Pt Rising 2.14.2013!

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check back for detail, to be announced for our gathering of PT Rising on 2.14.2013..

meanwhile let me brief you on what we do at;

          i come to talk story

 we as a human species have a responsibility to retain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs belief. we are fortunate to have those we can reflect with that emit an energy to self-reflect with, making good sense.

 but these lessons to some of us have been extremely hard to understand, but we keep working at it + welcome to share, as we invite you to this forum, to build an archive as a good community building tool to carry in your back pocket.

our human potential allows us to share now with virtual tools. so we are building this archive to share the process, transitions, actual strategies + schemetics of building;

       ecological sustainable working communites
. + yes you are right, our representitives should come from our local commuities in an interchangeable role. so alll humans can take part in the burden, as well the joy, to clean up this dysfunction efficiently. as we all prevent it from stealing our ability to be present + cooperatively share solutions to live in harmony.

  when we blame we deplete our energy, when we have compassion we fuel ourself + when we do this collectively in our local community + link globally, we then can resolve efficiency to obtain peace for all.

we have worked hard holding Barack Obama + UN secretary accountable for their responsible roles + yes also entities such as the MyGov, DashBoard, Organizing For Action, UNworldwewant2015, that welcomes all to take part. as they state we need change for the people by the people.

  in fact i`ve seen Barack write policy as he assumes others will come aboard locally to fill in reality, yet they too busy blaming, or being rushed by his requests, fragmenting yet to see. so both sides are being inefficient. when yet they can tune into locals working the real elements to restore a natural flow that works. sadly all this good co_evolving science that people live in the natural world are not being written/studied/shared + can be.

as we have lost many good folks with great solutions as with retaining a small fishing fleet to stop abuse on our oceans, etc. yet these people get over regulated + interfered with vs. supported. yet large vessels pollute + deplete our species..

if we focus direct together with these interchangeable support mechanisms, we then can bypass this present mode of inefficiency. as in legislators get paid a lot, meanwhile they expect all to take part in their job. where if they are responsible + part of the local community, then they simply carry real time message.

i refuse to continue as i`ve experienced doing all this the last 2 years. + only a fool would waste energy like this. so i ask people to unite + take off their hats + come back into your local community, wherever you are fortunate to be. + share these cooperative efforts + come link as we build this archive together.

students can fine tune these broken links with gov, UN, peace negotiations, so they coincide with good science that replaces the present fragmented, as well the curriculm.

we cannot talk about stopping weapons of war within US, then to continue using them afar. this is neuro-flip flopping, producing mixed messages beyond human normal capacity to sort out on own. + why so many are having such issues.

i`ve been invited to work with Windbridge Institution. + i yet to do. but as an ex; i personally know we have a global consciousness shared some how. for none of this do good work alone, nor do we destruct alone.

did you see the article where during Sandy Hook shooting, another location was practicing an ER event as in a real theater shooting?? well with good research supported we may figure this reality. as unbalanced chemistry within our neuro networks then further trigger how we percieve real acts as they happen. not to mention the many war movies being made + real acts happening globally with genocides or even the Hoax of the Sandy Hook shooting they claim as accidents as this + 9-11 where planted + others, so gun control can be made to remove weapons for then gov to take over or more reason for war excuse, etc.. their is so much manipulation of corruption + paranoah on this planet that many of us have no clue what are gov/bus/people have been part of;

    as with Myanmar Muslims being kicked out of country + no one wants them, Congolese have puppet govs put in place, Idle No More with policy that pollutes leaving no equality, La Via Campesina shows around the world land/water/sea grabbing, etc. to name a few, yet US is supporting Rwandan President Kagame as UN says he is a war criminal still supporting M23. + we as earthly participants are still buying mined goods illegally from the Congo, that supplies weapons to these factions that hold the Congolese hostage in fear as they continue rape + genocide, see stories, not to mention + learn what we can do now
as local participants. so no more our footprints are left killing/making more suffering, locally or afar. as we hold ourself + others accountable + make functional organizations + rid those that don`t work..

