Need: Please call the Department of Education to keep guns out of schools! Together we have peaceful options w/Sandy Hook Promise!

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I share Sandy Hook's response to our input, below, and the gist of it is, if each community does one's local `plan, much more can be efficiently done, to best utilize their good work and more needed by us all!

  Please see Sandy Hook's work in progress;

    Through our no-cost Know the Signs programs, we've trained more than 5.5 million students and educators to recognize the signs of gun violence – and we've already averted multiple school shootings. Still, we know there is so much more we need to do. Do you have any thoughts on how we could protect even more children from gun violence in the coming year?    

   Yes, I say, being more efficient in prioritizing why this happens, as in all interrelating to self-develop reflecting w/communities doing mindful acts prioritizing, for there is much more you are missing. And I would have loved to have had all these connections you've made to aid the development of our work as we continue to perfect. We don't have the resources you do.

   There are serious issues that will get worse as in the toxic from past and that which is coming w/more severe weather, and students taking part will heal and early signs can be detected far sooner then what is being done now, as all prepare for weather changes and toxic Nuclear radiation that is being passed on to grandchildren, as well the US/NATO Military bases are leaving a lot of negative toxic conditions globally, being the largest footprint! All these must be addressed/collaborated on so as no mind left behind accepting it as normal!

  People are not just mentally ill from nothing! But never have you communicated w/me over anything I've shared except for wanting more money! Working together can be much more effective, as in your next question vs fragmenting all this, which is serious business that you and we are focusing on. Plus as I've told your associate asking for funds, as her child was killed, and the way you do this makes me feel like she needs to heal, and I told her that.

 I know this is hard, I have children too, but we all have to let it go and get real w/it, especially if you want to continue in a responsible way to resolve these killings to stop! Plus these state Gov officials are not acting responsibly so people need to break dependency and act on the many good options humanity has now to work with.

                      Please call the Department of Education to keep guns out of schools!

                     Please take part and see this good work on Sandy Hook's site;


             As well see more of ours on this Nabble site and take part and please share;


                                                      Same on our Google site;



Dear Kara,

Thank you so much for your input. Together we can protect children from gun violence by encouraging and supporting solutions that create safer, healthier homes, schools, and communities.

As part of our mission, we hope to stimulate a national dialogue around issues of mental health and wellness, gun safety, and community connectedness. Your ideas and your voice are integral to this conversation.

 Thank you again for your support.

 Best regards,
SHP Volunteer