NIAC`S 3rd Annual Leadership conference on Capitol Hill, which we ask you to reach out to fellow neighbors + afar sharing what we can do together...

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Last week we announced the opening of our 3rd Annual Leadership conference. I hope you’ll join us in Washington, DC from October 13-15 to help strengthen our community's voice. Come together to learn first-hand how government works and meet with decision-makers on Capitol Hill.

Even more, we will enjoy some of DC's best kabob, have a good laugh and meet special guest speakers Maz Jobrani (Comedian), Roger Cohen (New York Times columnist), Haleh Esfandiari (Director of Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center) and many more. You can check out the full list of speakers here!

If you haven’t registered already, please make sure to do so before August 1 to receive an early-bird ticket discount. You can check out details on our Conference webpage, including updated information on how to volunteer for the event, video highlights from the past two Leadership Conferences, and details for how your business can sign up for sponsorship.

Register Now

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my colleague Yasmin Radjy with any questions at 202-386-6325.


Sahar Fahimi
Office and Programming Administrator


National Iranian American Council
1411 K St. NW  Ste. 250
Washington, DC 20005
ph: (202) 386-6325


please view the email our combined` effect shared with them in support;


I share with you my email to NIAC for their upcoming conference, please
share our work we are restructuring, for it is time for suffering to be of the
past, for mishaps as in the Congo, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, La Via Campesina
knows well of the many people globally they represent, + every local
community where people are left behind.

this conference sounds great, but with today`s technology it would be nice
for us not visiting, to also take part, as in a live teleconference/global platform
that continues for all to connect. as each search out ways to trigger solutions
via like ecosystem/subjects.

I`m restructuring - i come to talk story, working on such a global platform,


 to do just this, bring goodness together in the many patches
with pockets without. so each can best be triggered to define how you can locally
reach farther for sharing solutions. + as you seek them turn around + share them.

where students come out of schoolroom + into + with community, harmonize,
as ecological sustainable working communities are restored/built, reflect via like
ecosystem/subject. so no one is left without. for as you say you want to
share how gov works, it is very dysfunctional, fragmented + people need
association with application in a tapering transition.

President Barack Obama has much resistance, from within gov, which is wrong. for
if each legislature would do a local walkabout with their students as we focus direct together.
triggering each community to obtain it`s local food sovereignty. it would then fuel the path to
resolve the many issues of people being left behind, while others are excessively wasteful.

students locally in every community, even with no schools or no community,
can co_evolve the curriculum with community. as together they naturally
restore it, giving hands on, self-observing the transition as people
struggling, are relieved, able to sharpen their dulled sensors gained thru
misuse/abuse. bringing all to the cloth/table to do a local `plan land, freshwater flow
to sea use review.

it is this truth of experience that then co_evolves all collectively by
coming together + focus directing, prioritizing local natural food
sovereignty. + in solidarity we can end this programmed lack of healthy
nero networks + build them as we simply gain respect for all life.

a good science to link the bad is our best language to share the human common
denominators we all have in common, for equality to become aware as we
reflect, self-observe, holding our self + others accountable, locally +
beyond. yet each indigenous tongue can feel the human compassion as they then
interpret this language, for it is what all humans share on this planet.

those as in Friends of the Congo, La Via Campesina, Punjab, + others, + yes
even in America, many already know the abuse thru land, sea, fresh water grabbing,
as well the youth as they communicate it with the UN to go beyond + resolve.

as in with the UN world we want 2015, which we can resolve + share options now,
as well take a review of this past experience by the youth as members of La Via Campesina;

Declaration of the 3rd International Youth Assembly of the Via Campesina

 8th and 9th June 2013 - Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are young peasants, members of the Via Campesina, people with different cultures and languages from over seventy countries in five continents, who are in Jakarta, Indonesia, to celebrate the 3rd International Youth Assembly and the 20th anniversary of the Via Campesina.

   As young peasants, we are the present and the future of sustainable agriculture, which can sustain the world and cool Mother Earth. Having analyzed and reflected generally on the global political and economic situation, we would like to express our deep concern about the current development crisis, which is causing many impoverished and marginalized communities to be expropriated of the territory, land, water and forest goods on which they depend for their livelihood. There has been an increase in the number of forced displacements and evictions of young peasants, and an increase in hunger and poverty.

For this reason, to restore the dignity of peasants and agriculture itself, and to encourage a holistic concept of food sovereignty through agro-ecology, we, as young peasants, will continue to fight against:

Neoliberalism, capitalism and imperialism, which divide peoples and prevent them from uniting to rebel, while their sovereignty as peoples and nations is being destroyed. A patriarchy that oppresses women and the independence of young people.