what kind of people are we to leave this confusion?? do you see the funds US gives, as well the needs of the many locally + globally not met?? every local community has people left behind as others manipulate these issues, while many are truing to go figure.

it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that all of us at some time or another have had these thoughts as others shared same. + i`m not about to let this continue with out threading these strings.

for what US people see in these school shootings are a good ex; of what other countries are experiencing from our drones, etc.. yet many continue to support them.

many in patches` live simple sustainable lives, check out the Intentional communities, agro_ecology folks as with La Via Campeseni, Nyeleni, permaculture now, + the many followers of Masonobu Fukuoka, etc.

come take part in this locally or from afar;

         [Survival Celebration Camp for Sustainable Earth 2013]              


we have no space within us, to respond in aggression, nor will we allow it for our children. rather we work with early signs + bring ourself to calm as we pursue communicating what is. we have no intentions to pick up a weapon when another is racing over emotions out of control. actually when this happens we have not had the good fortune of responsible western medical facilities, rather they just caused more dysfunction. leaving us with more stress to then have to go figure how to calm.

we can only build new neuro networks if we apply with hands on + assert our focus everyday, so each night we sleep good to build such a network. this is why in respect to Martin Luther King, we should not just give to others, we should do as he did + give to self. for each person percieves differently, we must stay responcsible to ourself 1st as we collectively care for unable. + he had a dream, as we do + we work it so each are supported to be whole + be equal. the misuse/abuse many are trapped in cannot do this alone.

  each are a resultant of our experiences + how each edit + co_evolve to fuel ourself, which determines our footprint left. so we each must responsibly do our homework to bring ourself to be present in the moment, yet find the space to rid our baggage.

     so please, volunteering is great, but lets organize better as you link with your local community + have a rep link with ours, for all to self-develop.
 as we build our proposed archive as we join in with the international community + share good solutions now.. to come together peacefully + prioritize what sustains us as we focus + rid the worn torn threads that destroy our natural world as we taper into ecological soundness..

     so please, if you are aware of organized networks to perform this efficiently then please tell us, for we are presently asking a few with resources to merge our solutions, as well Hugo, here at Nabble to see if they can do this task of us coming together globally, to make this archive a good tool..

     so please, don`t ride on my or any ones wave. reather realize you can rid your/your communities baggage + be clear to stop your misuse/abuse..  check in with yourself thru out the day, we all are an open book, showing early signs for some clear to read + can share this awareness, if you unite + link.

   a good ex; is taking a look 1 time a day in your mirror + see the lines between your eyes on your forehead, boy i can abuse other areas of my body which i also working at, but when i see a small line i go back within myself + reschedule my activities, for right left brain is not jiving leaving stress on our organs. oriental medicine is clear about each line giving us awareness of our reality of the status of our organs.

  1 person i tired to share this with denied + said squinting in to much sun, well several months later she was in severe pain passing kidney stones.

we are not interested in you alone doing for us, rather we want to do together so we responsibly act for ourself.

can you even imagine living in a war zone. take a look as we Rise with Eve`s on 2.14.2013 + you will awaken to the tallies of what is on this earth.

we cannot afford just to reach out in an exchange only. we must efficiently unite so we can accomplish + over come these tasks as we rethink + redirect our energy within us + for our local community. + as we share in this archive we can make this process more friendly as those in patches` with harmony reflect with pockets` without..

      so please together part time, on regular bases, define how best for each to gain tools to build your natural simple community. take several issues as several people work at them simply with conscious thought within our cognitive ability. as we co_evolve with good science so as each can stay also in real time using principles that then can trigger your responsible local acts. + then have a rep come share if needed, or you offer your offering to come share. as we build this archive together.. to trigger + maintain harmony for all life ASAP.

       so when a person leaves that local community mode, why would any one able want them to speak for them or act for them.  rather have compassion for this /their dysfunction. + as native americans always did when they where free to remain calm;

   they would then take this individual seperately + put them with wise elders to then best think together. to understand, so one could then rethink + define how best to center themself. + come back as an equal community participant. as all then continue to build community so no one is left behind. as we all then work at building our local community to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.

