People have a duty as stewards of/earth/space systems, to prioritize over chasing dysfunctions/unknowingly riding on other's wave.

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People it is time to develop 1 Universal Sound Science in all verbiage from responsible parties Governing others.

               Pres Trump when you say you will support America first, for all to do for self first, this needs to be put into retrospect, please. Rethink and redirect w/able people and put support in pace for unable to collectively be supported to also take part.

No one can be isolated, no ecosystems can sustain on it’s own. Humanity is living within a biological interdependency of each other on earth/space natural systems that are great tools for all, if left in a healthy reality, which presently it is not. Earth/space is polluted and leaving negative effects to every community.

  In our plan to perfect such a virtual platform reaching out globally, all will gain transparency to access these worn torn missing threads and those pulling in wrong direction to cut.

    All of humanity is interdependent on the reality that each must do one’s organic exchanges, master self responsibility and take mindful action part time collectively, to hold self and others accountable. For what effects one leaves on another.

         Especially large businesses/Governing bodies working in groups leaving large negative effects as in the footprints, when they d no ecological assessment prior to acting for profits/delusions thinking they must do for other able people, or even those unable, that locals can w/transparency collectively obtain many good jobs by orchestrating needs and offerings from all to be exchanged, so all then have support in place to do their part, etc. .  

       Ex; The Us Military Industrial Complex has the largest footprint of the planet, that you not are not holding accountable Pres Trump.

Yet you want to tell others what to do, as in North Korea/Iran whom feels they also have the right to do what US does, yet not even desire to leave such a footprint, yet you threat w/fragmented ideas, failing to hold self and US accountable for all the interference/dependencies, etc. presently thru out many communities globally.

     Bring these people home, and before and while transitioning, take mindful action to make wrongs right and help restore what we suggest to prioritize. Helping each start a serious local `plan to assess and protect and on to restoring. Ending all toxic. All Nuclear use accept some medicine w/no half-life that can be recycled. It is so wrong for you to fragment further without cleaning up US’s toxic developments that are fragmented from bad science allowing them to be built as well continue, injuring many w/toxic realities. Each local `plan will  detail and prioritize, taking control to end them in a tapering transition, welcoming all to share the experiences in transparency. So investors change the world markets, gain understanding of holding self and others accountable rather investing so local `plans retina local interest for locals.

   NO more interfering in one’s ability to prioritize one’s local infrastructure of ecological bases to heal/provide local natural food/energy/technology, to sustain working communities as we speak of. No more shipped afar without even having for locals, as in Ex: LNGs liked proposed `Jordon Cove in Oregon, when yet city has no plan to even dispose of the toxic hidden waste that Ex; a local non profit `Leaven No Trace discovers.

                               Imagine an accident of these large ships taking fuel across oceans, interfering in local communities!

Pres Trump you yet to have a skilled Nuclear waste plan to rid all that is leaving negative effects, yet you tell others to to do it. Meanwhile the radiation is circulating the planet still from long ago as well present mismanaged illegal plants that you support to continue as you want to add more funds from the public already not having their needs met or offerings properly able to be shared. As many want to do but unorganized. Which local `plans, globally in every community can do.

  People in what should be responsible roles participating at this UN meet, please realize all the dysfunctions we speak of here and many more you can add, for UN is not holding people of the planet earth/space accountable equally. For no money should control anything, rather all as a unit of earth/space natural systems that all depend on to develop one’s organic tools to live local in comfort w/basic nuts and bolts in place, in healthy communities, should be prioritized.

  So please Pres Trump be rap w/your words, for you cannot tell all to do for self when yet much codependence/interruption/fragmented falsities have been created and you are carrying a wave perhaps yet to be aware of, riding on many previous dysfunctional attachments from the dysfunctions of UN as well all people as puppets/as well those put in from others, which had no right to interfere in one’s ability to do one’s local `plan w/locals, and now can. If all work in solidarity to define such negative dependencies as well unknown actions leaving such negative effects, from dysfunctional Governing bodies.

      That both have misused riding on other’s wave as well abused over powering, directing those w/misinformation, misleading, not truly helping one understand, etc.

         Rather all need to come together and focus direct on our global priority issues, that is also not presently happening.
How best to do this is by every community doing one’s local `plan to define it’s natural enhanced ecological potential to be restored into a working healthy community, working w/neighbors. So as to sustain and help each other in time in natural/human made crises.

