Our offerings to refugees/migrants/people local + afar please see our thoughts + take part.. Oregon`s Octoberfish welcomes all, to stay in harmony in real time w/the issues of the times..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
       We welcome you to Charleston Octoberfish 

              as we define w/others our participation, whether or not we will be behind the scenes do_in dishes/serving/in serious discussion as last year w/children very mindful taking on adult responsibilities, which actually i felt i had to redirect a bit, for parents we all must realize the footprint our children are perceiving by how we live.

     W/your support lets all continue to share where best when. + Please let our co_evolving thought here share yet another way for you to rethink + mindfully act, thank you!

Please review what we feel is needed for all to understand, in case we don't get to talk, + please share as you do your walkabout w/all as well, including add comment;

Email sent to; Brook, info@predatordefense.org (also see below the first one fueling ideas), Tim Dunbar,  CA executive director for the Mountain Lion Foundation, tdunbar@mountainlion.org,  terra_amore8@yahoo.com (co_creator of www.ictts.org + a beautiful mama working w/young as we try to tell the truth of such foolishness that all sharp sensors perceive locally + afar, w/out having to expose our beautiful children to such juvenile conduct, when yet all Govs have so many resources wasted, vs support this virtual platform of ours fueling students everywhere, as well the many adults w/undeveloped children within.)  
thomas.moriarty@theworldlink.com, ddarling@bendbulletin.com (these 2 gentlemen did a great stories), Michelle Dennehy Wildlife Communications Coordinator Phone: 503-947-6022. Cell: 503-931-2748, I do hope we can communicate what is dysfunctional + look forward to your resources/experiences of research), michelle.n.dennehy@state.or.us, Bill Kinyoun is the Wildlife Biologist of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife,@dfw.state.or.us, President Barack Obama, support@orgforaction.zendesk.com,

   UNHCR (UNHCR maintains a network of media officers around the globe who are available around the clock to answer queries on every aspect of UNHCR's operations and policies. Information officers in Geneva, including the chief spokesperson, are ready to provide an overview of UNHCR activities or details reported from the field: other media officers can be contacted directly in the field to provide on-the-spot details or to assist journalists in carrying out their own reporting. Our Geneva-based video and photo units provide footage and photographs free of charge to the media. Please media dept, we ask you to share within your entity, what we feel this organization is missing. Please share what we feel humanity needs to help all become local, global + beyond mindful participants. As we fuel what is really needed that every community can do if you redirect working w/students to work w/people to become a local participant where each refugee/migrant plugs in to a community, + define together w/each community as they network.

This is incomprehensible why UN does not deal responsibly long before people get in a raft, when what we speak of here is caused by many people unaware in responsible roles, not the refugees/migrants alone, So please lets open to the truth. So all stop all Nuclear use leaving contamination/war mode + false green, economies that drain the resources for education/community restoration, etc the natural way using the enhanced natural rule of law that each community local `plan produces, as we link for our earth + beyond to sustain all to share in peace..

 UN if you are to continue, why do you not hold those Govs accountable that sell the weapons/interfere/profit/develop ecosystems beyond their natural enhanced limits, hold people accountable long before this stage. Right now every Military Industrial Complex could help w/every step of this, including relocating, while simultaneously NATO/Presidents come to the table, allow all to help, + debate w/transparency, allowing us to fuel + focus direct w/what we offer here to start, as well be very clear what each true message really is in each tongue, that is not being deciphered.  What President Assad needs,  not what another President afar thinks he needs, as well all surrounding countries, do_in a local `plan that we fuel at www.ictts.org, working within the enhanced natural rule of law we speak of, with wildlife even if in story, if already depleted all, as each community restores w/natural building, ecological sustainable working communities, where all life is brought into balance as the earth + beyond offers now, w/humanities offerings, let alone all that can be created with them, not profited on them.) I hold us all accountable locally + afar, for this is not happening, which is what contributes to this confusion.
fleming@unhcr.org, edwards@unhcr.org, rummery@unhcr.org, spindler@unhcr.org, degruijl@unhcr.org, dobbs@unhcr.org,  

   I decided to open this to all as i post, welcoming the many good people young + old to help where can.

Thank you World + Bullet for your stories as well your continued support for every community has issues that can be resolved if we regain our human balance, for many ecosystems are out of balance, affecting all life, + that energy is passed on to all that have dulled ones sensors not knowing any other way, yet many still making decisions that are wrong in responsible roles. + Due to the lack of networking w/1 global sound science, many are left behind + that can change.. When yet we are fortunate to still have many working our natural world to be balanced to share w/us what works best as they have co_evolved in real time harmonizing with it.

Thank you gentlemen for your good work in giving a perspective of what is happening.
 Now we need to put links to resolve it.

Please note i would like to see if you would be interested in an article/event to stem some more awareness to the overall picture.

So we could actually at some time seriously debate this issue amongst all + let skilled students organize w/you for all schools. Please also address that issue + confirm if interested, perhaps efficiently as in a teleconference w/Google, etc.??