Industrial agriculture and land grabbing directed by multinational corporations and local and national government, which destroys ways of life and the cultural heritage of peasants, also causing the forced displacement of young peasants in rural areas.

All types of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) including Transnational Partnership Agreements (TPAs), Economic Association Agreements and agricultural policies imposed by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB). These agreements destroy the agricultural base that provides local communities with secure, healthy and culturally appropriate food, and they violate peoples' right to plan and control their food systems.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and patents on seeds, species and biological diversity.

Privatization of natural goods such as territory, land, woods and water, which causes forced displacement of peasants and original peoples, endangering their livelihoods.

We demand that states and governments recognize, comply with and regulate food sovereignty in the constitutions of all countries as a basic human right. We also demand that the organizations and authorities that are involved and have responsibility take the following action:

Put food sovereignty into practice by implementing holistic agrarian reform, and broad-based agro ecological reform in the area of fishing and silviculture, to ensure equal access to natural goods for young people, particularly young women.

End land grabbing and conversion in the name of development following the “Green Economy" model of agricultural food production, and production of bio fuels and monocultures that are structural causes of climate change and the energy crisis.

Protect and promote traditional seeds and the knowledge and wisdom of our peasant communities.

Promote a model that favors people, led by peasants and in accordance with the agro ecological and indigenous model.

Ensure market access for poor and marginalized people and a fair price for their products, keeping the WTO out of agriculture.

Ensure that young people have access to a secure future, both in rural and urban areas, also promoting sustainable job opportunities for young people to reduce migration to urban areas.

Stop criminalization of protest, repression of social movements, murder and extermination of young peasants, while respecting human rights and those who defend them. They must also condemn militarization, which is worsening living conditions for the poor in our regions, and establish an education system that supports young people who want to be peasants.

Dedicate a greater proportion of the budget to agricultural sectors to support young people in production, and education and access to technology in rural areas.

Provide a space for representation of young people in leadership and create a suitable environment to empower and support them, so they can show that young people can bring about change in agriculture.

In addition to these demands, we also make the following commitments:

We will create solidarity between regions that put alternative models into practice in opposition to the neoliberal model, in accordance with the principles of complementarity and cooperation to overcome social inequality.

We will set up an accessible political group for young people and practical people’s education on peasant and ecological agriculture.

We will promote communication between young people from different organizations and creation and strengthening of people’s alternative communication networks that will be political, creative and transformative.

We will strengthen the coordination of young people’s activities at a regional and global level.

Political participation and training for young people in organizations and genuine prominence.

We will coordinate political, social and cultural alliances and relations between young people from rural and urban areas around the world for social change and transformation.

We will create and strengthen spaces for political and technical training in the area of agro ecological production and local markets with social justice.

We will show solidarity with all peoples who are involved in resistance and struggles for their right to life and their freedom anywhere in the world.

The Youth of the Via Campesina will fight for Food Sovereignty!

our combined` effect can make a big difference, for many in so called developed countries have no ecological soundness in their developmental policies, yet get permitted.

this is the good science we all can take part in, as students do their local walkabout + link with planning so these developers can come into tapering transitions, making it right as they confirm within nature`s enhanced limits.

this presently is fragmented, as many in America have no awareness, they are just employees, or if they are controlled, monitored, many do run to other countries + land/sea/freshwater grab killing many as La Via Campesina has experienced.

so now we need to simply relay this verbiage/thought/acts via a
platform to link with all, to share the positive that creates the many self-reliant
in small natural collective patches + link with these pockets without basics such as
their freedom to self-sustain. yet their lessons in exchange are very
worthy as they fought to survive those dysfunctional.

so Barack please note many of these college/community, as in developing students in US have
no experience, as the much youth does from La Via Campesina. or many in communities that are isolated from our international communities real effects received from our many wasteful policies left irresponsibly unacted on. so as to respect all life.

too many have carried the programmed mode + died for freedom which is
inefficient, when we can communicate to live healthy sustainable lives + do
our local part + link. co_evolving the human species as we protect what
sustains us;

      our genetic bio-diversity, which is being destroyed in the false green + war mode economies.

it is this sharing of assessment from natural ways that work, that become good science, so as to gauge
each development ongoing. vs. allow it to destroy environments + leave ill toxic effects.

many live with solutions of small to medium alternative energies as
supplements only, to live local. downscale + not leave such large
footprints from the supposedly Free trade  + even some Fair trade that is
not free.

rather in a local tapering transition legislators can come walk along side
the students + once again become a local participant, heal, + see the
effect left. so all can rethink, create working local systems that replace
rehabs/mental wards/imprisonment/more police on the street that only
succumbs to the dysfunction of these fragmented existing rehabs, yet to
promote more waste. when yet cultural communities can be built reaching out
to neighbors vs. shipping aid from afar.