                                                             Ending all false aid from afar.

You can see the many tasks needed from each community to do such a ecological plan that can then, once sensitive skilled indigenous working the land can then take part interrelate w/all to brain, as w/agrocological systems, that is a movement, far more then a agriculture plan. Which is preserved the genetic bio diversity when could, which all should be thankful for this support for life to survive on earth as much as it has. For with this local `plan review working w/locals, bringing in skilled if needed. to then prioritize and obtain ASAP the ability to access toxic realities. Aiding those most vulnerable uncared for collectively, while co_evolving w/the assessment  of local natural wild/food/fish/animal/energy w/localized systems of low impact/gaining/developing technological, sovereignty.

   This is what agricological systems can accomplish when using skilled people, that have done this for over 5k years, yet not interfered with by the Industrial agricultural GMOS/monocultures/out of balance foods for animals/fuel/weapons, etc. shipped afar interfering in local resources for locals to do a enhanced natural balance to obtain local sustainability for locals. Balancing the genetic bio diversity to link w/neighbors, protecting/managing so genetic biodiversity that truly heals/balances pests/pollinates one’s food/cleans the nuts and bolts for human comforts, giving all that does one’s true energy.

  Enough profiting has been done w/fragments of all this pushed on others, many unknowingly of their harm done, as well computers running rapid in wrong direction as numbers are prioritized not realities of what they mean leaving negative effects on locals, and that can change. 1 Universal Sound Science distributing transparency for all to realize they must do one’s part developing self responsibility as well collective interrelating in the process, will help all co_evolve together. No more technological research in out their stuff for the future when yet people now are in humanitarian crises, get a grip people!

  In saying that;

    Our plan for this to take place will collaborate the many globally issues presently not being transparent, as w/peace negotiations of why terrorists do why they do, following the money, as well resources land/sea/freshwater grabbed, or Nuclear desires which is a delusion for anyone to feel safe. End Nuclear use end Military and weapons of war period.

  So as Harold Kutz-vella ’s work has discovered it is not the people to replace that can make a difference, it s the game being played here. This must change. People need to know truth of what truly sustains you/your family/humanity’s ability to be healthy and co_evolve as a human species. And right now all should understand what true love is and life requires more, so have protected sex, then family planning if able?? To be clear if able to parent one in an environment that is not toxic and i don’t mean just clean up your own back yard. The earth is circulating toxic Nuclear radiation for one let alone the much toxic from old/mismanaged developments in many communities, globally.. For many now are left alone.

  Good Ex; the natural disasters being created from these large footprints, and to rebuild and profit while have no local `plan to define if should or could sustain as many homes continue to be rebuilt over the years, as many places should be left for wild to balance the pests, not eave more toxic effects as w/spraying toxic pesticides negatively effecting all life including humans. They’re natural ways from long ago to balance mosquitoes.

           Ex; The largest humanitarian crises going on in Africa, yet US gives aid to them and Japan when yet they have no local `plan in place telling truth as w/japan w/the Fukushima’s accident contaminating many still, as Gov does not tell them the truth nor any one globally as IAEA, EPA and Govs etc. are not on top of it in real time, yet they support profits to continue. Yet Pres trump you welcome them and fail to prioritize how these people continue to not have local affairs in order for all to do one’s local `plan, they end up weeds not met, as many in US doing the same, then to gian aid taken way from locals to give to others. This is no `art of the deal.

           Ex; All the refugees in out dated programmed dysfunctional guidance leaving them unaware of what being a local mindful participant can do if local `plans network and communicate in solidarity, preventing crises, as well when in, each can do one’s homework so all gain support to become local, global and mindful participants.

   With 1 Universal Sound Science being created by local `plans knowing what works, eace can be had by all. We welcome you to rethink and please have empathy fro Pres Trump riding on the waves unknowingly as many Gov’s are doing , in this long line of failed fragmented Constitutions pulling everyone as a puppet. When all working together can efficiently rebuild and start now sharing earth/space systems and take responsibility to help restore it by removing all the debris put up and thru out, and pull back the strings left infested on all life that interferes in others ability to simply obtain one’s nuts and bolts of comforts. Such as fresh clean water/air/soil/sanitation/a good night sleep/protected sex/awareness of toxic and collectively take part in an efficient local `plan and share in solidarity. So collectively those left behind w/needs not met gain support, before any other profiting for materialistic grandeur that many Governing bodies are wasting, living high on the hog, throwing out control for others when own back yard not cleaned up.