For i know many in every entity do leave negative effects, particularly my experience in Oregon w/F+W, for as i stated at the proposed Marine reserve, when the PEW Foundation came in, i felt they where out of context w/ a few good pointers, + considering a few of the sustainable commercial fisherfolks do not communicate well, that is no reason to base regulation, when students could be messengers, filling in these worn torn, missing links. For much good sustainable living is lost with them as they leave due to being over regulated incorrectly, + they do take responsible for their lack of communication as well.

So lets see how together all could co_evolve, For you locals do_in research creating also if `booning w/the natural enhanced limits can also be just as good as a local/ethnic traditional engineer of long ago. For it is a process of co_evolving w/what is.

So if have archive story + want to share some photos + link i will post + perhaps the newspapers will too?

Also as i ask Brook, please see his email above, if any have a live critter to share w/those that have dulled their sensors, as well the beautiful young + old unaware that you can, as well those young + beautiful so sharp, yet still need to know how to organize, as i see many. Then please tell me if you could participate at the upcoming Charleston Marina Octoberfish event.

Please note Daniel may again have his large snake event, if  a large cat you could bring is [perhaps sensitive to them. If so i could confirm w/Daniel.

I know this is of short notice, but more so, i'm fitting in your lessons into our bigger picture w/global issues, as i learn from the large browsers being in balance as i do my best to live as a local, no matter how temporary i am in a place.

  The global issues of the times are out of control + we at our US 501.c3 non profit - i come to talk story, feel this disassociated energy that all take part in producing unknowingly, can be harnessed to redirect + fuel each to no longer be part of the problem. Rather part of the solution.

  + Humanity has many if we welcome communities + students to work together w/ethnic traditional engineers working w/perfecting/networking 1 global sound science.

 For as your articles show the many good people researching, working as activists to resolve, yet conflict remains w/F+W to determine support for good laws in place to follow thru w/sound science.

Which seems to be the big problem here. Our students study yet the sciences aren't respected. This must change. For humanity has great solution oriented options, yet communities everywhere have people/wildlife, let behind.

This is why we at www.ictts.org created - the sun will set spreadsheet, to gather links to fuel this debate, so students networking, which has yet to come about. But with every ones support we hope to perfect this more. As students focus direct w/ones community to orchestrate for each community what is real to research, debate, apply mindfully, then to share in solidarity what works/what doesn't, via like ecosystem/season + subject, which is not happening.

Yet many good projects could just fill in this fueling misinformation as students work w/all, for credits, knowing also when to volunteer as a good community participant, etc.

Look at the communities that have lost the balance of species. Look at the number of people that have lost control of oneself.

So we feel this balance can be redefined + networked as all allow ones large browsers to show the way. So in our fueling plan each would do a local `plan, land freshwater flow to sea use review, for ones entire biome(s), w/neighbors bringing people together w/natural enhanced potentials. Vs human delusional borders as been for profits.

We feel w/understanding as all are supported to come to the table, no one will be left behind w/localized mindsets that limit one to take part in this transition, as all restore w/natural building ones ecological sustainable working community.

  Using 1 sound science globally, networking, our students can bring home eye to eye great experiences for locals to rethink + properly research for the in time truth for a healthy community for all life.

This will help our educational systems as well our socio political misunderstandings, as each community then prioritizes the real issues of the times.

We would like to welcome all to organize to do just this. + I am asking this gentlemen to suggest how we can be most helpful w/what they see as true needs + offerings. So as to perhaps share here in articles, as well the upcoming Octoberfish event in Charleston Marina.

I share the email sent to Brooks + please note i am sending to others, to obtain again a perspective of what is in real time to share w/the communities, as we propose to fund raise for our project to perfect our virtual tool, as well we welcome you to come or if legal i could also put out a jar for each for donations as well, along w/printed links for people to get real with your work.

I appreciate any other links you may offer + i also will invite them.

If we cannot hit the Octoberfish date, we will do what can after. As we post for community meets.

i was invited to the Democratic event in Oregon, + due to our lack of resources as we build our project, i do not want to waste my footprint, when we can use the tools of the times to link, many more. So i send you what i told them to share, as i gave them thoughts to fuel theirs. Link below.

+ As i continued to work at our fundraising w/fueling energy for our research, i realized as i talk to others globally, that where ever we are, as networkers, working even on personal issues, as present, we are in Charleston Marina trying to sell our small sailboat we stay on. Then we would leave area.

  But everywhere we have been for last 35 years, we network/learn in exchanges that have built this project this far. As we did/do real hands on exchanges to better the exchange of  living local, sharing globally.

We welcome all to link as well, if willing to debate to resolve.

  For the ongoing refugee/migrant problem is just as mismanaged as i feel these issues are, yet we offer to help + people do not respond in the UNHCR, why? For our project can fuel every community to work w/people to be a local community participant, not just house one. Same w/any wild life, they deserve to be put back in to a community to take part in.

Yet it is the resultant of people chasing delusion, unable to ground + center, for misinformed humans are a resultant of our negative experiences. + The scars of the planet w/Nuclear/war mode + false green economies are just too heavy + out of real time reality. Leaving many in the fog, that we can clear, by working together.

