People should govern w/sound science working within the natural rule of law..

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                           let nature be the only rule of law..
                         Let`s let nature be our only rule of law.. Thanks Keith!

Thank you all!

please see;

+ this is our answer to trigger thought;

i modified this email sent to others, for you to rethink + let this trigger a review of what you think you want;

   Together we can link our experiences. By letting our platform in the building trigger all schools/community reps w/out schools, + communities to come together + stop remaining isolated to the many good options we have now to focus direct together, networking.

   Seeking/offering so we all build ecological working sustainable communities + harmonize. So in solidarity we share globally for all of us to be triggered to rethink + share the common sense of what sustains us all. Strengthening w/sound science vs override that which has left dysfunction. If we gain understanding of how to read early signs + adjust w/respect for all life, we than develop w/the natural world a rule of law, as we work each biome(s) within it`s enhanced potential.

    This changes the reality of what is now, for EPA, State Health Departments, International + local regulators are not using sound science, as well transparency is not given to all. We do not have an Immigration problem, rather we have an earthly residential lack of wilderness awareness of how to `boon w/our natural world that sustains us all. Our students doing one`s homework restoring one`s sustainable working community can define one`s voice.

     Their is no better education on the earth than to share one science w/transparency giving all the ability to explore + prioritize for each community what it takes to live local in respect to all life. Students can in this process co_evolve the curriculum to stay in motion w/the true movement of life.

     Knowing well as Prof. Miguel Altieri says; A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable. Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..

     Our schools must talk to each other, so our students can come to the table w/community eye to eye + reflect, differentiating where isolated on what issues, vs. knowing well others have worked thru it + now can experience this to further define how to bring home what works. As each do one`s local `plan land mountain fresh water flow to sea use review.

    For all life requires fresh water, + if we prioritize our local `plans following large browsers + micro biomes natural trans boundary migration, than we will rediscover our own path as humans. + Via networking like ecosystem, season + subject, each community will have abundant openings for jobs to restore our conscious humane potential to become clear channels to see truth + be beneficial + respectful organisms knowing how to be, to live, to work for the benefit of all life.

    That is what produces our harmony. As we learn sound science to strengthen the ecological processes + not over look them. But if young students do not have the neural networks due to not utilizing one`s community as an extended classroom, where one can truly perceive reality of options to be supported to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant, reflecting to define one`s voice. Than they are left in the fog unaware of how to simply enjoy this earth + beyond.

    Not to mention communities are not organized nor are they prioritizing issues locally or afar, which students working w/staff, community + skilled can now do this as we network, vs. remain isolated. So please don`t do that to yourself, for Ex; Radiation knows no boundary.

   We need to work at these issues together, for while we fight for regulators to stop those that exceed nature`s limits, as in the many doing now as well those proposed as in the LNG plant, we fail to realize priority issues as this: 

   Working with all we can prioritize our Global Medical issues now, long over due as Ex; the misuse of Nuclear in all aspects that must stop ASAP. + Nuclear engineers that are skilled must take over every plant, due to the present damaged states they are in. Subjecting all life on earth, ill states in some places more so than others being susceptible to very high risk.

   As well if further disasters w/nature, than their will be many living in ground zero same as many in Japan presently, as well Arnie Gundersen states US plants are in the same boat. Not to mention others in the world.

   So how can we teach our children sound science, when yet people are allowed to do business that exceeds these scientific natural limits based on indigenous traditional engineering values carried forward that work, leaving no ill toxic effects.

   When yet in every community people exceed these limits for financial profit. Our solution to trigger each;

     Create local tapering transitions so now all understand the facts to make wrongs right as all are welcomed, networking experiencing what works, what doesn`t. So all build new neural networks, not just stop what is + isolate, leaving others to continue elsewhere or another way that could still be wrong.

   That is not efficient. Ex; People are divesting from fossil fuels which is good, but what is better is to taper into working within the local enhanced limits. So sound science for the natural world that sustains us is kept in balance, so all natural communities link.

   What is worse is to divest into large alternative energy grid systems that many of you are not looking deep enough into, due to having so much here on the table w/so many leaving abuse.

       Large grids of solar + wind are wrong, They interfere in one` ability to take part in one`s local `plan + restore an ecological sustainable working community as each understand how to downscale one`s footprint.

   By sharing so options laid out + schematics reviewed so each take part + do localized systems w/low impact, each have a solar on house + for heat, etc. Same w/wind mill where best for community, not just for 1 entity alone, rather for the community `plan in respect to locals doing the work + not having their work interfered with.

   As w/the proposed Principle Power 5 or so wind mills off shore of the Charleston Getty wanting them where the commercial fisherfolks fish. + if Dept of Energy had their way maybe 200 of them, which leaves a negative effect on all life that sustains us.

   So those of you chasing alternative energy need to learn from Germany + the rest of the world, + students could network + fine tune via like ecosystem/season + subject, so as not to have redo like many have.

