Noaa, F+W, National Fisheries, CG, please engage with the Commercial/sports fisherfolks..

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   i'd like to share my discussion with a Mike On F/V Behmer, whom you folks may already know.
i've told him + others about soon to hear upcoming changes of the Mag Stevens Act along with another open comment period as you stated Deb.

           they resisted iniatially + stated it won't happen + i encouraged them to await the results + be positive that good change could come about.

after our lengthy discussion with many i asked what ould it take for yous to spend your energy giving data to an intity that can make a difference.. they know from past lack of communication, that all above entities where time consuming, wrong on their testing, incomplete + inaccurate testing - not reponding to co_evolving natural realities. + peoplein responsible positions moving up, yet leaving so much reality information out of perspective.

               where if they would of listened to those at sea do_in it, they would of had totally different perspectives. ex; of specific test results isolated in time where the fisher folks spent much more time.

this is not just in 1 location i hear this, it is the pacific entire coast as well southern e coast. + other countrys.

   so the folks are saying their not being acknowledged or engaged in decisions. only told + then further limited by their offerings, not to mention away time from fishing. so they further worn on top of weathers limitations + many have left or leaving. i stated it is like a disfunctional or disabled where dialect needs to be affirmed + acknowledged, so as 1 person states what is, now the other needs to confirm what was perceived until back + forth clarity comes. now solutions are created.

        the resultant is good solutions of our still very important issues that lay in front of those still fishing.
these folks see more species then what are eing tallyied. they have developed unique ways to fish for sustainability.

it appears when the fisheries where managed by the public, figures jive + solutions where had. now the step program they think was a waste.

   the species out of balance need to be dealt with + aren't such as the seal lion + cormoraman, species on columbia river, etc. if the elk can be hunted why are you still allowing emotion to limit them, when environmental perspectives are not natural.
                 here in Charleston Marina we observe easily how fisherfolks are feeding the seal lions, Kathy the harbor master has been supporting themto stop, but all have to enforce so folks understand the seriousness of this species results over eating species+ effects of safty while folks fishing. folks that lived in the days of them being in check + then being allowed to react kept them in check, then when policy changed. it has been an interference ever since.

       solutions are abundant yet are not being efficiently worked at, ex: much detail has went into the though of dams in various places, yes they should not of been put in some areas, but know that they are their, taking them out is worse, as in the salmon issue with nitrogen embolism, where Mike feels if dam stayed in place, other measures could be had to cool the water. by restructuring + redirecting the underneath water, etc.

            i cannot relate to you the detail here that these folks have worked. but their needs to be some acknowlegdement of each item being open for review, so as to clarify yes we did wrong, + short sighted testing or what ever for as to not do it again. for this is the best learning. + i promote the students to come out into the field, so when these supposedly high positioned folks are making incomplete testing followed thru with more restrictions, when the fisherfolks clearly know their is an abundance of this + that species, then instantly students can fill in.

                   the person in the responsible position then rethinks + no longer does the testing alone, rather take their goodness that should of gotten them to the top. + now add the students to throughly work with the fisherfolks to assess in an engaged process. where the fisherfolks can reestablish a positive reality of them being a big part in the sustainable workings for our sea.

as i stated before, i look around + our planet is consumed + in need of reality adjustment efficiently so all the good folks working this, makes it happen. so fisherfolks covering their area should be sound. + those do_in wrong accounted for + put into a tapering transition to redo or get away from the industry. this if all from fisherfolks to thos ein marketing to Noaa + all other entities, involved..

the ocean international waters has been abused by all. it was so wrong to kick out russians + bring in china + japan as in the past. + now if everyone would step up + not think that their way is the only way + make space for a review. a very good updated reality could come about so now all go to work, without futher stress.

Noaa folks feel your entity has lost it's goodness. person after person's name from F+W are known for mistesting, etc. + i could go on with detail from these fisherfolks if i recorded it. but i said to them, with your experiences i also will not waste my energy going to layers of files. for more processing.

      working in the natural world does not work with files. it works with responsible people able to focus + concentrate.

so i ask you as well a few others, to come up with 1 universal science verbage so the gauge can co_evolve with real time. with a balanced application of fisherfolks feeling the natural balance as all plug in. not deviate when they in a busy already over restricted season. or not ask for comment period when they all ready over worked, trying to fit into your restrictions:

                                      such as a narrow window for some species yet weather is so bad, + ypou folks don't just leave it open, as well open the corridor. these folks at sea are very good + travel the whole coast with the migrating species. they feel the pulse of them, in order to feed our people, this harmony needs to exist.

        or you end up with more accidents when folks, being a living organism can not pursue their natural predatory response. it is intercepted + flow broke, leaving them broke + many locals without food as food perhaps is sent afar. or out priced.