So w/your support we hope to continue ending all negative issues within human control. + Work sensitively the biome(s) so all life is respected.

Please take a review + happy for you to post what you feel can help the most to resolve what can. As we know many bio cultural experiences began w/people managing oneself, as they interrelated w/the natural world, recycling organic waste, creating the natural enhanced balance. I refer to the many great lessons, as the Amazonian `boon w/all life.

It is our responsible to be be a mindful local, global + beyond participant, w/the issues of the times as we share this planet + beyond.

We can work back into healthy neural networks restoring balance to ones genetic biodiversity + link for our true sustainable energy that is given freely to all. Yet many are unaware of having such inner tools.

+ It will take some focus directing to do this w/ones students networking for many have great energy, yet need to redirect into a balance for oneself. + With awareness of large browsers leading our path, to me it is a great centering + grounding, once all understand.

So in this assertive path, we feel exponentially the students will reflect, + their is no better education for them + all to reflect w/balanced beings, then to go within + sort ones baggage, w/some guidance. Realizing every day we all build new neural networks to be used, + if we don't use them for editing this baggage, creating our exchanges, then they die.

So the natural world gives us an abundance of tools to work with, but sadly we are not organized as a human species, yet can. Google + Nabble are trying to help us, as well to all.

So lets use the tools of the times most efficiently to see what we together can do.

Please review my thoughts of gathering people for meets, + once you share your interest + offerings i will reedit the poster i was working on, as well make a page on our sites of this story in the building, welcoming all to help. So please if i can use your photos/story, confirm + send.

Peace is our option for all life if we focus in good exchanges.

 I thank you all for what you do + look forward to your feedback.

Please see a few links if not all, giving you more of an idea of how i would like to fit this into our continued networking. Upon your feedback we will add story/photos, etc.;



Sincerely, kara j lincoln

Please see my email to Brook w/my 1st thought; after reading good stories from the Newspapers on recent Cougar happenings.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: kara j Lincoln <kareje@ictts.org>
Date: Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 2:57 PM
Subject: Please when can share w/Brook Fahy, thank you, kara
To: info@predatordefense.org


Please tell me if aware of any entity/or yourself that has community based projects/education for large browsers that you may or may not have anymore as once did?? I know i've seen in past small cougars injured that would be released again or are injured unable to release used for such educational purposes, at various community events/schools etc.

We are a Us 501.c3 non profit w/a virtual platform, making living local more friendly, as we like to see community working w/students, using community as an extended classroom.

Plus personally i also gather input from afar from those working on trans boundary migration. So i while i network + am here on our sailboat trying to sell it, in Charleston, OR, would like to have such a creature for an exhibit. + Next upcoming applicable is the Octoberfish oct 3 at the Charleston Marina, which is a family event, that i thought i would fund raise for our entity.

Their may again b e large snakes in another exhibit w/Sailee + Daniel, not with me. But i did share w/children last year w/them that truly enjoy the wildlife + where very aware so young.
So if this is something you have or are aware of, please tell me what you would require, so children/people could touch having a real interactive experience.

We have yet to fund raise as we continue to research, study as EX; Google has given us an adgrant + today we are over 5 million times, showing our ads globally. + I still studying, for even though we yet to receive funds we are working to share w/many in need, over a variety of issues.

I was thinking i would create a page w/your pictures/story + then give pieces of paper w/site link at a booth at Octoberfish + for those w/out computer a print out. + You also could give your literature for support/donations for your entity.

My interest is learning/sharing how large browsers can fuel + lead our path as a community. For we suggest a review of ones biome(s) w/neighbors, do_in a local `plan, land, sea, freshwater review from mountains to sea, so all in between also gain, which many places are depleted or mismanaged exceeding the natural enhanced limits.

  I also exploring going to Africa to learn from natives working trans boundary migration.

So i appreciate any contacts locally or afar you can share, for when i say my speal people that want to profit no longer have interest. Plus i cannot work in a zoo, due to feeling how sick the animals are not wanting to live their.

I could only work w/rehabs where animals go back to wild. + or if injured + cannot. But my interest is not to work in a hospital mode, Rather i want to see people pursue our human potential.

If you yet to see Anna, you may enjoy or maybe not?? i have yet to learn her ways of tracking offered by her associates, but i am sensitive w/animals. Here is her link; animalspirit.com

Also we do not support large grid alternative systems, nor Colonial grid mode, as many allocated large pieces set aside for tourism. When yet we feel people can become aware using these natural enhanced boundaries as the rule of law. The Amazonians show many good examples of this in past, as well now being depleted by developments.

Which we suggest also a tapering transition to welcome all to understand the sound science that can be created/managed vs fragmented or manipulated, etc. so all understand. Which then as students as reps network they then can take part in 1 global sound science that all make, w/basics that are shared for our earth + beyond, as they restore ones ecological sustainable working community, networking in solidarity globally.

So those that can as prerequisites are organized  collectively, can work at the many communities unable to sustain oneself.

So each community gets real + prioritizes what is applicable for them, leaving no one left behind in the fog, draining ones energy over the issues of the times.