sure we see ugly stories even from the native american indians, as well from every culture, ill acts as people are no longer people, rather chasing belief that has allowed them to ignore their flesh, as they then abuse others.

   we cannot let this ill state control us or make us fearful, rather unite so we can regain our harmony, not letting anyone take this from us. rather we gain understanding to build ourself, sharing the process along with building our local communities.

    i thank you all that have supported us, reflecting your `way that works.

          as we share story to support all to build your path as you walk it into ypur opening, leaving no footprint.

 a bit different heh, then the many undeveloped parents/communites/people with many students trying to define.

   well here is our chance, just have to be honest + want to change + this archive can be built to share what works most efficiently. as we bring together you people in patches`that have bi`joy experiences.. as you live natural lives in harmony with the real world even though in transition, with pockets`without, so together we define how to do the same.

    please take a inner review + go figure as Daniel says.

 we decided to parallel the gov/legislators/people acting on own + isolate so we can regroup + invite them to `rejoin themself + our local community. organize as people welcome your local tapering transitions;
      to continue a dialog that follows within your local `plan, working within your natural enhanced limits with good gauges as in agro_ecology, etc.. depending on subject, prioritize sensitive conscious offerings, as students can`t gain a better education preparing them to explore the world. then to finish these local prerequisites as they co_evolve themself, as well our communities, with us. as together we restore our local natural enhanced potential.

 we are building project osic;

       so we welcome emails for schools, reps for no schools + no communites, globally.
       so all on same page as a human family, as we do this together.

                        please add emails in bulk school subcatagory.

   we then welcome all to welcome reps + students to come into + with community + restore everyones` potential. starting in class to organize working with teachers/administrators/community so as to introduce, so all feel safe. then in a walkabout for inner personal transition + to co_evolve local prerequisites, each give hands on to those left behind.

    then in interchangeable roles, all support the community to retore rehabs, short + long term + bring all to the cloth/table + do a local `plan;

       a land/freshwater flow to sea use review. now with collecting tallies of all that/whom/what business or gov, etc. leaving negative effects, resist.. as we priortize our local food/medicine sovereignty for start. not to mention clean waste, recycle, + restore natural communities. so we focus together, not dictate or do monologs..

     so now we link more detail with more alternative solutions.

folks many of you under estimate how good your are. for your sensitivity + skills are much appreciated in our archive, for what you do simply is great science + art that can trigger others via like ecosystem/subject to fine tune + apply for theirs.

       starting with basics + going beyond prevention + simply live in harmony;

             with clean water, air, earth + space.. + share our commuities to provide simply our fuel for thought + acts.. as in food forests cooperatively, ongoing networking with skilled sensitive peace negotiation, sharing real itme issues as we efficently resolve..

     come together in a `way do_in in our community shared potlucks, + become aware of these early signs of your loved ones/neighbors.. + bring real issues to the table, including your fresh local produced food/fish being your best gauge.

  it`s pretty bad to see so many resources leave such waste as with toxic or depleted, over regulatd fisheries, monocultures/Gmos, whoring industries, when yet we can taper into good investments for locals to gain theri own sovereignty, as we support each other in solidarity.

    we don`t have to have footprints as we wastefully blame, rather we can skillfully teleconference, so more can gain..

this `way curriculum co_evolves with each ecosystem/subject as we network with like.. that have simple natural living that is sustainable as each then self-developes. yes we can welcome all into a local tapering transition, to rethink. as tallies show us yet another `way, making wrongs right as we all focus direct with students, walking by their side truthfully, developing the student within all. now each have an opportunity to aid that which is dysfunctional + rethink to rid the worn torn threads. making govs/UN/people sound to redefine roles to practice good science that engages peace.

   we refuse to accept a war mode or false green economy.. check out + Eve`s stories with a billion people, we will Rise on 2.14.2013 in celebration.. as we make change..  

