President Obama is asking for an energy plan, so let ours fuel yours, to update him + all, for our earth, not just for our back yard..

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 Thank you all that have helped us get clear, + please let these thoughts fuel yours. So you stay open + presently conscious in the moment, do_in what can.

  I share what i shared w/President Obama + now all, w/candidates;

       Please note we could pick all up a lot more efficiently if all that has done wrong doing cyber warfare, as in NZ would rethink + redirect ASAP + work w/those you want to attack. As together in solidarity globally all do a cyber treaty, the same many  did working hard at Nuclear which still needs reality sound science, as well the biological + chemical treaty's.

   Barack i hold you accountable to do this ASAP while in office, for all that have pulled your strings from those that thought maybe they where helping you have been ecological whores, interfering in others ability to simply live. The Syrian/thruout Africa, etc. crises should all be twilight zones of the past, yet what you leave will be fodder for deranged unskilled minds in responsible positions to feed on.

This is what we will continue to do as a US non profit, show humanities goodness, globally so people accept nothing else than governing bodies to deal w/their shit, as local `plans welcome them into one's tapering transition, helping make wrongs right, knowing well how to compost for our earth + beyond's beauty to be cleaned up. Knowing well people don't have to work anywhere as an ecological whore unknowingly anymore.

Barack what you did wrong + still doing, let alone what you can do now w/our help + many more, makes a big difference in what you can do now, as well what we can now w/our children. So they see the greatness in you yet to come out, as you apologize + do it w/transparency, showing our youth/student within all that we can co_evolve working w/in humans' true potential to communicate, as i know well you need to do your homework w/Iran/Russia/Iraq working with these people as brothers + sisters to share this earth + beyond in peace.

 Lets show the students/our children, just how unskilled many of us have been, for them to make it right as they learn how important they are to work now with us, as we learn with them/from them + they in return. For without us working together their is no future for any of us. It is displaced old fashion energy to work out of the moment thinking we must do it for any able person.

Rather governing bodies will be made to realize they can help collectively those unable heal, support us to educate, restructure so no more no government realizes America is the best, rather they realize they rode on the wrong wave. Same you + many of us at one time or the other.

This is true democracy respecting + building on all before us, so as to awaken to our earth + beyond's mess we have made of it + now turn it into a beautiful living functioning earth w/localized systems of low impact, no large grids. Barack you should learn how destructive they are + can be especially w/cyber attacks you should know well.

No more should governing bodies create jobs, rather help as an equal support people to self direct + see the restoration as each gain awareness to rebuild within the `enhanced reality w/nature, for we are living organisms housing trillions of life, surrounded by trillions of life sharing w/others, that require a biological balance.

Millions are dieing from malaria, Russian people longgggg a go worked w/people to put species of fish to eat their larve, educate to end, yet you have supported Monsanto/Cargill the many ecological whores w/their supposedly great science of GMOS. Meanwhile good scientists say the zika is from the pesticide not the mosquito. So again profit motivation for pesticides that should be banned. Learn from Pres Putin whom is banning all GMOS + working at all being organic, truly organic. For this is crazy + sooner or later the truth will get out.

So i suggest you rethinking your legacy if that is important to you?? I could show you some good videos + actually i will keep putting them up on our `the sun will set spreadsheet, for we will perfect our virtual platform + we are dependent on conscious humane people that go far beyond the realities of a computer.

You have a chance to say your sorry Barack, to turn the crises of many into good energy that fuels life on this earth. We can educate, we don't have to stay within the delusional programming of those many thinking they are in power. That is not how energy works.

We appreciate your help in making this right. Thank you for what you can do now!

Peace will then truly be with you, love kara

   p.s. Please see our energy plan for the earth + beyond to fuel you to add what you can;


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