So by gaining real experiences, making this living local process more friendly, each then can fine tune what works for them as they bring back/work with existing, local ethnic traditional ways to create upon, unless fortunate to still have them in mindful living, which is rare..

So in our travels we will share these personal networking experiences, showing communities how good these bio cultural experiences are for all to reflect with. Fueling all to regain natural balance for ones genetic biodiversity, so all link for all life.

 If you take a review of our postings, we also welcome you to link on our- the sun will set, spreadsheet, on our Google site; www.ictts.org

 As we continue to welcome reps to share what works/what doesn't as we feel we are building now w/very good people to fuel this path.

We look forward to your feedback + if this Oct 3rd date is not good for you to participate w/us, then perhaps we can do another event, as i am working on posting some posters for people to come together + share. Which i was thinking of using North Bend Library Cedar room for small group, 22 max, + request RSVP.

  I have tried to connect w/the schools locally + they are interested, but have not been able yet.

Where this type of event would be great to help people realize wherever one is, even if temporary, it is important to live mindfully as a local within the local `plan. Which then only then supports one to center + ground, enabling  one to explore ones true desire, w/respect to natural balance of all life..

  Especially as we collect more of these experiences of locals needs + offerings to regain this balance.

So yes we are interested in hearing of your stories. I've read a view + i also will see if Bill Kinyoun is still here at Charleston Marina, where we are living on our sailboat wanting to sell,

Please email; kareje@ictts.org + you can also call + leave a message + i will get back to you soon.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln

Thank you for your patience,

    Still working w/Google, non profit/Ed Apps, to use their good tools.
 I welcome you to come link w/the sun will set page so please take part + donate in ways most comfortable to you.

 I`m here for you willing to do an exchange, if you want to help us reach out..

    come talk


 Peace, kara + misha

    Thank you Nabble for all your support, you can see how we use your great tools + yet to exhaust them all, but will continue to study your great offerings!

 Everyone Nabble offers them to you freely also, so do organize w/your friends/community + do what is important to you, + thank you for sharing us along the way!


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Re: Our offerings to refugees/migrants/people local + afar please see our thoughts + take part.. Oregon`s Octoberfish welcomes all, to stay in harmony in real time w/the issues of the times..

As i continue to co_evolve please see my thoughts to fuel yours to mindfully act ASAP w/the critical issues of the times being discussed today at the UN w/President Barack Obama w/leaders from Iran/Russia/Syria + all.

                Please take a review of what we can fuel now w/your added support..


  Our combined `effects make a difference, as you add to humanity's finest, by realizing how important you are to help.

  Sincere thanks to all from - i come to talk story..      
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
                                      Nabble site;
                                      Google site;

         Please Donate to our US 501.c3 Nonprofit Association,
     Label Re; Donation. If want a tax receipt, please give us
                      your info and we will send you one.

               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; farmwuwei@gmail.com and kareje@ictts.org until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
                              Love us at `i come to talk story
                                 tel: 01-360-450-3749
                      Leave a message please + I will get back!
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Re: Our offerings to refugees/migrants/people local + afar please see our thoughts + take part.. Oregon`s Octoberfish welcomes all, to stay in harmony in real time w/the issues of the times..

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chuck via eigbox.net
8:11 PM (15 hours ago)

to me

                                      Today Scientific personnel ??? Bought and paid for…

Todays Scientific personnel tells the people the nuclear problems in our ocean will dilute… The Scientific Personnel of the years past when they started playing with this NUCLEAR CRAP they did their tests and found that it WILL NOT DILUTE …

Your Scientific Personnel today do not like it when simple minded people can put them to a test… WHY ?
Your EPA Sites and RADNET sites well just say follow the money… I do NOT TRUST anybody from the government or the administration to try to tell me what they think the truth is…

Hey you … Todays Scientific Personnel Get your know what up and get it outdoors.. Study what is going on in NATURE…. The plant mutations, the animal deaths.. STUDY what the hell is going on NOW… you just might learn something..

As all the different articles from animal deaths to animal mutations plant mutations all of why… if people would wake up and see all of the problems for what it is .. Hey what’s going on will never match the Rad Numbers that RadNet and the EPA are trying so damn hard to sell us on… The bottom line folks is simple… ( NETC ) Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center is the ONLY Independent monitoring stations we have .. Sadly their numbers match up with the real effects that are going on RIGHT NOW..

                Hey ask yourselves this…. Everyone ask yourselves this..

If we was not hitting the nail on the head .. Would this be in the news?? Would this Administration have RAISED our RADIATION SAFETY LIMITS 27,000 time in our DRINKING water and changed the acceptable death rate from 1 in 10,000 people to a new number of 1 in 23 people… WHY our drinking water … it was showing up in too many major cities drinking water…. ASK yourself HOW DID it get there?? What goes up must come down.. That is called GRAVITY …In the cities drinking water just where do you all think it is out here in rural America??? If its in the water.. it is in our soil why you ask.. our soil is the natural filter to the water… So it is in everything we eat and drink and that includes the water…

So Lets try a little harder here...
This video NEEDS to get out...
People have the right to know what is going on...

