Need; Time For Change, Please all Require New Common Sense Science Investigation into 911's Controlled Demolition.

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
                                  Hold self and Governing officials accountable ASAP!

  For this truth can help us efficiently go figure around the board, and co_evolve together, respecting all life!

   Let's all require a new investigation ASAP, so as to use good science, that also can then define resolution for this, as well climate change as well identifying how best to end all US/NATO Military Bases, due to the toxic they leave.

  Please let`s hold self and others/Gov's, accountable, so all get on the same page w/good sound science common sense from good stewardship of our earth/space, transcribed from indigenous knowing best, so technology co_evolves together, to save all life, not profit destroying it!

  Rather projects developed w/indigenous ways, knowing best what meage projects can work or not as technological overviews in progress or in need, be rethought, as all work together/collaborate/define what research is needed to retain good stewardship, and if a mega project is not suitable then it should not happen!

  Enough scars and suffering from all those lost! Time to stop this from repeating itself and attend to the many now still suffering! Which local `plans can bring us all together/networking w/good minds, and those corrupt please step down/heal and share your voice as a local participant, but not in responsible roles, until wrongs made right!

This is how we build oneself and one's local `plan where everyone is! Even if temporary!
Peace can be real for all in this transition as well! kara