     as we all define our missing links

to become self-sustaining, `boon with our natural world, working the
seasonal offerings, knowing our geographical/topography, better preparing
us for weather changes that always will occur. vs. being fear based

we want to end this war mode + false green economy + do not support credit
swaps, rather students can create good science vs. being whiplashed as
politicians use it one way + business another that does not coincide with
our indigenous ways that work, that have created curriculum gauges such as
Prof Miguel Altieri`s agroecology at Berkeley, CA that works to reach out
as we share.

these options networked can make ethical world markets as students can
always have another mode of good investment to build yet another piece of
their local community. as we all come together to build local, global +
beyond communities that harmonize, so music once again fills the air as it
is shared in ethnic beauty, + drones are best used for poachers to sustain
our wildlife that sustains us. if we allow our large browsers + micro
biomes to lead our paths, as we then bring all to the cloth/table + do our
local plan land, freshwater flow to sea use review, + change our local
policies as we restore + maintain our local natural enhanced potentials. so
all co_evolve in the process.

if awareness is reflected, we as a human family will adjust what is needed,
for the human spirit in all wants to succeed. it is our human nature. when
we are allowed to be left ill, misusing, it is also human nature to do what
it takes to survive, for organs are stealing from each other producing
lifeless bodies self-destructing, as well all in their path.

we have this time of opportunity to use technology to connect.

thank you for what you do + I hope you share the results as well my 2

peace is our option now if we share what works + support our students to
help us + let them see the reality of what is. for all we have is now + if
we do this together, it will be the only way for them to become aware to be
able to handle the future as we all address our dulled sensors that we

making us aware of the effects we leave with sharp sensors maintained vs.
those dull. when yet we can become aware of early signs + maintain
discipline over our self-sensory observations vs. belief that has contributed to the
production of the disassociated energy that clouds are vision, producing
our limited judgment, creating our dull sensors as we misuse/abuse..

we can harness this energy + use it to fuel our self-development, for we
cannot do it for them, or for their future. we have to do it now with them.

what better education can the student within all have, as we each gain this
reflection as we network + exchange the goodness we each have within. as we
gain understanding where all take part + come together eye to eye, even if
via virtual tools part time to help where needed.

believe me we do not market computers to all if not interested, but we
believe students should learn;

rather each community can learn to use them as good tools +
we support students/community to have interchangeable roles. so all learn
to be a responsible community networker, as well make pen pals for
themselves, exploring this beautiful planet.

+ as they complete local prerequisites, sharing experiences locally
+ afar, they gain hands on real experiences. triggering what then locals
can rethink, vs. accepting without. they then become great assets sharing
along their way as they then choose to further their education, now being
able to live as a local where ever fortunate to be, gaining from good
exchanges. as we all work at sharing this earth + beyond.

collectively as a global community prioritizing those without. leaving no
burden on those near, unable to help.

so each has basics such as the freedom to create collectively, + work their
`plan, creating/maintaining fresh clean water, air, earth, bio-sanitation,
natural building, a good night sleep as we daily share common sense as good
science stays focused, giving us the means to build new neuro networks as
we apply. so no one settles for anything less than harmony, leaving each to
then define how they want to be, as a community participant, giving each
the opportunity to explore this world + have a choice.

this opens many options for volunteers working into clarity of employment,
not just working for enslavement of money, rather build a life, as each
then create self satisfaction, developing oneself. this is our life right
that all deserve.

look at the many good projects globally happening as in Punjab, Pakistan +
many with La Via Campesina supporters around the world, exchanging ideas.
networking what works, actual how tos/schematics, can do wonders for
peace on the planet, just by having students reflect sharing their

best regards to all of your success in the many conferences taking place globally. + thank you for what you can continue to do.

please rethink how all can participate within their means + locations +
let us know if you are satisfied or if you still want to merge + reflect, exchanging in a global platform. for it will only be built if their is a need, for we are not interested in repeating. rather we want to aid the efficiency for all to experience with hands on the great associations + applications of real solutions that many now develop + willing to share.

we strongly feel `violence is the last refuge of the incompetent..

please come talk + post your experience + desire.. for we have a `plan to share. + if we merge amazing results can happen.

or please contact me directly for sharing your interest in seeing us together manifest this global platform;

 please label subject; aloka

sincerely, kara j lincoln

patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

thanks Google for threading. 

we have an obligation to our self to settle for nothing

less than harmony; only then can we build working

communities that link our global biospheres, restore

our genetic bio-diversity for good health + co_evolve.

peace is an option now if we share..