1. Do you drink Milk ?
2. Do you eat Meat?
3. Do you eat anything made from Grains?

The next time you give a child a bowel of cereal just know this...
You just gave that child a bowl of toxic soup...

Understand WHY ... Cancer is up... Heart Attacks and Heart Disease is up... Strokes, Brain Aneurysms, and Dementia is up... Understand WHY....

                              Watch the video... Know Why we can make a difference..


Just keep this in mind when you feed the children you can be doing something about this ongoing poisoning that is effecting us all.. There is something in nature that will fight this contamination…
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
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               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; farmwuwei@gmail.com and kareje@ictts.org until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
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Re: Our offerings to refugees/migrants/people local + afar please see our thoughts + take part.. Oregon`s Octoberfish welcomes all, to stay in harmony in real time w/the issues of the times..

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by our combined `effect
 States Professor from;  An Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity by edX - online course. Regarding the Fukushima Accident in Japan. If interested go to the online course + download or review videos, etc. of this full Course. (Note i may not have information in order but i think you will find it interesting + this is a piece of it on Fukushima.)

Chuck Hindmen, has helped us sort out this Nuclear contamination issue. Please see his work at;

                                   Mid America Land Restoration.


 i share this w/all for all to have empathy in coming together to resolve the many issues that many are bothered much more than others, as they live in highly Nuclear radiation  contaminated areas still in US, Japan + globally.. For this accident left global negative effects that continue to surround our northern hemisphere, via winds + currents, etc.

     As well Arnie Gundersen, states the many Nuclear plants in US are just as bad + if more accidents occur it will be all over for humanity. Fukushimia accident contributes to part + to see an overview go to our Google site; www.ictts.org + go to  the sun will set page + see the links on the sun will set, spreadsheet explaining a lot of this w/links from skilled people updating.

   Dr. Helen Caldicott, whom i respect highly, a very beautiful lady that is a pediatrician, devoting her life to helping us all understand this crisis we all face, especially in the northern hemisphere. Knowing first hand it is not nice for doctors to experience the many deformed babies/stillbirths, etc.

   Not to mention the Japanese government would not allow doctors to tell families why children were ill as they showed early on Nuclear radiation contamination illnesses, that require acting asap to heal. Which they are not doing.

     As well children here in Seattle also showed early signs, much earlier then Chernobyl.

Which Helen states that Fukushima is 3 times as worse + 1 million people died within 25 years of the Chernobyl accident + people still are without real needs to lessen ones suffering. So please do your homework + see their updates + mindfully take part.

    Chuck, yes you are right when scientists allow whomever to manipulate their truth, that is wrong. + It messes up our students + communities when one studies science, yet another manipulates it in a responsible role, this we will work at stopping.

  Science is being compartmentalized for profit over the health of humanity + the life that sustains us all, throughout our earth + beyond. Yet their are many good scientists working at stating what is. So we must weed thru this + not accept it.

    Working together, welcoming your students, networking can produce 1 working sound science that all tongues can relate to as each community does ones local `plan creating it`s enhanced sound science, in respect to all its life, working with neighbors.

Based on creating in time w/locals aware/ethnic traditional engineers that live local `boon w/creating a natural world, for it does not happen on it`s own. We must recycle our organic waste + interact with the natural world to create ones balanced environment.

         So all balance the genetic bio diversity fueling the bio cultural ways of living on earth + beyond, as a living species. + Link ones natural world, to truly sustain all life on the earth + beyond, sharing peacefully, as all take part..

CLASS notes on week 3 class 3;


I am Naoko Watanabe. I am a member of Faculty of Engineering at Hokkaido University.
Today I am going to talk about the environmental radioactivity in Fukushima.

In September 2013, we took some students to Iitate Village in, Soma County, Fukushima Prefecture, and conducted a decontamination training program.

The location of Iitate Village is as shown on the map here, and the training camp was held at this place, here, in a big park, called Aino Sawa.

The focus of the training was to find out where radiocesium is present in the environment, measure its extent, make a plan for effective decontamination based on the measurement results, and to evaluate the effect of decontamination by actually carrying out the plan.

This is an aerial photograph of the park, where the decontamination training program was held.
The numbers in the photograph indicate the radiation dose rate in the air at that place measured 1 m above ground.

These are the values measured during the training in 2013.

In order to find where in the environment radiocesium is distributed, one of the things the students did was to collect the leaves of deciduous, or broadleaf and coniferous trees.

The leaves were pressed flat  on a special film known as Imaging Plate or IP.

The results of the measurements are shown here.

The black areas are the places where radioactivity was present.

If you look here, the broadleaves have turned blacker than the coniferous leaves, showing that their concentration was higher.

Furthermore, because the veins of the leaves are visible, it can be seen that radiocesium must have been absorbed from the roots and moved through the leaves.

Some other black spots can also be seen, which have resulted from the radioactive particles from the atmosphere getting attached to the surface of the leaves.

This is where radiocesium  is present on leaves.

We tested to check whether the radiocesium  attached to the surface could be removed by washing.

Here you see the concentration of radiocesium in both coniferous and deciduous before and after washing.

In both cases, it was reduced to about 60% of the concentrations before washing.

