Please, it's time to prioritize survival/healing and education, another Nuclear leak, contact your reps ASAP!

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
How frking crazy have we all been? Don't ya think it is time to be more efficient to handle all this vs Pres Trump you wanting to create more Nuclear, are you out of your mind? As well all legislators that claim to represent people?? People, it's time to hold self and others accountable w/assertively part-time mindful action in the instance.

   Our idea of sharing Humanity's good work is to gather an do our/your local `plan, where ever one is, even if temporary.  

                             Where all gain/give, support for each to nurture oneself!


For you/us locally are best to define working w/your/our student's networking, what is priorities as well the global priorities effecting all locally, and how all collectively can have a rep in interchangeable roles and make a difference. For the US GOV/Military is unable to sort this out on their own, an efficient way without wanting more Nuclear, yet unable to rid the waste and damage now eft from Nuclear. As people continue to get ill/suffer/die prematurely.

So if you have a better way, please share, otherwise we are working on an idea and happy to share it, so gather a group and lets talk in an exchange for us to fundraise, and get our platform completed w/humanities ideas for all to link with, as you define best together w/your community, and have rep share..

Peace and don't forget compassion, empathy, and respect for all life, for we are in this together and need all to stop the waste of resources and redirect what can ASAP locally and those that have access help those unable afar.

ps, we are a US 501.c3 non-profit association and appreciate your donation/grants when can and we are happy to send your receipt for a tax write off. So please contact us, email;, tel please lv a message and will get back to you; 1-360-450-3749 skype, thanks for making a difference where most comfortable for you! kara speaking for `i come to talk story..