One global science language based on indigenous traditional values can define which is the most efficient way to develop our communities..

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Dear Ms. Lincoln,  

Thank you for contacting me about genetic engineering in agriculture. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.  

The Senate passed the Agricultural Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013 (S.954), also known as the farm bill, on June 10, 2013, to reauthorize the federal government's agriculture and food programs. I strongly supported passage of this legislation, which will strengthen investments in Washington State's agriculture economy and research, sustain local and organic food programs, and save taxpayers more than $23 billion.  

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has filed amendments (S.  Amdt . 1025 and S.  Amdt . 1026) to express the sense of the Senate concerning the labeling of genetically modified foods and to require a report on the methods of labeling genetically modified food in nations that already label these foods and the potential effects of having differing state labeling laws in the absence of a federal labeling standard with respect to genetically modified food. However, these amendments were not voted on during the Senate debate.  

It may interest you to know that the U.S. Senate did consider an amendment (S.  Amdt . 965) introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to affirm the rights of states to label foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients.  If enacted, the amendment would have allowed states to require the labeling of foods produced with genetically engineered ingredients.  I voted for this amendment on May 22, 2013; unfortunately it was not agreed to.  

I believe that federal agencies should undertake comprehensive scientific reviews of genetically engineered crops, including considering any environmental, ecological and human health implications. Because the science surrounding certain types of genetically engineered crops is relatively new, the U.S. Senate has a responsibility to carefully examine all aspects of this issue based on the information that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other stakeholders provide.  

Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance.  

Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

For future correspondence with my office, please visit my website at 


begin our combined` effect;

thank you for responding Maria,

but with all the data we have already, I cannot understand how you say this science is new. please take a review of the Coos Bay gathering we did with March Against Monsanto, as well please read on;

     this is what appears to be the problem, our students study one science, yet it is not the same science that is being used in the business arena.

I have told President Barack Obama for his entire term that you people should talk to prof Miguel Altieri , whom creates agro-ecology curriculum at Berkeley. as he works with indigenous out in the world. as well tests he presents from these people leaving no ill effects, while yet he gets over ruled from others that leave toxic effects, with similar yields.

also I asked Barack for a MOU to be added to every development, + prior to getting a permit, this ecological assessment would be very thorough to include one good universal science language, so via like ecosystems/subject, it can be the same to respect nature + work within it`s enhanced limits, as Miguel would say.

 for the Free Trade/TPP/even some Fair Trade, is not free, as they interfere in locals ability to self-sustain + good science can stop this, as facts are presented by students in every local community, as well the tapering transitions will show how people can rethink once facts are understood + the community no longer accepts being ill/misusing/abused. rather we want to hold our self + others accountable locally + afar.

this is not happening for La Via Campesina can show you globally the many that land/sea/fresh water grab, as locals get hurt/killed, yet those doing never get held accountable. + many are from the US.

the project we are restructuring right now, will welcome students to work with community to define just this, as we have a `plan to focus direct, with them to restore their ecological sustainable working communities. which is the best way giving hands on, to inner/inter personally self-develop along the way.

not to mention link our genetic bio-diversity so as to preserve the micro/large browsers trans-boundary migration to lead our path. building our environments as we as the human species is interdependent on this life to sustain ours.

Please talk to Miguel + realize gov that you work for, does not use good science, rather it is incomplete information. for we have good science that is based on the traditional indigenous ways that work, + these should be the guiding influences for our students to work with locals so as to reflect + define the most efficient way to develop their communities.

students in our `plan will work with their local planning/regulators/community so as to put all those developments on a tapering transitions that interfere in the ability for locals to maintain their own local natural food sovereignty. natural meaning a more economic means to collectively have good organic food, yet not trapped as the many now are with high costs, etc. rather make natural food, where folks can save their own seed/swap them + not grow monocultures accept for industrial hemp, which does not deplete the soil/surroundings, etc..

it is very immature + irresponsible for the US gov to not allow US citizens to grow industrial hemp, when it is such a great product. it is wrong to not allow this due to people misunderstanding thinking it is a drug, which it is not.

so every community needs to lay out these facts + show whom is outdated with their neuro networks + whom is in real time with good science.

for many now have been disrespected/lost their senses as well their goods, due to Monsanto`s practices + this is wrong + bad science for any person/business to do harm like they have, as well the many investors as with Bill Gates thinking his values are better to serve the world`s problems.
we disagree + Miguel can give you his view of how we are in a serious global food crises.

yet you state we do not have enough data.