It may be inferred from this that, at that time in 2013, about 40% of the radiocesium  was attached to the surface and about 60% had been absorbed into the leaves.

We wanted to see where in forest radiocesium is distributed.

Forest floor is covered with a layer of humus and litter and we found that radiocesium was abundant in this layer.

We then tested to see how much radiocesium could be removed by clearing these out.
This is the change in surface count rate at that time.

Radiocesium was reduced by about 40% when the litter layer was removed.

During this exercise, it was very important to know where the radiocesium was distributed in the environment, and why it ends up there in order to discuss effective decontamination strategy.

Real decontamination, not a training for student, is still being carried out as we speak, and it is essential to understand such things as where radiocesium is present and why it is there, and if it is migrating, where it is going.

Here are our learning objectives of this lecture.

The first, is to list the differences between contamination by ordinary contaminants and contamination by radionuclides.

The second, is to identify where the  radiocesium that has been released into the atmosphere goes in the environment.

And third, is to describe how  radiocesium migrates in the environment.

We will now discuss the sink of radiocesium in the environment.

This table shows the amounts of cesium-137 released during the Fukushima accident, which is estimated to be roughly 10 ~ 37 PBq. 

   (Kara says; If look at chart TEPCO states the low figure + others the high. Arnie Gundersen states on his sight Fairewinds, that the US Nuclear plants would be just as bad if more accidents occur. Arnie has worked in this field as a whistleblower, experiencing first hand the US dysfunction in past accidents + in the plants that are mismanaged to date that should not continue, but do.)

The ‘peta’ in PBq is 10 to the power of 15.

Kilo, mega, giga, tera, then peta, so three orders of magnitude greater than hard disks these days.

It is a huge number.

About 1 ~ 5 PBq, corresponding to 10-25% of this quantity, is estimated to have been deposited on the land.

This figure shows the simplified pathways to humans from the radioactive material released into the atmosphere.

The path shown in red is important with regard to radiocesium from this accident.

Radionuclides that are released into the atmosphere often come down to the ground along with precipitation, which is called wet deposition.

Radiocesium is adsorbed onto the soil particles, and people receive external exposure from the soil if they approach the contaminated area.

Internal exposure is caused when radiocesium is transferred to the vegetables, fruits, and rice from soil, and if these crops are ingested.

What is meant by soil here?

You have probably not given much thought to this question, but here is the definition of soil.
Soil consists of inorganic or mineral content, which constitute the crust of the earth.

As shown in this figure, some clay minerals have a neat structure of silicate sheet, and aluminum sheet.

Soil also consists of organic matter, which is deposited from animals and plants.

Although the organic matter is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, it has a very complex structure, with a large molecular weight.

Mineral matter, and organic matter do not always independently exist, but often they occurs as complex, such as organic matter attached to the surface of minerals.

Further, there are gaps in these formations, where water or air may enter.

This makes it possible for microorganisms to live in the soil.

The combination of such components, being subjected to changes by the natural environment is what is known as soil.

The radiocesium that has fallen to the ground mainly attaches to the surfaces of some of the clay minerals.

Let us look at the interaction between the minerals and radiocesium.
The figure here shows adsorption and fixation of radiocesium.

One way of adsorption is what is known as ion exchange.

This happens because cesium, with a positive charge, is attracted to the surface of the clay, which is negatively charged, and attaches to it.

As the radiocesium cannot be distinguished from other positively charged ions, when other positively charged ion such as a sodium or potassium comes into the vicinity, it may get attracted to the surface of the clay and replace the radiocesium.

Another way of adsorption is what is known as fixation.

As you can see in this figure, the edge of the sheet-like clay mineral becomes frayed and the radiocesium enters into the gap that has opened just wide enough for it to fit, thus, gets fixed to the clay mineral.

This site is called a frayed edge site and this manner of adsorption is known as fixation.
It is very difficult to remove the radiocesium in this case.

The number of such sites where radiocesium is attached to the soil is expressed as Cation Exchange Capacity or CEC, in the case of ion-exchangeable sites.

This is roughly in the range of 10 ~ 100 meq/100g of soil, which is equivalent to 10-100 mmol for monovalent cations per 100 g of soil.

Compared with this, FES sites, being more specific in nature, are much fewer in number and are said to be about 2% or less of the number of CEC sites.

Let’s compare the number of FES sites with the amount of radiocesium released during the accident and was deposited in the soil.

For example, 5,000 Bq per kg of radiocesium is found in places, which is a relatively high concentration, but this is equivalent to 10 to the minus 9th meq /100 g.

The amount of radiocesium is incomparably small compared to the number of FES site, which can be in the range of 0.2 to 2 meq/100g.

Thus, there usually are enough sites in typical soil where radiocesium can specifically and irreversibly attach to.

The distribution coefficient or the Kd value is a parameter that shows where the contaminant will be distributed at equilibrium when two phases are present.

We are now interested radiocesium in the mixture of soil and water.

As you can see in this schematic diagram, the radiocesium is attached to the soil surface and it is in contact with the water over here, and, the ratio of the concentration in soil to the concentration in water at equilibrium is the Kd value.

