to respond for efficiency. Barack`s OFA/Fellowship are trying to do just that. but working from within the gov trying to make these changes will not happen until local community plugs in on their end.

   this is why our proposed restructuring w/students can in an interchangeable role gather w/community to then update w/their representatives these issues as together we focus direct some generalized priorities to channel some simplicity for solution oriented options.

   this is why we continue our `plan of studying Google Apps for Ed/nonprofit to utilize their support for us to reach out for donations to set this up w/clarity that many have now as we redirect. so no more people are left behind at the expense of others waste + deluded sense of priorities.

  so my friend, all that you share is real, but now how we make changes, is here, what we can do by defining how best to sort it out. + we think becoming aware of this transparency is needed so each person/each local community, can hold ourselves accountable as we prioritize.

  do_in this is much more valuable then a petition, but simultaneously we need to co_evolve these ways that are not as efficient, yet they consume people`s energy as they stay preoccupied, meanwhile much disassociated energy whirls wildly.
   petitions draw many + we cannot just allow many to continue to think that is the best way. when yet exponentially we can harness this energy + redirect it once we bring our local students in numbers into the equation, considering Google Apps have already been introduced to schools.

         now we just need to enter sensitively so local community can understand + welcome us.

  it is like sharing play w/children, each moment we must stay present w/them so as to not allow the distorted disassociated energy that fills the air, fills the media, fills the internet, fills the products + services, that fills the people, etc. to fill them thinking that is the only way. rather we build calm space with them to discover the wild earth + it`s beauty. so they then imagine as we build collective food forests even as we play in the mud..

    then we go figure thru out w/the community, glean the fields/fruit trees or plant new seeds, play music, make good natural food + share good story.. as we reflect/check in w/our self identifying how much we are missing.. + do our best to correct.

    in do_in this we then can feel who needs what, what we are missing, what each did wrong for the energy is so true within that we reflected w/, + whom is best to then carry the message that understands clearly what we ask others to do to help us make change as now this truth helps us get clear, that we notice wrong + we notice solution. meanwhile the locals are already shifting to the pain of discovery once noticed too late, comforting, resolving to do our best, reaching out + sharing, feeling deeper + responding to yet others early signs that they fail to see them self, or even within our self, holding our self yet more accountable, until the next surge of awareness awakens us.

   w/collective awareness, prioritizing our local natural food/wild fish/local herbal medicine in our gardens, it does desensitize, bringing us back to our center to get real w/our self now locally, not dependent on a false sense of promises, or pie in the sky, rather we look at the signs of mother earth in front of us + we act.

   remember we are wooden boat rats that sail the ocean.. their is no help out their, we learn early on to edit within so we gain an intuitive based platform to live from, w/early signs. that means editing a lot of baggage, yet stay in the moment, for if you have to think about taking the sails down you are already too late.

   sadly so many existing dysfunctions/scars will continue to weaken, but if we stay focused together we can beat w/math! so along w/numbers of students added to each local equation, their energy, focus directed w/ours will co_evolve even better then we can imagine..

  so please reach out + share w/your local schools, go to higher education to reach younger, so together w/community we gain a good sense of our priorities locally + beyond..

  Barack, if this is you that has joined us, you asked VP Joe Biden in your last Speech of the Union to go to colleges + join w/community to restore curriculum w/working communities. but we also know of the chaos within this gov you are still blindly participating in yourself. so here take off your hat + join in as a local participant w/your family that you are still lucky enough to have, which our friend here isn`t. + please awaken w/all this. we don`t have to reinvent the wheel. make it happen!

thank you Lou for adding to this equation.. we appreciate your help, lets continue to go figure!
love us

                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
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  Email kara; title DONATE and if need a tax receipt, please give us your info and we will send you one.

                 Thank you, for making a difference!

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