   Now is the time to say NO thanks, we need to assess our local `plan before committing any long term anything, to any one, rather say we have a duty to our earth/space first and if do as we suggest, you will become aware of so many jobs, both volunteer to bring back conscious human exchanges in the present, to good paying long term clear awareness, giving all the ability to take part and do what needed, then on to simultaneously explore this beautify planet/space before too late.

  For if scientists like Dr. Guy McPherson is right, they say temperature on earth will be so high in less than 10 years, that life as we know it will become extinct as it did in past, according to James Hansen’s History time table.

So it’s time to realize you are just as important as anyone can be and are needed to make this happen, so we can bring collaborations of good minds to work w/all dysfunction and welcome your students to orchrestrate, sung your communities as extended or only classrooms, Focus directing with all, networking so as not to be left alone. Start with Dr, Helen Caldicott’s monitoring project and support her to help you define if too toxic to even restore your community. If can then support your agroecological system review as you rethink all your biome(s) and remove Colonial grids/even some ecotourism/parks that don’t allow humans, etc. peacefully working w/all so humans let large browsers lead the path, migrating together reestablishing healthy networks, fresh water to flow naturally to oceans for marine life and all life along it’s path.. That is what a healthy human potential does, they communicate w/respect for all life and obtain balance so all do their job.  And no better way then to prioritize support also to Prof Miguel Altieri whom has created curriculum. Working w/indigenous ways that work and have over 5k years. yet they have limited land whir profiteers of Industrial agriculture steals it/polluting while profiting/taking your resources afar, leaving little for locals.

 Well people, money is not going to buy your healthy life, but agroecological systems can, so be wise and ask UN  to work with you now and take care of your local business `booning w/earth/space, sharing so all do the same. This is humanity’s perhaps last chance to make a difference, for life to continue and get better putting good minds together.

Thank you for making a difference! Peace is here now for all to gain, if we work together where needed to help them understand all must make it happen!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln

`i come to talk story is a US non profit seeking grants, as we also can then reach out faster w/support in place to offer links from humanity’s goodness and more sharing what you know works/what doesn’t. As students focus direct, reps sharing in solidarity for all to obtain one’s own sovereignty based on your real connections plugging in to the earth/space systems. Creating many jobs cleaning it up/working within your local `plan’s enhanced natural limits. Many are here now to share what works, for you to define what your local `plan is telling you, so do your homework, please.

Please communicate if we can help along this path.  For those w/resources if you come aboard efficiently helping where can, all can be shared w/much faster, while each do one's walkabout for oneself and one's community. So please share `i come to talk story.




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Re: People have a duty as stewards of/earth/space systems, to prioritize over chasing dysfunctions/unknowingly riding on other's wave.

As i speak to a few investors i share w/you too.

   Please share w/all and thank you for your lessons. As i also share w/the UN meet today.

  I’ve decided the best thing i can do to help anyone is to realize one can change and develop self if able. If unable support can be collectively organized for one to to take part.

In everyone’s responsible role as an earthling, you can co_evolve w/the country you are in as well all can rethink good policy to share and navigate w/priorities for earth/space systems cleaning it up along the journey.  Africa gaining local natural/wild food/animal/fish/energy/technology, sovereignty, will then be the true guide to all continents for their diverse lessons to be applied where can in this transition.

By perhaps prioritizing w/people skilled to reestablish sound infrastructure. For photos of fancy buildings, large dinners are not impressive to me, when Africa now is having the largest humanitarian crises ever on planet. Shame on all of you for wasting such resources, when tools of the times offer teleconferencing eye to eye, and real hands on potlucks natural and local grown w/wild fish/animal could invite all to the table. For do you people forget you are reps for them?? How can you make choices without being a local participant mindful of their needs/offerings? if you feel they are not correctly run, etc? And i only offer to work with you sharing our plan. I have no interest to work w/your delusion that it is healthy to hide/make choices for able people etc, when you can develop w/your fortunes/responsible roles or step down? And work with us as an earthly mindful participant, rethinking what your true calling is, and volunteer until then w/real priorities as all do one’s local `plan w/ER triage mode so those w/energy prioritize those now w/out, and sort out so each define thru self reflection w/real needs and offerings their short and long term goals. For all are needed to have sharp sensors, maintaining discipline over ones self sensory observation vs belief causing misuse/abuse w/self and others.

