President Barack Obama, Secretary John Kerry, UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, it is time to demand good science to be shared globally, for many folks are being negativly effected, + we can make changes now as we share solutions...

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To; John Kerry

U.S. Department of State


Dear Secretary Kerry,

I am writing to ask that you put a halt to the environmental review of the Keystone pipeline until the Office of Inspector General can determine how a firm with ties to TransCanada and the oil industry was allowed to write the U.S. government’s environmental impact statement on Keystone XL and why no one at State investigated the company’s claims to have no such ties.

Specifically, I am requesting an investigation into misleading disclosures on ERM’s conflict of interest questionnaire; the Department of State’s failure to independently verify ERM’s statements; potential conflicts of interest between ERM and entities that may benefit from Keystone XL; the Department ’s apparent attempt to conceal ERM employees’ experience on TransCanada projects; and whether the Department violated its own conflict of interest screening guidelines.

I am very concerned that, in hiring ERM to write the bulk of the draft environmental review of the Keystone XL, the State Department:

•   Hired a company (ERM) that has worked for TransCanada in the past three years, despite signing a declaration that they had not done so.
•   Hired a company (ERM) that has done extensive work for many of the oil companies that stand to gain if Keystone XL is built, despite claiming on their official forms that they had no such ties.
•   Hired a company (ERM) that is a dues-paying member of the American Petroleum Institute.
•   Concealed evidence of ERM’s close connections with Big Oil, by redacting contractors’ biographies from ERM’s technical proposal.
•   Failed to use the thorough conflict of interest vetting processes recommended by State’s own Office of the Inspector General in 2012.
When combined with the scientific community’s and EPA's own concerns about the report, I see serious reasons to question the legitimacy of the State Department’s draft report on KXL. We ask that you please halt the current Keystone XL review process, cancel ERM’s contract and demand an investigation into wrongdoing at the State Department before the review process continues any further.

I really would like to see the environmental science assessment that is used when gov gets involved for every development.

I would appreciate you telling me where I can obtain this information so we can take it to our local planning to have a discussion. so everyone is on the same page. sure each ecosystem/biome should be individualized but we can totally change the world markets by putting ethics + simple respect for mother earth as priority. we have great minds to do this work + you people can use this as the best example to totally give fuel in transparency + clarity for every local community, globally, as well beyond to develop, as each restores their natural enhanced potential.

this is the key to restore our global economy as people gain new neuro networks from experiencing what we together can do now. for them then to associate + apply with their local planning, so no more does any of this negative abuse take place.

do you realize the innovative solutions we have that have been carried from the beginning of time from indigenous still do_in, when fortunate. when others have not been allowed then go land/sea/fresh water grab + get away with it.

no more, we can hold our self + other people accountable locally + afar, leaving no one left behind in misuse/abuse.

please gentlemen, use your power + your present tools + work with us. I've worked hard for you to listen Barack, yet you still fail to miss the point. their is no Free trade/Trans Pacific Partnership, even some Fair Trade is not free, with existing developments being allowed. without good ecological science assessment, much life is being negatively destroyed. while yet you people work hard to reach out to all + can be much more efficient if focus together now + use this as the best example.

this can address the solutions for the long over do exchange with the Congo, Syria, Egypt, + many other places that people are simply misusing/abused, when yet once locals start restoring, amazing goodness for them, for our earth, for our human family, for all life that sustains us. yet you people fail to see the importance of these biomes + how they participate to your livelihood, with the exchange of air we breath, the fresh water we drink, the weather, etc.

so every local planning office, will no more issue permits or continue existing permits as is, without rigid guidelines to make it right ASAP, as I state with each local community guiding within their tapering transition, as students do their walkabout knowing all detail to make this right, as they network + gain the tools to bring home what works. as they work with the local community + network via like ecosystem/subject. for many people now are making it right as they simply give mother earth the respect she deserves collectivly. with amazing results given back.

this then gives us the means to help those communities unaware when development is happening such as this experience, yet they unaware + need to be stopped, so we can define the truth of how the natural resources can be respected. so no development exceeds natures enhanced potential, no where on this earth or beyond.

how dull are you folks that you do not see the much negative effects now taking place, the many accidents now taking place, etc. money should not pay to correct this as in the gulf accident. rather we should co_evolve these businesses + make then work or end them.

people I know have dived + worked on making repairs on these oil rigs in past, how much do they still leak now?  when they went to give report to a manager, they would wipe it out + write in their own report, which was not the truth. for many leaked continually + the divers where told they would be black listed on the planet if they told the truth. much distress still happens in every local community, yet it does not have to. not when we have very capable people to make these corrections as locals create a lot of jobs restoring their natural community, + starting;

      as with example, Prof Miguel Altieri`s agro-ecology curriculum created with indigenous still using it, yet leaving no toxic effects. I can't tell you Barack how many times I've told you about him, have you ever even taken the time to talk to him about his facts of the global food crises we are in? well please do gentlemen, + maybe you can talk Barack into listening.

we must associate all development with a local plan prioritizing, so we all focus direct on what sustains our life, our local natural food sovereignty, will then open more transparency for building ecological sustainable working communities that actually harmonize. where drones can be used for poachers in Africa to stop all the elephants from being killed, + music can rather fill the air as students can come together + co_evolve their curriculum as they locally restore their community collectively. then on to explore the world as they now have a very good reality perspective of who is do_in what where. giving them the best education to choose how they can build their path as they walk it into their opening..