Dr. Jane, Deb, you folks  have the means. along with Barack's executive powers to make changes. the vastness of student volunteering to reestablish a sound testing workplace, along with community intervention to manage, can then leave those with unnatural hands on, to do policy/legislative works that also should stay in real time. which those students can assist with that.

         not to consume more, + waste leaving footprints, but to coordinate effciency this etak - this polydimensional measurement of time + space resulting in the motion life is in. so now a flow is established, accidents are prevented, technological rehabing within natures' corridors only are permitted, zoning/permits now become aware of changes needed for folks to build communities, for all to self-develop + stay in harmony.

this fuels folks not to just have a job but to responsibly empower their life as they self-develop + students again coming out of classrooms + including the community know engage as they self-develop with reflection.

perhpaps not from their isolated community or family or peer group that is dysfunctional. but by networking locally + beyond + reflecting with the patches of community that do work very well. when people come together, put titles aside + rethink their responsible positions.

  know folksresponsibly shift, step down,k remove position, + recreate what the natural systems are speaking. they listen to those that can hear it talk. they self-reflect + define what they lacking, how they misusing as others offer what works openly.

not as in being over pressured as know, with all dysfunction felt.

this life energy can be clear with verbage that communicates + engages in all community facets, from field science stations  recording it, networking with indigenous living it,  to young + old that have co_evolved ways of working it, as students no longer get mouse mazed with limitations as well, from short sighted controls.

           Barack's educational waiver for no children left behind is a start + if people support wanting to stop their own misuse. they can then awaken to how easy it was to pass this bad behavior on to our children. so if we walk side by side with our children, all as students, focusing to develop the undeveloped in the adult/child body. then we open to something we all can share. our human life right.

      this then fuels all to be clear to better quality living now, as we live now. for it is shortsighted to think we do now for our children's future, that is unreality. the children have had enough already having to be born + merge with natural energy if so lucky to be healthy at birth. + then experience all the distoreted energy from supposedly adult ways, yet left undeveloped, due to their struggling. so now all are fending for self to survive.

          i'll repeat what a teacher here at Sunset Middle school, said when i discussed this opening of school doors into the community. + she said it has been so hard to teach, for the students can't learn when they come to school hungry. many have single parents. or other is working in dysfunctional jobs, stressed unable to give a child the energy they deserve.

             where if we support this open door mode, their are many folks alone in need that could give this exchange with a little support themself, as ex; i do constantly, such as yesterday my posting of Robbie, whom just got gout of a nursing home, wanting his own home + the local restaurant where he eats most of his meals, have good food, but his combinations for diabetes has been leaving him very ill. along with his misunderstandings. he went to his dr. came home with more medicine, few days later i called the ambulance. then he stayed in home for a few weeks, few days out doing same behaviors still not understanding. so i gave restaurant some ideals he is wiling to try. along with my mate fixing a wire here, moveing this here to attempt to make him more comfortable.

               this is math, we either blow funds on waste or we open doors for understanding giving young + old a better good night sleep, place to recoup, eat a nice meal, talk to their farmers/fisherfolks + give them exchange, so we all shift.

        it is our combined'effect that works best.

please note i see the layers people are lost in, the inefficiencies, i offer my suppport as well i have to you folks before. to work on better international sharing of our waters, to address some real issues of where our fish are + how best to manage for sustainability. in result we developed a forum for people to not just be pissed but to seriously take control + start constructing. putting these solutions done that work or being worked or have worked all ready. as folks are able to check in + reflect via like ecosystem/subject. as natures way becomes the fueling force. no longer legislatures dysfunctional policys.

thank you + please link, we crude, grass roots, need to be cleaned up + Google yet to have threads, so have patience, for subject at hand to do a walkabout with is worth taking part in, for we resolve: