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If didn't see yesterdays videos of this AutoImmune Summit, please do today, you can see them still free! As well each day this week you can watch each video free for 24 hours!


Niki on Day 6 11.10.18, says a lot about how war and generations of survival behavior can be carried forward and still be carried within one, interfering in one's well being. She states how it is important to combine and continue to work to end autoimmune pain! For you may be the one to end this cycle from continuing in your family!

   See her site;

Niki and all here have done great work, I do hope you got to see these free videos each day during this Summit. if not you can purchase them and share.

Thank you, Dr. Peter Osborne again for this AutoImmune Revolution Summit for all to end one's pain!

  Please note in past Doctors had no clue as many continue to suffer, now people are sharing, the tools are here so please see! Even now, many doctors are unaware of the parasites within us, preventing one from regaining balance, etc. Ann in this 1st video does a nice job explaining where they come from as many are unaware of fish having most of all flesh, so cook it well or from our pets!

  SO watch the Summit and share!

  Dr. Helen Caldicott continues to try to teach us about saying NO to nuclear use accept some medicine w/no halflife/recyclable! As many today are ill due to our toxic environments, and it's time to make a big change, as all follow her and maintain good prevention as we work at all these issues.

     Google her many offerings! Dr. Caldicott, You have been my all-time favorite to learn from as I respectfully appreciate all you do, and it fuels us to continue to reach out doing what we can to share you and humanities good options, now we all can create with! People please see a bit more about her;

  Our research creating this `transitional shifting message board, welcomes all to help perfect it, correct/share and post, so as all can go figure doing one's local `plan, to mindfully act together!

  As each put one's needs and offerings out here, so as to do exchanges as we prioritize toxic conditions and share in solidarity locally and afar, doing one's local `plan!

Please read all Subcategories on USS, and the 1st test link to gain understanding;

Peace is real and together sharing humanity's options now is the way for us all to change dysfunction safely, as those profiteers, control and they don't want these systems disrupted, so this is a way to comply to the laws and together globally we change them!

Thank you! Please note I, kara am posting this AutoImmune Summit, and I thank Dr. Osborn and all for it,and I've written to Health Talks asking them how and what we can do so all interested in having a Summit, please respect each other's schedule. And even come together and have a conversation together, vs having several Summits at the same time and do as many create a step by steps and let people answer you, etc.

If we are going to survive on earth, we have to get real w/also information overload, as well understanding priorities and our toxic habits need to be changed by us all, as we work together and collaborate to get clear and stay calm while mindfully acting, as we suggest working w/your local `plan as the best rule of understanding to center and ground all, to do what needed within earth/space systems!

So thank you for helping!

Please see HealthTalks calendar and we are soon to add our own;

Thank you for taking part!
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