+ when this is interrupted locals then cannot self-sustain. nor can they responsibly link with all so we regain our genetic bio-diversity for the earth`s life to sustain us humans.. yet with our global platform ideas now being restructured, they can link + become aware, vs. await for old policies to keep them behind. rather we are fortunate to have such good tools to bring us eye to eye, + `boon with the natural world.

not just give everyone unlimited computer time. no, our idea is to respect those citizens not interested. + yes students should learn but do it, as they share community computers, so they apply it in real time + associate with mother nature in the real world. where we all learn early signs responsibly to gain discipline over our self-sensory observations vs. belief.

we are a living species dependent on this natural world to be in balance for our good health, prevent pests, feed + fuel us. yet you people still do not allow US to grow industrial hemp, which gives much economic, not to mention many other solutions. same with being behind as many in the world do not allow GMO`s. when yet many here still fight for labeling. same with monocultures, they are very bad for our earth, yet you people encourage trade across the planet.

what is wrong with you people?? are your sensors this dull you fail to see our children have no future unless we walk by their side now, so they can see the truth of our dull sensors, so they reach out know to learn what must be done to even be able to walk into the future.

it is not more weapons that will help us, we need to end the war mode + false green economy now. same with putting out more police. when yet many people are unable to even retain their own calmness, due to all these layers of disassociated energy we all have been guilty of at one time or the other. but we can harness this energy + redirect it to fuel us. to be able to correctly assess the reality. rather bringing our self consciously humane with simple respect. + be present in the moment. this is how we make this happen now. so no more dull sensors are making decisions that destroy our mother earth anywhere. rather collectively the students will + can aid all fields of entities as curriculum reviews + priorities what is needed + what is resisting, so in retrospect priorities are taken care of.

giving hands on support to those needed, so all come to the cloth/table to take part in this local `plan land, freshwater flow to sea use review.

I've tried many times to ask President Barack Obama for this ecological assessment to be a co_evolving good science assessment so all via like ecosystem/subject can use it as a guide. so every MOU includes this to a degree of it's real time status. giving transparency for locals to further define + stay in real time with managing. no more people coming from afar + doing.

such as if one exceeds nature`s enhanced limits, they then go on a local tapering transition + seriously must comply ASAP. helping business people rethink, for they are not to be blamed all on their own, for look at the people trying to survive, chasing cheap material unrealities. by bringing people to the table, + help them understand all then will do an exchange, utilizing this energy that has made them ill, now healing them, giving them clarity to choose, give hands on, working into building their community, to sustain their happiness, accepting nothing less than harmony, as they see the many now in patches, as we link with exchanges with the many pockets without. that is our goal, for this earth offers a wealth of goodness.

    we are working on just this kind of a global platform for students to share this kind of friendly data, making it more friendly for all to simply understand how we must co_evolve + restore our natural potential in every local community, globally. + Barack you have put in much effort + OFA can do this much quicker then I, yet you do not respond, why? lets all efficiently come together now, for once people gain support + sort affairs out, they offer a spirit of exchange that no other education can better.

for too many of our students are without this reality of our human potential, + we have it, but sadly in patches. so as soon as we technically set up + link, people instantly in micro seconds build awareness within as they reflect. this kind of exchange cannot be bought.

this is our human life right. plus it is wrong to whiplash our students with bad science being manipulated, as they learn one thing while business does another.

    we can speak 1 global good science so each tongue can interpret simple common sense of what we as the human species shares as afar as what sustains us all;

  such as clean water, air, earth, bio-sanitation, natural building, a good night sleep so all can build new neuro networks, heal + stop misuse/abuse.

so many are confused, unable to take part beyond their own survival, not knowing their is another way, as in cities in US as well Africa. which their is. their is no better education then our students to come out of school + with community + restore their potential, seeing how people have dulled their sensors not knowing how to overcome this manipulation/misunderstanding, what ever the reason is.

    we can correct + use good science now based on indigenous ways that work. this was wrong for Syria`s people to go thru what they are, same with surrounding neighbors. when yet weapons should stop + self-awareness shared on how we in need ourselves are do_in it.

                  too many have died for peace, we want to live to communicate.

John, please let us share our plan at - i  come to talk story, as we restructure into ictts,org
for we have solutions now, + can merge, or as I told Barack`s OFA, due to them not responding in detail, we will continue to parallel + sadly we have to research this platform, when yet you already have the tools to reach out efficiently but are not.

thank you Friends of the Earth, for bringing this to our attention. + I look forward to knowing your interest + what we can do together.
Thanks in advance for your attention gentlemen, to this important matter.

+ i'm happy to explain more to all of you. please contact me;
kara j Lincoln, email;
or call Skype; 1-360-450-3749
kara j lincoln