Since Kd is obtained by dividing the concentration in the soil by the concentration in the water, the higher the value, more radiocesium is found adsorbed on soil, and less is dissolved and freely moving along with water.

This graph is a representation of the Kd values in the soil.

The horizontal axis represents pH and the vertical axis the Kd value, and we can see that the Kd value of radiocesium in the soil is very high.

Concentrations of radiocesium in soil is more than 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than the concentration in water.

Thus, when radiocesium falls on the ground, most of it firmly attaches to the surface of soil particles, and little exist dissolved in water, thus does not migrate with water.

This is a photograph representing the strong sorption of radiocesium on soil particles.

This shows the depth distribution profile of radiocesium concentration in soil.

The soil core was collected and the radiocesium concentration was determined for each slice.
Almost 90% of the concentration was found within a few centimeters from the top of the core, or land surface.

This shows that soil has a high selectivity for radiocesium, which is indicated by a high Kd value.
The radiocesium that has fallen onto the soil from the atmosphere does not migrate deeper or even if it does, it migrates very slowly even after so many rainfall events, and most of radiocesium remains at the top layer.

Decontamination is being carried out currently in Fukushima Prefecture and one of the methods used is the removal of surface layer of the soil.

This method utilizes the nature of strong sorption of radiocesium to the soil.

Now, we will discuss environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution refers to the state in which contaminants are released into the environment, air and water, rivers and seas, soil and groundwater, and degrade the quality of the environment, affecting human life and the natural lives.

Among the factors that determine where the contaminants go, is the form in which the contaminants are released.

The destination of a pollutant in the environment may depend on the form it was released, for example, whether it is released in the form of ions, attached to particles, or in the solid state.

Furthermore, the environmental media into which the pollutant is released, such as, for instance, whether it is discharged in wastewater, is piled up as waste, or is buried underground, or is released into the atmosphere, also has an impact on its destination.

The contaminants released into the environment undergo physical, chemical and biological changes.

Examples of physical processes include adsorption, or attachment to the surface of a substance, absorption, or being absorbed into another medium, and desorption from the solid phase.

Chemical processes include oxidation-reduction, photolysis, in which molecules break down into smaller units by absorbing light and  hydrolysis or decomposition involving water.

Biological changes include microbial, degradation, microorganisms break down molecules and sometimes change the form or chemical state of the contaminant, and bio-concentration, the concentration of pollutants in organisms higher in the food chain becomes higher.

These processes can change the properties of the contaminant, for example a contaminant that is tightly attached to the solid phase may dissolve in water, and they can  determine where the contaminants move and end up.

Let us consider these factors relating to the fate and transport of radiocesium from the Fukushima accident.

In Fukushima, radiocesium was released from the plant into the atmosphere, and has fallen to the ground and into the ocean, mostly as wet deposition, or in rain, fog or snow.

Radiocesium that falls to the ground contaminates the soil, and people become subjected to external exposure as they approach this soil.

Furthermore, if the land is contaminated, the crops produced from such land may also get contaminated, and people who consume those crops may be subjected to internal exposure.

We will compare the contamination by this radiocesium with the contamination by non-radioactive pollutant, this time with mercury as an example, which was the cause of Minamata disease.

In the case of Minamata disease, mercury was discharged in a river, which flows into Minamata Bay. Mercury was biologically methylated to become methyl-mercury, and was bio-accumulated in fish in the bay.

People who ate the fish regularly was affected.

In the case of Fukushima, chemical forms of radiocesium released in the atmosphere is yet uncertain, but it is considered that it became aerosol after being emitted, and came down to the ground along with precipitation, and got adsorbed on the soil particles.

Both internal and external exposures may happen due to radiocesium adsorbed on the soil:

external exposure if you come to the contaminated area, and internal exposure if radiocesium is transferred to crops and if you consume them.

When you think about and compare the contaminations by mercury and radiocesium, they both go through physical, chemical, and biological processes according to their properties,
and these processes determine where they end up in the environment.

However, there are two characteristics of radioactive contamination, that non-radioactive pollutants do not have.

First, there is decay in contamination by radioactive substances.

Radioactive contaminants decay, although how long it takes depends on the half-life of the radionuclide, the concentration decreases with time.

Non-radioactive contaminants may be transformed chemically or biologically, sometimes to a less toxic compound, and other times to a more toxic compound, but the constituent atoms of the pollutant do not disappear.

The second difference is that in the case of non-radioactive pollutant, toxicity occurs when the pollutant enters the body either by ingestion, inhalation, or dermal absorption, while in the case of radioactive substance, there is the risk of external exposure and a person may be affected merely by approaching the area.

These figures show the change in  the radiation dose rate in the air  between April 2011 and September 2014.

There is a red area in the middle, which means high air dose rate, which became thinner as time passed.

Also, as you can see yellow regions have become gradually smaller.

This is mainly because of the decay of radiocesium.

So far, we have been talking about radiocesium as a whole; but there are two kinds of radiocesium released from the accident in Fukushima.

One is Cesium-137, and the other is Cesium-134.

The two have different half-lives: Cesium-137 has a half-life of about 30 years, while the half-life of Cesium-134 is about two years.

