Offering: How EMFs Affect Your Patients Quick Guide For Health Professionals & Coaches

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I thank Dr. Ben Lynch for his research and skills along w/this invite, please see and share, even though live meet is over, this issue is very important for everyone's wellbeing;

   Hi Kara,
How do you protect yourself from something you can't see and is virtually everywhere?
Tomorrow on FB Live I will be joined by EMF expert and Investigative Health Journalist, Nick Pineault.
According to Nick’s research, EMFs are causing widespread symptoms and health issues, including oxidative damage, which destroys cells.

Which cells? Every cell in your body.
EMFs can dirty our genes, no doubt about it.
Thankfully there are ways to reduce our exposure.
Join Nick and I on Wednesday at 2:30pm PST, 11.7.18 on my Facebook Page to learn about:
Different sources of EMFs
Why non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, wifi and Bluetooth can cause oxidative damage on a cellular and mitochondrial levels
How EMFs affect epigenetics
How to identify EMF symptoms
Tips for reducing EMF exposure and clean dirty genes
Come prepared with your questions, and we’ll take them live!

In health,

Dr. Ben Lynch

PS: Definitely share this with those you care about, and if you haven’t signed up for Nick’s EMF Guide yet, click here to get it.  No cost, just great information.  

This guide is directed to health practitioners, but if you’re in the Seeking Health community, you probably know just as much (if not more) than the average health practitioner. I always WANT you to have access to the highest, most cutting-edge information.

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Re: How EMFs Affect Your Patients Quick Guide For Health Professionals & Coaches

See more on EMF Pollution and Disease;
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