I`m sorry but it is you + others that have failed to do your homework, for the data is here + I`m sure he can help you rethink this, as well others.

I am more then happy to help you with this understanding for it definitely needs to be completed, for the waste now that is taking place regarding the negative effects from wrong farming is over whelming, leaving many without.

we need to have a thorough debate + we do not have to isolate each issue, taking more time to resolve, more petitions, etc. rather we need transparency + the US gov should not permit anyone to go beyond mother earth`s natural enhanced potential, + it is..

it is like the many doctors I have had to say, please don`t say their is nothing more to do, rather say you just have quit your studying. well Maria I feel the same is true here for you + many of your colleagues. for if we can show you more then we would appreciate you presenting this to them, so that the community realizes whom is in the fog, programmed with out dated misinformation.

+ in our project we would like every student to take part tin this project, as they do what it takes to restore their natural community, that people not acting, has allowed your associates to then act on incomplete science that needs to be corrected.

we can make one good global science language that can also clarify our health care system as well our farm bill, local planners, regulators, educators, + once we go figure, then we are better equipped to reflect + share our experiences with our human family afar. for in our travels we have experienced the international community as well many in patches in the US are aware + want to live local. many of them do not allow GMO to enter their country + we should not either, etc.

again I state the legislators + President Barack Obama are not looking at good science. + we can help change this by bringing in speakers that can. Prof Miguel Altieri is one of them. + I would like to be present in this debate with lets say Bill Gates with Miguel, for we can define this language + it will resolve many present issues now, giving us the means to build new neuro networks so all can bring themselves consciously present in the moment. Vs. this now gov dysfunction, which i`m ashamed of as well have contributed to all the years I did not participate.

right now it is totally inefficient for you people to do what you do, when you argue + disagree, threatening people that are unable to survive now, when yet you people have regular secure incomes + pensions, etc. please share that you all seem like a bunch of children that are dysfunctional squabbling. when yet please let what I say trigger some solutions as we gather for a debate creating a language that all tongues can then translate as the basis for our human denominator working for what sustains all life that sustains us humans.

then after that people can be respected to have their own belief, for that is another subject not to be confused with our mother earths sustainable respect she deserves.

students in our `plan, can resolve these many problems by simplifying this understanding. + we appreciate your support for our project. so you as well others can then do your walkabout along side your students in your local community + learn the facts as you reflect in our project, to then allow others to trigger your community to define + fine tune, as you co_evolve from their networking experiences via like ecosystems/subject as we reflect with these science based indigenous values..

thank you + we have solutions + welcome your feedback so we may assertively make changes ASAP..

for peace is a reality now if we share what works in a good science language, globally. no more should we manipulate in the back room, yet have no transparency, meanwhile people do not understand as students are being whiplashed with yet another fragmented lesson, while business is allowed to go beyond + produce bad science that exceeds mother earths natural enhanced limits.

sincerely, kara j lincoln

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Re: One global science language based on indigenous traditional values can define which is the most efficient way to develop our communities..

Dear kara j,

 Last March, hundreds of thousands of Americans spoke out against the "Monsanto Protection Act," a bill that let Monsanto plant their untested crops wherever they wanted before the USDA even declared it safe. Now Congress is thinking of renewing it.

Tell Congress to listen to their constituents instead of wealthy chemical corporations and oppose the renewal of the Monsanto Protection Act.

 This bill not only represents gross Congressional overreach into the judicial system, it puts millions of Americans at risk from untested and unregulated genetically engineered crops. Last time it was passed, there was a media and grassroots firestorm of opposition that Congress ignored. We need to stand up and make sure that this time they listen.

 Our government has an obligation to test new crops to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. Right now, it's not doing its job. Tell Congress to oppose the renewal of the Monsanto Protection Act and protect American citizens from untested and unregulated new crops.

In March, the "Monsanto Protection Act" was inserted at the last minute into a "must-pass" funding bill to keep the government running.

 It strips federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of potentially hazardous genetically engineered crops while USDA is performing an environmental impact statement. It's a huge blow to the justice system, completely overriding judicial safeguards that protect both farmers and the public.

 The emergency funding period ends September 30, and Congress will try to extend it before total government shutdown. Just days ago, the House nearly voted on a bill signing the Monsanto Protection Act back into law for at least the rest of the year - we need to act now to remove this controversial language for good.

Tell Congress to oppose the Monsanto Protection Act, no matter what bill it's in! Warn them that if they don't, they'll have a media and grassroots firestorm on their hands once again.

you have the power to create change.

Start sharing and watch your impact grow

Thanks for taking action,

 Eric A.
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