   As in now w/large grids proposed + being researched, many are than taken down, after millions of dollars spent from the Dept of Energy. That is wrong when so many left behind + resources can be better used.

  Meanwhile sure they wanted to talk to public about them before doing, but this is different than local doing the local `plan + defining what needed for one`s community. Same people do not like to listen to these large farms, they make noise + as one just told me putting up the windmill at OIMB, mega watts become political so he refuses to deal w/them.

  + It is wrong to serve others wasteful afar, taking resources from the locals. As grids transfer long distances, at greater cost, etc. Not to mention the wind mill farms have killed over 580,000 birds a year.

   Same w/proposed LNG traveling thru local communities at higher risk, going afar + than if issues afar + contracts can`t be met, than I is very difficult to make this right. When if locals live local, they can resolve it locally.

   So a variety of people gaining awareness does not happen when a business comes in w/a grid or farm of alternative energy that gets subsidized, when yet people pay for it.

  The government has to start preserving resources to deal w/priority issues.

 + Each community can fine tune as they resolve, for each will have different issues. We have a lot of work to do + their is a place for each to take part, so please come aboard if able.

   If unable our students can orchestrate w/staff + skilled as each do one`s walkabout in community, seeing reality of patients/clients/legislators results as they see people on their turf. + Than transcend into a local plan to give hands on so each sharpen ones sensors, that only each can allow to dull.

  So please rethink when you ask to change what is, rather welcome them to take part as each see the facts. So each continue to add input as all co_evolve. Now many that had been left behind or in the fog due to people doing business wrong, can grow with the transformation. vs. cold turkey making it your way, cutting off, vs. seeing the wrongs + making them right.

  Remember if get real with oneself, corporations did not do this abuse alone, rather many bought into it + still buy from them, making them what they are. + Each can rethink as local communities live local w/options from working within the natural enhanced limits as people create, taper down, network + become informed, etc.

    That is what is truly sustainable as all co_evolve together. SO locals care for neighbors locally + afar. Not US Aid or the way the Military industrialized complex is destroying our earth, or the industrialized agriculture/deforestation as in the Amazon. Than to have GMO products as in soy in processed foods leaving many addicted + obese w/forms of diabetes, etc.

  Miguel Altieri knows well of our Global food crises we are in. We suggest a local natural grown/wild food, fish, animal potluck to be one`s best gauge to fuel what truly sustains each.

  As people than gain understanding to hold self + others accountable, locally + afar. So no more land/sea/fresh water grabbing leaving many killed + injured as well depleted habitats as funds are taken from locals.

  So Barack let us help you rethink TTP + Free Trade, for it is not free, it damages lives. When yet the local `plan will remediate. Their is no better education than to take part in this transformation experiencing the trapped energy in oneself + others. Which requires experiencing this application of having hands on. Vs. continuing to be whip lashed as students study 1 way to be sustainable + businesses pursue it another for financial profit.

  Where as welcoming students to orchestrate w/one`s local community along w/those that exceed the limits, so as to understand how to restore + work within the enhanced limits, heals + builds new neural networks. So as to go within, as each gain support to build ones path as one walks it into ones opening, yet leaving no footprint.

  As than mental clarity + physical strength appears as each self develop. + An abundant of exchanges open yet more positions in need of fulfilling that far exceed a job enslaved from this wrong doing. Rather now people gain fuel as they redirect this trapped energy + volunteer so as to not commit long term, as one defines one`s voice, fueling exploratory careers, w/creative expression.

   So now w/empathy no one is left behind locally or afar. + More corruption becomes transparent for us to act in solidarity.

   If more people really see the truth in Ex; Palestinian abuse + killings wrongfully done from Israel soldiers, it would make you rethink so you would help us stop all the war mode + false green economies. + Rethink what you have now. So many people + vets are wounded mentally + physically, as well have become refugees w/laws/policies confusing + irresponsible leaving them unorganized w/out options.

   We as the human species are not designed for war. One Israel soldier was doing a lecture w/stomach cramps + tears, so ill, trying to heal himself after abusing/killing so many Palestinians for no reason, as he was required to do. He states the US police is going to Israel to be trained. + He experienced as Israeli soldier, as he practiced on Palestinians to perfect tear gas + than market it to the world. He said a lot more terrible stories + plans to continue sharing until the world awakens to what is going on their.

  He has family in Israel + friends in Palestine + he wants peace for both to join together. So if he can still want this in his condition, perhaps some of you can rethink your ability to discuss w/all your community, the local `plan.

   We can do this together w/localized systems of low impact once we give each the conscious respect each deserve. So now no more waste in researching. Giving companies excess funds + resources in subsidies, when yet, students doing the local `plan w/community can lay out exact strategies, energy efficiently to restore, giving investors yet another chance to become whole. As they enter the local tapering transitions, understanding how all took part + all can make it right working together. So resources are shifted into sustainable local living.

   So now we have ethical world markets with investors supporting one`s choice of locals to self sustain, leaving no one left behind, as they change so no more hedge funds running rapid as naive people chase divestment`s wrongly.

