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Hey Kara j lincoln,

I’m stunned. We had a huge turnout for Episode 1 last night. It was great so many of you joined me. It was a bit of a clunky start in the opening minutes as the servers had some issues. Once we got through that, people have been enjoying the series and the comments on the page are heart warming...thank you.

If you haven’t had time to watch Episode 1 yet, check out the link below:

Watch Episode 1 NOW -

I've decided to leave Episode 1 open and available for the duration of the 9 day event because so many people had trouble getting to it yesterday. It's the foundational opening piece to the rest of this powerful series and I highly recommend seeing it first.

Last night we met some amazing people who suffered with ailments and diseases… until they turned their health around by looking within, to their microbiomes. That galaxy of TRILLIONS of bacteria, viruses and fungi that live within (and on) us.

Guaranteed, if this is your first introduction to the ‘good germs’ that exist inside all of us, this episode will blow your mind.

Best part? We’re just getting started. Next up:

Episode 2: The Human Microbiome: The Raging Battle Within

If you’re suffering from any kind of illness, especially obesity, headaches, memory loss, and immunity issues, it’s likely your gut holds the key.

Don’t let your doctor throw expensive pills at your pain. Let me (and over 70 experts) share with you how to turn the corner into natural healing, all by concentrating on your 2nd brain.

We’ll also discuss the rise and rise of autoimmune disease like arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s and Celiac disease.

Why has there been such a dramatic upsurge in these diseases?

The answer, again, lies in the microbiome.

You don’t want to miss this episode.

I’ll give you more details AND your Episode 2 links in the next email.

First, be sure to watch Episode 1 if you haven’t already, it sets the stage for the health revelations to come.

Watch Episode 1 NOW -
To the next frontier of health,

Dr. Pedram Shojai (@pedramshojai)

Host of INTERCONNECTED: The Power To Heal From Within

PS- You’ll get the invite link the Episode 2 this evening (just before 9 pm Eastern Time) so make sure you look for it! Again, you have 24 hours to see each episode.

Email has been slow for lots of people and a bit clunky so I highly recommend signing up for the VIP ALERTS so you get SMS reminders with the show links.

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