Thus, in two years since 2011, the amount of Cesium-134 halved, and the air dose rate has become smaller to that extent.

Furthermore, large amount of iodine-131 was also released during the Fukushima accident.

As the half-life of iodine-131 is about eight days, while some of its remnants might have been detected in the early days, there is no trace left now several years after the accident.

The half-life thus has a major impact on the change in the air dose rate.

We will now discuss the migration behavior of radiocesium. (Please note i did not upload photos she refers to.)

We have just learned that radiocesium does not migrate dissolved in water.

This figure shows the result of the radiation dose rate in the air, measured by an unmanned helicopter along the Abukuma River in January 2013.

You can see that the regions near the bend of the river have turned yellow.

These yellow regions are the places where the air dose rate is higher, and these are the places where the particles that have been transported from upstream by the flow of the river had been deposited.

River has carried particles that had sorbed radiocesium and deposited them at the bend, resulting in the higher air dose rate.

This figure shows the amount of radiocesium that has been discharged by soil erosion.

This figure here shows the amount of soil that has been eroded by rain in areas with various types of land uses.

Erosion has been extremely significant in farmlands and, when it was not cultivated for 14 months, about 1 kg of soil was eroded.

The amount of erosion in other places was about 10 ~ 100g.

If we look at the amount of radiocesium in the soil eroded, we see that it is roughly proportional to the amount of erosion in each land use.

We can also see that the contribution of small particles is quite significant, meaning small particles with greater surface area is carrying significant amount of radiocesium.

Similarly, this figure shows how much radiocesium has flowed into the river by rainfalls.

The top portion of the figure is the amount of rainfall.

The blue line at the bottom is the flow rate of the river.

There is a sudden increase in the flow rate of the river when it rains and the discharge of radiocesium is also seen to increase at the same time.

The soil that is eroded by rain flows into the river carrying the particulate matter to which the radiocesium is attached.

This is a similar figure showing the effect of rainfalls in the amount of radiocesium discharge into the river every month.

The discharge is significantly larger during some months when there were typhoons.

These data show that radiocesium released by the accident is migrating in the environment with particulate matter when the land is eroded with heavy rainfalls.

As discussed earlier, radiocesium does not migrate as radiocesium ion dissolved in water, but because the adsorption of radiocesium to clay minerals is very strong.

Radiocesium migrates in the environment in the form of adsorbed particles.

The amount of radiocesium migrates with particulate matter from forests, farmlands, and agricultural land is small compared to the amount of radiocesium that exist in the contaminated area, and the migration overall does not change the radiocesium distribution in a big picture.

However, radiocesium migrating with the particles may accumulate at a different location, such as a bend of a river, may create a new, localized area that the contamination is significant.

To summarize today’s lecture.

Radionuclides that are released into the environment get dispersed among different environmental media according to the chemical and physical characteristics of the pollutants.

They undergo physical, chemical and biological transitions which will affect the fate and transport of the pollutants as well.

In order to deal with the environmental contamination, you need to know where the contaminant is distributed, and how and to where it is migrating.

This is true in the case of contamination with radioactive substances.

The two main differences between radionuclides and non-radioactive pollutants are (number 1) that radionuclides have a half-life and they decay and the concentration will decrease with time, and (number 2) that there is external exposure to radioactive substances so people can be effected without the pollutant entering the body by ingestion, inhalation, or dermal absorption.

Radiocesium released into the atmosphere by the accident was later mainly adsorbed by clay minerals in the soil.

Certain types of clay minerals are major sinks of radiocesium.

Radiocesium usually does not exist in the environment as radiocesium ion dissolved in water.

Because radiocesium strongly adsorbs to soil particles, the way radiocesium migrates in the environment is with particulate matter discharged into river by soil erosion due to heavy rainfalls.

Chemical forms of Radiocesium released into atmospheres is yet uncertain, but it is considered it became aerosol after being emitted + came down to the ground.

Externally effected by approaching the area.  Is mainly sorbed by clay minerals in the soil 0-2cm. Radiocesium migrates when the soil particals containing cesium (Cs) is eroded. Absorbed highly into soil particles carried into river by heavy rainfalls.

 Industrial emissions of 10-37 PBq Radiocesium 137 30 year half life/134 2 year half life, iodide 131 8 days halflife. Halflife thus has a major impact on  the change in the air dose rate. mostly as wet deposition, from rain, fog or snow.

Radiocesium  released from plant into atmosphere + falls to ground + people get exposed as they approach the land, as well internal exposure thru crops on that soil, + in ocean via in stream processes, run off, discharge to stream to ocean, at location + transfered to crops from soil contaminated, dropping from sky. most stay in soil + does not migrate in water. 0-2 cm in soil + does not migrate deeper, if does is very slowly.

Removal of surface layer of soil in Fuk Permafecture.

Radionuclides get disbursed according to the properties of the pollutants + undergo biological,
chemical + physical transitions. Radionuclides decrease in time w/halflife. Ingestion, inhalation or dermal absorption. Mainly clay materials absorbed in soil. Cesium clings to clay in soil.

End professor.

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