  When yet fossil fuels if done right can make a difference, thru this tapering process, as part of the sustainable plan. You can`t get better than the old diesel engines..

  Yet presently the people that abuse are not being held accountable. Ex; fracking, Keystone XL, LNG, deforestation, monocultures, GMOs, etc. This list is lengthy + each community has different issues that require locals to take part.. Because many locals are still supporting the abuse + getting ill from it, unaware of options that can be shared + networked as students can follow up w/hands on as they use the community as an extended classroom..

  The `way it is now many are left confused, while parents feel they have to do for their future, when yet they need to walk along side taking part, learning from each other as each become a local, global + beyond mindful participant..

   That is the only way they will comprehend by reflecting, as each regain sharp sensors, as truth is admitted. As we realize how we buy the wood cut wrongly that is deforesting the Amazon.. We buy the processed food that has the soy from Cargil + others mowing down the Amazon.. We buy from the local monocultures that deplete the soil + ruin the watersheds, etc.. We use the fossil fuels as each has to have 1 or 2 cars.. We support the military as they profit from aggressive acts around the planet, not realizing how we interfere, nor even how we support these acts indirectly thru one`s consumption as it continues..

  Our children will be having more illness/defects, if it does not stop, as well will have to care for many unable as radiation continues to show itself years after being contaminated. + Actually in Fukushima the children`s thyroid cancers are earlier than usual. But never before have we had 3 nuclear reactors explode in 3 days on the planet, + the rest is a mess still, not being properly handled, nor is Japan telling the truth to the people locally or afar.

  Yet they want the Olympics to be held their which would be a mistake. The world needs to come together on the nuclear issues + help where can to stop the profiting + corruption + let skilled people take over.

  We can share the many good solution oriented options we have, if we network w/those living natural lives now. We are fortunate to still have indigenous still do_in ways that work yet are not leaving ill toxic effects as the industrial s. Do you see where this list takes you..

  All working within respect for one`s local `plan will show how resources can be better managed as we redirect prioritizing life right issues thru one`s local `plan w/sound science simply done w/respect for all life, as we use nature as the rule of law.

  Peace is our option if we share what works. We can live local + in solidarity share globally what works fro each to do the same, vs. Ex; ship food around the planet wrongly. Each can help neighbors + w/empathy welcome Immigrants where space permits, to have equal access to become a local, global + beyond participant.

  + Students can work with them + define temporary locations comfortable, until all heal + define one`s voice as together all co_evolve working at the local `plan. How lucky we are to have yet another chance to create upon the unique bio cultural exchanges as we gain real fuel as we balance our genetic local biodiversity + naturally let it link. Working w/all to take part.

  Thank you for rethinking! It is bad enough the commercial fisher folks are incorrectly regulated, when yet they could resolve ASAP, if you let them work w/only F+W sitting down at the table.

  For if true recording show how our life is getting more contamination as the bees + as the BP Gulf spill are now being compensated, more will be needed to subsidize one`s losses. + We as a human species are getting less + less options due to people allowed to exceed that natural rule of law. That sound science can determine in every biome(s) ecosystems, if all support locals to sustain one`s local `plan + network, so no more remain in isolated delusions.

  We are a human family that deserves to share this earth + beyond together. This reality can fuel great research perhaps as in defining where best off the earth can we send the nuclear repository.

  Please welcome Arnie Gundersen`s experiences to guide skilled nuclear engineers ASAP to work with you Barack, as well Helen Caldicott as a pediatrician as she continues to work at Global Prevention + helping all become informed of our Global Medical Crises w/nuclear radiation, knowing well the Crises we are in as foetuses are a 1000 times more sensitive as well children + frail 20-100 times more than an adult to radiation. Not to mention other single/few celled creatures of our food chain.

    + Remember radiation knows no boundaries.

    + While climate scientists sound their alarms;

  on the global warming front, agronomists and hunger experts warn;

 of equally catastrophic events. They tell us that unless we embark on a global campaign to reduce the damages of industrial agriculture, restore soil fertility, improve crop quality and food nutrition, and conserve water, we face increasing rural poverty, starvation and permanent food and water wars, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where the majority of the world's population live.

   Working together we can resolve, passing bills to remove people will only shove them + their bad habits to another place to abuse. That is how we started our project, i come to talk story, as we saw the S. Pacific Islands get goods that people where not allowed to sell in US. + Locals do not hold them accountable because they are unaware + one`s country of origin is not organized so locals are held accountable in many places for what they due afar.

  This will all change if we all work to live local, sharing in solidarity globally. For each will define how best to locally mindfully act as well all can come together for those communities unable + do exchanges until solutions are defined. As transparency will leave no one able to abuse, rather they will be welcomed to understand another `way that works.

That is our true human potential.

 Sincerely, kara j lincoln

thank you for your patience,

    i`m studying Google, non profit/Ed Apps, + happy to report we just uploaded the sun will set page so please take part.

 i`m here for you if you want to help us reach out..

 come talk


   peace, kara + mishi