  we don`t support students to be lost in tallies or computers, rather they gain respect for all life.. + go eye to eye + share updates in a nice story. as now those receiving hands on heal, then share an abundant of trapped displaced energy, exchange, explore + with early signs no one leaves life left unaware. so all do our homework with more options that are friendly..

  music fills the air + smells of fresh potlucks, not drones,  as we work at this. Barack is right to use his executive order + stop weapons of war locally + lets work with him to stop them afar.

    i realize many of you, Nick + i also don`t believe we should have a gov where the president has to use executive orders, that supercedes are belief. but please don`t go that route + help make Barack`s understanding clear. that we the people unite for equality  + require transparency so as to help simplify as each able do for themself. + we come together for unable as a community as we share the joys of life.

  our legislators are not actively taking part as a local community member.. speaking with us as where we prioritize + bring in these sensitive local skilled people to show us the `way, if unfortuante to not have sustainable locals showing us the `way..

      to become aware so our students then efficiently reach out to all community members, as in what we propose with project osic, now in the building, as we welcome you to join as you welcome this project osic to your local community.. please see, we are editing + posting for all to add..

   so now we go back to democracy + pick up where many good folks left off + co_evolve on what was started..

   so every able person speaks for themself as we speak to each other, in real time.. + we network for self-sustaining natural communities;

     so we ecologically responsibly link our balanced genetic bio-diversity for all to maintian good health.. as we work with the critters leading our path. work with the flow of our natural rivers as we remove the resistance in our `plan, starting from the mountain tops.. as we restore our natural enhanced limits locally.

         we are fortunate to have the young + old co_evolving with great options as investments are created to do this the natural `way.. this is the best science ever, as all then engage daily with common sense that now builds our neuro networks. giving compassion to those left behind, as we all gain respect for all life.

    the scars on this planet can be reopened to heal the right `way.. the waste can be dealt with mycelium compositions, the communities without water can orgainze to create with skillful schematics as locals work with what needed.. as together we do a review + globally give support where needed for locals to self-sustain. not supply them with goods from afar.

     so what we do locally we network afar.

     so all share this planet + beyond in harmony.

if have a better idea, or if we have offended anyone or misinformed, please post appropriately + we will get your message + adjust..

        please let out tools + acts, trigger your thoughts.

                       we restructure with limited resources;

      i come to talk story, is a recently new US non-profit. we also offer to merge with those technically together to handle a global archive as of this. we presently are asking Nabble whom has helped us get this far, giving me a lot of good support. they are very good skilled people that also offer freely forums to you. please note all advertising is down from Nabble + we then have option to pay them to remove them. which then covers their expenses. they have many good people supporting all.

  we loook forward to their decision, if they can continue to handle us as we unite globally. as well open for suggestions.

       please forgive our jibberish yet to simplify + shorten, but we continue to work at it..

   we welcome participation + constructive dialog.

      our combined` effect has been great, i`ve shared the Port Townsend unique goodness
as much as possible in our networking. we look forward to this day of celebration sharing a few moments in time.. as we are fortunate as a community to have such harmony.

we invite all of you to share your postings of needs + offerings, in appropriate subcategory to reach out locally with those yet to be aware.. as well to our neighbors locally + afar, to trigger their thought, as well offer your choice of interaction..

      may you carry this archive in the building, as a shared community tool box, as you reach out + share. please carry it in all your thoughts/acts, for peaceful solutions to be prioritized + scheduled for all to simply understand respect for all life.. as we maintain our working communities to harmonize during these transitions!

this over view gives you the gest of our forum..
      we welcome you to share your story + interrelate, for all to beable to use/make this tool, a good one, as we share in solidarity..

                   our combined` effect makes a difference..

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Re: Pt Rising 2.14.2013!

for those of you yet to express your voice in the forum for

UNworldwewant2015, which we work for now.

 please do + watch for deadlines, see ex;
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
                                      Nabble site;
                                      Google site;

         Please Donate to our US 501.c3 Nonprofit Association,
     Label Re; Donation. If want a tax receipt, please give us
                      your info and we will send you one.

               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; and until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
                              Love us at `i come to talk story
                                 tel: 01-360-450-3749
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