 Oi/coal, is very destructive to local habitats/communities/globally. I’ve followed a bit of Africa’s oil history and present developments in Kenya, etc.. This is one of the biggest climate increases on the planet, especially if not clean or done limited and right, if can, especially if traveled across oceans? It is a crime against humanity for you people to allow such business without prioritizing local `plans to define it’s potential limits working w/enhancement as w/agroecological systems vs the GMOS/Industrialized agriculture that is very toxic to earth. We have a global crises now and all the money you have or may increase will not buy your way out of continued disarray, more so for many?? Not to mention your children, come on, please get real w/Universal Sound Science and not get lost in fragmented toxic developments that appear good locally.

Only localized systems of low impact work, see the hurricane damage as all go out? Large grids are a waste! That is Al Gore/others hedge funds whor mode, lost in delusion/profiting.

Perhaps i will not guess this but please go within and rethink, for you may of struggled your way up in Africa yet to see this, but your still have the biodiversity yet if also Africa does not change you will follow the so called American Dream, which is not real. Rather people need to follow the trans boundary old paths of large browsers and wild can lead the path of accessing natural building w/agroecological systems thru put all your boom(s). Ridding false aid and dependencies from afar. Redo wildlife parks set aside for tourists, and reopen local `plans and welcome tourist in to work it and share so they take home lessons. As land/sea/fresh water goes back to wild leading path for communities to have space as all harmonize, respecting each other.

You have the opportunity to simply be honest and take your funds and create more wealth then you ever imagined by giving it back to Africa. Stop the oil and other temperature increasing developments and work w/in support for each community to do one’s local `plan, to ecologically restore so it retains local control for locals.

Send all the US bases home/Military ends, so police/Coast guard come to the table w/all interrelating at one’s local `plan. Understanding how a balanced genetic bios diversity linking with neighbors working within the earth/space natural systems are your true sustainable energy.

This will build thru out Africa a  living art, nothing can match, as well it will be great lessons to our human family to do this as support can be in place for all to do one’s homework. No more puppet modes controlling, rather Africa allows the land/sea/fresh water to clean up toxic/fuel good understandings as each local `plan becomes rule of law for people to gain respect fueling them to become as us all, a local, global and beyond mindful participant. Where you and them and i will co_evolve along side, being a local participant where ever we are. Thru teleconferencing w/your universities students can exponentially reach out. Collaborate/peace platforms w/empathy to help those leaving terror, as you yourself gain understanding here to make same mindful choices.

The international community wants to co_evolve so earth/space is prioritized to gain it’s healthy state giving good tools to all to balance oneself while part time interrelating in one’s local `plan, linking in solidarity, locally and afar.

Yes you people can have your yacht and i suggest east African islands after my search, about 600 miles of good island anchorages, S Kenya,Tanzania to N Mozambique, then you to can take part w/our plan. That no where else can compare to.  The climate change has dramatically effected oceans weather and boats become rubble quickly in the many storms crossing them and or unprepared harbors. I hope you don’t do as others, buy rights to island/hotel and then not allow locals or fairly compensate locals for land? For fancy developments have no healthy survival if you destroy the ecology creating them or even not prioritize the existing toxic developments/conditions thru out continent, let alone help in solidarity clean up earth/space, which presently N hemisphere has much Nuclear radiation yet Governing bodies are not supporting truth/transparency for good monitoring/eduction w/every community.

Rather if you allow our plan to fuel your understanding, give me support to network w/safety and interpreters, along w/students networking as reps for their community and w/universities, thru out Africa to come with me.  We then will show the creation of correcting no or fragmented science as all take part w/indigenous that work, creating w/them 1 Universal Sound Science.

We will then help co_evolve this locally sharing on our virtual platform globally as we welcome students/reps for local `plans to network, taking lessons to then rethink one’s own local `plans possibilities working within one’s natural enhanced potential.. We have built small and large sailing vessel and circumnavigated Pacific on our third attempt to get to Africa, then to come home to help dying family. Learning to late they’re nothing more precious then to be in the moment consciously communicating, when as so many young do not realize this until too late. So please rethink and plug in to you and shine, for i feel then only then will you to have great offerings to share/receive.

Thank you!

Sincerely, kara j lincoln
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
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  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
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