Please confirm whom wants to do what triggering a local `plan, globally..

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I share what i post on the local blog working to change the Constitution, as in getting money out of politics that corporations are not people, where there is confusion, as i define;

   OK, so i am clear, please confirm is this only about Rick Staggenborg`s attempt to have his petition fulfilled so no more money in politics + corps are not people.

So ex; where best to discuss these issues i also see we should simultaneously work at + all should prioritize so we are acting w/facts + real experiences, not waste good energy worrying or over extending trying to do what we have no access to;

     The US Gov is dysfunctional + people are in it that manipulated the crash on 2008 plus more, thinking they are needed to resolve, meanwhile they in charge of finances to continue to support their banks if i understand as in James Corbett`s history of The Federal Reserve + bankers. So this all needs to be recycled where best to move forward so funds are put back into what we suggest at, a local `plan to trigger all, globally, to build ecological sustainable working communities, leaving no one left behind.

     Meaning also we have a terrible rehab system/short long term medical inability to support people in need consciously w/empathy as in support given to them to also participate in the local `plan so as together all restore the communities natural functionality for all to rethink + define one`s voice. So as to fill the many open positions now once all understand, creating far more than just a job, rather fueling energy to heal, clarity to act + work into self satisfying careers that co_evolve w/respect to the natural rule of law, so sound science strengthens not just override what was manipulated leaving negative effects.

    Good example is how bad the Clinton Foundation is working w/UN, as they miss the point.

Then last for those people able to do what can where can, every local community must work in a tapering transition so these people that could be great resources putting resources back into our local + afar communities do. + Those diseased need to heal + be removed from responsible positions w/support so they come back as a local mindful participant so we all together gain the transparency to become a local, global + beyond participant.

Students in all levels can give this support + together we focus direct networking to make this happen as all do a little to gain a lot.

thankyou for your guidance so i do not interfere in your plan.

peace is our option if we share + organize what works, define what doesn`t + make changes within respect to all life.


thank you for your patience,

    i`m studying Google, non profit/Ed Apps, + happy to report we just uploaded the sun will set page so please take part.

 i`m here for you if you want to help us reach out..

 come talk


   peace, kara + mishi